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: I'm not even a fan of the mecha style, but they could seriously improve it by not have him shudder when moving. makes him look like they've rush built him from a discount Gundam kit.
True bro, his glases on the joke feels wrong, his abilities could have been made so much beter...hope he will not coe out next pach yet, so they can improve more, plus of all his chroma, the base color is the ugliest, are they making it that way so we buy them with rp ? plz RIOT don't be EA...
: ICE Dragon Aurelion sol
why not give hime all of shivana's skins, and give her a cosmic one, no? i'm not against it but RIOT will never bother with a champ that only quantom fizzic play in chalenger... sad realit.
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: how to make rework aatrox beter
Hi, well new idea !! Well, ive been playing aatrox alot resently and honestly, i must say he is good, not busted, just good, but i still can't get my head around his e, i still feel like it's a waist of skill slot, the passive aside, it is useless if not for the Qs, so how about making it in the Q, every time aatrox cast his Q a second cast of it mid air would cose the E dach, as for the E it could be like i proposed befor a stinger from DMC4, his old W or enything RIOT want, well that's it, hope somone read this and like it !
: how to make crite items beter from a yasuo wannabe main (i till can't figure out how to be toxicT-T)
Also an interaction with stormrazor ans IE wher it give the 30%/15% damage is up to RIOT, might be broke , might be good, idk.
Parmasan (EUW)
: Well, I play Aatrox a bit with a pretty high winrate on him and in my opinion he is quite op, his q poke against melee laners is way too good. If you're in lane against a Darius or a juggernaut of the sort it's very hard for him to juke q if you use e afterward, his ult with Nimbus Cloak and Celerity is busted due to the normal move speed buff and also Celerity. The q damage should be nerfed. Autos deal less, bigger slow on w and less ult speed there shouldn't really be any major kit changes though.
Peaple don't know his kitt and cd yet, pks a full q combo legit deal 520 hp at lvl 1 ! U can 1shot some champs with that, it's legit the oposite of what they did to zoe, but go against somone who know him, he would wait his lvl 3 (2 for yasuo) and then tell me if he is still that good.
: how to make rework aatrox beter
Guys the only reason aatrox got beter is becose he got buffed to the roof !! His Qs deal 2x damage than they did on release and are independent, no longer need to hit Q1 to get a buff on Q2 ets, and honestly that E feels like you got bumped uon by an NPC on some rpg game ! When aatrox got teased i was waiting for a masterswordman, something betwen yasuo riven and fiora, now he is like aurelion sol, if u can stick to him he won't be able to do nothing, only Q3 is useful in close quarter, W can't be uqed to run away, only to chase running enemys, and E is too smal to be considered a proper way of escape, unless u are close to a wall, the ult is good and the passive would be if it did not prok on minions (didn't know the cdr was on Q sry about that 😝), honestly he feels more like a poke champ that conter low ranged low mobility champs than a sword master with darkpowers... HE DOESN'T FEEL EDGY AT ALL MAN !! I WAS EXPECTING DANTE !! NOT THIS !?! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So you want Yasuo's and Tryndamere's crits deal 90% bonus damage? I have a better idea: How about no.
No dud, it cap at 30% for mele and 15% for ranged, and u need 50% crit chance without IE, it's basicaly making IE bad as a 1st item and making crit adcs become monsters at 3_4 items and not just 2, as for that true damage, i belive a new item would be best, tanks are dead this meta and spending 3700G for half the passives feel like a waist in my opinion, but well i'm just a silver V yasuo wannabe so plz don't flame ok XD!! V
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BM Electro (EUNE)
: Highly unlikely the borders are meant to represent that you purchased the skin at release or did something at a certain event like the last year's Versus event where you could have gotten the necessary icons and borders. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
i did but my bro just went and forged 2 champ chards , tried to post a request in the NA servers (was ther at that time) but to no use, so i'm still hopeful u see...
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Potchikir (EUW)
: JAYCE. he is the strongest top laner early game as he can easily poke and cs ORNN. if u want a early game tank its prob ornn he has alot of defense and poke and in general just a better malphite JAX. Has the srrongest 1v1s early game u need some defensive items late game to stay relevant though
take kleptomensy jax 58% winrate kotea
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foxxof120 (EUW)
: i have to agree i'm a aurelion sol main and making only the middle of his Q stun would nerf him too hard, it's already so hard for him to escape close combat champs, do this and he has no chance anymore. the better thing would be to make his q able to reactivate from the moment you activate it just like the stun of anivia.
sry guys, plz forget this post, i was dead drunk when i made it, and yea i played him a few times and was just disappointed in my mega Q dealing no damage, plus i'm going for astrophisyc studies and live dragons, so that was only drunk me speling his heart all over, but thos 2016 champ need a skin.
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: Well, wanted to point out his lore(if you didn't hear his full lore), how he is, you said he is like the joker, but he is way different, joker doesnt take stuff that serious but Jhin does. But there are so many version of the Joker now, can't really say about all versions of the Joker, I wasn't really thinking right at the moment, since skins are not based of his real lore. The skins are just him from a different universe, like how we got the Archlight skin series. So maybe, yea, we could get tons of versions for every champion. Since every skin will hit someones tastes.
: no way thats horrible they should have demacia quinn sowing when she was the highest person in the army with valor and quinn in army suits like gold. she will look so majestic.
that is actualy victorius skins, this year's is graves, so maybe next year ?
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: お前はもう死んでいる
exactly that
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Mada (EUW)
: Not only that but it seems like you'll need more xp for higher levels (31 is higher than 3, dunno if 32 is higher than 31) so the amount of time you need to get anything will increase the longer you play. Also the calculation of "worth you get from a levelup" seems to assume that you always have 0 champions and can make full use of the shards you get.
yea, inded up with kyle, ryse and annie, only shvana was worth more.
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: He's not a fatherly figure or even a friendly one, he's a immortal extraterrestrial cosmic dragon who looks down upon mortal existence. Him saying things like "long time ago" or "child" doesn't seem o fit him imo. even if he's talking to a demigod like Ornn
yes i know, i'm asking for a legendary skin that would make him that way, lunar revel will probably make him loke like shenrone from dragonball Z, so maybe he will be just a terestrial god but the eldest of all, to the pint he would have met ornn as a baby !!
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: Watch this: I'm always thinking about Jhin like he is that high class sociopath and the world is his scene! We are all in his play! Jhin, Jhin, Jhin, Jhin is like a master assassin. When he goes on a mission he makes it a piece of art! He find perfection in imperfection, he is an actor, a high class person, a man of culture. He always had one personality, his own perfection on things, always creating his art!
dud that's just the lore that is writen in the ofsite... ok so here is jhin: - sociopathe - obsessed with the nember 4 (prononsec cé in chinese while death is prononced cè, and is also considered a bad omen number like we do to 13) - is verry smart and well educated in many ways including martial art. - only started using a gun and wearing a masque after being freed from prison. - only h kill beautifull peaples, being it in there phisicaly or things like talent. - his murder scenes end up mostlikly like the ones in game of thrones s1e1... - know that what he does is evil but does it for the sake of art. P.S: what was you point in that video coz i'm not that perspicas so i don't get you budy, also a dark serius jhis is the blood moon one, the one i'm refering to is a mor like crasy serial kiler joker like.
: Jhin is too serious to be a Joker and he always wears a mask so, no two face. I just wanted him to become some kind of a serious well dressed assassin.
jhin is crazy (like the joker...maybe a littel diferent) and he clearly have twisted personality issues (like 2face), and if you don't read DC, than let me tell you the the joker have reaped his face of resently and is cirently wearing it as a mask (like jhin), so yea. having the joker's voice wispering at you ear like shako would be more kreapy !! AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT !?!{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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: We need a Hannibal Jhin skin.
a joker or a two face maybe ?
: Finally ! A little guide to win against Kassadin !
so this is why i keep geting **** wen i play him ...
it's the 2016 champions curs !! only jhin is geting love because BANG played him in the LCS and SKT T1 won. well his skin is not that bad if you'r a final fantasy fan since skaarl become a chocobo !! XD but well, as for me i wanna see a warring kingdom aurelion sol for next lunar revel !!
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Dragon Trainer Tristana Aquamarine, where she's carrying a dark grey icedragon, shooting balls of (true) ice. And she herself got white hair. And perhaps wearing a blue tunic. _It's even in the name, isn't it. "Dragon Trainer Tristana" / "Daenerys Targaryen". I've never even looked at that similarity in the name until right now._ {{sticker:sg-jinx}} ######I know she talks about "you're playing with _fire_ now", but Forecast Janna talks about the spawn of dragons every 6 minutes even when playing ARAM, so...yeah.
stop dud you're making me droll !!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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: Nice concept, reposted it on NA mate. Gr8 idea.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Made in Abyss? Lyza?
XD !! good to know i'm not th only one to read that manga !!
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Wadud92 (EUW)
: Wait wait wait, you are telling me a Japanese anime had inspiration from mythology? Well, when I say it out loud it makes a lot of sense, 9 tales, Amaterasu etc etc etc
well,HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!, all of naruto, bleach, and dragon ball Z are inspired by mythology (BLEACH is actualy inspired by not less than 19 diferent mythologys dud !!! )
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Leeroy Jenkins however was not toxic. He was a meme that people enjoyed. Tyler1 is one of the most toxic people to every play league. And Riot doesn't encourage toxicity. So why should Riot, a company that tries it's best to clean the community from toxicty, promote an extremely toxic person who is nothing but a simple consumer? Tyler1 did nothing for the community, people don't respect him. Only the toxic people do, and Riot got rid of them too. So there is no reason for Riot to ever make a Tyler1 themed skin.
true RIOT is aganst toxicity but not against reforming. and he is a symbol of a reformed player...actualy a 2face dc comics reference skin for draven would sweet both draven and T1 personas (both personas for t1 XD !!)
: I am not sure last draven i had sold his items and bought AS items because maokai took 2 kills when he ganked ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ 1 out of 10 draven mains i see are not tyler1 wannabe.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, they might free him eventually, even though I doubt that will ever happen. But skin will not happen 100%. Why would they make it? He's not famous because of his good deeds after all
man, RIOT made a poit and won the war. them freeing Taylore1 is more benefisian than not, since the will have the free tylor comunity with them. as for the skin, it is more like my own wich, since actualy freeing t1 is as mutch as an event as a preseason ch skin, so i hope riot will(hope it's a legendary !!)
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