Grendel G (EUNE)
: It's more than enough. If you are so offended by someone calling you bad at the game that you feel the need to see him banned you should just take my advice and leave the game. It's messing with your head.
Seems like you did not read the post properly and I don´t like to repeat myself. If you´re interested in a conversation I recommend reading it properly. Cheers
Grendel G (EUNE)
: Yeah I have a solution for you. Stop playing video games if you are easily offended by words or if you consider muting people to be too much of an effort. Swear to god the days of gaming are at their last breath. Only a bunch of middle school toddlers who get slapped for saying a bad word are left.
I have never said that muting them is too much of an effort. I said it´s not enough. Cheers
ChefSauce (EUW)
: Honestly dude, I don't know what to tell you. All of this behavior is part of human nature + playing without voice chat makes it even worse and shows the true face of humanity, may it be twelve year old kids or grown up %%%%s (of course there is more than enough humble personalities too). Being able to come to terms with this fact has helped me getting over it in games and simply laugh it off. I don't even mute players anymore. Instead I remain completely calm and objective so when something bad in game happens, I would know the exact truth about any mistakes that are being made, but not blaming anyone in chat. Everyone makes mistakes. Yes there may be mistakes you would think "how on earth has this person managed to even install this game", but like I said: ignore them, focus on yourself, watch replays/coachings and see what YOU could have done better. If you truly like your hobby, put some time in it. I only write in chat to say something like: "gj" or things that don't give anyone reason to troll me later on. I like explaining why I did certain things that lead to my death and usually I won't get flamed at all. If I know I died because it was my own fault for sure, I just write "myb". I even get honored in lost games from time to time. If someone is raging at me anyway, I just ignore this person, laugh to myself and remain objective like I said. That's what I do. If you can't do so, just mute them. Little hint: It's not about the "sick outplays". Just learn the macro of the game and the PressingButtonsWithPerfectTiming-Part will follow later on in higher elo and will come to you by itself.
Thank you for these tipps. I still don´t know how not to care about these things but I think when I get older some more secrets I didn´t understand till now will just reveal themselfs to me. I´m serious, no sarcasm. Cheers
Jhynx (EUW)
: In team-based multiplayer games like League you're bound to have assholes that ruin games, that's pretty much just human nature. The only real thing you can improve is either mute the trolls and play the game as if nothing happened or play better than them and prove 'em wrong. If i'm carrying, i'm usually trash talking them for "even me not being able to carry that boosted lee-sin". (remember to NEVER swear, that'll drastically increase the chance of a ban) For me it works great as it gives a sense of pride and superiority which actually makes me more confident and play better. If i'm not carrying and actually am going 0/6 because my support only knows Morgana who got banned, i too tend to tilt into f***ng orbit. At that moment i mute ALL game sounds, type /mute all in chat and if they ?-ping me _once_ i mute that too, then put on some calm video game music and survive through the game. Works. Every. Time. Basically you have to learn to deal with it
Well, I think you are right about that I have to learn how to deal with it. Even tho I would like something more than only that to happen, but in real life also noone get´s really punished for doing hurtfull things to you. You will get into jail as soon as you hurt someone as badly as you would like to, but someone breaking your heart so that you would like to kill yourself, these wounds can´t be physicaly seen and they would just send you in a mental institution rather than "punish" the people who broke you. Thank you for your time writing here.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > Also there must be an option of blocking people ingame already so that I don´t have to get in the game lobby as fast as possible to block them fast so they can´t continue to insult me Thats not possible. If people would be able to block each other, it would very quickly get very hard to even find 10 equally skilled players in the queue that are not on each others block list. This not is not just a theoretical thought btw, this actually happened in Overwatch. They had this feature and had to shut it down after just a few days because it made matchmaking impossible. Muting is already permanent, as far as i know. > They should get points for taking the time to check on these toxic players etc RP or Blue Essences at least. What you describe here is basically the old Tribunal. Riot got rid of it for a of the many reasons being that it was simply way too slow to be effective. Punishments have to be quick to be effective and a Tribunal-like system can never reach this kind of speed. > But I would like to see some changes about these toxic people. We all do and so does Riot. It's no overstatement or exaggeration to say that there is no other company that invests as much as Riot does in researching and fighting toxicity. They are the leading force on this and just last week they started the "Fair Play Alliance", an initiative where multiple big companies (including Riot, Blizzard, Epic Games, Discord, Intel and many more) work together to make a change about internet behavior. But the problem is: Just wanting it is not enough. It's not an easy problem to solve. There is no easy solution. There is not that one idea that will make a big change and just fix the problem. It's a highly complex problem and a lot of solutions that sound good at first (like the Tribunal) are actually not effective. There is a reason why this problem is not solved yet...and it's not that nobody wanted to solve it. It's very easy to say "We need to have a big change". But it's very hard to find out how to actually do that and to make it happen. Luckily Riot (and by now many others) are fighting hard to do so. But there won't be a brilliant idea that fixes the problem. There will be many small things that sum up to something that will make a slow change over the years...if we are lucky.
Well, thank you for you time writing all that. I feel a bit better about this issue now. I didn´t know about some things you just mentioned. You know, I just don´t see how to solve this problem any other than with hard punishments, but without the tribunal or something like that, I am afraid it will not work. There would be too many employee´s needed to work as a let´s say payed profesional tribunal. I think all that is more a problem with our society in general. People are frustrated and unhappy with their life´s and competetive like games can trigger most of us I would say^^ It´s not that I´m not sad, mad and angry sometimes. But usually I am not so much tilted, it afekted me sometimes how others behaved and the things they´ve said I would say. So, I would also say that I have to learn how to deal with it, like Sadolm said in before (down below). But it´s a big challenge. I don´t know what else to do than harder and fair punishments, with fair meaning that people get punished when they deserve it, not when they had a dc or something like that. I am talking more of the toxicity kind of things. Well, I would like to do more than just wait and see how it will turn out.
: > And this obviously means, that all these "supposedly" done "punishments" which propably are the result of the reportsystem, just didn´t change anything I wouldn't say "didn't change anything". I mean, the Instant Feedback System marks a reform rate of 91% (compared to its predecessor). That's not something we can just neglect. > The fact that nothing has changed, show´s that the punishments are not hard enough and thats why people don´t care. Funny, because some people tend to believe that the punishments are rather harsh and unnecessary.
Well, I am talking from the experiance I make every single day I play the League. I just had a game like 2 minutes ago, and again, we had some people who instandly blame you for not playing as they wish. They don´t ask you politely for help and rather make some unhelpfull and insultive satements, and that´s some of the nicer experiance. It´s the worst where you get insultet as a %%%%%% and all this stuff, and even these things happen just too often. I know I don´t have to play the League, I could stop playing it. But why should I just take something that is a big issue as "normal" just because not enough is done about it yet? You say that people say it´s harsh and unnecessary ? Depends what they´ve been reportet for. When I had connection problems and couldn´t join the game, I was punished by leavebuster system. But I talked about checking on these people anonymously wheter they didn´t behave good or not and then punish them. And since the toxic experiances players make, including me, I think there is still some way to go. The League community till now is the most toxic one I have ever experianced and I wouldn´t say that it´s just "normal" just because riot didn´t do enough about it to make some real change. Seriously, if someone deserves it, he shouldn´t be able to play his account for some month´s. I don´t see any other way of changing this behavior, but I´m open for idea´s. People don´t simply don´t care wheter they get reportet or not, for them it´s just a joke. Sometimes I also became salty, and with the system that I want, I would have been punished too, but that would be okay for me, or I also have to stop. But all that "just prove them wrong" and all that wonna be love and peace bla bla doesn´t make me feel better and doesn´t change the behavior of these people.
Ehixh (EUNE)
: I would personally say this is not a LoL problem alone, but rather a youth generational problem. Parents are very much "away" from the life of the young ones, and that means that if the youngster is in an online game where there is some toxic atmosphere, it shows them that this is the normal, and they just express that themselves as well. Having said that, I have heard about the toxic level of LoL, it is seen as "legendary". So far I haven't seen anything too bad myself, just some rude folks, but I am sure that they are out there. For me, I guess the solution is to play with people I trust, not the randoms. Because random is as random does, and I have no idea what is going on through the head of the nerdrager who chomps at me, #keyboardwarrior style, because I play like crap. :)
I see, You´re level 9 fam :) I guess in this case it´s not a smurfaccount^^ You seem to be a person with a very psitive attitute, which is nice. For me the whole toxicplayer´s thing is something that I often take personal, but if somebody goes ahead and tell me that´s my or even "the" problem, I think that´s insultive. Of course different than the offense that takes place every day in the League, but seriously, did it ever help anyone to be told to not take it so seriously ? For me thats not the case, it never helped me and to keep quit just made me feel even worst. So, here I am, speaking up about this issue. To be honest, I know or let´s say I would like to know or may believe that these toxic people are just having a bad day or have some issues themselfs which causes them to be this way and they just need some love and compassion, I think what they need is an onlinepeace of wood in their face, thrown hard enough at them to know that they won´t just get away with what they do. May their behavior would get worst in other parts of their life´s but seriously, that´s not my problem. I am not here to be a trashcan for their garbage. They need to learn how to coap with their own problems.
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