: lack of creation i resort to trolling and inting
I agree with some of your thoughts on champion reworks I was mad AF when they changed quin as i loved playing her weird style of assassin/adc however the changes are brought about to give these champions more play ability/counter ability. The problem with the old champions in they are not fit for the game anymore, think WW with his on hit ridiculous suppression and kit that was pretty much all or nothing. The reworks aim to change champions so there not in a state where either you win early and win or lose early and are useless.
LordChampa (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zantier,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=T9ExHo4V,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-06T23:36:42.347+0000) > > Pretty near concept however > > Would be far too broken, especially with how broken {{item:3124}} right now it would be like {{champion:11}} on steroids Would changing it to 8/16/25% of the damage be dealt as true damage be better, OR to deal bonus 8/16/25% magic damage/true damage????
Think something more on the lines of urgot would be better, you can keep the true damage scaling but without it applying on hit effects.
LordChampa (EUNE)
: Manaless Ranged Gun Female Champ
Pretty near concept however > Aim-locked champions are dealt 108/116/125% damage by basic attacks and as true damage. Would be far too broken, especially with how broken {{item:3124}} right now it would be like {{champion:11}} on steroids
: How are you supposed to win games when your team dont give a damn about objectives?
Go top and play a champ that pushes like hell and can 2/3 v one if fed
: Where can we write review about the company?
Facebook, twitter or pretty much ant social network. Mind you not that anyone will pay any attention tbh
Jookerr44 (EUNE)
: can you nerf %%%%ing vayne?
Riot are looking at changing {{item:3124}} as they have said it is too strong on certain champs
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: vision
I mean that why you don't face check brush
FujiIze (EUW)
: I can't get out from iron
I mean Iron is pretty easy to solo carry games if you use the right strat. Just pick a top champ that can push well, if you can win your lane then just smash the lane and run it down top. Get first tower grab rift get second and by that point you should be head enough item wise to easy 2 or 3 v 1
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Hi Zantier, Notice that these numbers are champion related, not specific match related. You can see very precise champion information via wikia: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_champions (Anyway, this is a bit off topic from the subject of my post) CarryAll
I may have misunderstand the context of what you was saying, in regards to them being available outside of the game I wasn't aware so thank you :)
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Several suggestions related to statistics provided by the game.
I have the same opinion on a few champions ability descriptions such as akali's R says micro stun but no numbers and attrox R says he revive after taking lethal damage but not the hp amount. It would be nice to have these converted to actual numbers.
: ***
I see you have 0 understanding on this topic and your too blinded by your own idiocy to accept reason so on that note i'm done here.
: ***
Lets say there are 100 million players, riot has a staff of 2,500 roughly information freely available online. lets say 0.5% of the player base puts in a ticket per day that is 500,000 tickets to answer. That would mean to get all tickets in a day each member of the ENTIRE staff force including devs etc would need to answer 200 tickets lets say at an average of 10 minutes per ticket that would be each member would need to spend 33 hours to get through them more hours in an actual day. obviously these numbers are speculative but just sit down stop whining and appreciate the work riot actually do.
: ***
I mean the player base is over 100 million and the game is buggy at the best of times. Expecting your problem to be solved that quickly with that many people is the definition of the word entitled.
: > high amounts of reports in a short period of time So you are saying you want to support the possibility to gang up on people and get them punished that way? You like it, when people constantly spam "please report XY" whenever they feel like someone is underperforming? Because that is what would happen with your idea.
Yes this would happen to a player occasionally, however as i have stated in a earlier reply it would take a large amount of reports in a short period to be penalized. Yes everyone has bad games now again but if you are constantly being that guy who moans every game, and just generally having a negative impact on other players experience this report feature would apply
: why do I have to wait a day for a riot support response
Wonder if riot would divulge just how many tickets they get per day to give this entitled guy some context.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: its a generational problem, the current generation wants everything without working for it and wants it instantly without any delay, "i died with my lategame champ to an early game champ in 3 mins? i guess this game is lost, lets surr and play the next one"
personally I wouldn't agree, I have a friend base i play with that spans between mid 30's to late teens and both generations have some that just give up and some who don't. It's more based on the current meta atm games are generally decided in the early and ended in the mid 20/30 min mark. Most people when they get behind tend to just give up due to the fact that it's pretty easy to snowball in the current meta and getting back into a game in a upward slog and they'd rather just get out and start again than try win.
: no. Toxic ppl would just abuse it. Supp took 1cs with his Bouncy Spell ? Report! he gets matched with Trolls/toxic ppl Would split the Player Base -> increased que time
I see how it could be abused but it wouldn't be a one off thing, high amounts of reports in a short period of time would lead to being placed in a separate queue or similar to being reported consistently not be enjoyable to to play with would lead to punishment
: Oh he stole my kill with bleeding effect! He should be perma baned!
It'll called an example, by ksing I mean literally waiting in a fight not helping waiting to take a kill
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