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xClenzy (EUW)
: club name: "u mom gay"
u can't be serious {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: 14 day ban for one urf game - is riots punishment system unjust? [proof inside]
: lmao none of them build MR and yet you failed to carry as annie
yeah, like you could have carried that game. I died the least and my entire team just got completely erased from existence and what can I do 1v5?
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: lcs player made a new acount he got putt into iron 4 its hilarous would not recommend playing ranked untill season starts :D
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: Quitting League
lol league of legends is toxic? That's something I never heard before! Damn! And those are just kids comments who say those shitty things, and that happens in every game. Come on dude! lol!
Drupu (EUNE)
: Can I actually get banned for this?
You're fine. Next time in a situation like that. Just mute the whole team from their chat, their mastery AND their pings. Trust me. That just makes the game so so much better.
: Is URF comming in December 2018
Yeah. I hope it is URF with 10 bans or maybe even more. And not that jackshit ARAM URF. I just wanna play a champion that I wanna play for gods sake!!!
: It's a deserved punishment, hope you will learn your lesson. >What about those guys who are far far more offensive than I am? I never got any feedback about them getting any sort of punishment after my report. What about the people who actually "ruin the experience for other players. What about them? What about that jungler who flames you and never ganks your lane that is clearly losing and you desperately need at least 1 gank. No one care about the others, we are talking about you, no "b-b-but other people flame too", remember the term of use you agreed to follow.
Oh wow we got a badass over here spitting out some fire. Alright Channing Tatum, how about the time when people say stuff like "i will %%%% your dead mother in her grave" and get away with it. Oh yeah. Sorry, too busy banning a guy who got pissed off and said a couple of mean things to a team full of trolls (which by the way, were not even that offensive), and who was not just saying stuff for himself in a game, but for his whole team who were all pissed off because of the entire enemy team literally trolling. How about the time people get charged ridiculous tickets for smoking in a BAR rather than he guy who r**ped a woman on the same street. Shut yo %%%%% asss up
teby13 (EUNE)
: Yeah ty man i never thinked of re -installing the game :D
Can be related to various issues. Try also checking if your drivers are working properly . Can also happen due to corrupt system files in windows. Which may result in making you reinstall windows. Also I highly advice playing a bunch of custom games to check how well your game is working throughout 1 game. I do suggest as well, that you do NOT play league if you are having a bad internet connection! That is just downright putting yourself into fire! Here is also a link:
: > , you even changed my mind a little Honestly, that is just great! Not many people are able to admit when they are wrong. Really glad to hear that, good job!
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: you talk too much maby that why you got chat restricted ... riot BOTS saw that you talk too much and then they give you the ban ... to stop talking and think in the game ... i nearly talk 3 to 4 times all of them abut warding .. and sometimes flaming bot ... never got ban ... not even once in my 5 years in lol .... i will say .... " oki bot is inting once more " " hmmm go next " and that all i never talk back .... and all that after min 26 if i saw that the game is lost ... like 100% lost ... and was that rank or normal ... if normal ... then i think you need more than that ban ... but if it's rank then that ban is oki
This company is total trash. A game that allows the player to mute all 3 things "ping mute, chat mute and even MASTERY mute' now just bans players for even the slightest toxicity to the point that the word "freedom" doesn't even consists anymore with this game. I for one have made real life friends in this game. Friends who have changed my life. And it ALL started with chatting in a single game till we started to play along with eachother. And sometimes players don't have mics so they need to chat! That was back in the days Riot didn't have a giant stick up their a%%es about flamers. And here they are. The people who intentionally feed, get way longer to be banned than a guy being toxic. Way way longer.
Shamose (EUW)
: I got 14 day banned because of 3 letters.
What were those letter if I may ask?
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Kalviras (EUW)
: well in all fairness the game calculates the match ups based on MMR and tries to balance the team, so if you've got a higher MMR by a large degree than most people in your elo stands to reason you'll get the worst players to balance it out against a team of average people meaning you need to carry solo or wait till the system drops your MMR enough. Plus aye you need to die less as LoL isn't about killing more it's about dying less, and if you want to solo carry you'll need a better champion than annie to do it, like a Yas or Darius, they can solo wipe the enemy team with ease, an Annie you can take out 1 guy very quickly but then you'll be kiting still your skills are off CD. All the best smurfs trying to show skill is all that matters play those types of champions as you really can't solo carry a game with anything, you need a specific 1v9 champ
Actually, the enemy team were my level. They were actually decent. However, it was a different story on my team.
: 45 kills and 17 deads...i mean you smurf from sivler to bronze or what?
Dude. Our yasuo was afk. And my bard and taliyah literally trolled. Bard ulted me many times and taliyah blocked me with her ult. I made a penta 1v5 too and still couldn't win.
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