Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I agree that this penalty is wrong and unfair. You should get permanent ban for inting. Everything below that is the Riot mistake.
i agree that its lookd like intentional dying for sure but a perma would move it too far ^^
: yes .. but i am speculating on dodges in general being less likely therefore reducing overall waiting time and that with the bad position : i am playing this game to derive fun .. therefore i dont want to play the only role that literaly sucks fun out of me even if i somehow magicly would win the lane .. i dont want to aprove at adc .. i dont want to be adc to me playing adc is porse than being camped toplane ..
most of the dodges happen because someone banned or picked a champion someone wanted to play. so they do happen after banphase during champ selection. some dodges happen before if someone is asking can i be lane xyz and they get a no for answer but that is only a smal percantage. most of them happen after several people already choosen champions or directly after banphase.
: true .. obviously ppl want to actualy play the game at some point so it is understandable that one wishes for short queues .. however i for example dont have fun in 1 autofilled position completely loosing/winning games with no real player input from my side .. i play for fun .. but i think even if you play for rank it just feels better to loose due to skill difference of your teams instead of 1 guy being autofilled into a role they play so poorly in it might as well be a 4v5 with no real difference .. i for example despise adc as a role .. if i get autofilled to any other role than adc then i can play decently at them if not actualy even carry well etc .. but if i get adc i am like 40 devisions below my normal average .. i can only show like 5% of what i could have done anywhere else .. basicly a guaranteed autoloose that i cannot prevent .. if i could prevent myself from basicly 100% guarantee loose the game i would gladely wait even 10 minutes longer .. especialy if you consider many ppl dodge when they get autofilled to their dark role then this might aswell actualy reduce overall waiting time on average ..
in that case the option to dodge is still available. i mean u dont have to play the game if u dont like ur position. and without trying to play a bad position at some point u cant get better at it anyway.
: Riot fix it please
maybe u should add info about what they should fix... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: [TFT] Assassins, Shapeshifters and Glacial need a hard nerf.
if u would reduce the stun proc from glacials even more, u could then remove them completly. its their only way to win.
: riot should just give players the posibility to just rank all positions and say the last ranking position for each player will never be autofilled to them .. then you who obviously hates playing adc will not get autofilled there
this would be a nice idea in thoughts but it might increase searchingtime for opponents during matchmaking. And i would prefer a faster matchmaking over specific roles.
striipey (EUW)
: I actually think blue essence or account xp, as an alternative to pass xp from missions, on the completed pass would be good. Right now it's nothing more than a 'for fun' mode, but then so is aram... and aram has xp rewards. I don't see a reason to play tft when the pass is completed - there's no account progression from playing it when the pass is completed.
but aram is a "real" game modus since u actually fight with ur champions, its not so different from summoners rift. its just tft which playstyle is completly different.
: Fun fact: maybe it's just bad luck, but when i play well and i have the chance to take a mastery token, this bug does not give me grades. But when i play badly i ALWAYS take B or C grades {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
it feels like this is more likely to happen when u play really good. had for example a 5/0/18 taric game and was hopeing for s/chest but well...not loading = no chest and support sadly didnt help at all. they just said it will show at some point but the possible chest wont come then even if it does show up at some point several hours or days later (which i believe didnt yet).
JustTits (EUNE)
: Remove the True Damage from Pyke
the execution is overpowered as it is now. it easy gets half ur life with just a single skill, even at low levels were the equipped isnt so good yet. pyke should be fixed and deal less dmg in any sort whatsoever. he has to much controll over botlane especially when paired with fast shooting adc as tristana fr example. getting stunned = sure to be killed then.
VorenDier (EUNE)
: Autofill ADC or SUPP. Both bad. Autofill vs Mains in bot lane
why should there be a autofill exception just for botlane only. i mean how often someone is autofilled jng for example and he cant play jng and so on. its not a botlane only problem. i wouldnt change it as it is now, just try learning the role ur not familar with or dodge.
Voldjaw (EUW)
: Grades not loading & Match History not displaying consistent XP/Grades
more than days, its several weeks old that problem. still isnt fixed.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Reached Beta Pass Points end
1. in other game u also only have a limited amount of rewards for specific things. So why should there be a reward when all rewards shown are already reached. in other games u then have to wait for next month or next season or whatever too. 2. I wouldnt give out blue essence in tft rewards since tft is more or less something completly else then the real game modi. i think blue essence should be earned by playing the real thing not tft. Rewards like stickers, symbols and so on are ok. (this said i still need blue essence and i wouldnt complain if it comes but i think this would be wrong.)
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: What they exactly said?
just the usual stuff like check this check that. But seems the problem is solved anyway.
: I'd change it so that turrets are disabled + lose armor and magic resist for those seconds, Also I'd change the hp into damage, maybe +50ad +50armor since it's a diving item/splitpushing item? Maybe {{item:2053}} + {{item:3133}} ?
some champs can tower dive already without getting to hard punished (garen for example). if u build now ad on this item and it gets even better, the tower wouldnt be a "save place" anymore.
: This. It isn't that disabling a turret would be bad or anything, but the item slot and the cost just seem too high for the effect. Which is a shame, really, cause I actually like {{item:2053}} as an item, but I am never tempted to build {{item:3056}} out of it.
supportitem for tower dive. botlane supporter (or jungler) could use it best. it might be good on some onther champs like fizz too like infinitty mentioned, but i would say for them it would be a waste of slots. Might be also good if u want to take a turret but dont want to wait for minions. Supporter: can more freely choose between items. Jungler: probably most of the times towerdives come into play is when the jng shows up on a lane. For adc, mid and top i wouldnt use it.
Kisushi (EUW)
: They will reply in a couple of days so you have to wait for it but when they do please share. Screenshot it or send the text they sended you so we know if there are working in a fix or gives a solution for it
support already replied but didnt help. its probably a fault at riots site they have to fix.
Kisushi (EUW)
: So that means if i just stay league open without playing and having browser open and without sound i can stay afk and receive if that works?
it doesnt work even with doing nothing else but watching the video. even disabling addblocker and co doesnt work
: Excess Beta Pass Points should grant Blue Essence
if u want blue essence then play normal games and level up. i think the beta pass itself is ok as it is now, maybe u can experiment with which rewards u get from reaching a goal but once reached the end of the bar it should be over with the rewards.


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