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: Like honestly, I feel if you actually manege to get every pick right (which, if you ignore the skills of teams and look at sheer probability is about a 1 in 20000000000000 chance starting from groups) you would at least deserve to get every skin in the game, instead of just 4.
I love pick'ems and still participate every year. A few years ago we didn't even have pick'ems so i'm fully aware that these are just free rewards that are meant as fun little extra. All i'm trying to say is that, with the odds so heavily stacked op against you, out of riot's perspective, what do they even have to lose. So far no one has done the impossible, which is why I think if someone actually 100% checks out they should have their name put on a gold plague in riots office. Or at least get something a bit more... special. But hey, what do I know.
: Worlds Pick’em is Coming!
Like honestly, I feel if you actually manege to get every pick right (which, if you ignore the skills of teams and look at sheer probability is about a 1 in 20000000000000 chance starting from groups) you would at least deserve to get every skin in the game, instead of just 4.
: Akali
I also like how riot rewrote the rules of what "true vision'' means. ADC's can't even auto her under turret. I got so sick of playing against this champ when she just released i resorted to a pre-rework counterpick: fiddle in the middle {{champion:9}} . His W is supposed to grant true vision as well, but even with my W atttached to her, she can still dive me under my turret without even drawing aggro. I don't think she is all that busted, but her W is taking it 1 step too far. Its not fun playing against her in lane, the trades just don't seem fair. There is no exiting game-play to be found, no back and forth trades. Akali lanes are just very one-sided, either she is stomped early and worth nothing, or she snowballs out of control and you can't even outplay her under your turret.
: Is PBE Leona skin idea fair?
I think this is a very important thread. The first thing I did when i saw these skins was throw the subject in a Whatsapp conversation and see their opinion. It followed a discussion between me and 2 of my friends that didn't amount to much in the end as they where both suffering from Blizzcon PTSD and I was just a butt-hurt Diana player who just wanted a new skin. So I took a step back and tried to see if what i was saying was more objective or subjective. And its a bit of both. Objective: Riot has been releasing an odd bunch of skins. First we get Popstar ahri 2.0. Which seems weird because they often want to keep themes unique and easily distinguishable. Then they make the praetorian skins, which seems oddly similar to most mecha skins, but more monster like. Now we have the Star Guardians in Onesies and ofcourse leona vs leona. So they release all these skins just that seem to be recolor's or re-imaginations of older skins and it just doesn't seem to make sense when you look at their own statement on how they select which Skins to make and for what champion. (as stated here: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/05/dev-state-of-skins/ ) Subjective: I think they missed a huge opportunity here to make a solid and awesome Diana skin. Clearly these Leona skins are leading up to some kind of VS event, but they give us Moon Leona vs Sun Leona. I cannot believe that the name Diana wasn't mentioned when deciding on these skins. So why pass on it? Lancer vs Paragon was a big joke, Dawnbringer vs Duskbringer was a lot better and the most recent VS event, with Darius vs Garen made a lot of sense and I still see these skins all the time. I do think making a VS event between two different champions has to be a lot better and a lot more hype, especially if these two are already rivals in lore, so I cannot... just not for the life of me understand why they didn't settle on a Diana vs Leona event. And because of this I can't help but feel like this _is _ just a big cashgrab... minimum effort to release a 2nd skin for 1820RP. Maybe I am just a butthurt Diana fanboy. But I can just imagine Vayne players feeling the same way, should Kai'sa suddenly get 2 vampire hunter skins. It's not like I can complain about there not being enough Diana skins, because we fairly recently got Dark Waters and I absolutely love that skin. It's not on the same level as Aurelion Sol players, but i'm sure a lot of Diana players would love to see Diana get more of a Spotlight from riot.
zixus (EUNE)
: 1. I like how in the tldr he also mispronounces to for too, so that even if people go fpr the tldr they can still see it, pretty good article but ruined by cringy too s
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > but i think this had more to do with the use of support items in lane ruining league's competetive play, rather then them feeling supports had too spend too much gold early on. The point of this change was not to remove those actives, but more like to remove the sightstone from the build because as an item its stats are very cost inefficient and it just doesnt feel good to build it. In exchange Riot introduced those new items with new quest that need theyr own testing and they didnt have enough recourses to also test and introduce those actives in theyr new forms. Which is why spooky ghosts are already returning next patch and speed active will come back in 6.4
Well I do hope so. I understand it may have been cost inefficient but I feel they already made a huge step forward in adding "20% item CDR" as a passive on ruby. And I think they might have been better off if they had just made changes to sightstone. Like what if they made sightstone a 100hp item that cost 500 gold instead of 800 (and build from a ruby chrystal+100gold) and kept ruby sightstone the same (price and stats), but instead made it build from a giants belt+100 gold. It would've relieved a lot of the early game costs and made ruby more of a midgame upgrade-able item. And besides I think it's strange of riot to be testing all these new changes _now_. Why didn't they test this in pre-season? It feels like the support role is such a mess right now from a lot of persepectives while the entire pre-season was dedicated to zoe, ezreal and stopwatches.
yrknaqren (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yoram555,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WUOeOs3M,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-11T23:25:21.954+0000) > But now 2 of the core component's are missing from my build. One of course being talisman and the other being warmog's. The reason for this is because a 450hp item and a 400hp item have been replaced by a single 200hp item, so i can no longer reach the damned hp threshold required for warmog's' passive. Wait a second.. I dont think your math adds up here. I don't really know which 450hp item and 400hp item you are talking about. Ruby Sightstone gave 500hp. Talisman of Ascension had exactly 0hp. Let's look exactly at what changes in your build: Redemption, Ionian Boots and Warmogs (and the last item) all stay the same Talisman of Ascension (2200 gold) is probably replaced by a Remnant item, which is 1500 gold, but also gives 200 extra hp. Result so far: +700gold, +200hp Ruby Sight Stone (1600 gold) is replaced by.. something. Let's think about that later. We lose 500hp for now. Result: +2300gold, -300hp So compared to before the change you have 2300 gold extra and still need 300hp to reach 2750hp. Build a Giant's Belt and you are done! You could even reach your 2750hp earlier than before, because you need 1300 gold less for your build! That said, you do lose out on the speed from Talisman. That sucks a bit. I would suggest building into Dead Man's Plate as a replacement. It isn't perfect, because you need 600 gold more, and the speedboost is a little smaller and only for yourself, but it also gives you the speed almost permanently (you probably don't auto attack at all at this point in the game) and you gain a bit of armor and hp that your old build didn't have. I miss Spellthief's speed passive a lot more, because it was basically free and saved me from a lot of hairy situations.. then again my build is usually very different. Anyways.. TLDR: Replace Talisman with any Remnant item and Ruby Sightstone with a Giant's Belt and you reach the 2750hp threshold 1300 gold earlier. Continue towards Dead Man's Plate to gain a passive similar to Talisman's and you are almost at the same point as you were before.
Ill have to try this out some time. My mind might have been playing tricks on me with talisman, so I've altered this. My build will look even weirder with a DMP in it, but it's definitely worth trying out.
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