: The Darius W isn't bugged. I've played him quite a lot since his rework and never noticed a single bug.
Belive me it is, even tried with other friends. If you want to check do this : - Right after you land an auto attack, use W or. Use W as a canceling animation, you'll see that he won't even show an auto animation, the damage is there though.
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: i'm going to take a wild guess and say that u play at nights?:Dstop playing at nights..daytime games are much easier:P
You got me. Yeah I do, I'll try day time then. Top laners with 64 CS at 30 min seem boosted to me...
: After Master tier Diamond V is simply another Plat division. You don't get to see diamond gameplay before Diamond 3.Saddly. And the MMR gap doesn't help whatsoever. It keeps a few good players down with the rest of the trash
Thing is, I'm not enjoying playing at all. Every game is like this, everyone already flaming each other at champ select. I reached a point that I don't belive in my own gaming anymore, I don't even know what to play. I'm literally just filling so others can play their best and not troll, but they still troll anyways...This never happened so many times in a row in plat before, this actually looks like another Silver division, to be completly honest. There is just no teamplay, and everygame seems like child play.
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