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Destined (EUW)
: Can anyone help me out deciding which role I should be maining? (Top/Jng/Mid)
Go to [Reddit summonerschool and ask]( Comment 1 makes good points but leaves out alot of important stuff which is understandable because most ppl don't like writing x paragraphs just like that comment 2 is a nice try and sounds cool and all but he just makes wrong points on a lot of things. On reddit you will actually have high elo players help you out so see you there!
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: Best support to carry laner and the game?
Depends on your playstlye. For me as proactive jungle main I have to pick proactive supports that are able to roam a lot. My favourites to take over the flow of the game are Pyke and Leona. Paired with a Morgana ban because that pick alone stops me from gaining lane priority and thus from taking over the game. With these supports however, if you want to be the deciding factor you have to read situations correctly, when is mid gankable, when can your jungler invade their botside and most importantly where is the enemy jungler right now. If you know all that you can buddy up with your jungler to hunt their jungler and take pressure off the map. What you rely on here is that people follow your pings, know what actual priority is and that you are good enough to gain lane priority or to set up a gank for your jungler to gain lane priority. So taking the game over with an aggressive support is pretty hard if you aren't a good jungler because you have to gather the same intel that the jungler has to gather while playing a lane. You could say you take over the game by being an information broker/mercenary. You will also only be bot when you have nothing else to do or when your adc would get dove without you. If you feel like this is too much for you then I can assure you that peel supports are much easier to have an impact on in the game. Also playing like I just described mostly turns the games into a total clownfiesta.
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: Well I can't really say much. Just look at their individual twitter pages and listen to them at their spotlights. Esport latest video match of the week there was that one cut where that support player.. "Kasing" was it? Told us that they won a game due to trash talking ingame and tilted their team to victory. Casters and other pro players too has told us directly via the stream how angry they were at Vitality from how foul they were playing. I don't think I need any exact examples since they do they same stuff since the start of their downfall. "Rekkles is good, but he is trash in my eyes" - Vitality adc spotlight
If that really happened, how was there no reddit thread? I think you are overexaggerating. Reddit wouldve gone nuts if a team apparently won thorugh trashtalking the enemy team via ig chat. And I don't think any pro would actually really risk trashtalking ingame when they are at riots mercy with their 0 tolerance policy. I am sure that they type some form of trashtalk sometimes. But in no way are they allowed to trashtalk to a point where they could tilt the enemy teams face off. Especially what the Vitality adc said is just your usual interview trashtalk that happens in a lot of interviews. It's just supposed to be jokeish and spice things up a bit.
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: As far as I know just a "stfu" can get you banned but I don't know how Riot picks out chat-logs, some of my buddies didnt get banned for much worse stuff.
depends on whether or not you get reported. I said stuff like 'I will bomb your house' and I've never gotten banned. there is a right time and place for everything I guess.
: Simple rule if some thing gets you banned on boards, I am pretty sure it will get you banned in-game if you type the same. And calling some one a here on board is ban-able offence. Pretty sure about it.
Even easier. Any use of swear words can technically get you banned.
Eratos (EUW)
: no..i rather ban decent person that is smart and play his own game and dont ban idiots like that. Lets ban good people and player like that just leave them to ruin the game.LEGIT FOR YOU MATE.
/r/niceguys Probably something for you.
Fathands (EUW)
: Lol you lost against mallet Lee and double sheen ezreal. Those people are boosted.
They are trolling lmfao. Ever heard of disrespect?
Eratos (EUW)
: "support only noobs play and lose games"
Mate, are you asking for a permanent ban on someone while throwing a fit on the boards? Better watch out so you don't get banned yourself.
: Depends on your elo tbh, but you're mostly right. Most ADC's always spam pings when they die and you don't help them because it's impossible to save/help them.
Idk I am a terrible support and when i get autofilled I don't receive any toxicity from my adc most of the time. But boy, jungling just requires a really thick skin. Or /mute all
Playamaza (EUW)
: Yeah, I understand. But, I wasn't serious when I made that statement, and I didn't think he would take it seriously either since he was flaming my whole team and arguing with everyone.
Do you know why people on reddit use /s? Sarcasm or 'not being serious' doesn't work with strangers. Especially not via text. treat strangers like toddlers. Be nice, no matter what happens. And if they are too loud you put your earplugs in and listen to some music. (Mute button)
Zorsia (EUW)
: Female Gamers
Ok, I understand that you don't like hearing those things. But you see, you are accusing all the male LoL players of sexism here. I don't feel like that is ok. > "I'll rape your sister." I frequently hear 'I'll %%%% your dead grandmother' or mom or whatever there is. Best one was 'I'll suck your dad's cock' So these are pretty normal things to hear, that everyone has to deal with, not just girls > you play like girls Yes some people are sexist. Though it is true that there are more % of girls in low elo than guys in low elo. (The fact that you are in a game with the guy is proof that you are as good as him.) However this is caused by our culture. Diffrent upbringing depending on your gender etc. And sadly we will probably never see a real girl on an lcs team. Just because a lot of the pro players are guys in puberty and having a pro girl in the midst of that could lead to internal strife. That's why EU teams often even have strict no girls allowed rules. What I said here is not sexist by the way. It's just the truth. Girls don't have overall better or worse brains so they can be as good as any other person. ( said overall here because male and female brains do specialize on diffrent things ) So to end this off. You are about to do the same mistake as the sexist guys. You treat girls and guys diffrently and have diffrent expectations. Girls are humans, guys are humans. You should treat all people nicely and with respect until they prove unworthy. So what you are doing right now is getting on the level of these guys that you so hate.
Playamaza (EUW)
: It was targeted to the darius, however I wasn't serious about that statement. There was alot of back and forth between him and my other teammates, and when he involved me, I chose to answer short and rejective instead of arguing with him.
Be a man and ignore it next time. Or unbind enter.
Playamaza (EUW)
: Jesus... I really didn't know it was that serious.
Dude. Tell someone on the street to go and kill themselves and see what you get. The people you play with are strangers. So keep it cool or get banned.
: Banned for no reason
Wait, you think you didn't flame in the second game? What is flame to you? Telling someone to go die?
Lea Flamma (EUNE)
: Match balance, can someone explain it to me please?
> But you did your best and still lost. It happens. That's literally all that counts. but whatever I will answer it. > I trusted the player to know what he is doing. You have no clue what you are doing and neither does he. If you had some kind of clue then you would atleast be high plat. You are in the same elo for a reason. Assuming others are the problem isn't the solution. Also, gold + vayne xd. > At 10th minute mark it's 15:3 in kills. And that's when I knew what's going on. I got a team of trolls. Your definition of trolls is way off the mark by like 1million lightyears. > After his 3rd death, Twitch goes afk. Happens. Statistically happens to the enemy more often though unless you are the problem. > Skarner keeps blindly going into enemy ambushes Gold? Idk if you play jungle. But eitherway a gold player has no idea when and where there is a threat. So you are 100% also sometimes walking into ambushes like that skarner. > Vayne is purely lacking basic game mechanics, or is sneakytrolling. She knocks enemies from Veigar's spells. She flashes rendomly into enemy CC. G O L D. Low gold to be more precise. Diamond players can't play vayne, why would gold players be able to? > So can someone kindly explain to me, how game balance is established? I think I dropped the kindly because I am always kind of irritated by illogical questions like that but here is the actual answer. In this game there are 10 players. Let's assume each player has 1500MMR. Matchmaking now places them on their respective teams taking the role selection into account. Then the game starts. Riot does not know whether or not they are intoxicated, smoked pot, are in a state of depression, lack sleep, are mad, etc. Riot has MMR for each player and places them in a game that is fair in terms of MMR. Whether or not someones mom is screaming at them is not riots concern and they can't do anything about it either. Assuming you yourself aren't part of the problem, which you most definitely are, this is just 1 unlucky game so let it go. FYI. You bought 1 CW and placed 5 regular wards in 22~ minutes. Or your most recent Nami win. At the end of the game you had a lvl 1 sweeper? (You actually rarely upgrade to lvl 2 sweeper lmfao) 1 CW bought? 11 wards placed eventhough you had sightstone at min 5? In most of your games you only buy 1 CW that's disgusting, seriously. Like what do you do with it so you never buy a new one? Place it in the fountain so it lives forever? And since you obviously don't even really ward in wins I doubt that you know what and where warding keyspots are and at what time of the game they should be placed. Do you still have a clue? I looked at 2 games and can already say that much. Also 2.3 / 6.9 / 12.3 wtf is that kda? TIL 7 deaths per game are ok.
: If i change region just when Season 8 starts/ in preseason will i still keep my Mmr from S7
: so that means this could take a week :o is there anyway to make them response faster someone response to me said if i give a screenshot that will make it faster and i was like mmm that may take over an 3 hours maybe ok then im waiting from the morning and its my first time i buy a skins that happens what a luck {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Just don't bump your support ticket. If you do that then it will be moved to the end of the queue again.
vikinator (EUW)
: Is ban for flaming justified?
Just to have that said. You don't get punished for a game if you didn't actually get reported. So somebody didn't like what you wrote. So banter with guys you don't actually know usually is recieved wrongfully. So yes your point is fair. Disconnecting toxic people from the chat would solve the flaming issue to some extent. But you see, the players that flame aren't what you call professionals in anger management or mentally stable. So by disabling chat for them riot would make them look for other ways to be toxic. For example pingspam or going even further to trolling/feeding etc. And most people that do flame would also go feed or troll because they are so mad. While this system isn't perfect it surely prevents flame and trolls in a very good way right now and doesn't have any negative effects on the behaviour of players. It is by no means perfect but it is good.
bluefirenb (EUNE)
: I think all of u kinda missed my point, there are far worst players that get chat restriction, i got 14 day ban for this so yeah.
So do you actually have an example for that or is it all in your head?
Djedo (EUNE)
: Should Nasus get nerfed (possibly reworked)?
Git gud. And that's not a joke. Nasus sucks in higher elo. You just give him too much time to scale. If you can't seem to deal with him then just ban him.
: I have now had two ranked games where someone has been afk from the start and i couldnt remake
Since another case like this has been posted I am assuming that the remake system is bugged, sadly.
: afk =/= dc
Actually, no that's not how the system works. If the player has been inactive for 90 or more consecutive seconds when the game hits the 3 minute mark you should be presented the possibility of a remake. So this means if you are afk from game start to 1:30 nothing will happen. But if you are afk from 1:30 to 3 minutes the game should be a remake. So obviously the player has to have been afk for 90 seconds and has to still be afk at the 3 minute mark for a remake. I've had enough cases of someone letting the team remake by just staying still in base and writing in chat but not moving.
: Now i changed im going on a turkey account for chill but trust the "worst" word i typed was monkey to the 0/3 lucian who started flaming me. Ye i got 14 days ban but i know lot of ppl that got the 14 days and even if they got reported multiple times for flame riot banned em after 3/4 games where they flamed...if you check my u see my last 4 games. 3 games didnt type anything, last game i got think they really tracked me i dont know what to think.. is the 4th account i got perma just for ONE (1) sad.
Dude I've been writing monkey in 20% of my games since it became a meme. I have absolutely NEVER gotten banned or gotten any kind of restriction
: Player flames me for ending laning phase. Someone please constructive criticism I don't know how to
I'll keep this short. Basicly this is more of a greyzone. If you pushed tower early in higher elo games your junglers would absolutely love you. They would capitalize on it and move vision further into the enemy jungle and so would the midlane and then the jungler and the midlaner can do stuff together. Like forcing the enemy jungle out of his own jungle or going for ganks together. However in your elo this is problematic because nobody has a clue as to how all these things work. So none of this will happen and your team will just want to extend the laningphase even when they are not doing well in it. But you have to have failed somewhere along the way. You didn't get ahead of Lux's gold at any point in time. But if you actually forced her back and didn't miss half the cs pushing then you should most definitely be ahead. You were also never really ahead in exp which again. If you forced her back would be the case. So while I don't think pushing tower early is inherently wrong if you know what to do with it. You must have failed somewhere along the way already.
karimuuS (EUW)
: lmao
Well it's the truth. I drop after climbing for the same reason.
: get banned
smurfing is allowed so {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Riot Issues a chat restriction on this.
Wish they issued a 2 week ban instead, unlucky.
Viavarian (EUW)
: Hm, I actually agree with this. The most fed player's vote should automatically count as a veto, as players doing not so well generally have a skewed view of the actual winning chances due to their tilt.
If 4 of them feed and are demotivated then they are mostlikely right about the winning chances. I don't know how gold/silver/bronze works but where I play morale has an actual impact on the game.
: How do you play a lane you can't be in?
You just try to stay in exp range as far as possible and hope you have a jungler that can maybe help when you bait a dive. Just remember. Everything is better than dying. Have to miss cs because you would die? Have to delay your core items for armor? It's all no problem as long as you don't die.
xSlimeYT (EUW)
: 1v5 and my entire team surrenders
And how do you determine a 'leading player'? You can't accuratels set parameters for this. While I feel your pain, this would just be plain stupid game design. It's a teamgame and it's a majority vote. Being the 'leading player' doesn't make what you say more or less valuable. Ever heard of democracy? I am quite fond of this system eventhough it has it's flaws.
: Don't look for Builds for Kayn and Ornn..
Don't look for builds on any champion if you don't know why they actually build those items. *
: 'Honorable people' Shame on you.
Well I am actually happy because I got every single honor icon
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Doomley (EUW)
: back? what do you mean back? you have never been diamond.
Oh he just wants some diamond guy to drag him through not noticing that he wasn't even close to diamond.
McMombie (EUW)
: after i instaled lol it wont open
I would suggest trying to use the [Hextech repair tool](
Finawsome (EUW)
: Matchmaking
3 / 11 / 4 0 / 11 / 2 (Not quite 0/12 but I'll take it) 7 / 10 / 6 11 / 14 / 7 6 / 10 / 1 3 / 8 / 7 6 / 8 / 8 Apparently you think your are some kind of angel who never does bad huh? These stats above are yours. Everyone has bad games and so do you. You are bronze for a reason. If you are good enough you will get out for sure. But your teammates only lose a small portion of your games. You have to be the factor that makes you win not your teammates.
Loonstaa (EUW)
: Premade in solo QUE
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Is it possible to tone down Orianna a bit ?
Orianna is fine if they fix her bugs. The fact that she can w before her q arrives is a joke in lane and makes her oppressive. Else I really think she is fine as she has a high skillcap.
Cupcakè (EUW)
: Old Launcher
They have no reason to fix the legacy client so sry
: Copy paste my post from the other same thread. > Play co-op vs AI Pick Soraka Fake that you are a newbie or a girl and act very friendly and innocent, but not too much to make it obvious. Help other players take kills, but don't show you are good player. Let them believe they carry you. Flatter them Farm honors You will start getting loots in less than a day ;)
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