Hecky (EUNE)
: ID Ban
What do you mean by "ID ban"? I am curious on what that even is. If it's the same as Tyler got, then it doesn't stop him playing league, simply make a new account.
: >I've always taken the systems side on these issues when forum posts of this type pop up, so I probably owe some apologies. and yet you're coming here with your software list instead of opening a ticket {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I have opened a ticket also.
: Can i ask you what's the point of having heavy duty programs like Zbrush and Blender running in the background while you are playing LoL? Not that i think they have something to do with the ban (i'll say it's simply impossible), just asking. How about closing them to free some memory? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Simply because I don't play often. I'm usually in the middle of stuff when a friend asks me to play, so I jump on for one then head back off.
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: Teamfight tactics stream
: Question
You can find the match in your match history in order to see the stats, but as for honouring as such, not much you can do. I'm not entirely sure what causes the issue, but I see it most when my internet is less stable (Usually on wireless) so I expect it's linked to that.
Fajerk (EUW)
: I'm pretty sure they have been trying to work out the issue the whole time. Shutting stuff down is usually solution of last resort when it comes to servers.
Or they have found the issue and need to take it down to fix it. But yeh, I agree with you.
Chanpurü (EUW)
: riot eliminate tickets
I mean, I am all for the angry at Riot train. But of course they are... They know people are having issues logging in, opening a ticket to tell them what they already know doesn't help anyone.
n1lce (EUNE)
: I got permabanned
You wouldn't be banned for a single offence of saying "u suc" once to a friend.
DarkVanity (EUNE)
: Banning Teammates champion
Not doable I am afraid. Otherwise your last pick teammate can hover the current OP, knowing full well he'll be first picked if allowed through.
: Why is it my fault!?!?
Hey chap, I don't work for Riot in any way, but I recently fixed a whole host of issues I was having with league that was getting me in trouble a lot. If you list the errors you get, we might be able to help.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Lmao. This is what happens when you don't know basic communication.
: Do you live in the woods? How in a civilised world do you survive without a phone? Work,friends,information? Do you not need any of that?
I'd say the opposite, and worry that you believe a mobile phone is required for those things, haha.
: got my account banned not my fault
You were gone for half an hour, but someone managed to log on and play 3 different games?
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: But he hasn't been active for a while now, also he might not have bought that name with RP, he might have chosen it when he first created the account. And you don't have to pay RP for that.
If he bought RP at all though, even just to buy himself a skin or anything, then his name is never taken off of him I believe. If you make a purchase, your account is here to stay.
TreyMaze (EUW)
: LF Players
Which community?
: IWannaChangeMyNameButSomeoneElseAlreadyHasItButHisAccountIsn'tActiveAnymoreIThinkSoCanIHaveIt?
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: Issues with balancing the game - should there be an optimal strategy?
A meta exists in all things, it's not so much that it's required, but impossible to avoid. It's important for Riot (And other game companies) to always strive for balance in multiplayer games, but it's a permanent goal, not one that is to be achieved. Besides, if they ever did achieve it (They wont) the game would then stop. No more patches as the game is balanced now, it's done, over. It'd get boring very, very quickly.
: I wonder when is this "one person CAN NOT CARRY" and "better botlane wins" balance will end...
You may have missed this but... You are also on your team. So you can be one of the people playing well. If you're always playing well, then you can only have a maximum of 4 bad players, Where the enemy can have 5. So what you're actually complaining about is: a) I'm below the average player and do not assist a victory. or b) I win the majority of games and that's not fair.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Make ARAM dodging an instant ban after 2 dodges in a row. Simple.
That's a terrible idea. Players are always in favour of banning for almost anything, mainly because they've never even involved with trying to make something successful, or remain successful. Think of it this way. If you walked into a shop without wiping your feet, they wouldn't throw you out and ban you; because they'd be banning a large portion of their customers. Ques are made longer by a reduced player base.
Cyberlisk (EUW)
: Cursor changes in Windowed Borderless Mode
Make sure your screen resolutions match. Usually, this is caused by the border not filling the screen.
: But thats bullshit a troller makes people swear
No one makes you do anything. You do it because you make the active choice too. If said troll has broken into your house and is holding you at gun point, I'd then be willing to accept that he is making you.
Dripless (EUW)
: Yeah but it takes a few moments to install and play it. Honestly, I did not know where to upload the video so they could see it :(
The issue with Flash is Google Chrome doesn't support it. So I'd have to get a new browser then install flash for said 11 seconds of video. Youtube is basically always your best bet.
Dripless (EUW)
: Sivir shield it doesn't work against stuns (Xerath E for example)
: Should the enemy team be punished for intentionally killing a trolling player?
No. It's the job to play to win. The troll is the issue here, not the people who win because of it.
: No they are not and you seem to have rage issues. I play mostly pantheon quinn top and tanks dont stop me from snowballing, they ENABLE me to snowball harder due to their weak lane phase.
Kira Elf (EUNE)
: I have 4 chests available, anyway, if I hadn't have one available, it wouldn't say "chest adquired" on Zoe's portrait in my collection.
Which it apparently does. ^^
: you wanna know why games don't go to late? Cause the team with the tank wins in 20 minutes due to having a wall of steel that people can't snowball over. How the hell do tanks need scaling are you crazy? You realize that if you go 7 - 0 full damage on a lucian a 0 - 2 maokai will still kill you? If you ever wanna leave gold then TANKS or not RANKS
I would totally agree. During Season 7. But the current preseason is snowballing. Which tanks don't do any where near aswell as an ADC, mage, fighter or assassin.
: How to keep cool when you are in team with ignorant bad players?
"Should they punish people for doing poorly, instead of punishing people with bad behaviour?" - Is the last question. Which, of course not, no. If you're toxic, you deserve to be punished, there is no justification. If they were toxic too, then they deserve a punishment too. But you own your own behaviour. No one makes you toxic, you choose to be.
Sympton (EUW)
: Thanks for being the reason we lose.
I own every champion and have done for a while. I have also played every champion to understand what all of them do and how. I only need to play 1 game to refresh my memory on the specifics and that's fine.
elin990 (EUW)
: How much normals before going ranked with a champ?
I play 1 normal or a custom. Once I know how the abilities work, the AA animation and a rough idea of how to use the kit I'm ready to go!
: Low Elo Mid Laner with a Jungler looking to make mixed gender team! (Girls Needed to join us) msg us
I would also like to make a mixed gender team. I am male, looking for 4 females. Legit.
Kira Elf (EUNE)
: Where is my chest?
You likely did not have a chest available. Check your profile and make sure you have one to be earnt. There is a maximum you can earn per month (4).
: No it's not indeed. It's the assassin meta in the tank GAME! Tanks are your win condition since season 4.
Average game time is incredibly short at the moment, shortest it's ever been sinse I started playing. Tanks just don't have the time to scale. If the game went to late game, I'd agree. But I haven't gotten a game where I've been full items in a long, long time. With the current meta being win early win fast and snowball potential being through the roof, tanks (usually weaker laners) just don't cut it.
: If you don't pick a tank top in this meta
: Happy birth day to me !
Welcome to the year of taxes! Many more to come!
: How Easy Is It to get perma banned?
As with all the punishments, you can't do it by accident. You have to be toxic, which requires you to actively BE toxic
Djãngo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=4I4m1auW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-24T21:49:12.830+0000) > > There are enough queue dodgers even without free dodges. I don't want too see how many games will not start if such thing will be implemented It's not like someone team bans very often, it rarely happens to me even when I'm playing off meta, I'm only talking about the very small amount of times when it does happen
Then it'll only be 5 minutes, no worries.
: 1-nobody can see your highlights 2- low quality for youtube look at qualities FHD 2k 4K all at 60 frrame 3rd party https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTXwGCBxVbY record by highlight i`m tested look at colors this video ( reply ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PAlpxQNLzg i just want 2 things 40min game how i will see my moments is 15 sec only and alot of video 15 secs maybe 32 videos and nobody can see yours i can merge so esey but still low qualities i set high recordi recorded by reply 1440 and 1080 both has same bit rate 64kbps 3rd party at FHD 1080p 50171k bps not small but i think reply is for beginners should have more choises
If you can do all of it... then again, what are you asking for..?
Stark31 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Perilum,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=7uY8VyPV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-24T10:11:37.870+0000) > > It will run, but poorly. > That is the lowest possible office laptop you can get. > > You need a dedicated GPU (min GTX1050) and a CPU with at least 3-4Ghz. > 8GB that laptop also should've. > > These are the bare minimum for playing with laptops. GTX 1050 seems a bit of an overkill for just lol i have gtx 970 and still runs everything full with 150- 200 fps.
I have a 940M and can hit 200+ FPS while streaming it aswell. A 1050 is wildly OTP
: Error 183: Failed To Create Dumb File.
Try running as an admin, and make sure that League is installed on the route, and not inside program files. Windows permissions can be a pain to navigate.
Eveninn (EUW)
: But if it doesn't hurt them enough, you'd much rather prefer you had run for during that time instead. :x
Definitely. Only do this if you believe you have kill potential.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zantonny,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=hPJA43K6,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-23T11:30:03.363+0000) > > I am still not sure what you're asking for. > > Highlights can already be used for anything you want to use them for, most popular video editing software can open the highlight format, or can get a plugin that allows them too. Youtube can also recognise it, allowing you to upload them individually directly to the site, if you did so want. > > If you're asking to be able to record things with 3rd party programs then insert it into the client, I am not sure on the use of that. As your recording wouldn't have the correct format, I am not sure the client would even be able to open it. Even if it could... why? It's already on your computer if you want to watch it, why do you want to use the client to watch it? ok 3rd party programs but i`m using Wondershare Filmora is 4rd party i can merge videos ok lets say i recorded by highlights have 3 videos and i want merge those 3 videos and add troll faces is cannot moments is short video about 30 sec and alot of highlights videos i`m sure should be better if can merge videos to 1 way better
You can do that with 3rd party software. The LoL client is not a video editing software and I doubt they intend to change that.
: Unfortunately you can't upload videos to the Highlight system, no matter the format. The only way to get highlights is by recording the video directly in the League of Legends client. I hope this cleared things up. Let me know if I can help you with anything else. recorded moments by GeForce Experience when i drag my videos ( output ) to my highlights not showing me my videos in league of legends highlights i ask to be possible to upload videos to my highlights system
I am still not sure what you're asking for. Highlights can already be used for anything you want to use them for, most popular video editing software can open the highlight format, or can get a plugin that allows them too. Youtube can also recognise it, allowing you to upload them individually directly to the site, if you did so want. If you're asking to be able to record things with 3rd party programs then insert it into the client, I am not sure on the use of that. As your recording wouldn't have the correct format, I am not sure the client would even be able to open it. Even if it could... why? It's already on your computer if you want to watch it, why do you want to use the client to watch it?
: I think she will struggle with melee assassins too, since Q needs some room for charging damage, can't really do that at point blank range. Of course that would require one bubble to be missed, but still...
You can! Use R to jump away, Hit Q at furthest point, return to previous position and throw the Q at them! :)
Rioter Comments
: > Both her Q and E are blocked by minions. Thats a pretty major point. Gonna make it easy in lane to shove her in and deny her harrass by cowering behind minions, something that wouldnt be possible against two champions kinda similar to her {{champion:7}} {{champion:103}}
Exactly this. Also, LB has the choice to move back to her location or not. Ahri can move freely with her ult. zoe cannot. Zoe WILL return to her previous point, no matter what, this is abuse able and of course, makes not usable to escape. She's a poke mage, hard hitting poke, but not much different than lethality Jayce and far easier to avoid.
: Suggestion to add videos to my highlights file ( montage )
I'm not really sure what it is you're asking for.
NmP Vortex (EUNE)
: Nerf or even remove that new champ Zoe
I actually think the opposite, but I also know it's too soon to say. I shant start an arguement with you because like I said, it is just too soon to say, people are still experimenting, and she is diffcult, so people haven't mastered it yet. But some points: * Her Q is her ONLY real damage ability (The E does do damage but it's negligible, it's more for the CC) * Both her Q and E are blocked by minions. * Her E doesn't instantly put you to sleep, giving you time to escape, or take cover behind minions before it pops. * She has no escape abilities. * She is VERY squishy. * The Q is a long, thin skillshot, that is difficult to land against a good opponent, and almost impossible into someone with a movement ability (Lucian, Ez, LB etc) * She's especially vulnerable to All Ins, with her low defence, no escape abilities and her only CC isn't instant and is doudgeale, many assasins will kill her before it even goes off.
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