: Here a Iron II guy XD This is an unranked account. I played vs unranked, silver, golds and finally platinums players. And after 8 placements, yes 8 {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} 5 wins 3 loss they place me Iron II 50 lp. Now im playing vs golds, so this account is really f***
It's really stupid lol. I got placed in Iron 4 and right now i'm Iron 1 I gain 30lp per game and lose like 10. It feels like a huge waste of time.
AsherUA (EUW)
: All the new players now start from iron regardless of your mmr/match making. Plus, you should understand, that mmr right now is broken, since there's a lot of shifting in divisions (5th tiers got removed, 2 divisions added (and they are basically empty), and a lot of people not deserving 4th tier were placed there etc.). It will take awhile for this mmr chaos to settle down. Though, it still won't change the fact that new players will now start from iron division.
Yeah it's weird. I played 3 games after placements when the LP was bugged and lost two won one and somehow went up to iron 3
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