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: >P) X-Ray: - 35/29/23 seconds · Passive · Upon using an ability, XXX will analyze the area around her for 4 seconds, revealing stealthed traps and abilities. As a radiographer, I'm triggered. That's not how x-rays work {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} (don't take this too seriously)
I'm so sorry {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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: She is broken, but on the weakside. Note that broken does not mean OVERPOWERED. In her case, it's the opposite. Due to her scaling into mid-lategame carry, she can get out of hand pretty quickly. But she is actually on the weakside until she gets some items or a lead.(And any champ with a lead can be a nightmare) She can not be buffed or she becomes overpowered. She can not be nerfed either or she becomes underpowered. Every change that is going to be done to her has to be done with great caution. Her W also has low counterplay, BUT IT HAS SOME. So, people who know that, can use skillshot cc to make her useless. And there is also the fact of high elo vs low elo. In any elo, where there is not ample enough cc, she stomps harder than any other assasin due to her mobility, burst AND SURVIVABILITY. Too much in the kit=not enough counterplay, not enough weaknesses. That said, her winrate stays low because some of her weaknesses(including item dependancy and dependancy on sustain) can make her quite weak. High Risk, high reward, Lot of people play because they believe she is overpowered, hence they drag her winrate down. Nunu, rammus, amumu on the other hand are tanks, They tend to be less intresting to MASS and more intresting to certain type of players. As such, they are mained by dedicated players, thus causing them to be on the top
Thank you for your reply! I were worried that I'd only be bombarded by comments claiming me to be a noob... Your statements are logical but still doesn't explain why both Rammus and Amumu are declared as champions that have fallen behind and isn't strong enough for the current meta. I guess I'll never find out why that is {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Thanks again!
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: People still don't get the difference between being OP and being broken.
I don't know why that's relevant, I mainly quoted other people and brought an objective perspective to the table. Why mention it?
lispaton (EUW)
: I don't really play mid, so I don't know how it is to lane against Akal, but I know that later in the game she can show you hell, certainly to an adc, which I main. I guess it's the same as with Yasuo or Yi: if you don't feed them early on, they aren't that much of a problem, but if you let them win, prepare to face death and destruction, which is why people call them broken, simply because they can snowball really hard
I know why they call her broken, which I explained above. My problem is: Why is her win rate so exceptionally low if she is "broken" or "too OP"?
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: I was thinking about this some more, because it is interesting to me, so I wanted to give you some more thoughts. As I already said, I love simplistic abilities and I am afraid of change, so my rework concepts would be way more conservative. I was thinking: Passive, Q and W are fine for me the way they are. E - Trample doesn't feel like you trample anything at all. It just feels like you are standing next to them, waiting till you can finally stun them. So I would rework that one most of all. E - Trample Alistar deals continuous damage in an area around him, whilst ignoring unit collision. During Trample's duration, Alistar gains increasing movement speed and gains a shield. At 5 trample stacks, his next basic attack stuns. Now, the shield scales with AP and the damage scales with Alistar's Max Health. Basically adding movement speed and a shield to Trample, it would provide another way to get into fights. Trample's damage scales with max health, so that you can deal some AOE damage when going full tank, but if you want to build some AP, you can still get into the fight without getting blown up, because you get a shield. The second change I would make to his R R - Unbreakable Will Alistar removes all crowd control effects currently on him and gains damage reduction. Whilst Unbreakable will is active, Alistar's first basic attack and every basic attack he uses after using an ability, will slow the enemy hit. When using Trample's empowered basic attack, in stead of just stunning the target, it in stead emits a shockwave, stunning the target and slowing all enemies in an area around him. Just some thoughts I had.
His healing would remain pretty bad as well as making his Q and W only powerful if you build AP. I may have misunderstood but shouldn't the shield also scale with health? Otherwise it would feel like Udyr's shield, which isn't very good
: I do think it would make him a much cooler fighter and ganker, but I don't see it working as a support. Both his headbut and his pulverize will have a delay built into them. If you want to peel your carry, you would first have to 1. use two basic attacks before you can pulverize 2. run around for 2 seconds before you can headbutt Flash Pulverize would also be extremely telegraphed for the same reason, as you would have to use 2 basic attacks, then flash auto in. I'm a bit biased myself, because I love simplistic abilities. The different ways that you can combo the 3 simple cc abilities that alistar has (whilst not being earth-shattering or anything) are still really interesting to me. That said though, since they took the AD off of his ult, he packs zero punch, so I do agree with you on that, he's not as cool as he looks. He is just a peelbot that can also engage.
> Dokuroboto Thank you for your response! Good argument. Maybe if his W made his auto attacks slow (like {{champion:6}} before his rework) and the slow on Headbutt would be removed?
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