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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. I don't think you can call this a bug. One of your friends is playing a trick on you using the /me command.
there was no /me command it was what i copy pasted there, i teste dit on another friend after telling him and he got the same messege the part i copy pasted gave a yellow system message telling you you have been permabanned how is the ability to send stuff like this looking like the real stuff not a bug? is this really, really an intended function in the new client? i don't think it should be tbf, but of course that's up to riot edit: i think the name of the sender just should appear when they send something like that, don't u think? 2nd edit: by the way as far as i know the /me command was removed (at least in euw it was), as it no longer works when trying it, i tried it some weeks ago and i tested it again, /me does nothing anymoe, it jsut shows /me 'insert text here' If this eehee enter stuff has overridden it i guess there can be concluded it is a bug, as /me was removed?
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Zavion (EUW)
: Sure. A Hillary skin for Shaco would be nice too. "now you see my e-mails, now you don't" Or perhaps a Hillary skin for LeBlanc; most of her quotes work with Hillary already. "Classic misdirection" "It's all smoke and mirrors" "Would I lie?" "Lying is like, 95% of what I do" "For my next trick; I'll make ~~their life-bar~~ my e-mails disappear"
plz don't say u support trump, these 2 are just choosing for the best out of 2 bad things, and hillary 'I have no clue what i'm doing, but it'll work, as long as i don't leak my mails again...' is still more capable than Donald 'lelelelel woman abuser and racist, no one will hurt me because i have money' Trump
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: Most of them are silvers LUL
some of them are yea... but one of them was the one... the true... the only... RIOT BOOMPJE join the dutch tree train
: Rioters are players just like us! Did you guys win? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
yeah we won, enemy surrendered at 23 minutes and tbf that made me kind of sad, i would have loved playing with them longer
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: EUW broken?
i don't have these issues, but for me crafting is invisble (the tab just isn't there) rito stop trolling your community plz
: URF countdown timer
honestly? it's noty on euw, most likely due to britisch time GB IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN EUW WITH A 1 HOUR DELAY, CAN WE PLZ BE ON THE NORMAL TIME u know, the time for the other 7? countries which are supposed to be on euw
: Urf is online :D
well, it seems like here it isn't
: its up on eune
well not on euw -.- RITO PLZ
Sontax (EUNE)
: URF 2x a year is much better for 2 weeks 1x a year
2x for 3 days each --> 6 days in a year 2 weeks on first of april --> 14 days a year i prefer april 1st
: "2nd Blood" New Club
I'd like to join :D i'm only playing ob fridays and weekend tho, due to my studies, i hope that isn't a problem
: If you like playing either ADC or support you are more than welcome to join us at Botlane Bling! In that case feel free to add me: **FunkySupport** :)
I enjoy playing botlane yes, mostly adc and out of the meta yet strong supports :D i'll add u on friday when i'll be playing :D
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: Are you afraid of technology ... TECHNOLOGY :D best ^^
so is it any wonder that people are afraid of technology.. TECHNOLOGY oooohhh god i'd be scared too if someone did that sht to me o.o +1
untouCh68 (EUW)
: Dynamic que? Are you guys serious?
Riot just royally fucked up again on euw They didn't do a stresstest on the biggest server they've got, this was to be expected, although i'd love it for them to re enable teambuilder as long as dynamic queue is offline, i literally only played teambuilder since it went online, and it makes me sad that i have to do blind/draft pick now, i liked playing what i actually wanted to play...
: Im Dissapointed. Banning me Because I told someone to read book..
You told someone to put off their computer and do something in REAL LIFE, ofc u got banned, plz, why would you do something so cruel to begin with? You haven't got a heart :(
: a option to get all language voices in any server
PLEASE NO I'M NOT INTO YAOI BUT I'LL USE JAPANESE LANGUAGE {{champion:44}} will be a nightmare to me... he gets an orgasm whenever he dies....
deadwill2 (EUW)
: is this bliz or not??
Yes, it is blitz Most likely an illegal use of the image tho, now you can either: Report the company to the support, so rito can sue them Or Leave it as it is, 'cause if riot would sue the fireworks company they'd most likely go bankrupt
CrySumPT (EUW)
: The best thing to do is opening a ticket with the support, explaining what happened and eventually it will be solved. There was alot of errors since the snowdown shop opened and this was one of them, what you can do too is wait for the shop to go out, i believe today is the last day, and then try again.
the problem just solved itself, i could suddenly gift him without issues had to try it for 5 hours straight every hour tho
CrySumPT (EUW)
: what is the champ that you are trying to gift him?
first i tried kindred, got the error then i tried quinn, got the error then i tried vek'koz, got the error tried 7 more, knowing i'd get the error
: Hi there, Please go through this, you may find your answer here: > Why can't I send a gift to my friend? > >The following factors determine whether you can send or receive gifts: >The player receiving a gift needs to have been on your buddy list for at least one day. >The player receiving a gift cannot be banned or suspended (this includes Leaverbuster, Tribunal, etc.). > >There are also specific rules for different types of gifting: > >CONTENT GIFTING (Skins, Champions, Rune Pages) >To send a gift, you must be at least level 10. >You can only send up to 10 gifts every 24 hours. >You can only receive up to 10 gifts every 24 hours. > >RP GIFTING >To send RP, you must be at least level 15 >You can only send up to 5 RP gifts every 24 hours >You can only receive up to 5 RP gifts every 24 hours > >Why can't I gift the RP or content I already have? > >The system will not allow you to gift RP or content that you already own. We are sorry for any inconvenience you may experience as a result of this. > >What can I gift? > >At this time, you can gift champions, skins, ward skins, and RP to your friends. > >I accidentally removed my friend from my list. How do I send a gift now? > >You will have to re-add your friend to your list and wait at least one day until they are eligible for a gift. > >Why can't I use my pre-paid RP card in the Gifting Center? > >Only certain payment methods are available through the Gifting Center. Simply just send your friend the card PIN so they can redeem it through the game >client. > > How do I reverse the gift that I sent? > > Gifts cannot be reversed. Please be sure to double check before sending a gift to ensure the correct summoner is receiving the intended content. > > I was hacked and stuff was gifted everywhere! What do I do? > > Please send a ticket to us directly, and a specialist will be more than happy to investigate for you.
all of those factors are ok, yet i can't gift him
: issues while gifting, someone help me please
i've been friends with him in league for a week (real life friend who started playing then)
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avlad (EUNE)
: Camps respawn times!
A minute or a minute and a half, i'm not entirely sure... I think it is 1 and a half
Grammos (EUNE)
: What are the couples of LoL ?
The only confirmed relationship is ashe/tryndamere (queen and king of the avarosan clan in freljord) All the others are fanfiction related (ezreal/lux and garen/katarina are used in fanfics A LOT, but they're no official pairings, but garen and katarina are hinted by riot a lot since it's used in fanfics that often)
: [Suggestion] Fair nerf to Frost Queen's Claim
Check surr at 20, it's already getting nerfed for midlaners Most of them build it because of the decent stats and extra money when fully upgraded, but riot will make the full upgrade only grant money if you haven't killed any minions in the past 6 seconds (evening it out with spellthief's edge and the medium upgrade, don't know the name)
Minstrel (EUNE)
f7cough (EUNE)
: Please make a way to see the skins owned as a collection type
A while back i found out i had 3 skins i didn't even remember i had, it was quite weird... I'd love for an option to see your owned skins as a collection, it would at least bring some clarity
: League of Legends Wish List!
This actually is a really nice idea and promotes random acts of kindness... I like it, have my upvote
I've got no idea what the R means... So i'll just vote R xD
: Your argument basically says that in your low elo you can yolo ad heimerdinger and win. (just an extreme example, dont take it literally) It doesnt represent a realistic matchup analysis.
And here comes the elo argument again, fun fact: I dislike playing ranked, i play for gold to get rewards and then quit for the season I mostly play teambuilder and get games with and against plats/diamonds A LOT, and the fact that it works there makes it a realistic matchup Now you can us: Us high elo gods don't play serious in normal, fun fact: Most people always play serious I really dislike people using elo as an argument as people down below can be just as good as the ones all the way up, the question of elo is: Do you want to grind? Well, i won't
: But he can rush {{item:3155}} for survival , while {{item:3157}} is expensive af.
Seeker's armguard however, isn't that expensive, and it gives decent defensive stats, the armor is ok and it gives ap, also you molten shield gives you more armor and counter damage, but for some reason annie players tend to forget that molten shield does more than charge your stun
: What if Zed dodges my Q with ult? I feel like his burst > Annie burst since Zed buff.
Then you press R after he comes out of R and nuke him? Your q has no cooldown anyways, and your burst potential is equal to zed's Just spam the spells to get your stun to throw on him when he comes out of his ult
kvykvy (EUW)
: Sorry but good zed will always counter annie,though from my experience i find such players only in higher diamond,but one or other way almost every single higher range champion can be abusing annie's close range,another aspect is the fact that hex drinker's cost was reduced,basicly allowing to insta buy with first return,that results in zed being allowed to poke all the way and annie having no response,since she can't all in.
Playing as zed, i always win from annie Playing as annie, i always win from zed Once you understand how zed works it's so easy to win from him, all you need is decent reflexes and insight, dodge the q's, don't get close to the shadows, congratz, playing as a champ that can point and click for a guarenteed hit you just won the lane
: I just played as Annie vs Zed /seriously what the hell!!!/
If you're losing vs zed as annie you're doing something wrong... You can poke him all day long pre 6, forcing him out of lane, and post 6 just wait for him to use his r, instastun with charged R when he becomes targetable again and nuke him down, you're an annie for godsake xD (btw you can stun him if you have at least 2 charges of your passive up, just use molten shield and her w to get the stun up, and press that r button when you see him
: Typically such players are not older than 10, and the skin was probably bought from lunch money. Just ignore and report :)
Reporting for using emotes is plain stupid, they're here for a reason, they're made for more immersion into the game If you report people who use emotes you might get punished because you're reporting unrightiously, also, your further reports will have less influence into the system, as they lose credibility
: Yesterday i was veing stomped vut the project:zed was spamming laugh the whole time when he killed us. Another example of unsportsmanlike behaviour
There's nothing wrong with using emotes after killing someone, i never do it myself but i see a lot of people who do, and i actually enjoy to see people doing it, imo it make the game more 'roleplay' like Altho i do disagree with 'easy' and that sht, LoL is still a game/e-sport where you're supposed to have fun, so i'd rather get a virtual handshake than a virtual slap in the face
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Its just a joke bro! No one actually means it, I say it after every game. (even the ones I loose in)
There are A LOT of people out there who mean it, and through chat we can't see the difference between sarcasm and being serious, and gg easy is a bannable offense (confirmed by rito), so you should stop saying it, unless you want to risk losing your account
: lets be honest tho theres reason to riven hate personally i hate the shield its frustrating to play against but my main reason for hating riven is the asshats that i mostly see playing her i honestly dont mind a good riven if they can be a decent human being but thats not often the case. Now that may be because i tend to avoid rivens in my games when and if i can but with experiences as bad as some of the worst riven has to offer you must understand why i choose to avoid it.
My main reason for hating riven is the fcking animation cancelling, she'd be perfectly balanced if it wasn't for that sht, it simply breaks games and gives her way too high damage potential in a too short timeframe, it makes her an assassin instead of a fighter... If rito would just make it impossible to animation cancel then she'd lose a big part of the skill she needs to be played properly, but it would make her A LOT less frustrating to play against
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Which champion has highest skill cap? [POLL (with only 10 choices tho)]
Imo bard is the hardest champ to play effectively His q range is ultra short, his ult delay is ages, his E can be used by enemies... Really, it's hard...
Try malphite yasuo, from lvl 6 on you can dive the enemies whenever you want to, now that sht's nasty
: I dont think tribunal will be coming at all. As it currently stands, i believe rito employees review the cases.
Rito doesn't review a thing, it's a purely automated system at this time, and with this i disagree as an automated system can't detect sarcasm, you simply can't make jokes 'cause if a salty person decides to report you you might get banned because you made a joke which would be offensive if it wasn't a joke Now i have never been banned, never even got a warning, so idc about this system for me, but i feel sad for the rest of the community
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Change the account inactivity protection bonus from 1 month to 1 week per summoner level
It's a fact that name protection is way too long... 2 years and a half is ages, but imo it shouldn't be just half a year, 1 year sounds about right imo, i'm glad that i could still get the name i wanted with my namechange :D it wasn't even taken yet
SkyFox (EUNE)
: Rito is a several billion company and it doesn't want to deal with all those small issues. Fixed it, now its perfect. Kappa
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: He probably planned to add "kappa" but he forgot.
: *in deep, threatening voice* the f*cking {{champion:92}} mains. They pick her only because she is female and "can animation cancel". As if it's some kind of super-weapon they speak of. The male mains fap to her while the female ones only use female champions. Pathetic. (I also hate {{champion:103}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:143}} mains with the same reason [except the animation cancel part]) Also: her shield scales with AD. SHIELD. SCALES. WITH. AD! WTF RITO?!? that's the second most retarded idea I see from you (most retarded thing is the noxus poppy skin pre-rework)
Noxus poppy pre rework? Don't you mean " I have been in a barrel filled with oil for a month and just climbed out " poppy
Lord Emp (EUW)
: Rito is a small company and it cannot deal with all those small issues.
Rito is a multi million (if not several billion) company and it cannot deal with all those small issues. Fixed it for you
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