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: I'm 8/1/0 annie and I tried to kill 0/5/1 Vikror
I think i know what happened - having missed his snare and Death Ray, he was down to q and ult. I can see his the ult combined with a q or two driving squishy and immobile annie to near death. You probably had your bear on cooldown and with his shield he could handle some abuse, as long as it wasn't a stunbear.
: Huh, wait are they selling just the border for RP? So it's not like the old project skins where the "early" buyers got it or getting it through the bundle?
I'm not positive about it, but some say it'll be available "in a bundle". I don't like bundles save very few exceptions. I totally understand paying RP for skins, there is some legit work there and I get to enjoy them ingame. But summoner icons, or loading screen borders? That's a plain cashgrab. No way a static icon has the right to cost the rp it does, compared to wholesome product that is a skin. Let alone loading screen border.
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: LF Support
You should really post your rank, so us supports should know which of us are interested and which are not, or outta their league.
: This is dumb. If you want better skins BUY them. People acting like as if having a skin isn't already good. The standart animations and effects aren't just trash.
> [{quoted}](name=CrestfallenNight,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=2JdAzbNg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-14T23:32:06.140+0000) > > This is dumb. > If you want better skins BUY them. > People acting like as if having a skin isn't already good. The standart animations and effects aren't just trash. Except, unlike you, I judge what is better via looks and playing into fatasy I like and not amount of $ spent. I have no fantasy of running around as a junkyard robot ("best" nunu skin tier wise). I just want my sasquatch to be COHESIVE with it's splashart and theme. EVERY skin should be cohesive in it's execution, at least to a degree. 520 RP are no exception. This price range is good for skins for champs that don't have too flashy animations (so there is little conflict to be had) or skins that in a different way then default ones, still work well with standard ability animations (take Bilgewater Swain as example of such skin). But if there is a massive conflict between the skin and standard ability animations (a warm-zoned sasquatch vs polar zone yeti animations) then it's time to consider some changes. It'll only do the skin (and sales) good. And i say that as owner of few legges bought for real life money at fullprice, including old, and by today standards sub-par Blood Lord Vladimir skin. And i got no regrets there at all, as he plays into my fantasy of a badass vampire, few lines be damned.
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: Add a "place a ward here" ping?
OP idea is solid. When i play LoL i play jungle or supp. In both cases i curse the lack of this ping. I want to tell laner to ward as jungler so i (and he) don't get jumped. While as support i may have more vision trinkets then most, but they're not infinite. There are times (especially in early laning phase) i wanna tell my adc or jungler to ward, without having to type in chat.
KatScript (EUNE)
: Star Guardian skins for 2018?
{{champion:111}} You know you want to {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: What's wrong with garen?
Garen is a **juggernaut**. You played a tank. Juggernauts kill tanks, it's that simple. What counters garen is good adc that can kite well, or less good adc but with proper cc from his team. If he took two shots from turret that means you're a shit tank. Tanks by default carry crap ton of cc. Two shots means you didn't get any of it on him, else he'd eat 4 at least and not two. You got outplayed, plain and simple.
Terra (EUNE)
: What the heck is THIS!??!?!?!!? (leavebuster system)
Oh please. You're screenshot shows you got 10 mins penalty. Meaning it's not your first offense of that type in recent times. Leaverbuster starts at 5 mins, and then is pretty harsh on any next afk behaviour within certain time frame. Also it doesn't matter if it was power outage, hardware failure or you getting pissed and leaving game. Bottom line is team was 4v5 for a certain time which is very dangerous. I can understand it was beyond your control, but what if every little kid that raged, left then came back 5 mins later starts crying "but it was power outaaaaageeeeeee!! (no it wasn't). Point of leaverbuster is to **curb afk behaviours**. Reasons are irrelevant. It's your job to ensure that once you start the game, you don't have to go pee, take the dog out, or that your connection is stable, pc doesn't crash, mommy doesn't pull out the cord, and your power company doens't have outages every 10 mins. If you can't reliably ensure that, don't play ranked.
: Hardest matchups for Ekko on mid ?
StPaulus (EUNE)
: I'm a mayor support and I've started to play my own game like you say. I'm no lomger intrested in my ADC. They can do whatever they want, I build a strong damage support mage or a Makaio and beat the shit out of my opponents, get gold and gear and try to keep a good playing ADC alive. If they just start doing stupid things I let them be and don't spoil any manna on them anymore. One of my last games my ADC was angry at me because I used my ult/e (Morgana) in a teamfight and killed 3 enemies. She also didn't quit understand that my spell-shield didn't saved her from Yasuo's damage…
> [{quoted}](name=StPaulus,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2y3dsAyt,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-06-21T13:14:37.964+0000) > > I'm a mayor support and I've started to play my own game like you say. I'm no lomger intrested in my ADC. They can do whatever they want, I build a strong damage support mage or a Makaio and beat the shit out of my opponents, get gold and gear and try to keep a good playing ADC alive. If they just start doing stupid things I let them be and don't spoil any manna on them anymore. > > One of my last games my ADC was angry at me because I used my ult/e (Morgana) in a teamfight and killed 3 enemies. She also didn't quit understand that my spell-shield didn't saved her from Yasuo's damage… Lol, yeah, seems adcs often don't know jack about when I play {{champion:57}} i got adc yelling that I "didn't stun him"...nvm that this champ has no stuns, just roots. Even better are the occasional adcs taht yell "NOOB, KS!" when i ult our enemy with {{champion:555}} , but seems slowly it's starting to sink into their skulls what Pyke does....
EldainSS (EUW)
: You seriously do not get it.... do you. Let me make it very clear: Ability Power.... = reduced by Magic resist. (works, so you can counter it some). Attack DAMAGE.... = Reduced by Armor. (works, so you can counter it some). Life steal.... = Reduced by Grievous wounds etc....(works, so can counter it some). TRUE DMG..... = IGNORES everything.... can NOT counter it at all...... there is NO defense against it. This is why True dmg should be removed from the game completely....(IF they want to have a balanced and more fun game at least). Even more stupid is that some champions have that as a %%%%ing passive!!!!!!. Combine the %%%%%%ed runes + passive and you get some 75+% true dmg output on Vayne and YI for a clear example of stupid design.
True damage is stopped by shields. That being said late game's Yi and Vayne's true damage is indeed disgusting. But not simply because of the amount (though it is absurd i concurr), but also by being connected to a champ with great mobility and escape potential. I mean we got {{champion:161}} who's got plentiful access to true damage by default, especially on his ult, but no one complains about that, because he has to work for it by stacking his passsive 3 times via skillshots, and being very careful of his positioning, or getting blown up in seconds... Also both {{champion:11}} and {{champion:67}} got nerfed. {{champion:67}} is a marksman and they got hit by recent crit item changes, to the point they're on the verge of falling out of meta. This indirectly screwes over {{champion:11}} because easiest way for him to snowball was to get some early, easy kills on said marksmen. WIth bruisers appearing in their place he's up against much tougher crowd. Even squishy mages are rank above adcs in terms of kill difficulty, because they often carry hard cc and have burst.
Hajrulla (EUW)
: YI is very easy dude, pick Tryndamere and rock his ass Early and late game. Idk what's the problem without people realizing that the are counters for every single champion.
In my elo ppl don't realize {{item:3123}} is a thing when playing against a lifesteal champ like {{champion:266}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:56}} (top). I'm a support, so don't play trynd, all i can do is tell'em to get it and then make monkey sounds in front of my screen as they ignore it and go with "pro build" that completely doesn't handle their current matchup....
: The silver/bronze botlane meta these days
Here's the braintwister i had. 1. Our **adc** goes {{champion:56}} 2. everyone in champ select begs me (support) to pick **real** adc. 3. I go {{champion:51}} 4. Now...who's the supp? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Turned out no one - i build adc, he build damage (no supp item) and we competed for farm. Somehow we won this, but let's just say botlane wasn't our team's strongest side and me and noct hated eachother's guts. Yeah i'm in the "screw this bonkerville" camp. From personal experience - best supp i have for ....weird shit happening in botlane is {{champion:555}} I can handle enchanters, can bypass/escape tanks can take abuse and land a kill on mage supports.
EldainSS (EUW)
: Truly %%%%%%ed design.... 75% true dmg??.
Yi is indeed a problem. In right hands it's gg. Vayne can be stopped. She can go invisible but not invincible, aoe cc or strong damage can halt her. What really digusts me is that it's **these** champs that most often build {{item:3026}} and get a second chance as if their kits weren't broken enough. I know in high elo where team coordination and good vision are a thing that's not half as bad. But in low elo {{champion:11}} is my go to ban.....and i play support...
elin990 (EUW)
: I can't win one bloody game anymore.
I think the problem here is your offense. Your defense is fine, but you seem to lack the power to solo carry when your team is busy with it's bananas and swinging from tree to tree... A good splitpusher might be what you need, or in general someone who can kill an enemy solo and has solid turret demolishing ability. A few picks from top of my head: {{champion:83}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:133}}
StPaulus (EUNE)
: Master Yi and Yashuo... a problem for LoL
They are "skirmisher" class, that's why. Skirmishers are designed to be best duelists ingame, often with their late game having 1v5 potential in right hands. If you want to keep these guys in check there are 3 steps to doing so (provided you refuse to ban them): 1. know their kits and their weaknesses. For example Yas' shield will quickly decay to 0 from slightest poke. Also he's **terrible** at escaping. He wants you to run from him. But reverse the role, chase him where there are no minions of yours to dash off and he's in some deep shit. 2. Almost all of them are **auto attack based**. That means they'll stack crit and lifesteal. Counter that with proper items, champs and spell selection (hi {{summoner:14}} or {{summoner:3}} ). Also non-skillshot cc works wonders, or aoe cc that is far likely to hit (hi galio w) 3. Provided you did homework on #1, harass them early. Most of them are susceptible. I remember to day a game where enemy {{champion:23}} got crushed by our toplane {{champion:14}} to the point of having 13 cs at 10 minute mark. Needless to say he was useless most of the game. Skirmishers generally follow a rule of being monsters if they get a snowball or game lasts too long. At higher elo both of these become increasingly hard, killing off their viability compared to lower elos. If you don't feed them and don't drag your feet taking objectives, these guys are much less scary. Also with time you will learn to handle them. I can make a yasuo cry on my Naut, provided my team can follow up on my mass cc + ignite lockdown. Tryndamere is also far less of a threat these days to my eyes, after i learned his kit and weaknessess.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Looking for a free-to-play mmorpg to try, any suggestions?
Try Guild Wars 2, the definition of anti-toxic as long as you don't head into competitive modes or raids. Game designed to have players be happy others are around;)
Gatzurion (EUNE)
: Yet another example of the community's lowest of the lows. V2.0
> Riot. Come on... Is this what you want your game to be known for? Have you seen new Aatrox special interactions? xD
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: The most toxic role
I'm still not sure if by toxic you mean that it receives flame or is the one flaming most. Generally imho junglers get the worst end of the deal, as you mentioned LoL is full of "noob junglers" that aren't in all 3 lanes at the same time, while doing drake and herald while at it. Supports (like me) are an odd case - generally if botlane loses adc gets the flame (often justly so), while adcs tend to blame supports for it. If anything i would say botlane is most prone to %%%%ing it up, because there are two strangers in there, trying to work together and that may cause a lot of chaos. Like farm-oriented adc paired with aggressive support that wants to kill-stomp lane and goes for frequent trades and engages. On the other side i can say that if anyone has the right to flame it's the jungler and support. Jungler cause he can't carry 3 losing lanes, yet everyone expects him to. Not to mention all the "gank pls" from losing laners that are still **under fed enemy's tower** and they expect you to gank that shit...good one. Support doesn't need to even go through that scenario. Often being support means being the rational person among 9 bonobos. Others pick what they want to play, you pick something to balance that disaster. No one took a tank? Suprise, suprise, guess who has to go tank 10th game in a row... Enemy botlane has draven + Janna combo? Now it's up to you to pick something that will keep that calamity at bay and your adc alive. Oh is that an enemy yasuo or zed at mid? Well now you gotta pick - support good for your lane, but not good vs their roams, or support that can fend them off, but will have horrible time in lane, because enemy bot comp is strong vs wardens/enchanters... Fortunately most supports are kind souls, but i wouldn't blame a support for flipping his shit when his arm is yet again twisted into playing the last thing he wanted, because "supp go tank" and another toplane teemo or quinn...
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Support should be renamed to something else, since actual supports are being pushed out of the game
And then you wake up from the Matrix and realize that your adc can't kill anything even if you tied it to a tree and put him in point blank range. Then as a pure support you can just watch your lane get destroyed, or you can fight back and try to carry yourself as a kill support. If it'll cheer you up, in higher elo it's all about pure enchanter supports. Doesn't cheer me up one bit, but at least there is a place where supports are ...supportive;p
: Yasuo passive shields blocking ignites true damage
Shields absorb true damage, something i learned recently. Pure damage (like fountain laser) bypasses them, but true damage can be stopped that way. But ignite is still very powerful vs yas, as it severely hampers his life steal for 5 seconds, giving my team a solid chance to kill a fed yas, seeing as in my elo few if any consider buying anti-heal items.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zefirez,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MeqGTlMN,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-17T07:22:57.603+0000) > > a) not being 0 defense > b) some cc in there (to interrupt critical enemy attacks) > c) not being a too popular pick (i want to OTP it, not constatly watch it banned or picked) > d) having damage to make solo kills and not being dead meat in face of a duel > e) not being too simple - if i'm to OTP it i want to have fun with it, not get bored to death. You're asking quite a lot here. I'm not sure what point "a)" means, so I'll ignore that one. I would suggest you Shaco, but he fails in point b) and d). Here are my suggestions: {{champion:28}} - Not as popular as she was before, but still quite strong. She only has 1 ability with CC. {{champion:19}} - Same as Evelynn. Not as popular as he used to be, so checks point c). He's not that mechanically intense, but he isn't Master Yi either. {{champion:76}} - This one is iffy. She isn't easy to play, but a monster in the right hands. Maybe not now, but she has the potential to be. No CC. {{champion:60}} - Much like Nidalee. She isn't strong now, but she has the potential. Easier to play, compared to Nidalee, and has CC. Those are the champions that I've played and that check some of the boxes. I would suggest Udyr, but his simplicity might be boring for you.
Elise... i do have her stashed on my acc from old I would have to learn to play her. She does indeed seem closest to my description outta 4 champs mentioned. Keep'em coming, Elise is added to the candidates list :) Evenlynn also - she seems like fun, but i don't know how to play.....ironically, since with Pyke i do quite well..
: Renekton is fairly tanky plus his Q and ult, has a W that stuns, has an about 6% pr, has tons of damage and takes skill to properly execute (if you dont snowball well you will fall off) {{champion:58}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:58}}
Thanks for suggestion, but croc falls off because of his big popularity, i see him often in toplane.
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Cr00ve (EUW)
: Utility items get nerfed again? and the affect on the support role in general.
Cry me a river. I'm a support main and the fact that in higher elo it's basically {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} all day long turns my guts inside out, and makes me happy i'm in my low one. Also given I like to play tanky engage supports, I know too well what happens if you're the only tank a team has, but you're not tanky enough (hello "support" items with carebear actives for adc, but shit sustain) to get the job done vs fed enemy solo laner. While real tank items {{item:3194}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} ({{item:3075}}, and so on) get the job done, proper.
Lenniac (EUW)
: Blind Pick or Draft Pick
First off: go get yourself checked up at doctor's. Prolonged exposure to blind pick leads to terminal cancer. You have been warned. Draft Normal is the most .... normal and least toxic mode. It's not ranked to save for ppl with borderline personality disorder (roughly 40% of LoL population) you won't get hated for losing. On the other hand here you can select your lane and you don't get 3 toplaners with no jungler and no support like in blind pick. Go do draft normal and stay there. It's a lot healthier then blind and will get you prepared for ranked, which is exactly same, but with league ranking in play.
: Which jungler should I buy?
Trundle or Camille. I'd go camille, she's the only jungler i saw stomping a late game yi in my games, and that's huge.
Zoe RuIe34 (EUNE)
: What if im gold and not silver? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Then you can tell me that in gold teams aren't 5 squishies all the time unless you yourself pick tank. Either that or give me a bad case of depression...
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Uzumaso (EUW)
: Well i have Low Priority Queue 5 match ... 20 MIN
There's early surrender vote at 15. So i reckon Riot expect everyone to be there at least until 15 mins mark. Also if you got 20 mins leaverbuster, and I speak from experience, you must do this quite often to the point it stacked up to 20 mins each game. So i can imagine at lost of ppl got pissed at your "early judgement" and reported you.
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elin990 (EUW)
: Is Vladimir a good, strong champion for toplane in low elo?
The answer's no. In low elo you basically climb in one of two ways: 1. master a hard carry champ then stomp lane, stomp game. 2. use an even greater super power called rational thinking and pick a champ that will patch up the headless chicken cluster%%%% most silver players call a "team composition". Vlad has good scalings, and outplay potential, but you have to be really good to carry with him. He is not a tank and will never be one - he has no meaningful cc to contribute to team fight, nor his selection of ap/hp items can be called a true "tank build" Played real well he can carry, but he's not a born 1v5 stomper like trynda, yi, vayne and all those skirmishers with resets, high crits and defense ignoring options. He can get you outta low elo like any other resonable toplaner. But if you're looking for "golden" champ to stomp toplane, or carry a team via huge utility, vlad is not it.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why are people obsessed with fighting instead of farming? Farm = guaranteed gold
In my lane (with me as support) because it means 2v2. Farming means your support just got a sudden attack of narcolepsy and you're 1v2 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
StPaulus (EUNE)
: Believe me Zefirez… there are even more braindead ADC's that don't understand CC. I'm a decent Nautilus /Blitzcrank/Morgana player (lvl 7/6/6) and they manage to attack the player that isn't stunned or hooked, most of the time following him under the bot tower and dying screaming that I didn't save them…. lately I see a lot of bot with a ranged in combination with some of the players you show. Let me add Veigar and Annie to the list. Veigar, Annie, Brand and Ziggs are quit high damage compared with Nautilus and Blizz. These 2 loose fast when the ADC isn't allert. This means that My support is very dependent on the quality of my ADC. Even a little braindead is a problem then, even more when they start running to other lanes or into the jungle...
I have no problem believing you. Recently i bought {{champion:161}} to do some solo carry at bot. Nope. Getting reckt hard. Wny? Because for all the poke i do, adc {{champion:110}} couldn't care less and doesn't care to shoot a single arrow at them. He just happily farms like nothing, while my damage alone can't keep them at bay 24/7. Then they jump us and R.I.P.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: I find top lane generally the most relaxing and isolated role. I recommend Garen, Malphite or Nasus. All are very easy to get into mechanically and can hold their own in battle.
Agreed. Only two instances toplaner gets flamed is when he's hard feeding or his opponent went roaming and he didn't bother to at least ping ss. Other then that as long as you ward your bushes and manage wave proper, you're golden.
: A laid-back support like Soraka or Janna could do. Plus your teammates will straight up LOVE you because for some reason a lot of people refuse to play support.
Maybe because other 4 roles can solo carry unlike supp, and when you get a kill you're honored not hated.
: How to win as a support???
Most does not mean all. Just make it clear you're looking for mature non-tilting adc and you're good to go! If you're in low elo, and let's be honest - you are (else enchanter supports would work if you play them well) you should also aim for more carrying supports. Either via damage {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:555}} , or by hardcore engage/snares that last for ages, so that even most brain-dead adc will catch on and get few shots in, before cc chain is over {{champion:111}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:14}}
ChainedUp (EUW)
: Losing LP when i won and carried my team, but a bugsplat makes me lose lp? I want my LP back!
Lp is like women. Put it on the pedestal and it'll destroy you. Ignore it and treat it like nothing, and it'll be all over you. Trolls, bad players, suddenly horrid ping, smurf in enemy team, teammate's power outage, someone at your door.. Or losing lp cause your team won, even if carried as hard as you could and were leagues above rest of your **random, selected by the system and not you** "team"? Ranking has nothing to do with justice and fair play, if this was a real life sport, this shit wouldn't even make it to the playing field, because the possibilities of maches getting skewed by outside forced would be well beyond point of acceptance. Do you see football teams run out with randomly picked players each game, or one legged ones cause "reasons"? (bad ping in game). Do not value, revere or seek rank in LoL. It's not worth your effort nor dedication. If you are good by default, and get it, sure enjoy it. A byproduct of your fun. But do not make this shitty reward your goal. You deserve better rewards for your efforts.
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: Did Pyke fail?
I voted "No". I think he is a smashing success. Why you think there is shortage of supports? Because support role is a raw deal. Welcome to role that is supposed to: a) not get any kills and ergo 0 recognition (no, one heart from adc is no comparable to his 4, even if it's you that carried him) b) is basically a boring, low mobility heal/shield bot or full cc tank with miliscule damage c) off all the 5 roles is the only one where it's **imposssible** to carry a game alone unless you took "non-supportive" support. d) is being blamed for everything right after jungler. {{champion:555}} finally fixes this shit. Finally a support can be mobile, make plays like assassin players do, be still relevant as support, while giving a width berth to all the "politically correct" support items, and just flat out build **damage**. Now you can and should grab kills (with your ult) and you're actually helping and not being burned on a stake for getting a kill! Playing Pyke is exciting, refreshing and makes me feel like a player on the field, and not a %%%%ing waterboy!
: I have either had horrible bad luck or the matchmaking is weird these days.
I hate smurfs with a passion. But there's a flipside to everything. Download replays and learn from that smurf. He %%%%ed you, now you exert you payback in form of free, unauthorized coaching replay ;]
: Suggestions to get out of Silver hell
Pick yourself up a nice {{champion:14}} - he can be both good supp (provided you know when to pick him) and a great toplaner, both ad or tank. I'm a supp main that rarely goes toplane but y-day i had to. Took the guy top into enemy illaoi, didn't let her stomp the lane and later game my teamfight presence was huge while she barely did anything. A good sion will work for you both in support and top roles:)
: Something unexpected happende while trying to create your lobby
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