Cypherous (EUW)
: > Riot should start punishing the people that AFK instead of focusing on bad words being said in game. They already do, IFS handles toxicity, LeaverBuster handles AFK's, they are two very different systems
Giving people ''LeaverBuster'' doesn't mean shit lol. They will wait out those 5-10 minutes, and just go afk again. They don't learn anything from that. They should get banned. For example 1st afk - warning ;2nd afk - 12 hours ban ;3rd afk - 1 day ban etc. Just like CSGO competitive cooldown.
xFrosten (EUW)
: The way that their report system works is basically a placebo. A placebo for you to stay silent, no matter what. The more you talk in the chat the higher the risk you face at being punished. Riot games doesn't care that their system is unfair and broken, and they don't care that sub 40% of their community is probably really toxic.... And the way that they only look at YOU when they make a decision of punishing you... completely disgus****. When you face abusive players you are not even allowed to defend yourself, like honestly....
Yeah that is exactly my point here. It's like you're being tortured and getting your time wasted but you cannot express yourself nor speak.
: no one gonna point you " you are all bad" dude i got perma banned for saying the client was shit, stop moaning when u get the expected punishment lol
See, now you are wrong here. You can't see what everyone else is saying. So what happened was top started calling bot bad, adc was calling her support bad and saying its all her fault, and jungle was blaming our adc. I said ''you are all bad'' so they would finally shut up and start playing.
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