: I know myself and some of my friends often get a little confused as to which games we've watched, it would be very useful to have some sort of 'already watched' notice be implemented, especially if we're watching them for rewards.
Hey Mesmeretics, I passed your comment on to the devs who work on the watch platform. A number of quality of life improvements and feature additions will be coming down the pipeline, and they said that this is one of the things they're looking into. :)
: iam from eu west when I can watch ??
You can start tomorrow once CBLOL begins! :) You can watch any of the leagues listed in the table.
Warix3 (EUW)
: Can you put information on how long do we have to watch each game? It's a bit confusing like this because if for example we come late for the game we don't know if it's worth to watch until the end, because we don't know if we will get rewards or not. It would be much better if you give us the information in missions. For example "Watch 3 games for at least 15 minutes each". Also why you can't give rewards for VOD's? Many people won't be able to adjust for the live schedule. It's a bit unfair.
"in order to receive credit you’ll need to watch 10 or more minutes of a live game or VoD on watch.lolesports.com." :)
Grim0men (EUW)
: I really hope i won't be quest locked to watching LEC just because my account is on EU west. I'd like to follow NA for the quest if possible.I can't help but play on eu west because of ping.
You're not locked to LEC! You can earn rewards for watching CBLOL, OPL, LLA, LJL, TCL and of course LCS :) ...but you really should give LEC a watch next week, it's gonna be cool ;)
: so i watched na & eu lcs on my phone all of last year, cuz my computer is extremely slow on my browser is there a way that i can get these rewards over phone?
Yep! Just go to watch.lolesports.com on your phone's web browser and log in to your League account there :)
Radgryd (EUW)
: Pretty sure you can watch the VODs afterwards, like always.
Yep, Radgryd is right! Just watch the VODs when you're done with class. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
WRM Tii23 (EUW)
: can i earn rewards by watching through the phone , and can you like link my youtube account to league and get rewards by watching through the app
You can use your phone! You just need to go to watch.lolesports.com on your phone's web browser and log in with your LoL account. The rewards don't work if you use the YouTube or Twitch apps.
Nandonut (EUW)
: Typo in the second table, 'FC SHALKE' -> 'SCHALKE'
whoops, thanks for catching that! {{summoner:51}}
: They said we aren't getting one for Spring Split as they have something bigger in the plans, no idea why we can't keep using the old one until they finished the new one {{item:3070}}
I'm missing Fantasy too so I feel you {{item:3070}} Basically, the current site requires a bunch of upkeep to keep it running during the Spring split, and it isn't quite as easy as flipping an 'on' switch for Fantasy. The team that normally keeps it running is busy working on the new Fantasy experience, which hopefully we'll be able to talk about more in mid-Spring! We spoke a bit more about it here if you haven't seen it yet: https://eu.lolesports.com/en/articles/the-future-of-fantasy
: Hey, thanks for replying! I fully agree with what you've written, and I'll give each team a fair chance. Who knows, maybe they'll take EU by storm and win the hearts and minds of everyone! ^^ ------------ On a sadder note, I feel that without the relegation tournaments, the name "Challenger" has lost its meaning. I've always seen it as such. You'd strive to become challenger for a fleeting chance to challenge the Legends.
Challenger Series might not exist anymore, but I think that being Challenger still gives you the chance to challenge the legends - you'll meet them in solo queue all the time. And if they're good enough, they might even challenge the pros for their starting positions on their rosters ;) Can't get complacent when you're at the top!
: Relegation tournaments
Hey Legendsofthedark! [We made an announcement last year ](https://eu.lolesports.com/en/articles/eu-lcs-in-2018-and-beyond)about the relegation tournaments coming to an end. We didn't have any relegations in 2018, and all of the pro teams that were interested in forming a long term partnership with the LEC went through an intensive application process. I don't think you're being harsh at all, I personally really loved the relegation tournaments too so I'm also sad to see them gone. I thought they were one of the most high stakes, exciting times of the year! However the removal of them means that teams will have more security when making investments in their team structure, players and sponsors. We're already seeing some cool stuff coming as a result of the long term partnerships and I think it's just going to get better as 2019 rolls on :) As for Excel and Rogue - I think they're pretty interesting orgs. Excel is a scrappy underdog team coming from the UK, and Rogue is backed by Imagine Dragons, Steve Aoki and their social media channels are really neat. I hope you can get excited about them, but if not, that's cool too- OG will be glad to have your support for sure :) If you'd like to learn more about Excel and Rogue we've released some content about them here, feel free to check it out: Excel infographic and Meet the Teams video: https://eu.lolesports.com/en/articles/excel-esports-lec-infographic Interview with Excel's co-founder: https://eu.lolesports.com/en/articles/excel-esports-lec-interview Rogue infographic and Meet the Teams video: https://eu.lolesports.com/en/articles/rogue-lec-infographic And trust me - it's been strange for us too, but you'll get used to saying LEC pretty quick :D
Declined (EUNE)
: I've had nightmares that looked like this thread.
lmao hey declined sup homie ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
KpnClient (EUW)
: ⚡ Spam ⚡ This ⚡ Static ⚡ To ⚡ Help ⚡ Fnatic ⚡
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: {{item:2012}} TAKE {{item:2012}} THIS {{item:2012}} COOKIE{{item:2012}} TO {{item:2012}} TAKE {{item:2012}} DOWN {{item:2012}} ROOKIE {{item:2012}}
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Finron (EUW)
: It says in the article Wunder's Heimerdinger while it was Hjarnen's.
Hey, thanks for catching this typo! We let our writer know and we've fixed the mistake. :) I like to think that Wunder's carrying so hard it looks like he's playing all 5 lanes... :p
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} just watched SSG vs SKT but got no reward
Hi! The rewards are just for Worlds 2018 matches, so you can watch the VODs of any of today's games and receive the reward. :)
: 9:30 PM CEST? 3 faults. Nice! 😁
We've fixed this now (it should say 8:30 AM CET) - thanks for pointing it out! :)
: when is worlds group draw?
Sunday, September 23 at 14:00 CEST - more info here! https://eu.lolesports.com/en/articles/worlds-2018-draw-show-guide
: Can anyone tell me how vision score works?
Hey! Riot GMang posted in the Dev Corner about how Vision Score works [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/4Pv0FcII-vision-score-details). His TLDR is: _"Vision Score is a loose measurement of vision game contribution, and can be ballparked as "about 1 point per minute of ward lifetime I'm responsible for providing/denying." It tends to be in the 5-150 range."_
: EU LCS Ready Check
Sjokz could definitely be meaner. We need a new burns montage for this split {{summoner:14}}
: Will you not release the full votings ('who voted for whom') this time? D:
We'll release them when the MVP is announced on April 8th. :)
Yuka (EUW)
: whoops, good catch. We'll get our graphic designer to swap those letters around!
DasNick (EUW)
: You swapped the q and w icon at the rakan combo.
whoops, good catch. We'll get our graphic designer to swap those letters around!
: they do know that baka means idiot in Japanese(hans sama one)
yes, i am fluent in tsundere
Fajerk (EUW)
: Enough internet for today...
: Read the disclaimer.. It's not a Riot made event :-)
This is a community run event, but it would be super cool if a big bus of Italians came to visit EU LCS too! Please let me know if you organise anything :D
Ećlipse (EUW)
: {{champion:223}} UNBENCH THE KENCH {{champion:223}}
{{champion:223}} UNLOAD THE TOAD {{champion:223}}
: camille has no toes
: so u dont upgrade haunting guise into liandres
After Haunting Guise you have the option of either upgrading it to Liandry’s Torment to help deal with tanks, or moving on to the rest of your build if you don’t need it yet. {{item:3151}}
l NoiZ l (EUW)
: The timing of her Q-R was messed up, Zoe's combo is really unreliable now and it absolutely doesn't offer the "extra reaction time" for the enemy team that they were hoping to achieve at all. And yet they post this article about her old style of combos right after her nerf?
Hey! We posted this guide the day she got nerfed, so we didn't realise this combo didn't work anymore at first. I've now removed the Q-Q-R combo section to prevent any further confusion :)
DutchDude (EUW)
: This. The timing is that much shorter, that as soon as your q travels ahead of you, youre too late to increase its range with r
Thanks for pointing this out! I've removed the Q-Q-R combo section of the guide to prevent confusion. :)
Yuka (EUW)
: Good catch! I've fixed the NALCS1 and EULCS1 links as those were typos. I'm going to go double check about those other channels now :) Thanks!
Actually... we're now on twitch.tv/EULCS and twitch.tv/NALCS! We've renamed :D
marusis (EUW)
: I am very sad. Just about every midlane talent has left our region. I don' t know who to root for anymore..
Well, we have some new rookies - Caedrel and Jiizuke - filling their shoes! I think this could be an exciting split for some new mid lane names to crop up. Nukeduck has a great team at his back, Caps has Worlds experience under his belt now, and I'm excited to see how Sencux settles onto the Misfits roster.
: Hi, how come when I go into my store on EUW I can't buy an RNG icon?? {{summoner:3}} I only have the option to buy icons for AHQ, Flash Wolves, G-Rex and Mad Team in the LMS and quite a few are missing across different leagues. Are you waiting for them to be finished to sell or is my store not working? Any help would be appreciated, thanks {{summoner:6}}
RNG icons are coming next patch (8.2) :)
L9 NekoL (EUW)
: why cant i buy on euw a ssg icon (KSV)? wth
The KSV icons are coming next patch (8.2)!
lolHiyoko (EUW)
: I need a league... none of my friends who play league (not many to begin with) watch pro play. :(
Did you manage to find a Fantasy LCS team yet? [The boards](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/esports-en) are also full of teams looking for members! :)
: Pretty sure the twitch links are broken. NALCS1 NALCS2 not NALCS EULCS1 EULCS2 not EULCS LCK1 LCK2 | LCK2 is missing LPL1 LPL2 | LPL2 is missing
Good catch! I've fixed the NALCS1 and EULCS1 links as those were typos. I'm going to go double check about those other channels now :) Thanks!
iSneez (EUNE)
: eSports page "bug"
Hey! We're aware of this bug and our tech team are looking into it. :) Thanks for letting us know!
: where can you see the rosters?
You can see the official rosters here! https://eu.lolesports.com/en/articles/2018-eu-lcs-official-rosters
: Well, for me it looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/65zrs There's this weird grey bar under the first article which is not supposed to be there I guess. Also, team logos are not showing in the standings.
Good to know, thanks for highlighting that! I've let the tech team know about the bugs you found on the mobile site. :)
: .... uh so it wasn't posting and next thing i know it posted it 20+ times ... apologies, and it's not letting me delete them did not mean to spam
I deleted them for you! :) Don't worry about it, it happens to everyone.
: Would be good if you took a look at the mobile version. It's quite buggy for me there. Plus, if you made it so that - in the schedule bar at the top - the date would only show for the first game of that day. Cause right now it's kinda hard to differentiate the playdays.
What kind of bugs are you experiencing on the mobile version? Also that's great feedback for the schedule bar - I was thinking it looked a little cluttered with the dates being repeated too. I have an idea how we can simplify it so I just drew up and emailed a design to our tech team right now. Hopefully they'll have some time to implement the changes! :)
: I'd love more content on this site, I check it just as regularly for news as Reddit during the regular season and international events, so I adore this additional content.
I'm so glad to hear that. We'll have a lot more content this year, so keep letting us know what you do and don't like :)
HastenQ (EUW)
: So if you're from EUNE you will have to live with notification 'This page does not support your region'? It's irritating after a while.
That is definitely a bug and I've let our tech team know about it. Thank you for telling us!
: I feel like Perkz is really by far the best midlane option, if we want to send Misfits players, it should be Maxlore, Hans Sama and/or Ignar, not PoE.
I thought the same before but after Worlds I'm not sure anymore. I wanna see PoE and Perkz 1v1 now, cmon spring split hurry u p {{summoner:6}}
Baaasbas (EUW)
: Lets get some MSF players in there!
[PoE's campaign](https://twitter.com/PowerOfEvilLoL/status/927970296304414720) really seems to be paying off for him so far. 2 1/2 days left to vote now!
: Update: Fan Contribution to Worlds 2017 Prize Pool
Leviuka (EUW)
: ikr am super foookin triggered there's no Rekkles..
: That Korean team is going to be extremely difficult to pick..... Smeb? Khan? Huni? Cuvee? Ambition? Peanut? Faker? Bdd? Crown? Pray? Bang? Deft? Wolf? Gorilla? Mata? With the max of two players per team I would love to see: Smeb Peanut Faker Pray Gorilla or Khan Ambition BDD Bang Wolf
Man you're totally right, what a tough decision. It'll be interesting to see who gets voted through! For EU, I think I would pick... Expect Maxlore Perkz Rekkles Jesiz Or maybe swap Expect for Alphari and Maxlore for Trick so you can have that Jung/Mid synergy.
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