Father Tios (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yraco,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lIkViaWk,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-11T20:51:06.737+0000) > > Jworst: well now you get -15 lp > > That is a toxic attitude to have right at the start of a game. So you've never told anyone that you can't play a specific champion, when your main has been banned? As that's one way to understand what's being said there. > > Suggesting a surrender is fine within games but players have to go with the result of the vote, even if that isn't what they wanted. Again - if we banned everyone who ever said something along the lines of "why did you vote no", we'd ban almost everybody. >If someone says that their team should surrender and their team says to keep going, it is not okay for them to throw a tantrum like a five-year-old because someone decided not to give them their way. Where did he throw a tantrum..? > > 14 messages were devoted to complaining about the Sona. Admittedly, the Sona was not playing the game as she was supposed to either but, in those situations, everyone is supposed to play the game as usual and report the issue later. --- >Jworst: yea i guess sona taking my farm mid tilted me a bit Jworst: he banned my champ Jworst: then went to steal farm mid Jworst: lovely flame Jworst: thats why you ban your teammates champ ? Jworst: and thats why you steal farm in mid ? Yeah, how do you know that sona wasn't for example following him around and taking his cs? It is natural to get annoyed by things sometimes. He isn't insulting anyone, and there isn't a rule against complaining about something like that. Again. If we banned everyone who has ever complained (in a non-insulting manner) about a teammate, we'd ban everyone. Perhaps sona wasn't breaking the rules, and therefore shouldn't be reported? But was playing in a manner that would hurt the team. Who knows. Everyone knows that the punishment system doesn't catch if someone for example crashes your lane, in order to piss you off. Are you saying it would be unfair to say "could you like, not?" And then point out to your teammates that you might be a little tilted because of that? That's kind of an absurd stance to have.
Usually, if someone is doing something to piss you off they are going to keep doing it if they can see that it's working. Even if it's fair to say "could you like, not?", the best case is usually that they completely ignore the comment and the worst is that they start trying even harder because they think that it's working. My stance is that complaining, including in a non-insulting manner, won't make someone change their mind about trolling so save chat for friendly conversation and strategy. If someone is doing something against the rules then let them do that, mute them if they're tilting you through chat, and report them after the game for doing something against the rules. If you genuinely believe that reporting them in the client will not work then go and report them to Riot support directly, who can view the situation and do what they think is appropriate.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yraco,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lIkViaWk,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-12-11T08:07:54.744+0000) > > Is it %%%%ed that someone can be banned for constantly complaining they will lose, opening mid and flaming teammates? Those things all seem like fairly reasonable things to be punished for. At no point did he flame. For the rest, it seems to be far from constant. I doubt that there are many players who have NEVER said anything relating to those lines. "Guys, lets just ff"
> Jworst: told ya to dodge Jworst: well now you get -15 lp That is a toxic attitude to have right at the start of a game. Suggesting a surrender is fine within games but players have to go with the result of the vote, even if that isn't what they wanted. If someone says that their team should surrender and their team says to keep going, it is not okay for them to throw a tantrum like a five-year-old because someone decided not to give them their way. 14 messages were devoted to complaining about the Sona. Admittedly, the Sona was not playing the game as she was supposed to either but, in those situations, everyone is supposed to play the game as usual and report the issue later.
: In this very unrealistic game, minionblock adds a "realistic" dimension
Then another question is, how much do we care about realism in a game that, as you say, is very unrealistic. In a game where a hamster with a blowgun can put a mushroom on the ground to kill a flying dragon that creates stars with its hands, does it matter whether or not people can bump into each other?
: Or buy PD, the only thing you have to do then is AA'ing enemy champions
That's fine for some champion pools (including some of OP's champions) but some people don't play auto-attack champions. I don't want to see my Heimer top, Rammus jungle, Lux mid and Leona support all build PD to deal with minion block.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: ***
Is it %%%%ed that someone can be banned for constantly complaining they will lose, opening mid and flaming teammates? Those things all seem like fairly reasonable things to be punished for.
: But they give the option for chat to be muted so how is it plausable to ban a flamer when they can be muted. But yet when i can tell im vs a smurf booster or boosted person they never get banned why because it was only 1 report. so allow flamers to live and be free i say
It is good advice to mute flamers but they should still be banned in my opinion. Some people do mute but the solution does not apply to everyone since there will always be people that refuse to mute and end up tilting when someone flames them. I also agree that people trolling games and players that have been boosted should be banned for the exact same reason that flamers should be banned, they are going against the terms of service and ruining games for others because of it.
: If you play tanks to climb then you never actually improve as a player, so eventually they will hit a wall and stagnate in elo, it really is simple as that, if you want to climb and get better you play mechanically demanding champions and get really good at them, you will be stuck in gold for a while, whereas the tanks will be plat and diamond, but once you get really good at your champions your mechanics can easily carry you higher than the tank players.
That sounds like the exact opposite of the truth. Flashy mechanics do not make a player good at the game; macro play such as map-awareness, decision-making and teamplay become more important the better you get. Mechanics can carry someone to a good rank but, to go even higher, macro play is also needed, which tanks are great at taking advantage of if you have decent teammates that can carry as long as you use your abilities as a tank to protect them and keep the enemies vulnerable. A Yasuo with great mechanics might get to plat or diamond but a tank with decent mechanics but great game knowledge can similarly get there or get even higher.
: If someone flames, just mute him. Flamers are just a made up problem because riot wants to rely on that to tell everybody that they are doing something to control the community.
I'd say that flamers are a very real problem because, while it is a good solution, muting is not something that can be scaled up for the entire community. Everyone _can_ mute toxic players but there will always be someone that refuses to mute and tilt or spend the entire game chatting back, some people even trolling when someone flames them.
: They are getting banned but the thing is they can get new level 30s for 3euro so untill riot stops banning flamers and ban trolls the game will stay this way
Why not ban both? Flamers and trolls both ruin games for people, it's just that flamers are much easier to deal with because making a program to read someone's mind to detect the intention behind poor play is incredibly difficult compared to reviewing solid evidence (chat logs).
: > [{quoted}](name=Sunney Drake,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bmyfIJ9O,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-12-01T19:38:32.214+0000) > > You do realize that you are complaining about basic human nature right? > > _Q: Why are people so mean? > A: Because they are human._ It's a little more complicated than that.
I think it's a reasonable explanation. There will always be people that cause problems for seemingly no reason and all you can do is learn to cope with them. It's not even that hard in this case since it's possible to just mute them and not even see what they're saying.
: It's worse and worse
Preseason is often one of the most toxic times. Riot use preseason to bring in massive changes that mess with the balance of the game so people are more likely to be angry about that and some of the people that would spend their time flaming people in ranked move into other modes because there are no rewards to work towards. It'll probably be better in normals again once the season starts but until then, and if it doesn't become better again, mute is your best friend. If you need to then you should mute people at the slightest hint of toxicity and not unmute them again; if you know that someone was toxic then report them so that something might happen. Remember, sticks and stones may break your bones but chains and whips excite me.
Kalm an (EUW)
: Permaban for use of prohibited third-party software
You could've been hacked, especially if what Timethief49 said is correct. [The best thing to do is contact Riot support and explain that you think that someone else played on your account and got you banned.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en) I had an issue with an account being hacked (but not banned) in the past and, after a brief explanation that I thought someone else had took my account and changed the password, the person answering my ticket said they found suspicious activity from somewhere and sorted everything out. Good luck!
dino0 (EUW)
: The oldest account should the one to keep the username simple, not this bullshit of the first one verify
I think it'd work better if it was the first to log in that got to keep it. If we went with the oldest account them someone that hasn't played a game since 2010 could force you to change.
: idk the criteria riot chose to chose who change it
Whoever logs in and changes it first is the one that changes. I logged into my main account then was told to swap the username, logged out, logged into my level 6 EuNE account, changed the name there then, when I logged back into this account, everything was fine.
Wazzi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Basilix,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=UFwwzTTh,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-27T08:46:00.503+0000) > > Seriously why do I need to change my username now after I used the same since 2010! This is not ok. Yes I get that Riot are creating more games and that the Riot Account is for all of theyr games but why can´t we just keep the names that we had before? It worked in the LoR previews so why have it forcibly changed now. I logged in yesterday and there was nothing. I log in today and guess what. My name is gone. Atleast give people some time to confirm theyr names instead of just taking it away! This may seem like not that big of a deal but I really liked my name and having that taken away after over 9 years is a %%%% move. Not to mention the amounts of time I will have a failed log in attempt because of it. Yes all small problems but unnessessary ones. And one look on Reddit already proved I am not the only one annoyed at this! Same problem here own bick "Wazzi" since 2009 gor 10y and now after ages im forced to change it? Why because after ages RIOT made korea serwer, brasil, japan and someone create acc there and take faster my nick. What a bullsh1t. Noe i have to rebrand my "Wazzi" nick tl other. Maybe i have to write also to youtube and twitch to REBRAND my names also there? Still w8inh for reply my ticket... Thats sad that ppl who were first dont accept only creating RIOT ACC on same nick but have to renrand . W8ing for some explanations... Sry wring from phone...
Keep in mind that the summoner names stay the same, just the account name for when you log in changes. You could change your username to asiuofhjasoiuhfiouahsfisah and, while you'd have to enter that every time you log in, your name that everyone sees in-game would still be "Wazzi".
: So friends, if you're wondering "WHY IS MY USERNAME NOT UNIQUE?! IT CERTAINLY IS!". Well, it might be. BUT if you have a PBE account with the same username OR linked it with your actual account (which gives it the username) that might be the cause! If you have a PBE account that shares YOUR actual username! Change the PBE or the actual account! Whichever you wanna keep the username for. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} Have fun! Hope this helps. Edit: Accidentally typed PBU instead of PBE.
Also, you can just add PBE to the end of your actual username on the PBE so it's "YracoPBE" or whatever your name is. Easiest way to remember it.
: so like the jungler i that invaden the enemy jungler 2 times and died and typed " ok ill troll now" maby not be banned you say? since he didnt run it down to the nexus and insted just trolled played the rest of the game and was not toxic nor showing his feeding cystalclear
Basically. Chat logs are solid evidence so it's really easy to see when someone's being toxic. If someone soft ints without speaking they might not be banned because, even though they might have been intentionally making their team lose, it's hard to prove that they made a decision to play badly without any chat.
Breccius (EUW)
: because e chat hurts my emotions i cant play the game but feeding thru the roof is 100% acceptable play style. and u dont even have the fun of sending him to the other world
To get someone banned for chatting they can use a bot to detect words and phrases but to get someone banned for inting (assuming that person didn't say anything to indicate intent) they need a rioter to look at the game and decide whether the person was dying accidentally or on purpose. It's not that Riot see chat hurting people's feelings as more of a priority than feeding; there is a very easy solution to toxic chat but there is no easy way to read minds to detect the intention behind a death.
: that was ivern after his release
[They were commenting the stats from champion.gg on patch 9.23 (the patch we're on right now).](https://champion.gg/champion/Ivern/Jungle) It is true, however, that most sites place him at a 49% winrate, which isn't really that bad.
: Couldn't have said it better myself. Definitely up there in top 5 annoying champs. {{champion:81}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:53}}
I agree with Ez, Shaco and Pyke but I think I'm in the minority of people that doesn't mind Morg and Blitz too much. They've both got one main skillshot and if they screw it up in a fight they're mostly useless until it comes back up. Personally I think Mundo is worse because of his healing (even when affected by grievous wounds) and Veigar with his giant point-and-click ultimate.
Wex0r (EUW)
: Well i looked at your account and it wouldnt take much to push lux to 4th and bring vlad syndra or kaisa to 3. Also your still playing lux so thats not helping. But i already agreed it would be nice to customize but its not a priority while the client is barely able to function atm
The thing is that Vlad, Syndra, and Rakan are champions that I'm really not that interested in playing right now. I'm also really not playing Lux, I had a single game of her a week ago and the most recent game I played before that was two months ago with clash. The point was more general anyway and I used myself as an example since it is the account that I can find details for the easiest. I kind of get what you're saying about the client being broken to start with but fixing the client should be more of a priority than it is so that new features can be implemented without breaking everything.
Wex0r (EUW)
: Just play the new champion you like more problem solved
Did some quick research. A single game gives around 650 mastery points on average, assuming a 50% winrate. I took game duration stats from bronze to platinum because that accounts for 90% of the ranked playerbase so the average game takes around 29 minutes, disregarding champion select entirely. My most played champion has 70k mastery points so it would take around 3000 minutes, or 50 hours, of gameplay if I was starting a new champion to change a single icon on my profile, and Lux will still show as my second champion once I'm done with that. That's also not even saying that 70k is low compared to what some other people have on their most played champions.
: Argue all you want, that won't change the definition of the wording you used:) _Change(verb) to alter by substituting something else for, or by giving up for something else_. A **buff** is increasing the value of the existing stats, what you said was a change of stats.., by definition that means exchanging the existing stats for some other stats.., thus making your entire comment contradictive.
You still haven't given an example to why the initial comment is a contradiction though. > contradict verb deny the truth of (a statement) by asserting the opposite. Buffing is simply making something more powerful. The definition of change does not have to mean sacrificing something but if you want to believe that's what it means then go ahead. All I'm asking for is an example that proves that it is absolutely not true that an item can become stronger overall by sacrificing one aspect and improving another. Why do you think it is true that the new support items cannot get stronger by changing some numbers or changing the stats that are given? Is there no way that it is beneficial to, for example, change some offensive stats into cooldown reduction?
: Except that's not a stat change, that's simply a buff to the existing stats. Still don't see the contradiction?
I would argue that buffs are stat changes though because most buffs are simply changes to the numerical values of things, so increasing how much of a stat an item gives or improving the damage/scaling of an ability. Even if we assume that they change an item by adding a new stat, say 10% cdr, then that would be a stat change that increases the strength, therefore not a contradiction. Could you give an example of how it would be a contradiction to make something stronger by changing the stats it has?
: Items are a bit to weak but fine with some stat changes? Contradiction is strong in you paddawan!
I don't see the contradiction. The items are weak right now but if the stats were changed to be stronger then they wouldn't be too weak. How is it a contradiction that weak things can be stronger with the correct buffs?
: She has twice Ornn's skins. Also, it's a dumb champion that shouldn't be promoted by any means and therefore one skin is already too much.
Kindred also received their last skin more than a year before Ornn's last skin. Anyway, every champion should get skins unless Riot are working on a large VU or VGU.
Drupu (EUNE)
: No man you don't get it he's doing his best, don't be toxic :( You're ruining the community with that behavior, he is just an innocent player trying to train his skills in an untraditional way.
I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not but clearly other people think you aren't.
: She's not very strong, many supports can beat her in lane phase..
I did most damage in the game and carried really hard both of the times I got her in normal draft, but I was mid not support so...
: > [{quoted}](name=SSI CptHaunted,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zhPgg5XH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-12T00:08:05.215+0000) > > Still don't get why I shouldn't go and make myself some snacks or some coffee and come back to a fresh game. Time is wasted anyways and show me 3 people who actually care about their stranger teammates. It's not really so much about caring for strangers, but rather about not wanting to be an a@@ just because. You are ok with being an a@@ and blame RioT for it, i'm not. That's all. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
It is about caring about strangers though. It's entirely about whether someone cares enough about strangers, or whether they care enough about not being an ass to strangers as you put it. If someone doesn't care about the feelings of random internet strangers that they'll never meet again then why would they care about "being an ass"? I personally would rejoin again, but that's for my benefit and not my teammates, since I enjoy the game even if I'm not being rewarded LP and wouldn't want to wait for the game to end.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Usually a lot of people lurk, and people like Silent Note, Shamose, Lane Police etc. are like the regular commentators and stuff
It depends on whether you would class lurkers as active or not then. I comment semi-regularly so I could probably be considered active but lurkers could be active, based on how much they come to the forums, or inactive because they rarely, if ever, interact.
: Why not just mute the a@@hole who is flaming you, the moment he starts to, instead than mute ALL on the assumption that they are all a@@holes (you may still get some SS you may need, you know)? Doing it from the TAB menu is incredibly easy and fast.
I agree. Instead of muting everyone from the start, just trust your team to use chat correctly until they show you they won't.
: Nah. I think smurfing is actually healthy for a game. I only wish there to be more smurfing supports. Most of the supports in this game suxx very hard, simply because nobody is smurfing on support so there is noone to learn from. Even in Gold supports just-f-troll in this game. Their brains are too small and their plays are horrible, starting from lobby.
I'm going to have to disagree. Smurfs climb by destroying players that they wouldn't have been matched against in the first place if they tried their every game and stuck to a main account. The problem with supports is often down to autofill. It's not that people can't learn to play support, it's that they have only learnt to play other roles before being forced into support where they'll be less skilled and less happy because they don't get to play the roles or champions they want. Even if we assume everyone that plays support is a support main though, people learn by doing their best against people that are about equal to them and can pose a reasonable challenge, not by being crushed by people way above their skill level.
: can i get banned for usiing instalocker or instapicker
Doesn't seem like it'd give an advantage, which means it'd probably be in the "use at your own risk, you may or may not be banned" category of third-party programs. Not that I know why you'd want to use it when picking takes barely any time at all, especially if you play any draft pick mode where only one person, or possibly nobody, picks at the same time as you.
: You cannot remove smurfing, people will do it anyway. Besides, smurfing at MMR 200 is completely different story from smurfing at 1000 MMR somewhere in silver1-gold3. PS. They can even add the button "reset" to instantly drop yourself into iron4-200MMR. That will make smurfing iron-2-chally runs more fair and interesting to watch on twitch.
The issue is that iron and bronze are meant for players that aren't that good at the game, while silver and gold are pretty average and plat+ are reasonably good at League. Giving a reset button to players that want it, or allowing people to get down there by ruining a few games in a division they belong in, isn't fair for the players that actually belong in iron because of their skill. Smurfs will always exist but there's no reason to make it easier for them to crush players that they're way too good to be playing against.
: Is wooxy bannable?
The policy on third-party content is that things that give advantages are absolutely banned and you can use anything that doesn't give an advantage at your own risk. If it doesn't give an advantage then you can use it but the system could make a mistake, in which case you may or may not get your account back if you contact support.
neropa (EUNE)
: We have to look through Riot's perspective. Im 100% sure that they don't want any inters or afkers etc in this game, but for them punishing someone who hasn't done nothing wrong is way worse than leaving someone without a punishment. How would you implement a system that can decide that it was inting instead of being just a bad game. Remember this system has to have near perfect accuracy. Riot can punish flamers way more easily as it is way more easier to detect them.
I struggle to see how so many people don't get this. If someone flames then it is simple to check the chat logs and see that they were flaming, whereas if someone dies a lot it is much more challenging to determine whether it was intentional or accidental.
Anaspida (EUW)
: "anti meta" using demons, stacked aatrox, stacked kaisa, spamming knights something is wrong lad, this is exactly what this and last patch were about (demons for this patch, and knights for the one before)
I think the point was that they experimented by themselves and went with what worked rather than looking up and copying the best comps every patch.
: You really only need to argue one fact in order to validate why solo and duo-que shouldn't be combined: * Account boosting
I honestly think solo queue should be for solo players and flex for everyone else. Would stop boosting and prevent advantages caused by communication in solo queue while potentially making flex more competitive by bringing in people that would otherwise duo.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I'm going to be so done if Xayah or Yasuo get ANOTHER skin (Or pyke tbh) I wish Ornn would get a new skin, but i don't want him to get the Kalista treatment (Only having the release skin and the rest of the skins are legacy skins. Because Kalista only has Bloodmoon and then she has Skt and championship skins)
I mean it isn't a problem if they get worlds skins because those are the choice of the winners. It's fair for the champions in the largest League competition to be able to choose the champion they like or found to be impactful in their worlds games, whether that's Xayah/Yasuo/Pyke or Ornn.
: Yep. That's me when I try to play an off meta champion in a role... Rip my {{champion:115}} jg...
Same. I like Elise as a pocket pick in the mid and bot lane roles sometimes, and it works pretty well every time I do it, but trying to get it is hell.
: yeah everyone hates so many champs that u cant ban them all even if you had like 5 bans each ... hence wasted time ... and should be removed (just my opinion you dont have to agree xD)
Yeah, I really just can't agree. I might dislike a few champions but I hate Veigar so much (mostly for his e and ult) that I never unban him unless an ally wants to play him. I think the extra 10-30 seconds of banning at the start of a game is worth it to never have to deal with Veigar and I'm sure that plenty of people agree that there is one champion that they want to ban over all of the others and that it is not a waste of time to get rid of them.
: yes veigar ... the most troublesome champ in game ... oh wait he isnt even in top50 to ban
I never said that he was one of the worst champions in the game; I hate to play against Veigar and I'm sure that a lot of players have one specific champion that they never want to play against regardless of if it's OP or not, usually assassins, cc/hook supports and Yasuo.
: how about just removing bans alltogether ... its useless waste of time anyways (too many champs to ban)
Yeah no. I'd happily spend 30 seconds max per game to never see Veigar again.
: URF 2019 Custom games.
> [We’ve talked before](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/02/ask-riot-game-modes-metals/) about the type of work that goes into keeping rotating game modes functional: Things like new and updated champs, abilities, items, runes, and skins don’t always play nice with modes. > Wouldn’t it be okay for rotating game modes to be a bit buggy if there’s nothing on the line? > The answer is no. We aren’t willing to offer a knowingly buggy experience for customs. Principled stances aside, some bugs are bad enough that they can crash entire game servers [Source](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2019/09/ask-riot-events-and-game-modes/)
: This is why u dont play ezreal - Get fed? Proceeds to still not be able to carry games If you go to my account you will see i have played exactly zero games of Ezreal thus i dont suffer from ezrealitis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npMdRvxxS00
That Hecarim ult was painful to watch. They had a super easy kill there if Hec could actually hit a fear from point-blank range.
: You don't get the point I am trying to make I believe
I get that you're trying to say that some champions have too many skins and others deserve them because they have not had any recently, some for a few years. I am saying that the champions that get a lot of skins are going to please a larger section of the community that will buy them and that champions that do not receive skins are often harder to make good skins for, especially if they want to make them part of an existing line, and they will not be used by many people anyway.
: If you look over the whole internet, you will be able to see that the majority of people are annoyed by yet more Yasuo and Akali skins. And its not only a small minority of people that want skins for Kindred, Ornn, Skarner... all these guys... maybe even more people than the people asking for another Akali skin.
Keep in mind that people don't tend to say anything when they're content. Kindred, Ornn and Skarner players will make a post but an Akali player won't make a post that they have no problems and are happy to get another skin. The majority might want more Kindred skins but it's impossible to know because people that want more Yasuo skins aren't going to complain if their champion gets at least a skin a year. The only way to know for sure would be for Riot to release sales figures for every skin, but that is unlikely to happen.
Santinel (EUW)
: @ShirarezaruEiyuu I'm sorry but you clearly don't play Kalista at all and you don't how terrible she is right now - she has nothing going for her that would say "high reward" - the only reward you might be talking about is having aggressive support that's playing ridiculously well because otherwise, you aren't going to have a good time. Ryze is broken level meta champion now and Azir with the right mechanics and practice- you can make him work. Kalista is just unplayable right now - 0 scaling, getting one shotted(like most adcs but some adc have survivability mechanics like xayah/kalista and those who don't have it, have high damage or utility draven ashe caitlyn). Basically Kalista needs tons of buffs to make it to like at least 47-48% winrate(which would be perfect for her) @Keyane Exactly, that would be my dream aswell. Champions like Kindred, Quinn, Kalista are rather new and completely forgotten about now both in terms of balance and skins.
I think that they meant the idea is for her to be rewarding. Right now she doesn't reward players because she is so weak but she is meant to be able to reward good players by having high damage and some of the best kiting in the game.
: I hate the exuse that the skins would not sell well... that is completely the wrong approach for a company that says they think about the community first.
The thing is, it can easily be argued that they are putting the community first doing that. More sales mean that more people are buying and enjoying a skin that the skin team put work into, which makes the majority of people happy so they put off making something that only a small minority in the community wants to please a larger section of the community. More people will be made happy by True Damage Akali than if Riot came up with some new theme that Vel'koz can fit into.
: I think they just need to be a bit more creative with their themes. In another commet I already talked about a band with bard and other odd looking people. Who says there cant be any monsters that were summoned by Zoe and the Star guardians have to fight? I know it is hard for the more unusual looking champions to find their way into many skin lines, but Riot can be creative enough for that. Rek'sai has a pool party skin... that is not really a thing you would associate with her.
I know that it can work and that they can have good skins, but it's much harder to make a great looking skin for an eyeball with three tentacles than it is to make a great skin for a cool looking samurai or conventionally attractive ninja, so, instead of putting in lots of effort for a skin on a champion that doesn't really bring in many sales anyway, they just make a skin for a popular champion that is easier to design for.
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