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: Help needed
female pref hehe
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: Just Sion...
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: League of Dankness
d4nk bideo m20-12
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: Can riot make a skin for Irelia better than for 975 RP?
If riot continues with the secret agent line (the one with Xin Zhao) I could see Irelia being part of it. Other than that there isn't much to do with an irelia skin, since her only skillshot is her ult, so that's the only major change they could make in a skin.
: Rewards for old players
I think a summoner icon each year you've played can show that you've played for a while. Nothing more though, maybe a skin
: I mean vayne is in a good spot rn, but rengar is in an even better one. His laning is okay, and his early is not the worst. He can't be punished as hard, and it is hard to spot a good rengar unless they make a really good play. The same can't be said with vayne. You can spot a good vayne instantly, and it is obvious when the vayne isn't that good.
Doesn't help that Sona/zyra/mf/karma all shit on Vayne in lane, making her useless until at least 25 minutes in (unless she gets a few kills)
: You'd be surpised to see the amount of time I have seen Vayne beating Rengar 1v1. :)
I mean vayne is in a good spot rn, but rengar is in an even better one. His laning is okay, and his early is not the worst. He can't be punished as hard, and it is hard to spot a good rengar unless they make a really good play. The same can't be said with vayne. You can spot a good vayne instantly, and it is obvious when the vayne isn't that good.
: I don't care what you think, but...
This is right after all supports get indirectly buffed by the itemisation, and generally assassin buffs (cough cough rengar). Every champ has their strengths and weaknesses, I think that a good vayne gets rewarded for playing good, and vice versa.
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Qlutcha (EUW)
: First time champs in ranked ..
maybe level 2, but not level 4. No one has time to rank that shit up
Sleepman89 (EUNE)
: I hope they'll fix it soon too. That is so poor as a content in ranked statistics. Not fair. The old client is much better in that area. And I don't think it is something very difficult since they have done it in t he old one. Hope for the best.
I agree dude, I'm already missing the statistics part. I think riot should be actively trying to reward people with good stats, and showing them is the first step
: Summoner's Rift Troll Mode
"Every player that Q's is on fill. So they randomly get a role in the team." - That's hard to enforce, and not many people would like that. "Doing taunts on enemy corps will fill a resource call disrespect. Us can use disrespect to reduce the deadtimer." - rewarding BM isn't good
Klordix (EUNE)
: 17/0/11 in stats = A+???
Probably the cs score. You achieved around ~5.2cs/min which the system might think isn't good enough (since they compare your game with other S games).
: It's ma birthday
Magneset (EUW)
: No one to blame but yourself.
this helps alot
House x33 (EUW)
: Should of thought about your actions twice
: Well don't be toxic next season and you'll be fine.
I feel like this is such a generic response. How is this gonna help me?
: So, were you 14 day banned or perm banned?
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: No, the team emote replaces the mastery emote for the time being. But i would totally understand it if you got rid of the tsm emote...
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: WHY THE FUCK you can't remake a 4v5 in ARAM?
Aram doesn't really do/mean anything. Shouldn't be that impactful
JusBox (EUNE)
: Weird lag/delay (70,71 ms)
I don't think 70 ping is that bad of a deal, i only notice high ping when it is 125+. Hopefully they fix it for you :D
: HELP 15% win rate
stop playing ranked, improve in norms
Korios (EUNE)
: Greetings, badguy69 I'm pretty sure Riot has alredy fixed the Problem! If your Problem continues I would reccomend submitting a Ticket!
nope. I wasn't able to connect to that game, so now i have another afk timer, and i don't get loot. Thanks riot for fucking me over for trying to play your fucking game
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YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: try 1. reinstalling graphic drivers 2. repairing LoL if n. 1 doesnt work 3. buy better potato for playing games if both previous steps fail.
Ty zed, I'll try it on my toaster
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Maybe because your PC isn't a Toaster like mine xD
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am experiencing gamebreaking lag since 6.18. Could it be the Servers fault?
SurX (EUW)
: WTF just happend....Kog'Maw = BROKEN
hes getting dereworked next patch LUL, riot reversing some of the changes they did to him (mostly his w). Theres a post on the NA boards on it (i would link it but im lazy sry LUL)
: i've just hit lvl20 and i dont have a main or any idea on what champs to use
Xin initially, then a more control type of jungler. I would say reksai for this but he got gutted for the last 5 patches, so elise for a control jungler.
Metharius (EUW)
: why Kalista feel so clunky?
A/Shift move with some as and it will feel better. She isn't in a good place rn anyway :(
Archiboldd (EUNE)
: This is about me
You've got bans before, you didn't listen and now you pay the consequences
: You all know where this is going
Why u do dis pls my eyes were innocent
: Can you make us get mastery 6 and 7 badges even if we don't have the needed lv to get it?
: [suggestion] new Runes system
Cool idea but it seems very similar to masteries. I like the accessability of it though, is it free? And is it like the current system where you dont get all the slots unless you are level 30?
S0kaX (EUNE)
: You call me retarded? And your comment doesn't even say something about bad days players.
" I've noticed that in most of my games the rest of the players in my team lose their matchup." - So you basically think that a human is giving you crap teams right? Because riot doesn't pick bad players on your team purposely. They pick your teams based on your mmr and if you can't accept that then you should stop. The elo system is fine and it places you in the right place if you have time for it.
: LF player(s) who can play on a very high level. I'm too bored playing alone. EUNE
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/tegEPAy3-lf-players-who-can-play-on-a-very-high-level-im-too-bored-playing-alone-euw Literally the exact same post xD are you the same person or just lazy lul
: I always get worse players on my team?
Stop blaming riot's system and blame yourself. If you can't carry then move on
: permabanned for 1 game which wasnt even that offensive
You can't get perma'd over one game, you should have had 3 bans before that warning you, and you didn't listen
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: Im just mad kappa
Care, you shoulda taken out the names other wise your post might be taken down.
Larry (EUNE)
: What do you guys build in supports?
Usually on shielding/healing supports i go ancient coin->sightstone->mobi/swifties->Lotis->ardents censor->frozen heart->eye of the oasis and leave a spot for pinks. If it is a normal support just replace ardents for a crucible. You don't really go dark seal unless you are super ahead.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Off-meta ranked
I think it depends on the attitude of that elo. g3+ dont really care unless you are flat out trolling.
: Riot keeps surprising me with new bugs, lovely client. Just typed 2 more bug reports xD Anyway that's terrible you have it very often.
Forgot to add, it happens to me on summoners rift, not howling abyss.
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