: I don't lean either way so long as the character is cool or fun
: Neither... I only watch anime for robot battles.
Rismosch (EUW)
: If you so desperately want a girl, why don't you go to clubs? Or speak to girls at your work or school or wherever you go? Or use dating apps if you are too shy. Like jeez, spamming boards wont help you being attractive, if anything it makes it worse.
Its not easy bro. Besides real life girls are NOTHING compared to loyal loving anime girls!
: I chose cute
> [{quoted}](name=The Rainbow Dash,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=f01u8WzH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-02T18:21:54.761+0000) > > I chose cute Alright.
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: My 450€ laptop of 5 years is capable of running it on low details with minor FPS drops during late games.
Know any cheap ones now, as I know tech has progressed.
Catchdown (EUW)
: Have you ever worked before in your life? Get a job and get some extra money to at least buy something decent. There is NO WAY you get something fro that ridiculous price. Do you wanna know why you can't find what you're looking for? Because it isn't there. Now I understand that you're incapable of building a pc yourself, which is fine, but all the more reason that 180 isn't gonna cut it. If you really believe 280,- for a new laptop is expensive, then I believe you are beyond help Edit: Lads, OP clearly has issues. Doesn't accept anyone's help. Don't waste time
What on Earth 280 aint cheap you know how much food you can buy with that? And no building a pc is NOT easy! Ive seen people strugle, even on internet so don't say its easy. Like people who buy expensive shoes and say its cheap. What nakes you say I have no job? I know enough of what I am talking of, people here don't give advice.
: Dafuq? What does removing the gpu have to do with anything I said? "My pc cant run it!"? Run what? League? Did I ever say anything contradicting that? But I'm starting to see why u claim u "mentaly can't build a pc". "Give people advice" Alright then, you want my honest advice? Get a %%%%ing job so you can afford a decent pc. A good prebuilt machine for the laughably cheap price of 180$ does not exist. You couldn't even buy a single decent dedicated graphics card for that price. TL;DR: What you're looking for doesn't exist.
Lol graphics card GTX 750 is like around 80 dollars not 180 bro. It can run lol and overwatch. So I don't understand why there are no pc's of 180 bucks or bellow. Sure getting a job helps depending if your good at anything. If society isn't built for people who fit in it, should it not be for everyone? Final conclusion: Your opinion on Pcs are expensive. I will continue asking people for a good pc worth the money. You added a 3rd like bot too.
: If you can read, then u can build a pc. It's really simple and there's a ton of good tutorials on youtube and other parts of the internet. There's no way you're going to find a prebuilt pc for less than 180 that comes even close to running league on high.
Obvious Troll. I have proof my pc CANT run it! And I CANT remove the GPU! So stop with your like bots liking your comments and give poeple advice!
: _**Relatively**_ cheap. That means that is costs less than other available options.
No its not! Making them is a lot cheaper, stop trolling!
Catchdown (EUW)
: Yes, that's cheap
Thats expensive dude. It should be a ton cheaper, you know how much it costs making these things?
: GPU ? Why would you remove GPU ? GPU is part of Video card and you dont remove that. Or you got GPU that is part of motherboard and in some cases, GPU cannot be removed. It is piece of cake, you are just incompetent. But have it your way, spend more money on something that is not meant for gaming, your bad.
My bad? GPU can be removed mine just won't! You clearly have not even known anything about making a pc, not knowing a GPU can be removed. How do people replace GPU with GTX graphics cards? They dont buy a new pc! A laptop is much cheaper, I cant find your so called evidance as to why a laptop is more expensive.
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: You mentally cant what ? Replace some part in PC ? What does that even mean, you got no nerves to do so ? I built PC myself few months back and its all so idiot-proof that everyone who is just a bit handy, can remove/add every part in the PC. Everything has its own place, own socket, so you cant miss. And FYI, building PC on your own is way cheaper than buying prebuilt. Laptops are way more expensive with less performance.
You refuse to understand! Almost 3 weeks, I have tried to remove my GPU. So dont't tell me its a piece of cake. I will sell all my desktop stuff to get a new laptop, I am planing. So don't tell me building a pc is easy that is all lies.
Maluber (EUW)
: I'd assume laptops are cheaper because they are harder to upgrade down the line thus making you more likely to buy another one. If you get a good desktop pc and something goes wrong you can easily replace that part down the road.
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: You're not going to find any decent PC that's capable of even running google properly for 180 euros or less, unless it's either a hand-me-down or a really old model. My advice is to save up some more instead of spending 180 on something shit. I mean I used to have this toaster of a laptop for 289 euros, and the best it could do was run Minecraft at 10 fps if I had a lucky day. Yes it was relatively cheap, but if it doesn't do anything you want it to do, it's a straight waste of money.
: Under 180 $ ? on high ?
: Prebuilt pc under 180$? Umm, how bout this: http://www.delonghi.com/en-au/products/kitchen/kitchen-appliances/toasters/icona-cto-4003r-0230140036 Alternatively, you could consider this: https://www.toptengamer.com/150-gaming-pc/ Its pretty bad and you'll have to build it yourself but its close to the best you can get for that amount of money.
Like I said I mentaly can't build a pc. I takes me 2 weeks to not be able to remove a GPU.
Fajerk (EUW)
: That card is definitely capable of running League medium settings around 40fps, as long as you have at least 1GB memory version which works. It is actually card as old as League.
Oh it can barekly run a 5 v 5 bot match I have physical proof, as in when I test it it is so broken.
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Fajerk (EUW)
: League is pretty much least demanding moba on the market, it's build on technology old over 7 years. Only less demanding option would be original DotA Warcraft III mode, but community for that is _really_ small. Considering league can run fine even on 4th gen integrated graphics from intel, I'm having hard time imagine what problems you got that are preventing you from running. It's literally least demanding title on the current market.
Voted down your comment. Since obviously my GPU a AMD Radeon HD 5670 can't run lol without lag! If you cant come up with that and you are voted up by your bot fans. So stop ignorance and arogance and actualy try to help people!
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: https://i.imgur.com/gnesHGd.jpg See this white clip? Try pushing it downwards on its right side.
I did the clip is not the problem..anymore. I know now hou to remove the clip, but It still doesn't come out.
: Upload them here and share the link: https://imgur.com/
Here https://imgur.com/a/uRoaR Thanks by the way.
: 2 weeks in, still can't remove GPU!
https://imgur.com/a/uRoaR This
iSneez (EUNE)
: 1) hardware compatibility - on a very old motherboards a very new video card might not work, or work very slow or give errors so the upgrade is pointless, just because a a PCI Express x16 3.0 is backwards compatible it's not necessary a rule if its fit then is compatible. 2) space room - new video cards tend to be quite big so you might not have room under the videocard since new video cards use 2 slots space or it can be to long and hit the front side of the case (where hdds and dvd are). 3) power supply - an old small power supply can have problem power up a new strong video card 4) the pcie plug that goes in the card old ones have 4 pins, new have 6 or 8, so he need an adapter, if the video have 2 connectors then he need 2 adapters and the adapters need to go on 2 separate 12v wires. and so on
: Since we don't know what kind of hardware he is packing this questions are irrelevant and motherboards are just BUS lanes to the CPU so the chipset itself does not matter if its old or not the GPU will provide as much "power" as the bandwidth the BUS lane provides to the CPU the only errors that will come up are perhaps BIOS. since 2007 the ATX PSUs have at least one 8pin and one 6pin + if he got any new Pascal cards the power efficiency is fairly high it takes a 450W PSU to run 1060 sure the more the better but that's the minimum requirement
Systeemmodel MS-7646 Its Dutch.. But I have a medion desktop . Also Idk how to add pics here.
iSneez (EUNE)
: i hope he did not remove the laptop video card :D that will be so hard to help him put the laptop back in one piece :D, also its hard to find upgrade for laptop video cards and are not really much different in speed.
: Take a picture of the apparatus that holds the card in place, upload it to an image host such as imgur.com and post a link here. There should be a small plastic hinge protruding from the pci slot which you have to push in order to get the card out. Have you done that?
How do I put a picture on lol , I tried and it doesnt add. It just moves to a new window if I drag it here.
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Zeromatsu (EUW)
: which router do you have? It could be a hardware issue.
No it works fine in the living room
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: Why do people say build your own pc, but when you ask for advice they are bad?
Building a pc is a ton harder than it seems. I am having trounle removing the GPU for 2 weeks now.
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: alrighty, where your card is plugged in to the motherboard theres that hinge thing you click right? that just loosens it. make sure the screw thats supporting its weight is also removed, its usually right by the back wall of your pc, the metal plate that has the screen ports on it. Once all the screws are out (mine has 2 but most only have 1), make sure youve pressed that hinge thing down, if youre unsure if youve done that right, just push your card down until it clicks in place, then press the hinge and youll see it lift a little. then you just muscle it out, ive found its easier to pull out first from the side against the back of the box then pulling again on the hinge side. hope dis helps alil haha
When I push it doesnt come out its small The hinge is the problem. I try to push with my thumb. anyway I can show the video? I know now how to take the screws out. But the hinge I cant unlock.
: guess you could watch some vids for that..
I did, I dont see any screws only the hinge, but when I press pull etc it doesnt come out.
: you cant remove your gpu?
Yeah I can't I have tried and it didnt come out when pressing the hinge.
: How is liking a real girl over an animated girl illogical? Jesus, your mindset is effed. Liking an animated girl over a real girl IS illogical... It's not only weird, it's actually mentally ill to fall in love with animated girls. You need professional help asap. The internet effed people up, it's actually disgusting to see how such bad impact it has on people.
I am mentaly disturbed becuase I like girls who. - Dont ask for money - Dont ask for presents and gifts all the time -Dont ask for protection -Dont ask for ussless stuff And always love you ? If so I am happy to be disturbed. And not normal agreeing to all the social norms you want. Instead I live free and happy with my supirior girls.
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: Have you updated your drivers / changes your GPU settings in the catalyst controls? [See me](https://support.amd.com/en-us/download)
Ive changed my settings I have the latest system update if thats what you mean on catalyst control center. Dont know how to update drivers.
: They're both very old components 6+ years? I think, although they should still be able to run LoL on low/medium with no shadows probably. I would upgrade if the situation permits.
Uh I can run on low not medium. But them 5 v 5 bots is lag sometites occasionaly. So definatly not 5v5 online.
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: Shaco wins :^) {{champion:35}}
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: If you want a pro's advice, your best bet is to search for old vods of pros playing the champ or look at guides on the internet (google, as usualy, is your friend in this quest). Also have a look at vertigal's youtube channel, he's a high elo ahri main.
Thanks for the youtuber Oh and sometimes they don't show the build, only the gameplay without explain in.
: If you want a pro's advice, your best bet is to search for old vods of pros playing the champ or look at guides on the internet (google, as usualy, is your friend in this quest). Also have a look at vertigal's youtube channel, he's a high elo ahri main.
Thanks for the youtuber
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