: plz explain i copy and pasted it myself in windows paint so i know for a fact that it is not photo shopped
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Warreign (EUW)
: farming
it's one thing to be decent at farming but to excel at farming sacrifices information you can spend on the enemy/map etc the importance of farming also depends on the lanes you play - if you play bot (with a decent support) you can afford to pay attention to farming in mid lane, it is exp and killing that is the focus top lane is a mix of both - but most top champs can waveclear in seconds
: Looking for champions to main
I too am in Bronze right now, I recommend Nocturne - he is a much **more viable Zed** due to the recent updates. Excluding his **decent jungling**, he is an amazing Mid that has lots of ganking - and therfore - snowball potential His w can block most spells - dat anivia, and his passive allows u to outsustain. He can also top if you buy tank items early, your laning strategy consists of bullying the snot out of your enemy and maintaining your **low mana pool** Be wary that people will flame you for being "out of meta"
Gorratil (EUW)
: Need some tips to stop being called feeder ;)
Feeding only normally happens when you become tilted, eat,sleep well before playing - this helps with your mood. Disable your chat since its useless unless your playing Ranked If you lose two games in a row - take a break
: Runes
You should only worry about runes at all when youre level 30 + you have many champions OR you have a Main
Zaoen (EUW)
: PvP.net Summoner Profile Champion Icons Golden Borders?
Is the borders permanent? if so why? - are chests that rare?
: Nocturne question
Warrior hands down, Noc is effective in Burst Ganks and he isnt late game fantastic (where devourer becomes useful) unless ur near minions - nocturne doesnt have a real sustain(+ low mana pool) so long skirmishes is bad for him.
B4ckstabber (EUNE)
: Shaco
My legitimate guide: Crit dmg runes help Statik Shiv > Essence Reaver > bootyos > Infinity Edge > Phantom > ?? = Profit Use the jitb 0:48 on enemy blue or red (dont ward or they see) - or a non essential allied jungle creep Farm alot, any lane that has a poke champ will slow ur 1-shot dream u can invest in an ap item early or level w to more than the recommended lv 2 to zone enemies having two jitb in the same spot prevents most champions to shrug stuff off decieve on the opposite direction u go to always use ur clone when possible, when dueling have ur clone run away to decieve scrubs
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Estti379 (EUW)
: >I prefer feedback on the ones where I end up winning cheers That's usually a bad idea^^' Getting feedback on games where you won your lane, got ahead and proceeded to crush the enemies, isn't that productive. In those games, you did less major mistakes than usual(and opponents didn't capitalize on the ones you did), there is also not much to say other than the "more is better" responses. "Yeah, you did good. You could have warded a bit more, but it didn't really matter in that game! Keep the good work." "Your plays were impressive. But with your big lead, you could have spread your advantage to other lanes, making your team snowball even more, but your strategy was good enough for that game." In your lost games, your mistakes are way more apparent, and your opponents did punish you for them. By teaching you to avoid those mistakes you did in a lost game, you will improve way more and faster. Needless to say, it is a way more effective usage of your time then^^ In the end, your goal should be to salvage lost games and turn them into wins, and not change won games and turn them into losses =P
Ah, right cheers! It's just my team and I almost always dominate the game, but fail to take advantage of it. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind - promo for Bronze 3 :D
: According to DANIELLIZARD, it sounds like you may be able to use some of these in case you haven't seen them yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6_XCrZAT6M&list=PLsL7hqZ-1QGQgQzxOFwMNAve4cYGLOIhK {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thanks! Although it's more team oriented losses, this should give a solid foundation to play/give advice(scream to people) on
: I'm currently spectating a game of yours and finished another few minutes ago. Bad news: You do belong to Bronze. Bronze 3 at best. Good news: it is fairly easy to get out of bronze as soon as you realize your mistakes. I've added you in-game, you just have to accept my request :)
Added you, but it seems we do not play at the same times :( {{champion:26}} Since you have watched one of those games, can you state some places for improvements, I prefer feedback on the ones where I end up winning cheers
Svempe007 (EUNE)
: First you gotta accept that you're bad since you can't carry even in low bronze. Then you should maybe watch youtube videos that teach you how to improve or streams. Seriously there are a shitton on videos you just gotta look for them. Edit: You should probably not play azir/singed/shaco etc until you get better. Just stick to easy champs that can carry easily.
Cheers from EuW! I really shouldn't be able to carry every game I play, there is a larger skill gap for players in Bronze than in SIlver and onwards - so that is akin to playing Jungle {{champion:268}} with waffles for hands (more harder than it seems) Although I'm really not mediocre in terms of skill (although bronze states otherwise){{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} , You are probably right in that simpler champions give a straightforward outcome in game, Cheers for the help
: 1st: never let anyone downgrade you or insult you just because you can't climb out of bronze, you are a valued member of the community just like those stiffs above you. (this point is just a nice guy point) 2nd: I'd say you probably have to carry yourself _and your team_ through your games. I played support twice and lost them both because our _diamond_ mid laner (banner and everything) fed like a kitchen. I carried every game I played mid and every game I played a confident champ as well. ---- My advice would be to take the carry responsibility yourself and go **mid**. **Maybe top**, but that would involve playing a good scaling champ and helping the bottom half of the map. **ADC** is risky because of your support, but if you play a good champ and your team doesn't get spaghettied all over, then you should do well in the late game. **For mid**, assassins tend to be great snowballs, but are often difficulty to understand at low elo's. I'd recommend {{champion:157}} {{champion:7}} because they are so easy. **For ADC**, either try and find out who is strong currently ({{champion:81}} {{champion:236}}) and get the hang of them. Jungle is a bit of a sensitive topic, since they can affect the game quite a lot depending on the pick alone, but that is only if you're willing for that role. Aside from that, just play your main and master them, you can carry with virtually anyone.
Thank you very much for your advice, For me it seems that it is better to use Melee-friendly champs like {{champion:31}} {{champion:27}} so I can push even when the entire enemy team is missing + no wards (team, y u no ward) - without fear of getting bum-rushed despite having an {{champion:268}} turret up (lasor torret sun disc pl0s rito), Today I just made it to **Bronze IV** with around 30 points, I am hoping for more competitive games (rather than Dunk slides) as I climb. Thanks again, it made me think of how some champs are better suited in the meta of divisions rather than leagues
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