: Could you tell me the ones you did not find funny? Thank you for the compliment! :)
The braum killing lux seemed to lack in content. I kind of had an expectation of something going down, but nothing really did (just a kill like 1000s others). Leona dying to Fiora was on the other hand funny as the expectation was she would safely recall. Emote made it more comical in the end.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: This is actually a really good example of how Riot doesnt try to make a change, but just keep on punishing players. Dont eg tthe wrong idea, im not protecting this idiot So basically, instead of turning down illegal account trading websites, they just punish palyers that turn out to have been bought accounts. Riot has all the right and authority to punish and sue people who trade League Accounts for money, but they dont do that, instead they let it keep going and just bann everyone who buys them. I could even imagine Riot making a deal with them and participating with them. Shame on Riot in this case
Its more effective to ban said accounts then try to fight these websites that pop up like teemo's shrooms. Constant bans of said accounts = less demand for boosted (to lvl 30) accounts = less profit for these websites = less of them in general.
: I just made my first video for a series im starting!
I chuckled at a couple, some of them were not funny (imho). Style is good.
253IQ (EUW)
: Arabs server for us ?
You know that Riot places some servers just to separate people (different culture, language etc.). Russian server is located in Germany. I have exact same ping no matter if I play in EUW or RU.
: Create functionality for clubs
Clubs have a lot more functionality on the Russian servers. They have ladders and prizes for reaching certain cumulative LP in a specific "group" of clubs. Prizes are hextech chests (with 1st place in a group getting around 20 i think, not sure on the amount though). And they have sort of like splits (basically everything resets every 2-3 months, not sure on the timeline, but its pretty short). I have no idea why they won't do the same for EUW. It may be because they are happy with the amount of players in EUW and they are not so happy with RU server population.
: Looking for a Udyr Main Name
: why are bad players so quick to blame junglers for everything?
I think the problem arises from the fact that a laner (usually solo laner) may know his champion so well (otp silver +) that he understands whether a "gank" from the jungler will be successful or not. I often times find myself in a situation where I know for a fact that it is better for a jungler to not gank right at this moment, because I won't provide the assistance I would like to provide due to my HP, Mana, ult cd, items, minions at turret etc. When a jungler goes in and dies, that is when my lane is screwed and it is the fault of the jungler (and I flame at my screen [not in chat]). Other times, I may be behind, I may even be 0/3/0 toplane but I know that if my jungler ganks now, we will kill my opponent because he did not back for items (and I did), he is not full HP (and I am), so all i need is that little "umph" from the jungler to kill him and get back into the game. A really good jungler understands these things and looks at other stats besides the scoreline. A piss poor jungler ganks at a really poor time (example: botlane adc backed or dead and you have only a support in lane and jungler decides to go in for a gank with no hope of success). A jungler that doesn't understand his role too well also ignores lanes that can get back into the game or on the contrary tries to camp lanes that are "over" and "done". Often times, the jungler doesn't even know he is doing the wrong thing and wonders why everyone flames him.
: Default Ward
Try restarting the client. Helped me.
Prokan (EUW)
: 2 days ago it was displayed as "Past Rank - Bronze"
Yeah, but that was 2 days ago.
Mada (EUW)
: Worst! Climate change! Ever!!
Its currently -17 where I live, and I am loving it. I am outside twice a day with my dog and we walk about an hour in the forest (using paths of course) before coming home. Just wear proper clothes!
Attix (EUW)
: Also, you are indeed creating a strawman as I am not calling for a game to be remake'able if a player is inactive for 90 seconds before 3 minutes. I want the system to flag a player as disconnected IF they fit all these criteria at the 3 minute mark: 1. Not moved out of base 2. Not bought items 3. Not written anything in chat One can have an active connection to the server and still be disconnected in the sense that most would view it. This way one can't start the game with 5 players, have a few deaths and then decide to bully someone into leaving so one can remake. That situation would not be remake'able.
That is already implemented though. Most likely, that player who disconnected moved around a bit before actually disconnecting.
: About game and what he turned to become
You know, as much as you are frustrated you miss a few key points in your rant and obviously did not think it through. Your emotions cloud your practical thinking. 1. Not all regions have same population as EUW, I sometimes play on Russian and Turkish servers and on certain times I can be waiting for 3+ minutes for a game. Your filters would make it 10-15 minutes if not more, I don't have that much time. If implementing such features only in high population servers, people would quickly migrate away from low population servers and make them completely void of people (which is bad for esports, company, ping etc..). 2. Not everybody is a stable player. I have games that I go 1/8, 0/9 and at the same time, I have games where I carry hard. That has nothing to do with the skill of the enemy players, its bad luck, my poor plays and maybe some "I don't care" moments. This alone would result in a margin error of your filters, you will still get those "feeders" because crap happens in games. Even LCS high skill players have these scores occasionally. 3. As you are a gold player, you should probably focus on yourself and not take games individually but as a group of games. If you have a >50% winrate, you are climbing and that is all that matters. If you can't have a >50% winrate in 20 games, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in terms of ELO.
: 1) naming and shaming is not allowed on the boards, it promotes witch hunting 2) Just report and move on. There are friendly people in this community. If someone is toxic in game and sends you a friend request, they are going to flame you more. Just reject their request
You are saying it as though witch hunting is bad.
Guys, I think you missed the "Beta" part of it. A Beta is an unfinished product with lots of bugs...its all expected.
Rioter Comments
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: swain :(
Swain was one of my mid champions I used to play since Season 3. In my opinion, the rework was amazing and he is much better now. {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:50}}
: MMR Boosting ban
You know, as much as I hate to say it (because it is so banal), submit a ticket to support and hope they will see a mistake (alas, they don't give any evidence about boosts, they just say that "Using our tools, we are 100% sure your MMR was boosted, tough luck, bye"). Sadly, we are visitors/tourists on their territory where they make the rules and have their own laws. If problems arise, we have to again follow their laws and rules to solve them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Valzuuuh,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=VbeAMnik,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-08T16:13:57.068+0000) > > Hi Loli Empress, > > According to the following Ask Riot article, they will release two-factor authentication and a few other security features over the next year: > https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/07/ask-riot-two-factor-and-runes-reforged/ > > Unfortunately, it can take some time for these features to roll out, but i'm glad to see they're finally implementing two-factor authentication :-) Year's almost over, maybe I missed it but I can't see an option for 2FA anywhere? Can I get excited that you're gonna roll it out in the next month, are is this a project that didn't make it?
Yeah, I was just looking at that and no 2FA anywhere yet.
Kukky (EUW)
: Recruiting players for flex!
I just sent you a friend request. I main support =)
Loud Poro (EUW)
: Season Summary
You do have stats in the profile page, aren't they already show you everything you ask for?
: What should a Bronze player be doing pre-season to climb?
Imho if you have >50% winrate on both morgana and lux, you should keep playing them (and only them). In my experience, I have noticed that the best climb happens when you play 1-3 champions that you know extremely well (you "feel" your range, you "feel" how much you can sustain/damage without too much doubt). If, as you say, you are >50% winrate, you will climb.
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: champ shards
I honestly don't think its necessary (and I am a sucker for free stuff). Blue Essence Emporium will be opening soon and their is a load of chromas you can pick up, as well as gems and some cool icons for BE.
Rioter Comments
Silent Note (EUNE)
: What can I do when my adc needs babysitting?
I am a main support. {{champion:26}} People already said that your ADC does not dictate your play. Play as you will and what you think is the best. You are a support not only for your ADC but for the entire team. What I usually do is, I identify an ally who can really carry and put 90% of my focus on him. I don't completely disregard the rest of the team, but I save my ult {{item:3026}} always for the one who can win us the game (no matter if someone else is dying or not). When you play, your objective is not to support your ADC, but to win the game.
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: What will be your goal for S9?
My goal would be not to get banned. For some reason, it gets harder and harder with every season.
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Èclair (EUNE)
: No, playing from public PCs won't get you banned and never will. There are other methods of detecting account sharing, like champion pool, usual game plan, your mechanic skills, ect, ect. You know what would be suspicious? If a person from Britain would "log in" at the caffee in Ottawa and then "return home" just two hours after.
I sometimes use a VPN (USA IP Address) to listen to pandora.com. I sometimes forget to turn it off.....so what, i am gonna be banned now?
: How long till my MMR get's back to normal?
Shouldn't be too long, I had a +13LP -20LP once, and it took me about 20-30 games to see a change.
: Error 003
i had that same issue, however, it was resolved on its own.
íGengar (EUW)
: Sorry but the history is super suspicious, most of your games are average and then all the Fizz games are complete stomps. In between the two large sets of Fizz games are more average games again. Also the summoners keeps swapping positions? Not buying it, looks like boosting.
To be fair, what I noticed was that he swapped the summoner spells only if there was a teleport. It could be that he swaps his summoner spell only for teleport (which for some reason may be more comfortable for him on "F"). P.S. I actually did not find a single game he had a flash on "F" when he had a teleport as well, so, there is consistency.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=T00Late,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WK76YEiE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-31T21:23:08.112+0000) > > Stupid idea, but you already have the option to mute all, that is some kind of disconnecting from chat. exactly.
Pre game lobby, post game lobby has no option. I muted an adc. In post lobby i saw him taunting and flaming me. Sure, I reported him...but I dont want to see his crap in my lobby screen...that's hard to understand?
: Doesn't have to. Maybe he trashed his enemy in lane so hard that he reported him for no reason at all. Then the system will still check him for these words.
honestly the system should also check if he wrote it in All chat or Team chat. If he wrote it on team chat, how would the enemy know what he wrote? Therefore, a report from an enemy player should not be counted as it is baseless.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: More about end of season ranked
This banter reminds me of a kid trying to prove to his parents that he deserves a Christmas present from Santa. Was he a bad boy that year.....yep, but "hey, I wasn't bad for the past 2 months! Surely that is enough time to forget all the times I was bad!" Except being humble and silently reflective on your behavior would probably go much further. Of course, it doesn't matter in terms of honor leveling auto system, its more to do with your "i am definetly changed as i reached already honor lv 1 , had lot's of moments people tryed...etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc". Did you really change? I for one, have a lot of doubt on that. People who have changed don't come to a forum to rant on a poor honor leveling system.
Zeka Peka (EUNE)
> and after all that god damn torture to get there,if they flame ppl that int,troll or if u even say something Key word is "IF". If you try to touch a strip dancer, you will get thrown out. Solution: Don't touch the dancer no matter how tempting it can be. If you flame ppl that int, troll, you will get your honor level down. Solution: Don't flame ppl that int, troll no matter how tempting it can be.
Rioter Comments
: Too many surrenders
I do not believe it is 'giving up'. Here is when I say "yes" on the surrender vote: 1. The environment is too toxic to continue and I would rather save my nerves. 2. The game gets extremely difficult to win and I would rather avoid playing an exhausting 50-60 minutes and rather play 2-3 games back to back. That is not giving up but more like unwillingness to invest that much time for a 20LP gain. I sometimes initiate the surrender to at least limit some satisfaction of "winning" for the enemy team (i.e. destruction of nexus).
What happened to your lips?
nOthingSo (EUW)
: TOXIC players do get banned as well as inters . ( keep in mind that it takes time for inters to get banned ) from a perma banned player . (answered toxicity by toxicity > adding fuel to fire wasnt really bright )
I have unconditional and 100% proof that what you are saying is BS.
: I am not denying that is how the riot system works currently. My point is if I were to walk into Brixton (an area with a large black population) wearing a t-shirt with the words "white power" on it, should i be A) be surprised if I am beaten up or B) expect anyone to have sympathy with me is i did. So yes I do think I'm this situation you are in the wrong and that is a flaw in the system. You have used the name of an organisation deemed terrorist by several nations.... With significant violent background.... With bombings as recent as 2 years ago... With links to the conflict in Syria and iraq.... On a Turkish server.... Yes... That seems very mild...
Then we are in agreement. But when exactly the punishment needs to be more severe? Someone may have a name "White Power", others may contain swears, while some (without encouragement) just have PKK Kurdistan. So which of these names need to have a low/mild/severe punishment? I think Riot knows it, it just chooses to ignore it or deems a summoner name change as the "best" punishment. In any case, what I proposed in my post - it works, it really does.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: If u dont like rules u agreed u can quit lol
i can do other things as well.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: U dont get permabanned for retaliation infact. U get permabanned if u continue to break the system again and again. Basically if that father, who i dont know the storu but follow your example, kills again, he probsbly get way harshet punishment.
First of all, what does a permaban has to do with anything. The OP wrote that he got a chat restriction while that asshole probably got away. " It makes sense you would get mad and emotional at someone who essentially holds you hostage in a game. It does NOT make sense to ban that person the same way you would ban the instigator of the whole mess." Now, you can tell me Riot this/Riot that, thats allowed and that is not....you will be right. I am not debating whether the OP followed the policies outlined by Riot, he obviously did not and got punished for it. What I am saying is that the policies themselves SUCK! CRAP! BS! NOT WORTH THE PAPER THEY ARE WRITTEN ON! The story about ATC is of Vitaly Kaloyev (you can google it).
: Now let's talk about afk's (again)
I think AFKs are fine. They are actually the smart people who choose to vacate a game that either has trolls/inters/flamers/you pick. Being healthy (especially on an emotional level) is one of the pillars of life. A person thought about his mental health and made the right choice. If it makes you mad or you would want them to think about your health too (and therefore not quit cause them quitting hurts your nerves), it is ludicrous. Your health is not their health and you have the same option, just to AFK. Live by the motto: "If you don't like something in a game, its ok, just AFK".
: Someone just made fun of my parents death
Riot has a policy. In order for us to play the game we have to "tick" the "agree". So technically when playing the game we agree with their rules, their punishment system etc. We may not agree with them "at heart" because lets face it, their punishment system is crap....its soooo crap on sooo many levels its hard to even argue "FOR" that type of punishment system. Whoever told you that deserves a punch with consequences to their jaw and eyes, however, since we ticked the "agree" on the policy, we have to take the punishment system as it is provided and abide by it. Anyone who starts telling you what to do are really just working with the practically non-existent tools that Riot provided to deal with such cases. (i.e. use the report button and pray to Riot everyday on your knees in front of their HQ and maybe someone will notice). If you want to really do something about it, you have to invent your own tools and your own means of exacting revenge on this person. Its not my place to advise you whether you should do something like this, but it is probably the most honest reply you are going to get.
: So basically. You are making baseless accusations that someone breaking the rules doesn't get punished. You broke the rules and are complaining about being punished. And you went from being sensible to unmuting everyone and hard flaming. If a murderer kills 10 people in his home country of Denmark, and you fly over to Denmark from your home in Australia and you kill him, you will get punished for murder. Just because someone else breaks the rules, doesnt mean you can too.
Actually that situation happened when an ATC messed up and caused 2 airplanes to collide and crash. One of them carried children from a vacation. The father of one of the deceased flew to Austria (I think it was Austria) and killed that ATC. The father got jailed but with extreme leniency. Real life example. Extreme leniency during the punishment in a case written by OP is deserved and should be implemented by Riot. It makes sense you would get mad and emotional at someone who essentially holds you hostage in a game. It does NOT make sense to ban that person the same way you would ban the instigator of the whole mess.
Yraco (EUW)
: Same here. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
probably means that you both do "something bad" in game, and you just hope it will slide. Nice to know.
Declined (EUNE)
: Well, they do check out the reports but due to policy and now the GDPR, they're not really permitted to tell you what's going to happen.
That is probably because something really shady goes behind the curtain. Uzi flamed/inted the hell out of his teammates before Worlds but who will ban him? Diamondprox literally went nuts in a couple of games during solo que before Worlds, did he get a ban, nope. People who invest time and money into this game get bans only in extreme cases, while those who play occasionally get bans for minor actions. It really does make sense. Every game I play has someone who flames....every....single.....one. I imagine if they all get banned, who will be left playing...and paying?
Rioter Comments
: I didn't afk, but it was a very miserable experience. He made a contest of farming and began verbal abuse.
Hansiman (EUW)
: And take it out on 8 other people that didn't do anything wrong?
I didn't afk, but it was a very miserable experience. He made a contest of farming and began verbal abuse.
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