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: xD u remind me of this guy i knew who used to talk and talk and if anyone said anything against it he would go on a rampage exactly like this ;p byebye ps. if u talk like this to people over a board post i can imagine u deserve a very big ban from how u must treat ppl in game
Yeah you're right like always. Bye dont talk to me again unless you bring any point instead of always insulting.
: sure my dude {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ps. ive seen good laners actual good ones be able to take a hundred ganks and not die/kill the enemy 2v1, a solo laner is always going to be ahead of a jungler since xp nerf so stop crying and get better or like i said dont play league, its a 5v5 game not a 1v1 game, top can gank u, bot can gank u support can gank u jungle can gank u, mid can gank u, im sure u had games where jungler didnt do shit so other top laners ganked ur lanes xD u just prefer to stay in ur lane and lose it so u can "come back" when u got ur whole team going aram after lane phase yea, just dont reply to me anymore u sound stupid, to even say u lose on purpose and u think the game should be 1v1 in lane when there are 5 players. DUDE UR OP.GG WINRATE IS 20% XD AND U SAY U LIKE COMING BACK BRO U INT SO BADLY, COME BACK MY ASS, u put urself behind to come back more like to lose the game for ur team, u should actually get banned for wat u do u admit u put urself behind and ur match history shows u just feed on purpose dude u srsly need a ban "I can also comeback from behind,its honestly the most fun I had,I even had a period where I purposfully lost early just to comeback mid game. But riot is now pushing the short game so that "jungle balancing fed lane" is needed." ur own words, u deserve a massive ban
Yeah I've seen people whit good arguments too,not you tho thats bad. ALSO YOU PIECE OF SHIT READ: " even had a period where I purposfully lost early just to comeback mid game." Do you %%%%ing english? I HAD and you are using current win rate to judge that? Also 20%? Because I played legit 5 games the last week and lost 4 of them you idiotic shit. Dont talk to me or anyone about anything whitout good arguments ever again.
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oMehzinyy (EUNE)
: Why did riot rework Diana
Because they are bored and have to rework random chmps,when they could rework champs that no one plays.
: go play another game, try hots no jungler needed in that game good luck have fun, its pointless talking to u cuz u wont budge, MOM I WANTED THE BLACK IPHONE AND U GOT ME THE WHITE, type of ppl xD, its a game millions love to play and hundreds of thousands only enjoy the jungle role cuz u dont like it dont take everyone elses fun away, go play some hots and get over urself no one cares that u get ganked boo hoo grow up get over it, simple as that, everyone gets 2v1 im a jungler and the mid laner runs down at my blue with enemy jungler and i dont complain saying to get rid of the mid lane do i even tho it happens almost every game jungler and mid camp me
What kind of people is that?Just like your other comments nothing can be understand from that. So now what I want to play doesnt matter even when I'm a player AND you see hundreds of tread about this? Also I never said to get rid of the jungle,I said IF it was removed I will not miss it. READ instead of writing useless shit. AAND stop using yourself as an example,its useless: can lie 2.I dont care if you have fun or not,thats for someone else/riot. 3.I dont like you since you dont bring any point and relie on useless taunting and similar.
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: its a 5v5 game if there is no jungler there will be 2 top or 2 mid, nothing u can do about it stop complaining about it or play another game cuz thats how the game has been since season 1 also u purposely losing ur lane to come back is the dumbest thing ive ever heard cuz wat if u dont come back, u basically messed the game up for everyone else cuz u have fun being behind then coming back. and i prefer short games myself, not everone has no life and can afford to spend an hour playing a single match, people have lives, playing 2-3 20-30 min games is alot more fun than playing one 40-50 min game cuz u cant start another one since u got places to be
So your point I dont get it? you said nothing,absolutely nothing to counter what I said.
: sounds like u havent had any good junglers in ur team, without junglers if u r behind you'll nvr get ahead and just feed, we help u out when u r behind so u dont lose ur lane, i gank non stop when i see a lane struggling to get them ahead (struggling but not feeding like almost dying alot or less cs) so junglers r important otherwise one person losing lane loses the game since they can push all the way to base and no one to help u or stop them from going on since adc, sup, top, mid or wtvr other role cant abandon their lane without losing it not to meantion the jungler is the only one that can stop the enemy from being super fed, once u die u r behind and if u keep dying with no help u just feed more and more till u got a 13/0/1 kat and ur whole team is %%%%ed cuz of u, no matter how much u dislike it, junglers r important to keeping ur team alive and balanced
I've had good jungle where in my comment have I said I never had one? As I said before,its no fun when I'm losing from it and its no fun when I'm winning. I can also comeback from behind,its honestly the most fun I had,I even had a period where I purposfully lost early just to comeback mid game. But riot is now pushing the short game so that "jungle balancing fed lane" is needed.
: Anyone else is having lag spikes in game?
high ms doesnt cause screen freeze
Addrek (EUW)
: This mid assassin meta SUCKS!
Still think its better than the mid mages OP meta.
: How to carry bronzes when they dont want to?!
My experience to have the BEST chance of winning whit bad teammates. You dont carry them. You do what you think you need to do to win,for example: if you think fighting is a good idea,tell them you want to fight and dont be afraid of just sticking whit them in fights If they want to follow your steps you are a little vloser to victory. If they wont follow,then you are probably gonna lose. Put your trust in them and simply play. You are gonna get disappointed when somethings goes wrong,but that just happen sometimes. It doesnt matter,you arent always gonna win in everything. But you successfully did what you could and thats what matters. Never give up and keep trying no matter what,thats simply how you succeed in everything. Trust me after a while it can(prob will) become satifying and fun to "carry" your team to victory.
: "************ ****** **** ********* XD *********" Balancing is terrible, I keep trying to find something as good to play but I can't! yet. Hope they bring no more champions out. I just give up so quickly against them, they bore me I bore them. !!<(")>
Yes but the post was mostly about ingame bug.
: Junglers had this playstyle for 8 Seasons. In one season they got completly cucked so their gameplan changed drasticly. Now they bring back the old jungle playstyle. The game is never a 1v1. If you go in with that mindset only wanting to 1v1 in your lane, you're playing the wrong game. Laners just need to adapt to that once again. Be the smarter player. Ward and position well. If you see the enemy jungler going to gank your lane, just back off a little, simple as that. If you have intel where the enemy jungler is, you can go play our 1v1 duels. The game was never about 1v1ing on sololanes or 2v2ing on duo lanes. If all you care about is 1v1ing your enemy, you're not playing the game how it is supposed to be played and on this point you're literally trolling and griefing your team. Go play custom games with your friends or randoms and do 1v1's or just quit league and transition to another game. You need to play the early game patient. If you do that and the jungler is wasting time to gank you while you're in an ungankable position, your jungler will take advantege of it and counterjungle while the enemy wastes time. This will result in your jungler overpowering the enemy jungler to a point where your jungler literally sits in the enemy jungle killing the other jungler over and over again while going in for ganks. It's a beat of hypocrizy that every godamn lane player wants to play flashy 1v1's when they are strong. But as soon as they are set in a problematic 1v1 they cry for ganks so they get their powerspike to 1v1 again. Let me be honest. You're hardstuck in gold for exactly that reason. Do you ever watch SoloQ gods like faker or dopa? They are freaking legends, demolishing soloQ, fighting over rank 1 ladder while being the only ones fighting for rank 1 that aren't abusing DuoQ in challenger. Have analyzed their playstyle? They play it safe and take max value out of playing the match up and the map correctly, by not getting cucked by the enemy jungler while helping to cuck that exact enemy jungler. Faker and dopa only get those flashy 1v1's that you so desperately crave for because they know WHEN they can do it. They don't mindlessly go in if the risk exists that they could get ganked. Unless they are in a state they know they can finish off their enemy laner and survive even if they get ganked.
If you want someone to get your point state your point first and then write the example under it. I dont want to waste anymore time reading something at night. You sure write alot but dont seem to read. I never said I dont know how you are supposed to play lane,I in fact do know what you're supposed to do and I dont like it. You are also wrong about jungle being the same for 8 seasons. in season 4-5 and in part,6 ,junglers had three play styles: 1.farming (for late game carries and objective control) 2.invader (to counter farmers and steal enemy jungle) 3.ganker (early game gang and the only play style left nowdays) Thats ALOT of fun and strategy removed. About the misconception that I only want 1 vs 1: "All games and your lane is decided by what the jungle decide to do." As writed I'm tired of lane decided by what the jungle wants to do. " I cant even lane anymore and 1 vs 1 anymore?" this phrase doesnt add any point,its just here to empasize more my previus point about jungle controlling lanes. Now the fact you actually think I'm hardstuck Gold: You seem to have stalked a bit in my account,but as your comment showed all over,you only do surface searching,if you dig deeper you can find 3 things that would suggest otherwise: 1. I mostly play offmeta/troll/random in ranked,hell the only reason I actually play ranked is to try my new ideas. 2. I started in bronze 1 this season,since in my placement I was trying malzahar support and couldnt get it to work at first and reached gold in 20-30 games whit toehr "offmeta" 3. I also only have around 120+ total game in ranked my whole play time of 6 years,I dont even have the number of games needed to be considered "hardstuck" and I didnt even try,I mostly enjoy finding new build etc.. and its not like I'm gonna reach challenger anyway. About the streamers: I dont enjoy Dopa,he's too flame and toxic for me. I do enjoy Faker,but because he has a good personality,not those 1 vs 1 you are talking about,not like he isnt clean,he is,in fact,clean.
Hawky (EUW)
: Cant log in to EUW or EUNE, after having bugged Lobbies. Several people with the same issue.
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: I miss Windows 7. Too bad I had to swap to 10 when I upgraded my rig 'cause the MB is too new to support 7. But yeah I can see why they decide not to support Win 7 anymore. Microsoft themselves aren't gonna support it, and keeping something compabitable with multiple operation systems can be quite the hassle. ~~Still waiting for Linux client though!~~
Atleast now thee can focus more on fixing and bug and stuff right? Oh wait another skin?
Nhirè (EUW)
: youre a negative win rate/kda gold who's complaining about stale gameplay... Get at least in diamond to see a lot of swings in games.
97% of the players arent diamond. ARE YOU INSANE?
: Why I don't enjoy winning anymore.
I also more and more times feel the same way. Games are already over at 10 min,its boring.
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: Failing ganks is heavily punishing for junglers. Your jungler just needs to react acordingly. If the enemy jungler ganks botlane wether sucessful or not. Your jungler counterjungles his topside while leaving a small mob alive, which heavily disrupts his exp and gold gain, both junglers go even if the enemy does a sucessful gank. If he doesn't get a kill or assist, that ganking jungler falls heavily behind. Ontop of that, the "less ganking" jungler has the ability to force a route upon the enemy, if the heavy ganking jungler ignores it and still forces to gank a specific lane, he falls more behind, even worse, the dictating jungler "the farmer" now is a lot stronger than his ganking opponent and thus has the ability to countergank now and completly cuck the ganking one. It is YOUR job as laner to adapt to it. It has always been. In every single meta, wether jungle was gank or farm heavy, it was the laners job to both avoid getting ganked and to prepare ganks for his jungler. Season 9 was actually more gank heavy since the camps respawned way slower, giving way more time to gank inbetween farming, so idk what you're complaining about. People like you just simply don't even remotely close understand the jungle role and what it's supposed to do. Neither do you ever adapt and learn how to play with your jungler toghether. Junglers are more objective oriented than they have ever been. Please learn how to play around your jungler, thank you very much
I understand I already told you why I dont like that shit. ITS JSUT NOT FUN AT ALL. All games and your lane is decided by what the jungle decide to do. YOu are seryusly telling me I cant even lane anymore and 1 vs 1 anymore?
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Jungle is already the least popular role along with support, and gets blamed for everything even more than support. Their impact is not as high as it was before, the exp of camps just has been nerfed... And you want to gut the role even more. Why don't we just remove the jungle and make the game a 2-1-2 meta?
: the jungle has been nerfed, and we do get punished for failed ganks, cuz no catch up xp, ?????wat do u want, how about the jungler just stays in the jungle ALLLLLLLL game im sure u wont be spam pinging for them to help u or anything
That would be much better honestly. I dont want to play aa costant 1 vs 2,not matter who's getting camped its NOT AT ALL fun.
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: I think that idea would have been neat if you pitted cheaters against cheaters. The problem with having toxics against each other is that there are some decent people among them willing to reform and the fact that they'd be surrounded by bad influences would completely contradict the point of punishing toxicity, because it would only thrive more.
I dont really care honestly. But If you are toxic you are toxic becaause people report you. If you shut up no one will report and you will no longer be toxic then,so normal human match.
Xaveria (EUW)
: Literally every game has a smurf or someone going AFK - why isn't Riot taking any action?
I remember an old project where they wanted to cope toxic people whit toxic people and afk guys whit afks
: Many of the actually decent people get slaughtered by their toxic team. Those people stop playing because they're not having fun anymore after being constantly flamed for dying once. That leaves the toxic people. Other option: Those people stop talking to their team because saying "glhf" at the beginning of the game literally gets answers like "shut the f up" and "f off"
Thats almost like what happened to me. I used to type gl hf everygame :(
: Oh true, my apologies then.
Well but I still want to change your mind I'll be heppy if you tell me what you think of what I said before
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: > In the second one you play with one goal in mind: winning, no matter the cost. I was asking what do you mean by "no matter the cost", what is the cost in trying hard? I am playing mostly Draft; so you say I can't try in Blind?
Yeah I never said :"No matter the cost" Its the other guy. First comment: Why dont we get try harder and put them somewhere else? Zedant (EUW)submitted 3 days ago in Off-topic Tiring of try harders in normal when I'm just chilling. Second comment: Zedant (EUW) - about 3 hours ago Just go rank then. Third and Last comment: Zedant (EUW) - about 2 hours ago Ehm ... cost? nothing? You dont lose anything. Then just go in draft dont come in blind. I DONT CARE WHAT SOMEONE ELSE SAYS,I care about what I say. Zedant (EUW) - about 3 hours ago Because I dont? And its not like its once in a while,its been literally EVERY game since pre season. Yeah I never said :"No matter the cost" Its the other guy.
Declined (EUNE)
: Not wanting to change your login name?
I'm not too happy whit this change. Especcially on the part where you cant put your original user name as the new one,thats really annoying.
: What would be that cost? And no, I want to train in Normals in order to perform the best possible in ranked. It's funny, because a lot of people say you should only go to Ranked at your best and now you say you should not train in Normals. So which is it now?
Ehm ... cost? nothing? You dont lose anything. Then just go in draft dont come in blind. I DONT CARE WHAT SOMEONE ELSE SAYS,I care about what I say.
: Cause you or somebody else have acc with that same username on other server. So either you change username on your other acc ofc if you can. Or you change this acc username.
YeahI'm the one whit the user name,I cant have my own username now :(
: I am having fun when winning and trying my best, finding and exceeding the borders of my current skill and pushing them out, always doing better. What would be that "cost" in your mind?
Hansiman (EUW)
: What about the times you try hard for a win, but the others are chilling?
Because I dont? And its not like its once in a while,its been literally EVERY game since pre season.
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: thank you, I mean is nearly 80 fps unplayable? ( not smooth )
I used to play at 20 fps . Definetely not unplayble,still very much capable of play.
Dσn (EUW)
: No such thing as a "close game" game in pre season.
Mor elike splitpusher are even more dead and you have even less strategy then before,NICE!!
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: I think they patched this, just tried opening it in notepad then change the client language to Japanese, saved, then launched client but there was no option to change to Japanese. When i open the notepad again it goes back to English...{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
I'll try it again. Edit: yeah doesnt work {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Zedant,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=xFbmyV5g,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-13T19:53:29.599+0000) > > If you say anything about them you'll get downvoted,doesnt matter if you are saying they are too strong or too weak or anything else. > I think its because there are butthurt adc main who cant take "critisism"(not even critisism just talking about them it enough since people dont READ stuff anyway). ...all the more reasons to actually care about downvotes. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Yeah I dont really care. Just wanted to see if someone agrees whitt her eason behind it.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} God damn it thats why solo que is %%%%ed.People like you are dumb.
I dont even play solo queue just contered your "point". Also since you got my point explain it to me,EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DIDNT GET/LIKE and lets see what we can do about it. Dont be like :"Oh,everyone is dumb ,nya nya." You wont be getting anywhere whit that attitude,its also way too frustrating to talk to you I suppose. If you want to destroy yourself its fine I dont care anyway.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Maybe you should use your brain to understand that is a {{champion:18}} .You even realise wtf her e does?? Urf isnt fun anymore.Who picks the right champs win.And tristana is useless to kill in urf but good to push because her E.
I know how ALL champ in this game works,so what? WHAT ITS YOUR POINT GODAMMIT. I told you that she can just push and not fight and THATS UNFUN. Then you comeback telling me she can push whit her E. You also said it like:" You should use your brain,stupid %%%%%%%%%%%%,she can push whit her E are you stupid?". And in the second half you tell me AGAIN what I JUST TOLD YOU and is ALSO TRUE IN NORMAL BTW, and after that you say that she can push whit her E again like you didnt just told me that 15 words before AND also AFTER I TOLD you IN THE FIRST PLACE she can do that and thats what was unfun. Do you have anything to say?Or are you just gonna pretend like you are saying something?
Squanix (EUNE)
: If they buff him again pro players abuse it and riot will be "oh op nerf". Sadly most nerfs are based on pro stage.Thats why many champs will stay in the shadows like azir. I agree his not op he needs some help but it wont happen
Doesnt need to be buff? You dont need to buff a champ to make his win rate in low elo get higher.
: Yeah before the Rework, Azirs Soldier Range was close to Xerath's Q Range. But they changed it and made him more Melee oriented, which in my Opinion is just bad. It was super simple before. Super weak Early Game, once he got 3 to 4 Items Autowin Late Game. Now its just a Gamble. Also you have to hope that the enemies will not focus you in Teamfights, because its way too easy to pick him off since his Range is so short. I just hope Riot will one Day revert some of the Changes at least. Maybe take away the Attack Speed Spike and give him back a little more Range. They already tried that. I don't remember in what Patch tho. They increased his Soldier Range but didn't decrease the Attack Speed and reverted it back.
I do think the useless early and invicible late is even worst. But Azir shhould be a dps whit more range not a wannabe assasin.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: A champion is only as strong as the summoner who wields it
Oh they removed the summoner concapt in seaosn 7 already. But yeah your right.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: adc op in urf????????LOOOL DUDE. {{champion:105}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} What about this??Adc op lel.Wtf is wrong with people today.
Yeah nothing its wrong whit people,you are wrong whit people. YOu also cant READ at all who even said adc were OP in urf? :"NEVER FOUGHT simply pushed and pushed ALL GAME " Use your brain and figure out I'm talking about it being unfun that this champ just pushes instead of fighting like you should in urf.
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