: I've already worked out that my playstyle was way too thick, as I was playing every lane possible. So now I've moved onto maining jungle with a champ I'm comfortable with {{champion:32}} :D, or playing mid lane with 2 champs I'm good with {{champion:161}} {{champion:45}}. I'm also trying to learn to play {{champion:60}} and {{champion:107}} jungle, but they are difficult for me to get used too, but I'll get there with those 2 eventually.
i like the champs you are looking into, amumu is strong till you reach plat/diamond and teams know not to cluster. pick champs with a high learning curve, so you can improve, like ekko, who can in a bad matchup destroy every laner if you are good enough, i have done the same with {{champion:127}}
Puscifer91 (EUNE)
: Tristana's W over spells???
heyyo tristana main here. i think i know where you are going, but her w is already too overloaded to begin with, if you can utilize her w properly you are one hell of a menace to deal with. tristanas w. besides stacking one point of your e. slowing with 60% and resetting on kills, assist and a fully stacked e on a champion. (for maximum bunny hops) it also has one of the most op mechanics if you can use it. tristanas jump has a .2 second cast time, in this timespan you are cc immune, and will complete the jump no matter what else is put on you, say a blitzcrank gets his nasty hook on you. you immediately press you w away, and you jump, you are "knocked up" in the air, and lands after the cc ends, thus being immune to what happened, you will take damage, but that is not the concern at this point, this works with every cc in the game, even supresses, amumu ulti and other hooks from naut or thresh. it's only longer cc like a caitlyn trap that will still hold you when you land.
: Always going to be stuck in Bronze 3 :(
Well i'm climbing myself and climb 1 and 1/2 division and fall 1, so it is a choir. but games are split up into 2 divisons. there are games where you are intended to carry. and games where you are ment to be carried, and enable the better players or stronger champs on your team, and sometimes theese doesn't add up, you get team mates that don't do their part, may that be due to bad matchups or them just only playing on 50% but you will win games and loose games, and if you play well and are good you will climb, but it is a job to climb, it's not something that comes over a weekend. if i am lucky i climb a division on a weekend, not from b4 to g3, but try and find 2-3 roles and 2-3 champs in thoose, and stick to them. not only for a week, or a day, but for 6 months, and you will climb, you learn a lot from that, after you learn basic mechanics of the champ you will focus on other things, roams, strengths, matchups, cs, vision, shotcalls etc. stick to champs and learn from them.


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