Bardlokas (EUW)
: My account recently got hacked and i cant get it back
: Riot pretty much stated that they'd never make URF permanent because people get themselves bored/ burnt out from it and they end up taking a break from league.
That's not what this is about
: > Everyone is tryharding and pushing to win first. i had to login just to do this what a bunch of losers i've seen so many players doing splitpushes, i am just now coming from a game where one player did nothing but a splitpush... like, what an actual duck?
Braindead people who got no life yes
: At least ARURF don't make me face that same assassins every game.
Yeah, same bro
Trilink (EUW)
: ARURF was more fun because you were given something random and adapted a build to it, I have no idea what to pick in urf 90% of the time and everyone has an "I need this win" approach to it.
Yeah ARURF was much better since you got random champs and not assasins every game
Colactica (EUW)
: Riot Games designed something bad!?!?!? My goodness. Worst developers that have ever existed ruined something fun. At this point they should just fire them all and get in a new set of developers.
Haha, lol so true
Keyane (EUW)
: Maybe people now want a fast win for grinding World Tokens {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
That would be really sad if people did that. Feel bad for their sad life
: Ye urf sucks now. Even ARURF was more fun
Totaly agree with you
Álleria (EUW)
: The only answer to tryharders is to pick a broken champion like Jax. I understand now, why Riot decided to make it ARURF and not just URF. It's not really their fault for bringing the original tho, everyone wanted it, and that's the problem. I'd enjoy ARURF more than URF for obvious reasons. With having the game mode back, i thought of why shouldn't i check all the champions? Just for the fun.. Turns out if i don't want to get tilted from players taking it as Ranked/LEC, saying "ez" and flashing m7 and/or combos at either bot or top like Lux and Morgana,Yuumi and Jhin or anything that goes with Yuumi(this champion needs a huge nerf there btw) or any other toxic combo that resembles long as hell ability distances or cc's just to ruin the fun, i should definitely play the broken champions. Yesterday i had a cocky Ezreal in the enemy team, trying to take down turrets all by himself, and i kept recalling just to blast him back to the spawn point. It's super SUPER stupid how people are trying to focus on one lane or split-push just to end the game faster.. I understand, it's URF, but for god's sake, are you here just to kill time by winning every 5 minutes in your games or try to have fun? I don't find the fun in destroying turrets and win early. We mainly won the game since i've picked Jax and legit smashed my face on the keyboard like {{champion:55}} and {{champion:238}} players would do. It's just.. boring, really.
I feel you bro❤
: i think its because riot pushed league deep into this tryhard competitive mentality so people only care about getting good scores and finishing fast if they cant win by playing against other players and will just avoid fighting and split push on top of that people get mad if players dont play PERFECTLY even tho its freaking urf who cares ( tbh i have that sometimes but most of the time its me getting mad at a morgana not spell shielding the leona starting up her perma stun lock this being an example* ) also the fact that people get to chose means they will got for braindead long range spam poke and not interact or just take really heavy tanks with loads of cc ignoring dmg entierly but still destroying all and all its not urf that changed its people being either ultra competitive or scumbags ( or just both ).
I totaly agree with you here, people is "braindead" and flame for stupid things when it's urf!?! Like wtf is wrong with people. Urf is a gamemode where we can have fun "my opionion" but still, no point of flaming and tryharding
: I hate this urf because riot tryed to balance it :l ,,,like giving eve limit to her Q but akali is stay fine with 0 limits ,,, or maokai with his E ,,,lets not forget that stuns/fears are REDUCED cause why not.
Ye ik, akali can just spam q every 0.3 seconds, and maokai can trap u under tower, it's so %%%%%%ed.
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: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch my hand is tired now, hope it was worth :) in game name: Z4YD3N server: EU WEST
Lucky Block (EUNE)
: bro its on wednesday 11 :)
Where did you get that information? And what month? 11th of September?
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