: Has a Top and Jungle premade actually climbed Elo together?
I don't think you get what a premade is about. You have a premade because you want to have someone you can trust in your team. It's that simple. Doesn't matter what role he or she is. A fed Malphite with a brain that you can trust will ALWAYS be better than a random Tristana and whatever acolyte she has with her that you know nothing of. Took me and my premade a while to learn but we had to accept it eventually. Most junglers know this I believe. When you are not premade with your bot and show up, you have no idea what is going to happen in that hellish lane. Most of the time bot won't follow or not commit or over-commit. Jungler loses his time, maybe his life, an objective or all those things together. When you have a lot of people involved things easily get messy. I have listened to my premade being distressed during a gank bot way too many times to not know this. If I understand you well, you are saying that a fed botlane gets you closer to a win. Are you sure about that? In my experience it doesn't mean anything to have a botlane ahead in low elo. Are you really going to tell me you've NEVER had a fed ADC who still got caught at the end, solo losing the teamfight and giving up Baron? Never seen a bot lane not understanding that they are supposed to go help taking objectives but instead perma push one single lane ( usually bot ) and end up murdered by the whole enemy team over and over again ( while the first top tower is still up btw -- )? Never seen that fed ADC who refuses to show up to the next objective because he wants some random wave? Never seen another fed ADC who HAS to try to 1v1 the enemy Syndra and just gets one shoted? Most high elo ADCs will tell you that if you are good enough at your role, good or bad matchup, jungle help or not, you'll get your farm, your items and do your job later ( that is grouping for objectives, staying alive and auto attacking people from a safe-ish place ). In low elo if the ADC has a bad matchup, he will start by crying then feed and eventually just straight up lose the game alone. Here is some random knowledge about Top lane. First, Top lane is a very punishing lane. What does that mean? Well... It means that if you have a fed Darius in your team who got fed beating up a Fiora, that fed Darius is going to be beating that enemy Fiora for a WHILE and that's GOOD for your team. You give a Darius 2 or 3 kills and you don't have to care about helping him for pretty much the rest of the game and you can literally spend the rest of the game helping everyone else. Another important thing to get is that sometimes the matchup top is way too bad to abandon your top laner to just get run over like the example of the Fiora into Darius. It's pretty much turning the game into a 4v5 if you do. Most early game top laners will play very aggressive and be free food for any smart jungler. You literally just need to show up. Ever watched a Yasuo, Darius, Aatrox or Renekton playing against a weaker champ? They tunnel so hard, the whole enemy team could show up, dance in the side brush and they would still not see any of it. All they can see is that they are strong now and they can kill the enemy top at pretty much every turn. Not taking advantage of that is just stupid. In your storyline you had a tank in your team. Tanks are always problematic because they strongly rely on their team. I don't believe you should play tanks anymore in ranked. I tried. You can't trust people do deal their damage in low elo. You have to show up with some damage yourself. That was a lot of text to try to get you to understand that things are more complicated than what you wrote up there. But I guess my point is: in high elo, you might want to make sure your "competent" ADC gets through laning phase just fine. But in low elo it really doesn't mean anything because you can't trust him whatsoever.
: Can't Add Friends!!!
: I love videos like that. If youtube/twitch and LOL didn't exist, that guy would have been your average college dropout serving you bread in a grocery store, making pennies. He's prolly close to being a millionaire due to this "broken" game, that the company doesn't care about, yet he whines in his videos 24/7. He should pray and thank whatever god he believes in + to Riot, 5 times a day, that he got where he is now.
I'm so glad someone finally says it.
Popstar (EUW)
: The K/DA Popstars Club is recruiting 5 new members!
Peαnut (EUW)
: He means stress...
: I'm not here to complain dude. Its just I was so upset . I was toxic and got reformed and I was fine. But today I got headache and almost broke my PC. So, what I did its ok I know. But I got out of control. But with that 1 game I can keep playing since I released my street out <3
> [{quoted}](name=ZiproKillxD,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KO2FoQ1r,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-06-24T00:31:07.931+0000) > > I'm not here to complain dude. Its just I was so upset . I was toxic and got reformed and I was fine. But today I got headache and almost broke my PC. So, what I did its ok I know. But I got out of control. But with that 1 game I can keep playing since I released my street out <3 You released your street? Which one? Released from where? Prison? Why was the street in prison? How do you put a street in prison to begin with? So many questions... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: When u're calm all time with a good behavior and you suddenly blows up XD
"I shot him a 100 times but, believe me, it's not my true self officer... It's all a misunderstanding. I just... lost it in the moment, for 30min... Still, you have to understand that it's not who I truly am. It was just in the moment like I said. Yeah. In the moment I shot him a 100 times... for 30min. That moment can't define who I am. Right? Officer? Officer why are you handcuffing me?" {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: The role of a jungler.
You're delusional if you believe that ganking is not a huge part of your job ( feeding laners or not ). If you watch high elo junglers, they spend a big part of their time ganking. Why? Because ganking is simply good for the team. Not just for them but for the team. A jungler, a good one, does what's best for the team as a WHOLE. There is almost always a way to salvage a bad situation in League. Asks skills tho. But yeah, a lot of junglers will just watch their botlane getting murdered when they could just show up and clean up. You can't secure objectives if your team is straight up losing. That's just how it is. So you need to help your team not to lose so you can secure objectives. You might get the first dragon by luck while your bot lane is getting murdered, but it's unlikely you'll get the second, or third, or baron because by that point it's all falling apart. It's good to counter jungle or invade but most junglers don't know when or how to do it right. They will do it when their closest laner doesn't have priority, isn't around, is out of mana, when they themselves can't actually win the 1v1 etc. They will die to the enemy jungler or the enemy laner who actually had the chance to come help his own jungler and then blame their teammates for no help. One simple truth is that the jungler who usually ganks the most usually wins the game. That's literally the number one reason for the: "jungle difference" spammed in chat by some angry laners. In this kind of games you have one jungler who is everywhere and you have one who isn't. What it really means is that you have one jungler who is in control, able to dictate the game and another jungler who's suffering the game and only reacting to what happens. When you are ganking, you are being proactive and you're forcing your team to be proactive. If you are not, the enemy team can simply do it instead, get a lead and keep going until they win. Another important thing you don't seem to understand is that your team is made of people and people have low, neutral or high morale. People's morale goes up or down throughout the game depending on what is going on. Having support, knowing that you can count on your jungler makes a huge difference in morale. It just does. I can always tell when a jungler is high elo because he is present. You know he is getting things done. So yeah, he ganks and he ganks effectively. That's literally that simple. Low elo junglers don't gank. They don't gank because they don't know how to farm efficiently, they don't know where to be, they don't know how to path to catch someone, they don't understand matchups and let's be honest, they do all types of stuff no one asked them to do and still don't get their team closer to a win. Overall, they just know too little to do what's needed. Literally, the ganking can tell you pretty much everything about them. When you say: I can't gank because [ insert whatever reason here ], what you are really saying is: I'm lacking knowledge and efficiency in a lot of skills, so my ganking is weak. It's alright to believe that story about the poor, hard working jungler who's misjudged. It's still fake news tho. Don't put all junglers in the same bag because all junglers don't struggle with doing what their team needs. But you still have a big majority who's just purely incompetent, and they can't help themselves because jungle is a TOUGH role to learn. Today I got coached by an ex master jungler in a few normals. He was MVP every game. He ganked all lanes all the time, had the highest participation by far most games, highest farm and pretty much every game someone pointed the jungle difference because of how much he ganked. When I play with people far above my elo I always notice how the game doesn't feel the same at all. Having a high elo jungler actually means having ganks, constant help, info... You get all that even when losing lane so it means a way easier game in the end good performance on your part or not. If people want to climb they need to get that sometimes they will have tough games. Games that are not straightforward because people are struggling. The way you win games that seem lost is by being patient, clever, aware and positive, especially to your teammates. To me a good jungler is someone who's constantly thinking: How can I make it easy for my team? How do I get them where they need to be? How do I effectively help them so they can help me? And yes, a jungler should pretty much be his team babysitter. I think there are a lot of selfish people who still commit to the jungle role even tho they'd do better spamming Nasus top. But I guess they would end up emulating what they keep complaining about, turning into that laner who is upset for not getting the help he needs.
PrimeTim (EUW)
: so i've just got banned and like most i felt it was unjustified, disagree or agree up to you.
See you next week on a new account. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
TPK Luffy (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=TPK Luffy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0v2uPyPy,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-02T12:42:10.363+0000) > > yup. and you must be one of those people that think positivity is negative. great to understand that you are mentally disabled Just that answer says everything there is to know about you. Grow up.
: What is your dream team (champion-wise)?
Top - {{champion:111}} Jungle - {{champion:19}} Mid - {{champion:90}} ADC - {{champion:29}} Support - {{champion:117}}
: I am losing pretty much all the games i play
> [{quoted}](name=StreetDuck,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=Mg34ecvu,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-17T15:30:00.019+0000) > > So i started playing league becouse my friends played it, > when first playing it was fun i lost some games i won some games but ever since i hit level 30 i just keep losing every game i play. > I am currently sitting at an 11 games loss streak so does anyone have some tips for me on how to not lose every game i play ? The fastest way to improve and start winning a majority of your games is to actually become a one trick. >.< I got my first penta after 100 games as Quinn TOP. I also skipped bronze during my first season because I only played Quinn and Lux pretty much. If you want to be effective you should pick one or two champions you really enjoy playing and kinda spam them... The most important really is to feel extremely comfortable with the champions you play. While spamming them you should focus on learning what all the champions in the game do. Just have a basic idea of what their abilities are. When you got that you can start working on your basics: map awareness, farm, trading, warding, positioning, teamfighting etc. You should try to improve at each different skill separately. So for example have games all about farming, games all about keeping an eye on the minimap, games about trading etc. When you'll be comfortable with those you'll just be able to just use them all together without feeling overwhelmed. If you really want to improve at lightning speed get someone high elo or more experienced to help you, especially after you have picked your two champions and have played at least a 100 games with them. By that point you should be comfortable with your champions and it would start to be about decision making. Ask that person a lot of questions about everything even if you think it is stupid. If you want to improve at laning you should 1v1 your friends who are higher elo than you or more experienced in custom games. If you want to work on map awareness you can play 3v3 as the map is more punishing. You have lots of fights and you get ganked more. When you get to that point where you have a problem with a specific champion against yours, you can watch high elo players playing this specific matchup on Youtube. You can also play that champion to understand how he works and what his limitations are. The easiest champions to play are champions that are simply tough to make mistakes with. They have a straightforward kit and a straightforward gameplay. If they have no or not much skillshots it's even better. Because they don't ask much thinking to play you'll have a lot more space to think about what is going on and what to do. This is actually the most important to get better. My list would be: TOP -> {{champion:86}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:75}} MID -> {{champion:1}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:25}} JUNGLE -> {{champion:19}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:33}} SUPPORT -> {{champion:40}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:16}}
xthelord2 (EUW)
: is there any way i can possibly already get that goddamn ID ban
I'm sure you can ask somewhere to get your account deleted but I really don't think you should do it, especially if it is about other people. Honestly, what some random people do in your games shouldn't have such an impact on you. I understand it's never nice to have someone inting in your game but it's just what it is and there are way worse things in life. Go next. When it comes to your own toxicity, what about just stopping it? You obviously know it's not nice or needed, so... >.< I know people always bring up the whole muting but... really... you can just mute. Really. Lately I have been muting a lot more and I have a lot better games. No point in arguing. No point in saying anything really. I also only play champions I really like so I never actually have a bad game, even if people feed, troll or whatever. That's literally why I'm an OTP Quinn. I can be 0/15 and I'll still have some fun flying around. League is a game... Just try to have fun? Do you have friends to play League with? I think it's A LOT easier to go through ranked games with someone you know and appreciate. It also makes losing and all those random bad situations in ranked a little better simply because you have someone to share them with. I do hope you get help for whatever is going on with you, it must be tough to go through life thinking/knowing that something is wrong with your own mind. If your current treatment doesn't work, you should tell it to your doctor and ask him to try something else. Also, I do believe you should NEVER think of ending your life. I remember reading: "Suicide is a permanent answer to a momentary situation". I'm sure it would make quite a few people sad to not have you around anymore. Have some faith that things will get better, surround yourself with positive people because it helps if you are not positive yourself. Things usually improve, really. I hope you'll be ok.
: Are my junglers smart or stupid by not ganking for me as Quinn?
It's true that Quinn is usually not the champion junglers want to gank for and I think it is all about lack of knowledge. Quinn is not played much which means people don't really know what to expect from Quinn players in general and do not usually know how to play around her at all. What people usually seem to think is: she is ranged and she will certainly face a melee matchup so, she should win no matter what. The truth is Quinn has a lot of bad matchups and some are actually melees like Sion, Malphite and so on. Most high elo junglers will want to gank your lane tho. They usually understand that if you don't get ahead you will be useless. But still, she has a very strong early game to start with something, one of the strongest with maybe Pantheon, Kennen, Jayce ( other lane bullies ). If she does have this early snowball going on, she will have a very strong mid game too. What I was told in the past by people who refuse to gank for Quinn is that they prefer to put this other lane ( usually bot ) ahead because Quinn falls off eventually and they would prefer having a fed ADC who is supposed to be the most useful you can get during late. What they don't understand is that the whole idea of a fed Quinn is that she makes sure the team never has to go through the late game and win way before that. Another reason also is a lot of junglers have this dragoncentric vision in the early game. They really want to stay around dragon and make sure they can stop the enemy jungler from getting it first. Another very important reason is that it is almost always better to put the enemy bot lane behind because you impact overall 5 people, maybe even 6 if the enemy jungler shows up. You impact positively your own bot lane and yourself, and you impact negatively the enemy bot lane and the jungler by making him lose his time, maybe even killing him too. Last thing I want to say is that you really shouldn't focus too much on jungler help as Quinn. The best Quinn players I know call the shots and kinda force their team to get things moving. A lot of people especially in low elo expect the late game ( and they should ) but you as Quinn do not want to get there, ever. If your jungler doesn't want to work with you Top and you are losing, buy an early statikk and kind of desert the lane. If you stay Top against someone already winning and you don't get anything done, unless the other lanes are winning hard enough to carry you or you have a smurf in your team, you have lost. Do everything you can to get yourself ahead by showing up to those awkward early fights around the map. One thing that works well is to literally follow your jungler around, making sure you can help when he ganks around or meets the enemy jungler. By simply showing up you really raise the possibility of thing going well or even extremely well. What I would also advise you to do is to get a duo partner so you can work together on carrying games. The best is to get kind of a enabler like Malphite is for Yasuo. Today I was trying Quinn top with Lissandra mid with my duo and it worked very well. I got this idea a while back from a french diamond otp Quinn who tried to play Quinn bot for a while. His duo used Taliyah as is enabler. Quinn can do great but she can do SO WELL so easily with a good setup. In solo queue sadly, you'll meet a lot of unwilling junglers. A funny example from last season: I was playing Quinn mid and I had this Lee Sin in my jungle. At the start of the game he wrote: "I will never gank for a Quinn mid." And that's what he actually did. Not only he never ganked, but he also went the other way when I showed up anywhere. I still won the game by simply making his job, mine. I bought an early statikk + boots, ganked both bot and top constantly, helped them take their towers early and we won in like 25min. The Lee did very little during the game and was just toxic. The point is, you are Quinn and no matter who you are with in your team, you will be able to get things done if you try hard enough. Try to have kind of an "urgent" mindset. I always tell myself that as Quinn I don't bring much to the team so I better get things done and fast before they realize it. ( Late mid game and of course late game being the moments where people usually say stuff like: "We are losing because we have no tank top, gg Quinn". ) Sorry for all the writing but, I have been playing Quinn for 3 seasons and I'm kind of a Quinn enthusiast. :P


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