: Youmuu's Ghostlbade and Duskblade of Draktharr
Draven love em too atm with aery :D
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: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
: eSports Team - LFP
Name:Radoslav IGN:Yiayechu g2 on this acc - Diamond2 on main which i dont use it anymore (ill explain , but u will see that im high elo player anyways ;d ) Age:23 Countrt:Bulgaria Lane:Bottom , Mid Champs:all meta marksmans , Orianna/Ahri/Zed also for midalne
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. As a matter of fact, this new system is intended to make it easier to get new content faster for the majority of players. Only those that play way more games than the average player will get slightly less with the new system. So this isn't just something you're experiencing.
y i play 10-12 games a day and im sad
Cleeaan (EUW)
: LF DUO PARTNER ON SMURF ACC.(Unranked to d3+) D3+ exp
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: This punishment system is so unfair
write em a ticket , u can be unbanned in time
: How to Report a booster??
u cannot report booster sry
: G2 Top/Mid Lf Duo mates
Go Won (EUW)
: Getting really bad FPS Lag
next patch should be fixed we are too many with this problem already
hacker24 (EUNE)
: New Patch lower fps
they are working on it we are many with same problem
: Gradually dropping in FPS...
they will hotfix this soon i got ticket just keep topics up so they see
: game freezes shortly before you die
they are working on it now becouse too many got problems this patch so lets wait next patch should get hotfix
Mista Yi (EUW)
: level 35
nothing , same as others i just hited it u get after reaching 40 :D
: fps gets lower as the game progresses / how to assign more ram (because it might be a memory leak)?
: fps gets lower as the game progresses / how to assign more ram (because it might be a memory leak)?
its not only on ur computer i send ticket bout it already they are fixing it atm
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Yiayechu (EUW)
: Riot PMED me about the fps drops
nope nothing about closing client or so theres aan issue with new patch and many players got drops , just cuz its a patch problem nothing around CPUS or client or smthing
porps (EUW)
: Karma support way to weak now
actually shes pretty busted now mate due to aery keystone ^^ , her dmg is huge
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FlexEnemy (EUNE)
: Fps droping
We are waiting
FlexEnemy (EUNE)
: Fps droping
Yes we are many with this problem , HOTFIX it riot please all send tickets please guys
: Lower FPS after Patch 7.22
BUMP HOTFIX THIS PROBLEM we are too many with this problem
15111999 (EUW)
: P4 supp Lf adc
add me inagme mate , we can try some
: I got permabanned after one game with no previous punishment - Was this deserved?
: Huge FPS problems in pre season patch
already send ticket bout it , bump this topic we are so many with this issue ...
same i already send ticket they need to fix that asap cuz its so annyoing and actually fps drops the more late game it is :D wtf
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Bakyura (EUNE)
: Pre-season things (runes, BE, rip IP, bugs)
lets see if we get bugfixes next patch , i did ticket also bout fps dropping on this one but its liek 3 days of preaseason , they will fix everything important imo lets wait and play bugleague for a while
: From 14 days suspension to honor level 5 (it's possible!)
i went from honor 5 to dishonored which is RLY GOOD THO
BuzzSunny (EUW)
: Frame drops on decent pc?
i did it , thank you lets see whats happening now
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I did see this on riven and im a bit confused, does aery also shield on the way back to the caster?
it dont shield u , but u can reapply her :D and its tottaly broken + sorcery page gives u 40 cdr with 2 items like it should be ^^
: Aery is the best rune in the game
this is broken on riven ^^
AngmarPT (EUW)
: lvl up sucks?
almost 33 lvl boiz :D
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porps (EUW)
: Thanks for all the new bugs!
nah client is buggy , rly ^^ we need much bugfixes atm
Yiayechu (EUW)
: Fps drops / freezes on new patch
exactly , the longer the game goes fps gets lower and lower holly god
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