: Let's talk about armour and marksmen.
Holy %%%% how can you be so off with... literally everything? First of all, marksmen dont "dominate everything". Some of the ADC's are currently very good, but you wanna know what cait, draven and trist have in common? They can all deal with tanks very well, thats a part of why theyre top tier right now. Tanks also arent useless. Youre actually complaining that champs with innate tank steroids are tankier than tanks without... Fail. (Full-) Tanks are genuinely meta junglers right now. Thornmail is %%%%ing broken. Its clearly, undeniably better than before. I really dont get how you can say its garbage now. LW is %%%%ing useless, though. Its super inefficient statwise, and the only saving grace is that mortal reminder has the healing reduction passive, because even MR/LDR both just... suck. Theyre gold inefficient, slot inefficient, and its _bonus_ armor pen so you basically build one item that only really affects one or two champs on the enemy team.
: > Pretending I made an argument from authority when I absolutely didnt? Thats true because you didn't make any reasonable argument at all. The very first thing you said was > You quite obviously do not know what youre talking about
Yep. And I never pretended I made any argument. I also didnt reply to this post, i replied specifically to the comment in which OP complained about people downvoting without commenting, which I did. So in my comment i only explained WHY i didnt comment on the actual post despite downvoting.
: implying that "talking from authority" has any value to begin with. xD It usually means that you have no arguments when you behave like this.
Its literally only low elo players who complain about arguments from authority tbh. Because everyone else understands that if a high elo player makes a point, its not neccessarily right, but should at least be considered, because it might have sprung from their much, much deeper understanding of the game. However, if someone has already demonstrated bad game knowledge by being low elo, AND then doesnt make coherent arguments, theres no reason to even consider it or discuss. I did NOT say you should make arguments from authority either. I just said that him being low elo AND making no actual arguments other than gross overexaggerations means that I dont bother arguing, because he's obviously someone who cant be argued with if he actually thinks his _opinion_ holds more water than things like stats or the opinions of the riot balance team, who are all much better players than he is AND its their %%%%ing job.
Acheron16 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ZeeDrakon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uZjqMfvV,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-07-12T17:59:50.400+0000) > > You quite obviously do not know what youre talking about, and you cant talk from authority either as a low elo player. So there is no reason to tell you in-depth why youre wrong instead of just saving myself the time, downvoting you and keeping your whine-post irrelevant ;) Let's see... - Saying I have no "authority" when literally anyone but Riot themselves or Master players have this "authority" (what did they get a degree from Gaming College in MOBAs?), therefore eliminating his own point and rendering any discussion moot?-Check - Bashing someone for being "low elo" (despite me not playing ranked in ever)- Check - Trying to sound smart by belittling others' mental capabilities and ability to understand game problems -Check - Downvoting and adding nothing to discussion -Check Truly, the average board poster never ceases to amaze with how little they add to any discussion.
Let's see.... Strawmanning my argument multiple times in 4 sentences? Check. Pretending I made an argument from authority when I absolutely didnt? Check. Making the absolutely basic and irrelevant excuse of "i dont even play ranked hurrdurr"? Check. Making a discussion, then saying everyone needs to "add/contribute" to the discussion? Check. Why do i have to contribute, exactly? Why cant i just downvote you if youre wrong IMO, and I dont want to waste the time? lol. Stop pretending your points are valid as long as noone argues them in-depth. They arent.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Grievous wounds on tank items?
Yeah, the vest is pretty broken vs every and all autoattack reliant champs. 20 damage for free _per auto_ is ridiculous.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You are just salty because you aren't challenger yet, but those gold players are.
wut? By saying that these gold players are exceptionally much better at 3v3 than at 5v5 I am salty that theyre better than me? wtf?
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Diana Q buffering random animation time (highly affects gameplay)
There are some bugs that arent meant to be fixed I guess. Nod to rek'sai Q CD bug and dianas ult not resetting sometimes if the target flashes, even if the Q hits beforehand ;)
Rismosch (EUW)
: If a gold player, someone that is _slightly_ above average can get the best rating in that mode, don't you think it isn't that hard? Do you really believe that this mode is not easy, solely because it is different?
>someone that is slightly above average someone who is slightly above average IN SOLOQ. Cmon. Its not a hard concept. Youre basically saying "well if someone who is mediocre at CoD is good at overwatch that means overwatch is easy right? no. Just because they share some mutual elements like champion specific mechanics, its two different games. >Do you really believe that this mode is not easy, solely because it is different? No, i believe its not easy because I'm playing at high dia / masters MMR for almost 200 games right now and anyone, even high elo soloQ players, that doesnt know how to play the map gets absolutely demolished. Because I as a high plat/low dia soloQ player can consistently outperform players in high diamond and masters soloQ because I understand 3v3 better. Because I, unlike you, actually play the mode a lot and know what I'm talking about.
Rismosch (EUW)
: When I remember correctly, there was a guy on the Boards who was like Plat I guess, but reached Challenger in 3v3 with ease. And of course I do not play it myself. I don't want to waste time on a mode that no one plays and the rank you get completely meaningless is.
yes. There are gold solOQ players in challenger in 3v3. But that doesnt mean that challenger in 3v3 is "easy", it just proves its a completely different mode and both the macro and micro game are pretty different. But yeah thats a convenient excuse dude.
: who is challenger in flex but not in dia? I wanna see dis :D
Idk, there probably are some. But I said hardstuck LOW DIA and challenger in flex, not "not even dia and challenger in flex" ^^
: Why does flex 'not count'?
Flex doesnt matter because its a queue primarily used by higher elo players to boost their low elo friends. It doesnt matter because you can be hardstuck low dia in soloQ and get challenger in flex, even though its the same map, same meta, just because noone takes it seriously and noone plays it.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, the biggest difference is that no one playes 3v3. You can easily hit Diamond there without much effort, since the playerbase is that low. And that's why you can't take a "Diamond" in 3v3 seriously. I would even say that reaching challenger is easy there, but I don't wanna get on thin ice xD
Prove it. I would bet you money you cant get dia in 3v3 without investing a lot of time into it, even if the playerbase is comparatively small. Also, there are soloQ masters and even challenger players who are hardstuck mid-dia in 3v3 because they refuse to learn the meta and macrogame.
Doomley (EUW)
: To be fair, there really isn't that big of a difference. The meta is different but same rules apply there.
Said the guy with not a single 3v3 ranked game this season. What "same rules" do apply? the mode has a _completely_ different macro and microgame.
YepNope (EUNE)
: Gold Value of an Assist with First Blood
It does. >(Kill Value/2)/Number of Assistants) thats exactly how much gold you get.
: Riot need your answer or player with knowledge about legue system
>Because for example if you're silver in duo/solo and gold in tree line it shows twisted treenline's rank. Only in 3v3 games, ARAM and RGM. not in 5v5 normals or ranked games.
iVesha (EUNE)
: Riot , pls do anything , i cant live my life because of this people
In the comment you linked you say yourself you dont WANT to block him. Then say you cant live your life because of those accounts. lol.
Simkunt (EUW)
: Can you jump divisions in diamond
Sounds unrealistic considering the account you post this from is hardstuck D5 with almost 800 games and negative W/R tbh. So yeah seeing some op.gg would be nice here.. But its definetly possible, yes.
NiritoPrime (EUNE)
: The problem isn't her damage, I mean she isn't the only support with dmg (like Brand, Karma, Morgana). The problem is that her flowers have too big attack range.
The attack range barely matters though because unless youre hit by her Q or E (which would mean youre very close to her plants anyway) you dont get targeted if theres another target in range. So you need to already have %%%%ed up massively for that to even be relevant.
: The next step in support itematisation
>Litterly the main reason why [MF] support ever existed when the tank meta was a big problem. lmao. That couldnt be further from the truth. The ONLY reason MF support was played was because people were too stupid to realize she was only picked as a very specific counter to malzahar and zyra in pro play, and they mindlessly started playing her in soloQ too. Also, support itemization is really strong (basically broken) right now, and which mage support is ahead can often make thousands of damage of difference in fights (either in shields/healing or in actual damage with censer
: matchmaking with smurfs/first timers
Posts this from a smurf. Ironic. Especially because its quite obviously to avoid people looking up your games, which only makes it more probable that youre lying your ass off.
: Question about Mach Making
What are you talking about? You're nowhere near 60% or even 65% winrate, and >when i played a game on 7 LP and i lost, it dropped me a division :X literally cant happen.
Capn Evan (EUW)
: Honor your support
>Support mains are doing us all a huge favor Can we please stop pretending this? Theyre not "taking the bullet", theyre trying to win the game just as you do. Theyre not anything special, and they dont deserve to be honored just for playing support, lol.
0tx (EUW)
: just had a game with a duo, cancerous little children, never again
Yes, because that would never happen in 5's, and the mode is at fault :D
0tx (EUW)
: tried twisted treeline for less cancerous players, big mistake
Disagreed ;) Its a slightly, _very_ slightly more toxic environment from my experience, but its a great mode and the community is genuinely more helpful and supportive because we all want the mode to grow.
: Is platinum 1 "high" elo for someone who is 14 years old?
It has nothing to do with your age, lol. Youre in the top 2% of ranked players in your regiom, so arguably yes.
Deliran (EUW)
: if you actually went and did a bit of effort and checked. .you would have seen i was 6/1 most of the game ..till my team fed. .(SO what you are saying is a players build should NOT be customized to win his lane that he plays in ..????.... that really makes sense .....and if you did the effort to go check .you would have seen i got demoted because i stopped playing ranked..and riot took away points after points after points ..but again..instead of seeing what my problem is . ..you take the salty road of just trying to insult me ....good job .my heart is so broken that you say you wont mourn me. and I am not pretending shit ..riot is losing people ..they just gain more than they lose. Good luck in life growing up kid ..
>you would have seen i was 6/1 most of the game ..till my team fed Why is that relevant for the question of what to build? Actually, that makes the build _even worse_ because if thats the truth, teemo is too behind to do anything to you even without MR. >you would have seen i got demoted because i stopped playing ranked As the other comment says, nice lie, you dont even demote anymore below plat since quite some time now. But you obviously are of the "I'm much better than my rank but _insert random, stupid excuse_" school of thought, so... Idc.
: It is true. Syndra has been top tier for more then a whole season. Between patch 6.16- 7.14.
I think you dont know what top tier means. Because she isnt top tier now, and hasnt been for the last patches, as I explained.
Deliran (EUW)
S4 silver 5, S5 bronze 2, S6 bronze 5, this season bronze 4 with over a hundred games played, what the actual %%%%? But to your actual post: First of all, stop pretending league is "losing players" over something you personally dislike. Go ahead, quit the game, noones gonna mourn you. More importantly: People already complain about how long it takes to get lvl 30, and how bad it is because of smurfs. Also, you went IE -> Merc vs a teemo when the enemy team had a ww, who's pretty half in half, a purely AD mid and ADC, and a tank support, with the ONLY QSS'eable hard CC being ww ult and naut passive. Merc, by all means, is a trollbuy there. Its ridiculously bad for a multitude of reasons. Btw, the average new lvl 30 player is better than you. Just sayin.
: Except in that video I linked syndra had no kills, was only 3 levels up (so no extra damage to ult), and had one full item and that's it... vs an ez who was actually more fed than she was. FOX Froggen Syndra vs P1 Arrow Ezreal Ultimate One Shot - FOX vs P1 NA LCS Spring Split 2017 Go type that into YouTube to see.
You didnt. link. a. video. As i told you. In that clip, syndra is 3 lvls up, has way above 10 cs/m, sets up a perfect ult (which, again, is not a realistic situation cause even really high elo players struggle to consistently pull off 7 sphere ults) + ignite (and arrow didnt heal and played greedy runes IIRC). So no, thats not a realistic situation at all. And you saying ezreal is "actually more fed than she was" as if it matters in that situation, AND which is wrong cause he is 40 cs down just shows how little you understand the game.
: Well it's happened at least twice in pro play so it's very much feesable. Also you've forgotten masteries. Sorcery is 2% increase so that brings the total up to 943.5 bounty hunter and double edged sword both give 5% (assuming you've stacked bounty hunter all the way up) so regardless that brings it to 971.75 Then if you have assassin that's another 2% so that's 990.25 Then you have thunderlords which at level 11 with 250 ap would deal 135 So that in total is 1106.75 damage which would kill a lot of the adcs in the game. Plus anecdotal evidence https://m.youtube.com/?reload=7&rdm=2nvmm92ak#/watch?v=L3Ljd_Xd0yI No spells landed, 0 kills previously, 6 balls, 100-0 with only a morerellonomicon for real source of ap... never say it can't happen.
Yes, its been done in pro play with ridiculous feed on syndra and a big level discrepancy. Please at least read before commenting. Also youre linking something in your own data or some shit because that link only goes to YT frontpage.
: It's been DONE already so it's a fact that IT CAN happen. Stop defending syndra for no reason when it;'s already been proven that she can do it. She might not be OP but she's definitely really strong.
Yes its been done in situations where the syndra is 3+ lvls up and fed AF. And in that situation, if someone randomly decides to run into her ult range after she has set up her spheres, she deserves to get the kill, lol.
: I got an idea for a yasuo balance and would like to hear your opinions
nonnel (EUW)
: Help me understand how the points system works
I'd advise you to stop caring about LP and start caring about learning the game. Looking at your op,gg gave me a headache.
: she can actually oneshot an adc with no MR items if she stacks some balls before pressing R, not saying she's not balanced just saying that she can actually do that in both late and mid game. But that would be the adc's fault for not buying some defensive items or the support's fault for not peeling him.
Syndras rank 2 R with 5 spheres (which is realistic) and 250 AP, which is realistic midgame, does 950 damage BEFORE MR. That's less damage than a no-item ADC has HP at lvl 11. To deal that much damage, you'd actually need 600 Ap, sill without MR, and thats without heal, without shields, lifesteal, dorans health etc. So no. In _literally no realistic situation where the syndra isnt ridiculously fed/farmed AND overlevelled can she oneshot an ADC without hitting other spells.
ChainedUp (EUW)
: Weird Riot balancing logic Kennen VS Syndra
>Syndra has been top tier for more then a whole season. wrong. She's not even consistently been top tier in competetive, and she's far from top tier in soloQ. >Still no nerfs Wrong again. Not only was the range nerf very significant, dropping her from 51% winrate to 48% winrate, but she also received a nerf early in the season too. >They just nerf AD kennen so FNC their favourite pick wouln't work anymore Wrong _again_. I know youre probably exaggurating this, but the main reason was that kennen was in the top 3 champions for virtually every toplaner in challenger because he was that broken. He was played top more than bot anyway, even in competetive. >But the biggest question is, why is Syndra not nerfed yet? Because she's currently one of the most balanced midlaners for soloQ. Yes, her kit might not be "healthy", but she is undeniably balanced. http://champion.gg/champion/Syndra/Middle?league= Stats for reference. Btw, only reason her performance rating is even around middle is her high play and banrate, not her actual performance. > Decreasing the range, you have to hit a q onto some1 before you can ult that target,... Youre pretty delusional if you actually give into the "syndra can oneshot without hitting abilities" meme. Maybe if you fed her 20 kills before, but in that case you deserve to be oneshot.
: Can we please remove the dodge from not banning
Youre supposed to pay attention. Youre NOT supposed to %%%%ing go AFK during the ban phase. If you seriously have such a low attention span, either play blindpick or get some goddamn discipline.
: "Her"... Who do you think is the strongest adc ?
sevenkill (EUNE)
: Buffs & Nerfs & Changes RIOT follow those steps and your game will fix 100%
"Hi i'm bronze, and I have no clue about game balance, but let me throw in some random balance changes that will "fix" the game for sure" :)
: How bad is match making?
>Why is there not another unranked person in the enemy team? Because unranked players have ~ low to mid silver MMR on a fresh account. So it doesnt need to balance the game out by giving the opponent another unranked player because theyre thought of as just as good as you guys, due to how many are smurfs or peopel who havent played ranked before and are much better than the "normal" unranked player.
Shuss (EUW)
: Draven does not need nerf, he is perfectly fine. it is just riot messed up with item's optimization such as nerfing botk and buffing BT/DD which weakening other adc's such as lucian,vayne,varus etc...
>Draven does not need nerf, he is perfectly fine :DDDDDD Yeah, its not like he's currently so broken, his worst matchup is the strongest ADC in the game and he still wins almost 50% of games against her, and he is favored against every other ADC. It doesnt matter what the reasoning was, Bt certainly doesnt need to be nerfed, DD maybe, but not sure tbh. Draven however certainly needs a nerf. I dont get where the misconception comes from that if a champ hasnt become OP due to buffs, they dont need to be nerfed. Draven is allowed as a braindead lanebully with %%%%%%edly good 1 item spike and good midgame for far too long now to just hope the meta eventually balances out.
: The person has a point. In order to counter higher wait times for high elo people, have autofill work for them, but for bronze/silver/gold elo, no point.
>but for bronze/silver/gold elo, no point. Yes, make climbing to P5 _even easier_, as if its not already with how promos and demotions work and with promo helper. Also, if you play hundreds of games a season, as many people do, it absolutely makes a difference whether your Queue time is 2 minutes or 5 minutes.
Doomley (EUW)
: It's ok to play adc if you are above the skill level of your current elo. If you aren't, then it's pointless.
Actually, thats the wrong way around. If youre smurfing, dont play ADC in low elo. Youre just gonna get frustrated, try to play like you do on your main and get punished because your support cant know what youre trying to pull off. Thats why most ADC smurfs play jungle or mid until at least plat. However, when youre not smurfing, your support is just as bad as you are, so I dont see any reason not to play ADC there.
ChainedUp (EUW)
: It's not because they are not OP in LCS that they aren't OP in soloqueu
Yasuo is actually okay right now. Draven is broken as %%%%, fiora is perfectly fine until really high elo.
: Is the meta fair, as a support player?
Considering the most played supports right now are thresh, BC, lulu, janna, rakan braum nami, and literally none of the AP supports are meta anymore I think youre just... wrong. lol.
: Im gonna say sorry. I hope people arent gonna vote down right away.
: You can get Platinum 5 by going 10-0 in placement games.
Not without duoing. And I thought that was removed anyway and capped at G1? o.o
: Should i go for platinum?
Are you asking whether you should try, or whether you can make it? Because whether you should try is completely up to whether you want to or not. If you ask about being able to make it, I dont know. Certainly not without improving tbh, because youve already played more than 200 games and your WR isnt that good, so youre most likely where you belong, maybe slightly below, but not enough to just rush plat on a whim.
: Despite the common urban legend, there is no such thing. There is no MMR punishment or anything like that when you play with people who have a higher division/MMR. The only thing that happens is that the enemy team will be somewhat similar to yours, so they will compensate the advantage your buddy provides you by either having a higher ranked player too or by every player being slightly higher. Or, more generally put: Both teams always have a similar total MMR. So when you queue with your friend, games will be slightyl more difficult for you...but also easier, because you play with your friend, who is better than you. All that being said: The difference between Plat3 and Plat1 is basically nothing. The League system isn't that accurate, peoples rank fluctuates by a few divisions anyway. PS: I just noticed that YOU are Plat 1 and your friend is Plat3. I got that confused. Doesn't really matter for what I wanted to say, same thing, just the other way round.
It used to be that way, but then they (thankfully) changed it so you mostly get a duo on the enemy team aswell.
Pokimew (EUNE)
: Matchmaking system - "Fields of Justice"
There is nothing to "fix". AFK's and "bad games" have nothing to do with matchmaking, how is riot supposed to know about that beforehand? And having people in placements can suck, but seing how youre mid silver and thats where new accounts are located MMR wise all the time, you also got a lot of freewins from playing against people in placements. Statstically more than you lost.
Viavarian (EUW)
: > And adc's are bad. Are we playing the same game? There's a good reason why you keep seeing Lucian/Varus/Corki/Kogmaw mid, Twitch/Graves/Kindred jungle, Vayne/Quinn top in every other game. Only support is safe for now... mostly.
>There's a good reason why you keep seeing Lucian/Varus/Corki/Kogmaw mid, Twitch/Graves/Kindred jungle, Vayne/Quinn top in every other game. No offense to you, but I can assure you that doesnt happen outside of trash elo. Corki isnt an ADC anymore tbh, neither are graves and kindred. They all scale too well with lvls and are too good with few items to be considered actual ADC's. But most importantly, literally nobody plays varus and kog mid, vayne top, quinn and lucian are niche picks and even graves twitch and kindred arent picked that often, and if they are, its not because ADC's are strong. Graves was actually at his strongest point earlier in the season when ADC's were legitimately the weakest role.
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