xKenetic (EUW)
: I think you guys should have announced the time as well, many seem to be confused xD
The thing is, every time that Riot announces is for LA. People get confused but there always tends to be a single time for patches and events to drop around the world and any announcement is in Riot time unless stated otherwise.
: ohh... ok. I heard that its 21 for EUW and 22 for EUNE
It all depends on timezones. It will be up around 13 PDT but there is no official time for EU. 13 PDT is 21 for me, 22 for other people and probably 23 for you.
: Better nerf than whole kit change when u played the champ for let's say 6months
Perhaps, but most champions aren't likely to get a complete change. It's not even like Shaco and Garen were changed that much; they're different but were left with all of the same abilities, just tweaked a little.
: Really wanna honor the enemy.
IIRC they said that it's not a thing because people used to just honour feeders. They could always make it so that it doesn't actually affect your honour level though, so it's just a nice thing for you to see.
: Recently revamped champs. Like Pantheon Garen Shaco just in case if you start playing one champ and rito wouldn't decide to change that champions skills
On the other hand, those champions have the spotlight right now so they're more likely to be nerfed than something that has been the same for a while.
: And decrease the time of surrender window up to 10sec. It's more than enough to click a button
If someone is in a fight or chase they might not be able to click it in that time. Surrender votes do not always start when everyone is out of combat or dead.
: People that are either too stubborn or too stupid to learn something when all the facts are given to them. Instead of learning something new, these people say they know better, Anti-vaxxers are a prime example of that. The best thing I've heard from them is that Bill Gates is the one who created the Ebola strain as a side effect to the vaccine for Malaria. The second best thing is that you can inject yourself with **COCONUT OIL** and it will have the same effect as a Flu shot.
I'm honestly not so scared of them as the idea of what would happen if people actually listened.
Rioter Comments
: Why people cry and blame?
The most common reason people blame others when they lose their lane is because it's just easier than admitting to themselves that they're not perfect at the game, and they might not even be the best player in the match that they are playing. They could acknowledge that their jungle was successfully ganking on the opposite side of the map and they failed at map awareness, or that they were pushing too far without wards, or that they were outplayed by the enemy laner. It's just easier to complain that jungle didn't gank, or the enemy jungle camped, or that the enemy is playing an easy/broken champion than it is to seek improvement on their mistakes.
: they are making lux skins no time to fix it it was there since 2 patch and they are aware of this bug ( i am 99% sure ) but you know. lux skins are very important. because she is noble girl with double rainbow staff. she is very positive and polite person. also she loves her brother DEMACIAAA too much. what would you do if you were in rito shoes? making lux skins that is the symbol of holyness or fixing the game? i would chose the first one...
That's not an excuse that Riot would use. The skin team is not the bug-fixing team. I'm pretty sure the reason that the current client is broken is because they're making a new one that might actually be alright.
Infernape (EUW)
: Riot can't monetise it so no. It ain't happening. But buy Little Legends tho
I'm pretty sure they can monetise featured modes, because it keeps the people around that want a "just for fun" league mode that isn't ARAM. More people sticking around means more people that will potentially buy chamions, skins, icons, and maybe even little legends if they decide to play TFT and they enjoy it.
: People that don't AFK aren't stopped cause they care about the teams LP tho...
That's why I said give more of a penalty ****to the person going AFK****. They don't care about the team's LP but they might care a bit more about their own account being punished. If someone is already prone to going AFK, this system will just encourage them to do it even more, especially if someone is flaming them to try to make them leave. Riot would need to implement an AFK loss prevention system alongside stricter punishments for people that go AFK to make sure that it isn't abused.
: Wrong. Pyke can kill anyone at a certain amount of health yet, Unless that target gain a 9999 shield. Then That target will survive with 1 hp.
Which is practically irrelevant because there is no way that they are going to gain a 9999 damage shield in a regular game of league.
: Changing it to physical would actually be a buff in some situations since he's stacking lethality he might even do more than true add some point. That part of his ult isn't the problem. Pyke actually falls off lategame this was clearly noticable before the gold buffs.
It does do physical damage normally. It only does true damage if someone is below a certain amount of health, which makes the entire point irrelevant because no champion will be below 1000 hp and also be able to survive 999999999 damage of any kind.
JustTits (EUNE)
: Remove the True Damage from Pyke
All of Pyke's kit deals physical damage. The only ability that deals true damage is his ultimate ability when someone is below the execution threshold. The whole point of the execute is that anyone below X amount of health will instantly die from an infinite amount of damage, whether they make it infinite physical damage, infinite magic damage or infinite true damage.
: Dude these are so cool! Mind if i use them in my videos?? https://youtu.be/fFVlIBvlYc0 I make funny lol content :D Feel free to check it out but do let me know if i can use the art or not ;3
It's not theirs so they aren't the person to ask for permission from. They credited the artists in the post. > Ziggs artist: Unknown (I can only read Pure Zolm) VelKoz artist: takbeom Braum artist: villaskgm
: I love every single of them, but especialy the 'Evil Pumpkin VelKoz' did you created those fanart by yourself?
Artists are credited in the post. > Ziggs artist: Unknown (I can only read Pure Zolm) VelKoz artist: takbeom Braum artist: villaskgm
Infinitty (EUW)
: It's situational item. Actually a friend of mine mentioned it in a game that it would be a nice to have that game.
The problem is that it's way too situational. There are almost no situations where disabling a single turret once every 120 seconds is worth taking up an item slot and 2650 gold when you could simply buy something else instead.
: Honestly I don't care about what happens to the AFK person after the game, it's his life. I just don't wanna be punished and demoted cause someone else left. Personally I don't even care if I get more LP, I just put it in cause otherwises people would ff instantly and the enemies would get too easy LP. You'd just camp someone to they tilt and AFK and then tell team to FF.
I'm saying how they could implement this and also get people to not AFK. As it stands in the current system, AFKs aren't punished much at all so making a system where they can stop allies from losing lp would be a bad thing.
: What does skins have to do with anything?
Ask the person that said that they won't make this a reality because they're busy making Lux and Ahri skins.
: And it's funny that they call it "Teamfight *TACTICS*" , when the shop is always the one who decide who wins xD
Luck is a factor but I find that I can get fourth place or better in most games. Maybe it's just luck but I'd personally say there's skill in econ, positioning, choosing what to buy and choosing what to combine item drops into.
: Imo it is simply best to punish the afk players(and also trolls/inters) like toxic players are punished and players will not troll/afk/feed as often as they do now. This will improve the experience of players and may reduce toxicity to some level.
AFK players should be punished more than they already are. They lose the same amount of LP as if they stay, and get a longer queue time after a few games (which just really means that they have to do something else for 20 minutes)
: Promotes toxicity: "Person is unintentionally feeding and the reason you're losing the game. Entire team: You go afk, you're the reason we lose, you suck, go afk, we don't deserve to lose LP because of you. %%%%ing go AFK" You don't want that
Give more of a penalty to the person going AFK then, and report the person being toxic. Right now, if you go AFK, you lose the same amount of LP as if you played the game for another 10 minutes and lost, and you only get a leaver buster of about 20 minutes after quitting multiple games. Toxicity is already being banned, as proven by the many, many posts on the boards where people have been toxic and then ask for their ban to be reversed.
dino0 (EUW)
: You got standard riot respoonse, to new ideas they send people to boards to then not a have to talk to them :D They did this to me when i suggest a reform system, thats how i found boards. They dont care about player base ideias, they are more preocupied making more random skins to lux and ahri.
I'm pretty sure that the skin team is not the team that would be involved with implementing a loss prevention system. I don't think that the support team would have anything to do with it either. Riot is not just one big entity; Riot is a collection of different teams that do completely different jobs.
: Is it that hard to go into profile page and click "ranked" and read what it says there? Must be science for sure. Jesus...
It is not that hard, the issue is that nothing that you said gave any indication that someone should do that.
: I'm posting here in case someone could forward this to riot! Its very disheartening to get hacked// banned and not being able to contest and prove yourself after being a loyal player for a number of years.
> I'm posting here in case someone could forward this to riot! The only one that can do that is you. You need to open the support page, explain your case and someone will decide how they want to take it from there. Nobody on the boards can help you get your account back, probably not even the rioters.
: It makes, because earlier today I noticed everyone I played against were in same league as me. "Zilean Inquisitioners" I messaged Riot few hours ago and they confirmed me OP GG is bugged. That is why I asked.
"Can someone from EUNE go to profile and see what League name he has" is what you asked. Why would someone looking at that title have any reason to guess that you really mean that OPGG is bugged and says that everyone is in the same league as you?
evaitkus (EUW)
: Nicknames
You shouldn't have any problems with using "communist" in your name.
: better 1 bird in the hand then 2 in the bush... i have no bird, i have no bush !!! RIOT STOLE MY BIRD AND MY BUSH !!! {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Xayah Ivern bot lane is op, you can get a bird and a bush and win every game. (Disclaimer: I am not good at the game. Results may vary)
: Can someone from EUNE go to profile and see what League name he has ?
LooLx79 (EUNE)
: Do you guys like the duration on the root u get from Morg's q?
Morg's Q feels pretty fair. It's not too hard to dodge if you're playing decently so as long as you're on your toes and don't start walking off alone without vision you should be fine. If you want to talk about crowd control, I'd say something like Nasus W is worse to deal with.
: > [{quoted}](name=Trist mid opop,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ruOzcoOE,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-09-26T11:44:21.150+0000) > > Nah, thats expecting too much When she said it I offered my own piece of good advice: "If we kill the enemy nexus we will win!"
Every 60 seconds in Korea, a minute passes. That fact makes me a Korean so I'm now a pro.
: "Don't die before 7 mins"
I wonder why specifically 7 minutes. The better advice would be "don't die at all"
: well .. actually some of the emotes are cute and fun to use , they are not all trash ^^
The point was that some are pretty trash and they don't want to have that in their collection when they could use it for literally anything else.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheToysTracker,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=396LvYIv,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-25T11:54:47.838+0000) > > Ashe playbase (43rd) > Quinn playbase (150th) > Ashe sells > Quinn sells > > Milk as much you can a champion and after you can move to the next one. Maybe if Quinn had more skins more people would play her. Also that doesn't excuse riot from essentially creating a half baked game experience (having some champs with no skins and looking like they are running on Windows 95).
Maybe I'm the odd one here but I play champions because they're fun, not because they have skins. People usually don't play champions because they think the champions are boring, or weird, or weak, not because they don't have skins.
The Clit (EUW)
: Hence why I want them to do something about it.
For something to happen, people would need to speak with their money. If they're able to make massive amounts of money with prestige skins as they are now, there's no real reason to put in the effort to improve.
Shamose (EUW)
: So what else should I do to have enjoyable games with my friends?
You could always play normal games, the things that exist purely for enjoyment and don't have any kind of limitations on who can team up.
JancevFTW (EUNE)
: Sylas and Kai'sa
Kai'sa is perfectly balanced, and I'm not just saying that because I main her. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
ipv (EUW)
: ***
If you are going to insult someone's skill at writing in English, please use correct English while you are doing it. As for your second point, everyone has different skill levels. Some people are more skilled than others and can play better. Also, just like my response to the first part of your comment, please do not insult someone for being less skilled than someone else if your account only has Zed games on it and you cannot get higher than a 38% winrate in normal games.
: Another Astro skin would be awesome. Two months ago we celebrated 50 years from first Moon landing - why not Astronaut Syndra, throwing luna - balls at you!!
Majora's mask Syndra.
Diävolo (EUW)
: I'm surprised to see that none upvoted fot TFT. I saw too much *animals who look like humans* trying to make TFT more better and making it the main game meanwhile League going to be the side game. Everyone realized that TFT is shit
TFT is a matter of taste and some people do prefer it over regular League for various reasons. I think it's fine personally and don't think that people should be referred to as animals just because they prefer an autochess mode to League.
: Why?
The event has to be in French instead of English, the language that most European and international players can speak, which is a strange decision for the final stage of the largest competition in League. Ticket sales were not handled well in the slightest; tickets to the event were sold before the official time and are being resold for hundreds more than the original price, this is apparently pretty common in France from what other people have said. There weren't many tickets to start with either, compared to venues used in previous years.
: she will never be balenced and is in need of a rework i think it be better if get reverted
The old Akali was pretty unbalanced as well because her kit was linear and basically ended up with a stat check. The new Akali is just as bad though because they gave her actual mobility and every other mechanic under the sun.
: Revert Akali RITO PLEASE
Can we revert get Aatrox back while we're at it, please? They can make Boris into a completely new champion if they want.
: Do none of you guys stay up to date? Riot literally said themselves there will be no SG event weeks ago. Technically speaking we got more than expected since theres actually some quests.
Even if they said weeks ago that there isn't a Star Guardian event, we can still be angry and disappointed that we didn't even get as much as event tokens.
Super24Lily (EUNE)
: I just finished the star Guardian missions... I got the chest and key... Guess what I got? Can u guess? I got... ILLAOI CHAMPION SHARD I got a stupid champion shard after hours of playing to finish the damn missions. Thanks riot for a shitty event. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Why would you even put effort into completing the missions? You had 2 weeks to complete 5 missions that are all "kill X things or play 5 games".
CJXander (EUNE)
: How do you guys feel about Little Legends?
They're honestly just a disappointment. If the gambling part of it didn't exist, I'd probably buy a variant or two from each series, and all of the star guardians. Instead, I just refuse to give anything. Featherknight, Furyhorn, Hauntling, Molediver, Protector, Hushtail, Dango and Shisa are adorable but I'll just stick with my free Runespirit.
: Yasuo takes skill to use, Garen does not. Also, Garen does have a long range spell and it's a quarenteed kill. It can't miss! I honestly find countering Yasuo easier then countering Garen. Cause Garen has no counter! Stuns and silences can stop a Yasuo when everyone can stay calm and take proper aim at him. Stun and silence a Garen, it changes nothing. He's just gonna spin to win and use his ult on the one guy who is near death. Your example on 0/10 yasuo being more useful is so wrong... That Yasuo dies to the support. A 0/10 Garen can still atleast be a damage sponge and still use his ult to weaken someone and can spin to win. You're just someone who's been unlucky and had to play against the best Yasuo Mains.
Whether you think Yasuo and Garen take skill to use, Garen is much more linear than Yasuo and has fewer options. If Garen presses Q then you know that he's probably going to run at you, try to auto attack you, spin and ult if you're low enough. If you can stop Garen and his Q runs out then all of his other abilities are also now useless. If you somehow get away from Yasuo's E, probably a dash or flash away for you, then he can still run through any allies or jungle camps between you and him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yraco,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8uZ5NhKg,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-03T21:20:13.448+0000) > > Well of course! > It can't be my fault we're losing so it must be someone else's fault. Of course it is my fault not being able to carry the game as my botlane goes 0/11 and my jungle stays afk because my ignite got the kill when he ganked.I need to get better at the game so I can farm better when all of the fed enemy team come to my lane because there is literally no reason not to.
You should've carried harder. I only went 0/11 because [excuse that blames someone else] but I'm really good.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I am more worried about your gameplay than my own
Well of course! It can't be my fault we're losing so it must be someone else's fault.
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