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: The League of Legends Worlds 2019 Song! 🎧🎶
I think it was just ok but fits more to be just another cinematic as any other rather than the worlds official song. I mean we're presented with a music video to a song that is meant to be THE song of the year. It bringing hype should be part of its core and the visuals should be second to that. Many including me are appreciative of what the visuals are bringing but if the song is lacking then it's failing in that regard making it just another cinematic, a good one mind you but not as good as a Worlds song should be.
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: Now I've seen it all
: lmao wrong board btw, should be in games, jokes and contests
why when he's spitting straight facts... _sigh_...
: Who know another game that is skill based and no pay to win?
not an online mmo but if you're just looking for a change the Batman Arkam trilogy is free to download on the Epic Games store rn
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: Yeah, I think poker is the best analogy I have personally found. Yet though I find it fascinating that in TFT there isn't absolute royal flush nor absolutely worthless hands, but due to not any research of "how much skill is involved in TFT" being conducted as far as I'm aware of, I will settle with it being as skill/luckbased as poker. And no, I meant with rolling 6 overall the easiness to read result in games. In monopoly you see instantly if you meet doom due to bad luck, in TFT the perception between what is "bad luck" may vary greatly from player to player due to results being sum of decision making and luck. I also find it quite interesting to see wether we at some point reach point in TFT where players are literally calculating probabilities and making decision making basing on that, but perhaps that is being far too hopeful unless it grows big as League did. Thank you for discussing, was pleasure.
The feeling is mutual :)
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: Indeed, it is far closer to board games than chess. In chess there is almost absolute 0 luck (only the player who goes first has tiny, tiny, tiny edge) while in TFT there are numerous random events, seemingly far beyond your control. However, game isn't telling you when you get lucky. It's very clear when you roll 6 in board game, and as such are lucky, because there is usually only one way that result can be perceived. However, TFT doesn't give you absolute answer to when you got lucky, unless you have knowledge of what is strong and as such, you know when you got lucky. Everything you buy, every time you roll, every unit you place on board is a choice, choice made by player, not by the game. Let's say one had **chance** to get kennen 2 early (pre lv6), then they had chance to get asol and gnar 2 at lv6. Finally they had chance to get swain 2 at lv 7. Now, let's say they are extremely lucky(they already are very lucky if they got the following units that early but...), they first get kennen2 without rerolls just by free shop refreshes at start of round(9 gold), they get asol2 and gnar2 by first picking them from shop and then rerolling rest at lv 6 with 6 rerolls (rerolls 12 gold, gnar and asol together 24 gold=36 gold) then they get swain2 at level 7 first picking one from shop and rerolling 5 times (as if...) (swain 15 gold+rerolls 10 gold=25 gold) totalling in 70 gold. Now game didn't tell them to buy those units, neither did it tell to have economy prepared for them or for rolling or for levelling up, nor did it imply they are strong units. Player got altogether 11*5-12=43 options besides those + options they had when shop was automatically resfreshed. Now, even if player bought these units, they still need 4 units at least for their late game comp and they have to have kept some kind of economy (which should be ridiculously easy given how monstrous comp they could have at level 7 and before). And Given that they go for instance comp like {{champion:136}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} they would preferably need to combine item components correctly and have plan on what items to get from carousel. And yet even then They should preferably be positioning around enemy comps, blitz, zephyr, assassins and so on. And then there could be yet debate should they even cut kennen in first place eg. in situation where there is void sin player in lobby, but rather keep it and for instance have eles. And yet we may very well assume the said player very rarely gets that lucky, at least in sense that they would get the said units. They need to adjust their gameplan for each and every game and be able to make multiple comps and knowledge how to pivot into them. Funny thing is, my final build in last game was excactly what I mentioned in the last game, I came 2nd (void sin, ehem, highrolled better than me :) but, not from starting point you would expect. Recalling the game, my battle build at level 5 consisted following 2 star graves, 1 star lucian with ludens, 1 star garen and darius and kennen(without items). What I had mainly on bench was blademasters (camilles and shen), and 2 1 star vaynes. I had originally pleasurably gone into blademasters, but starting items consisted of 2 rods and cloak and I wasn't getting bow from first carousel. Now, my plan for mid game was to 1:go rangers with eles 2:go eles with knight 3:go yordles sorc. I think I rerolled at around lv 6 (from 50 gold, perhaps into 20), lucian had so far had done good work with graves and I was quite healthy (80 hp almost I think) and hit 2 asols, gnar, poppy and shy. It was now extremely easy to know what I'm building. Got soon after asols and gnars to 2 stars. Later I hit swain 1 at lv 7, later in late game got it into 2 when there was me and void sin player left. Was I lucky? Yes, extremely in my opinion. Did that bring me 2nd place? Probably yes, but just as well I would assume I hadn't got there if I hadn't first decided to go lucian with ludens to carry me through early game, then had econed and hit relatively early 6 and then just at that point rerolled and yet decided what to buy. Just as well I could have found ashes and brands, that would have made me go with plan 1. Something else? Had adjusted. Yet it should be noted that probabilities are affected by player's actions. Levelling up means you have higher chance to get 3 and higher cost units, while you start to get less and less 1 cost units. Players having many copies of certain unit means it is unlikelier for you to find it, buying lots of certain cost reduces pool of that cost ( let's say I buy kennen, poppy and veigar, now anyone else has higher chance to hit ashes, rengars, aatrox's and so on though practically this only really affects 4 and 5 cost units), rolling after player is elminated gives higher chance to hit the units that player had because they are back in pool and so on. Without economy you can buy very little and roll very little so selling units from time to time to hit next 10 gold is quite important. While I do think especially in high diamond+ luck is big factor to be dealt with, due to players getting quite good in adjusting their builds, planning them, econing, positioning and so on, still there are players who can have multiple accounts in challenger and have over 1500 lp(remainder: the lp gains there are really low, lp losses really high and 4th place often loses lp), while those who just hit it may struggle to get higher there. Is it luck that makes one reach top places in challenger? No, I can comfortably say in large amount of games, it is not. The thing is, theoretically just as many times as one may get extremely lucky, they will get extremly unlucky. It isn't interesting to me how can player perform with highrolled comp, it is how much they can squeeze out from seemingly bad luck.
I get the whole "player has the choice" but when the outcome of said choice is also random then it comes dow to expertise that makes only a small precentage of difference in the potential outcome. My analogy was maybe off, after thinking about it TFT is more like Black Jack or Poker. Players who know how to play have an advantage since it's in their power to hold or draw or whatever, but just like in TFT the out come is still RNG and nothing guaranteed. Get 21 on 1st draw or a royal flush and you're set, get crap cards and you're done for no matter the experience. Yes i choose to buy, sell or reroll in TFT but the outcome of my actions are still RNG and thus it's an RNG based game. P.S: high numbers on dice does not guarantee a better outcome especially in Monopoly, you're equally doomed whether you get a high or low number.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: Generally games are won by comps, not by number of 3-stars. Getting 2-star of any 3 or lower unit isn't hard at all, given there aren't too many players going same build and you are rolling at right levels. The funny thing is, without knowledge luck won't carry you too far, simply because knowing when you are getting good units is just as important as getting them. Also planning+building comp around units is far more significant than getting loads of one particular unit, not to mention how much stress 3-starring puts on economy and managing bench space. So in this sense, op may have won through luck, but that is exceptional, not how games are generally won gold+ tiers. I'm not saying the rng wouldn't play part in every tft match, but being able to maximize chances is the factor that consistently brings places 4th-1st.
my friend, TFT is closer to a boardgame than actual chess, don't let the genre "auto chess" deceive you xD While in both cases ofc you have to know the rules but in Monopoly, Cluedo or even Risk for example even when making all the right moves, how much of it is actual skill when your fate is decided by random chance made my dice. Exactly the same in TFT. Yes strategies, builds and combs exist but when what champs you get is RNG, whether you get money or items and in what amount is RNG and the carousel both what champs/ items exist AND their position relative to you is ALL based on RNG how much of it is actually skill?
: So and what about fun?
Vel'Koz mid is how i have fun. You can't look me in the eyes and tell me "just play him and have fun" with the amount of mobility and damage creep being through the roof. might as well turn my screen to grayscale since it wouldn't make a difference.
Rena (EUW)
: Anyone else feel like they aren't good enough? (League related)
Edit: Ok it looks like an essay so a tl;dr exists but i recommend reading it for the big picture. cheers ^^ --------------------------------------------------------------------- maybe to some degree but mostly no. I know the limit of my skill in this game and am fully aware that i'm not of challenger or master tier, diamond is up for debate but i know for a fact that my skill is gold level. Why have i never peaked above silver? I just couldn't care anymore. Sounds cocky but hear me out. I played with an actual smurf a bit ago (it was clear that he was a smurf with how he and i were the only ones that seemed to have a functioning brain) we carried hard as jgl (him) and mid (me) with each with impressive scores respectively. Long story short we played a few more games together, i had to ask how he sees my skill and what i should work on since back then i wanted to reach gold so bad, he confirmed that my micro is of gold standard if not early diamond but that my macro is what's holding me back. Needles to say i worked my ass off on my macro and as i hoped climbing started to happen naturally, extremely slowly but still happening. HOWEVER here's the twist, In silver 1 promos i was blessed with a 14 loosing streak followed by another 5 separated by a couple of victories, all of which happened because of afk's, a double jungle troling couple once, rage quitters, toxic bot lane, open mids, a lvl7 Yas player feeding a Zoe and all that jaz. Breaks were taken, efforts were done, impressive scores and team managements were made yet all that was for nothing. With how the state of the game is so centered around teamplay that 1 troll will lead to a 90% guaranteed loss things were out of my hand. "It's just bad luck" "bad players exist" "It's normal the climb is supposed to be hard" Ik all that, but a 14+ loosing streak that felt like forever, a terrible MMR and a silver 4 banner later i was just exhausted but most of all i had nothing to prove to anyone or myself. I was done. I wanted to reach gold to prove to myself that i had what it takes after those 4 years of effort, and basically had it, but with how the game robbed me from what i'm 100% guaranteed to achieve by things out of my grasp, and after being told 1st hand by someone highly skilled in the game and seeing the effort paying off when the people i play with aren't %%%%%%ed i didn't care to play anymore. "You're making excuses, you're just not skilled enough" "you should be able to carry to reach gold" Oh i can carry some weight of the team to achieve victory (it was the macro that i worked on you know) but as long as i don't get 0/14 players by 8 minutes, junglers that never ganks, is 0/0 and yet is 4 levels behind, and trolls that ran it mid. I haven't touched the game for over 6 months now, yes a couple of games in the 1st weeks of leaving just to give it a try but they were tasteless, i had nothing to prove, no end goal, playing for fun wasn't even an option since the game has changed so much that the champions i want to play for fun are basically guaranteed to loose thanks to damage and mobility creep over the years. ------------------------------------------------------------- Long read ik but i thought i'd tell it nonetheless because of the line > I have this feeling that I am not good enough and honestly it can be really crushing. If you're not having legit fun and enjoying playing league and have nothing to prove to yourself then there's no reason to stay. You don't have to quit, but you also don't have to only play league. For example, the entire Batman Arkam trilogy and the Batman Lego series is now available for free on the Epic Games store. This is the same tip i got from someone on the boards back when i quit. Back then the game Transistor was free and i was hooked by the artstyle, story, gameplay and most importantly for me stunning visuals that worked on an ok laptop and had no mutiplayer element since i was fed up. A break is nice, it clears the mind which is helpful when one is always pressured by the climb and LP. You might find yourself not willing to go back to league like me. Still enjoy league? More power to you, you'll come back to the game with a clearer mind and more focused than you've ever been before. Good luck :)
: I won a game of TFT because RNG
Local player won an rng based game using rng. In oither news, the sky is blue
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Well, as far as titles go they just have to be very clear. As you said, everyone clicks on it, but the amount of engagement depends upon what you actually write. I have dozens of posts in which my tone is very non-aggressive and very welcoming for people to reply to. If your posts gets around 5 upvotes, it goes to the Hot Page for about a day and that gets even more engagement. I haven't stalked your profile at all but, what was it that you actually wanted to discuss?
my latest that got me to write this is regarding the new League of legends logo. I drew the connection between the League logo to how they handled the company logo, comparing the "fist" in Riot Games to the known League logo outline and how if the fist was removed it would be part of the company's identity gone, likewise with how the identity of the league of legends logo imo. is gone due to them completely ditching the old silhouette. That was followed by an opinion and comparison between the old and new League logo saying they're not the same. respective illustrations were placed accompanied with the title "You wouldn't remove the fist from Riot Games would you?" to draw attention and establish a link and expectation for those who bother to check it out. Got either disinterest/ negative backlash on both the Boards and Reddit but not a single discussion. Only somewhat of an opinion was: * the idea that the old logo is somewhat deceiving in nature due the possibility of it being mistaken to sth clickable (sth i think is intentional to reflect the image of queueing up/ starting a game) * That the silhouette is not part of league's identity and that the new logo opens up more creative freedom for its flexibility compared to the rigid old silhouette. I would have loved to get more eyes on the post and replies like these to discuss further but the negative backlash saying that they don't care of that my post is biased accompanied with down votes that's pretty much impossible.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Depending on the tone and argument of your discussion, this is a fine place to post as well. Me and Shamose here sometimes post thoughtful discussions and we get constructive replies back. If your post is "why isn't Riot doing its job?" then that's not a discussion, that's a vent.
I've had a few vent posts in the past but one foresees the outcome of postst of that nature and not getting a legit discussion is expected so i'm not talking about those. However i'm legit curious on your approach to titles on the boards. Do you go for slightly clickbaity titles in nature, completely vague, or full out opinion from the getgo? Unless i'm the 1st to post about a topic, i don't usually get any attention on posts with vague titles no matter the subject. Slightly clickbaity doesn't do it either, i get many visits but not much of a conversation. And straight up opinion is only met with negativity or not caring visits since anyone who agrees rarely go through to post on sth. that they already agree on. They know my opinion, know that they agree and move on.
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: what will we get for 10years?
a free champion shard just like the last event serious talk tho while i hope for sth similar to the free Riot Kayle and party hat poro icon, with how Riot has been operating this past season compared to the ones before i doubt we'll get anything.
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: Going into more detail isn't adding something new that is relevant to the main topic. It's just adding more stuff in that doesn't matter. Not to mention i was never oblivious to anything. But you are right, continuing this discussion with you is pointless so I will leave it here.
> Not to mention i was never oblivious to anything i guess since you said that and accompanied with ignoring how oblivious you are throughout this conversation and the matter as a whole then it should be true from your prespective xD
: All that text and you STILL didn't add anything new to the conversation. Repeating yourself doesn't get you anywhere,
Being oblivious to trends and past actions doesn't make you factually right either. And besides, if portraying facts in a different way and adding upon said facts while exposing sth new doesn't count as adding "anything new" to you then you're being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn at this point and any further discussion would be pointless.
: >Bro no one likes a "well actually" kinda guy so stop that attitude if you want a real discussion. What people don't like is people who make shit up. They never said they aren't making those modes anymore and that's that. Stop your speculations and continue your life. I'm the kind of person you can have discussions with since i'm speaking with facts, not imaginary speculations. No one likes haters who hate for the sake of hating.
"makes shit up" yet looking at the whole past season and you see that it ain't "made up" when theres a clear trend. You're the gullible one if you thought the second statement was anything but a coverup to the backlash to quiet the masses, a tactic they've done many times now. What will happen this season is crystal clear which is next to nothing. Besides the already announced ArUrf, some missions improvements and that's that. _Maybe_ some winter event like poro king but that's me being hopeful, especially with the big chance of them bringing us winter ArUrf like in the past to cut sosts. Next season? Depends how much they're willing to do. With multiple reworks in the works, new champs like always and the newly added TFT as i said before a somewhat major gamemode a year at best. edit: and before you say anything. No, the laughable excuse of an "event" like the cats vs dogs one does not count
: Yes, i can read and have read those posts/articles. What does this add to the topic though? Riot didn't say they aren't making pve modes anymore and that was the entire point.
> Riot didn't say they aren't making pve modes anymore and that was the entire point. Bro no one likes a "well actually" kinda guy so stop that attitude if you want a real discussion. The context of the post is asking whether or not quality gamemodes similar to Oddyssey and Invasion will ever return and from the posts and statements made it's unlikely for events of such quality to return any time soon. As said before what can be expected is a few tweaks to missions and at best the return of a few old gamemodes before the end of the year besides ArUrf. What happens in 2020 is beyond anyone's knowledge however as i said before judging by the statements and how things are looking rn i don't think we're getting more than one new event per year at best which is sad.
: Odyessey2
From the latest Ask RIot: "Yes, absolutely! We’ve heard this feedback and wholeheartedly agree—events have become more stale this year. We want each event to feel like a unique experience that all players can be excited for, which is why our goal moving forward is to make participating in events more rewarding, more novel, and more memorable for everyone. Here are some of the ways we hope to achieve this: * Bring back game modes (new and old) to events * Improve how missions interact with events, similarly to Trials (ex: Trials gave you a progress bar you filled up by doing missions, which in turn gave you house-specific rewards for the event, so it all felt more cohesive) * Deliver more missions and a greater variety of missions beyond just “farm minions,” “get kills,” or “earn gold”' You’ll begin to see some of these changes soon, starting with our first small steps for the upcoming Worlds event, **and we’ll continue making improvements into 2020.** I hope you enjoy the Worlds event, and we look forward to hearing your feedback during and afterwards!" aka nothing major will happen this year expect the extra long ArUrf and minor missions improvements
: So it is as i suspected, they DIDN'T say there aren't making them anymore.
??? **Game Modes and Events** "We've had fewer temporary modes available this year due to our focus on other work, TFT especially." - Meddler Yes they're not completely cancelled but don't expect anything like Oddyssey or Invasion anymore. From the latest Ask RIot: "Yes, absolutely! We’ve heard this feedback and wholeheartedly agree—events have become more stale this year. We want each event to feel like a unique experience that all players can be excited for, which is why our goal moving forward is to make participating in events more rewarding, more novel, and more memorable for everyone. Here are some of the ways we hope to achieve this: * Bring back game modes (new and old) to events * Improve how missions interact with events, similarly to Trials (ex: Trials gave you a progress bar you filled up by doing missions, which in turn gave you house-specific rewards for the event, so it all felt more cohesive) * Deliver more missions and a greater variety of missions beyond just “farm minions,” “get kills,” or “earn gold” You’ll begin to see some of these changes soon, starting with our first small steps for the upcoming Worlds event, and we’ll continue making improvements into 2020. I hope you enjoy the Worlds event, and we look forward to hearing your feedback during and afterwards!" The latter statement brings some hope back but it doesn't cancel out the 1st statement where TFT is announced to take up alot of effort to keep, maintain and improve upon. What's likely to happen is they'll putt back some manpower to bring back game modes and in rare occasion new ones (maybe one a year) while improving missions overall.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Starborne Sovereign Space is also worth a look. It's space MMO-RTS with astonishing depth. It's also in alpha till late december, so to get alpha tester tag and special rewards from alpha now is the perfect time to join. The next months are being focused on polishing the game before beta
Just saw the a video describing the game and tbh it sound intriguing. It's certainly different but the "a game can take 3 months to complete" makes me want to look elsewhere. Not because it's bad or anything but that and "the game is still running even after you go offline" gives me the feeling that my mind will be constantly thinking about the game and that is sth i wanted to get rid of. Offline games help me organize my time both physically and mentally. On the flip side I've never tried an online strategy game and i love space so i might get hooked the moment i give it a try xD Ty for the recommendation nonetheless ^^
: Can i get a source where riot states that they aren't going to create any PVE events in the future? Because I couldn't find a statement like that despite searching for it.
they made 2 statements almost back to back. The 1st was them excusing the lack of events now and in the future due to alot of effort going into other things mainly TFT (the same excuse used for removing TT) The second statement was released later saying that they listened to how the community was dissapointed by their desicion of ditching special modes both old and new and promised to bring them back in some shape of form starting with the next worlds event (hence whey no SG event) Both statements were released in form of official riot posts and ask riots. There's no certain what, when and how frequent events will return.
: why do people call each other gay?
it's a low effort "insult" that has been dumbed down by overuse and usually said for the sake of saying sth. just like saying "Fu*K you" is suppposed to be an insult but not really depending on context and where people come from. Did you get offended? Then they achieved what they were aiming for. Did you not? then they'll shoot another dart in the dark. And yes many people are of the young demographic in this community.
: No more PvE
They acknowledged this in the latest ask riot. I was getting hopeful when they said that they've taken notice of the community and will put more effort into things but lost it all when they they said that they're starting with the worlds event. It was clear that they won't change their ways whatsoever. I've been away for 6 months now but been lingering on the boards and surr@20 just in case. Not gonna lie when i quit i thought they hit rock bottom but i was highly mistaken. Eternals (purchasable achievements really?!), TFT taking so much of their budget that they're sacrificing quality events and TT. All of that would've been ok if they worked on fixing anything else yet damage- and mobility creep still wack, balance out of hand and random af and bugs all over the game and client and decisions that make no sense (why even touch the legacy cursor at all?). Was holding out and still am for them to find their way but at this point the next event after worlds will determine my relationship with League as a payer and with Riot as a whole. I personally have been enjoying games other than league ever since i quit and i advise people to do the same. Not necessarily to quit but try to change pace, take a break and play sth else. Forget the online climbing competitive aspect and just play a game for fun. I still own my thanks to whoever advised me to do that in the boards back when i quit. If it wasn't for him i wouldn't have tried games like Transistor, Entre the Gungeon, The Witness, and recently Celeste all without spending a dime because of the Epic Games free games every few weeks. (Yes ik Epic games practices regarding exclusivity is controversial however i am not advising anyone to spend money on them rather make use of their free game system).
: Fine let's add stacks from nasus
you just HAD to say it, didn't you?! Fine just add Vayne's invisibility on top of every dash while you're at it!!! Might as well make my mind a nightmare now that it's in SHAMBLES!!!
: Better combine them and give yasuo stealth and shrooms {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
my imagination was my safe haven from reality, you just ruined that for me thankssssssssssssssssssssss
: Yasuo takes skill to use, Garen does not. Also, Garen does have a long range spell and it's a quarenteed kill. It can't miss! I honestly find countering Yasuo easier then countering Garen. Cause Garen has no counter! Stuns and silences can stop a Yasuo when everyone can stay calm and take proper aim at him. Stun and silence a Garen, it changes nothing. He's just gonna spin to win and use his ult on the one guy who is near death. Your example on 0/10 yasuo being more useful is so wrong... That Yasuo dies to the support. A 0/10 Garen can still atleast be a damage sponge and still use his ult to weaken someone and can spin to win. You're just someone who's been unlucky and had to play against the best Yasuo Mains.
> Yasuo takes skill to use BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
: Recommending a new game?
i took a break from online ges altogether l. Picked up Transistor and fell in love instantly. its ana ction RPG sci-fi game. Transistor, Celeste (super meatboy with good plot), Enter the Gungeon (rng shooty game) and The witness (puzzle based) are highly recommended. edit: The End Is Night (rng based like enter the gungeon) and Abzu (calming experience) are free rn on the Epic Games store if you want an instant change.
: Hm..
: > [{quoted}](name=Zee Zone,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ojdGfovf,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-09-07T19:35:31.329+0000) > > why ooga boogas xD Standard racism targeted at east europeans. You know these guys who dies because they are poor, while we don't because we are rich? Those ones.
ok so at 1st i just thought of it as a funny sounding term then out of nowhere comes you with this racal/ cultural origin behind it and it got me curious. Needles to say whatever rabbithole i was about to sink into i don't want none to do with it. I'll stick with it being what cavemen say ty xD
: cant have a good day when server is full of ooga boogas, speaking of eune.
why ooga boogas xD
True Sight (EUNE)
: So why exactly is there no remake on ARAM?
"reasons" beyond anyone's comprehension besides the all and mighty Rito
: there was still the problem of toxic behaviour with those oddyssey challenges
Yes but nothing too major that couldn't be fixed. A simple "match me with people who want to do mission X" would have worked. Not even that has to happen, a simple official page for people to meet would have worked (and now i don't count on the Boards despite using it myself simply because Riot just doesn't care about the boards enough).
: There's a lot they could mean by that, while keeping it true but while also hiding some information
It's vague for a reason. We all know the drill by now, anything to spend less and gain more.
: to the danish guy that got banned getting on your nerves yet?
foxxof120 (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol - patch 9.17 :/
omg that disgrace of an attempt of a change actually went through
RogueDek (EUW)
: Quoting myself: "Done just getting 10 missions and a skin shard or 2 per event. This isn't an Event. This is a joke.". If it doesn't bring in enough money, then why did they do it in the first place? Just make less events, but overall better events. Stop having an "event" every single time you release a %%%%ing skin line, dropping some lore no one bothers enough to read, and not connecting it to the game. I also agree with you when you said that the Bilgewater event was best one yet. And if Riot cared enough about the community, money here wouldn't be the real issue. They make enough with skins and all the other cashgrabs already.
Odyssey was by far the best (and probably last because it took actual effort) event that felt new, challenging and yet rewarding. Still proud of the Odyssey Ziggs i got and more importantly the final icon of the gamemode. Yes it was flawed *play horrific afk's and horrors of convincing random people to take/not take augmentations flashback* but worth it. Star guardians was still amazng tho.
: I don't think TFT is the blame, when you really look at it, TFT couldn't possibly drain so much of riot's ressources But now when you remember that they announced they were working on a completely new fighting game (that's probably independant from league), that might be where all their money is going So i'm guessing that it'll keep draining ressources from league until it's completed and becomes a self substainable project, and then maybe league will again have the ressources needed to go back to making league fun again, I mean league is still fun to me, but it's lost it's touch imo Now we have absolutely no clue when their other game will be finished, it might be up for their 10 year anniversary, it might be in a few years, the sooner the better tho, since that means it'll become self substainable sooner and stop draining money from league That just a theory tho :shrug:
> I don't think TFT is the blame Hate to break it to you but: **Game Modes and Events** "We've had fewer temporary modes available this year due to our focus on other work, TFT especially." - Meddler Edit: ok this is just funny, why did i get downvoted for quoting someone else, who did i trigger? xD
RogueDek (EUW)
: Riot needs to get their shit togheter.
> if there isn't a SG event or something of the sort soon, I'm just gonna quit playing this game. Then you might as well quit now, and you can thank TFT on your way out. **Game Modes and Events** "We've had fewer temporary modes available this year due to our focus on other work, TFT especially." - Meddler However they're releasing ArUrf sometime later this year for a longer period of time if you're into that.
: What am I looking at?
It's minimalist and easier on the eyes might be a strong point? Might also be a practice to give the illusion of "look at all the champions we've got, so much so that you have to scroll a lot!" Might also be to make the champs more distinct and recognizable for newcomers but that's way too much, they overdid it imo.
Z1DR00 (EUW)
: would you guys like a skin shard gifting concept?
Will never happen for obvious reasons. If it did a "market of some sorts" would develop in the community and people will trade back and forth. People trading means they get what they want means less rp purchases means less profit. Hextech is designed to hook someone into shards to eventually make them pay that extra bit of RP for that last shard to complete that skin they have 80% of or sth.
FPX Tίan (EUW)
: When is nocturne getting reworked? Or a VFX rework.
not anytime soon since he will get a new skin next patch.
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why is this community so toxic?
Most people are done with everyone elses shit. Thanks to snowballing and damage creep games are pretty much decided early and even if they weren't they're predictable and thus people are short tempered. No excuse given for toxic language such as wishing upon someone's death but remember that many "smurfs" are people who got their accounts banned for multiple reasons so them being toxic is nothing new what so ever, they basically have nothing to loose. Coming from someone who have quit 6 months ago i'm in a much better place mentally than when i was playing and trying to climb ranked seriously. Not claiming that i'm challenger tier but ik my stuff for the most part but for the game to be decided on by coinflip and "who has the afk this time" it get's really old and frustrating. I just felt my temper rising and sanity fading so far so that i started being toxic myself in chat. Once i got dropped to honor 1 because of said toxic behavior i said enough is enough and just left. League is an investment and as a long time player since season 4 i still cherish my acc and investment i've put into it. But the game have changed drastically and so has the attitude of the playerbase. I strongly believe unless one play in a full 5 man team you're gonna suffer one way or another. Was hard to quit but tried some other games to fill the time and stop myself from coming back out of longing. Got recommended by the boards actually to a game called Transistor which was free on Epic Games which looked awesome (not proud of their exclusivity practices but you can't beat free games ^^') and i enjoyed it a lot. I hadn't played a solo game in a while and for the first time in a while i was actually having fun with playing a game. No random people to rely on, no ladder to climb, just a simple game and story that has a beginning and an end. Epic games is still pumping out free games every few weeks or so and i have tried many different genres of games that i wouldn't have otherwise if i stayed with league. Many people say "take a break" and i agree however don't just do nothing in that break. Try to find sth else like a different game or hobby to replace league over time. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Long read ik but i see the frustration behind your words and since i got the tip from the boards myself i thought i'd lend a hand. Gl ^^ Edit: In case you were wondering "why are you on the boards if you have quit for a while" it's because i enjoy blogging and striking conversations/ discussions. Also the reason i started to play league in the 1st place wasn't the gameplay but the characters and lore so i still enjoy checking out what's new.
SepharU (EUNE)
: Want to become a psychiatrist?
want to become mentally ill? Play lol for more than a year, you'll physically see your sanity leaving your mind
: What is happenning to the game ?
The quality players are quitting the toxic fog that's called league and the rest are left to deal with it.
: no reason ? how about actual balance in the game
HA you actually think riot cares about balance. They were so closed to buffing Yasuo just recently if it wasn't for the backlash.
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