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Juusharou (EUW)
: Carried harder? Bruh i was Diamond last season. get on my level. *Edit* And btw im sorry that i couldnt carry harder than 19/6/21 in a game were no one on my team were positive score, and i held us in the game for 58 minutes. Until their shaco backdoored nexus while my team dived baron pit. I had to solo ward, solo take turrets, they were completely useless. I guess ur right, i didnt carry hard enough, jesus christ, suuck a diick, idiot. *Edit* . Lmao, a silver boy talking about carrying harder (for 3 seasons), not gonna lie, i laughed pretty hard.
LMAO, you were in 'diamond' yet you can't even get out of bronze in dynamic Q. lolol, go throw your dell laptop into a river and buy a proper desktop, maybe then you'll be able to 'carry harder'. There are so many 'diamonds' on the board, I wonder that all of them aren't boosted. FYI, stop buying boosters and start hiring therapists so they can deal with your latent anger issues towards you're disappointing life Fuckin' Degenerate
: Lets talk skins for a minute
Juusharou (EUW)
: Dynamic Queue suucks hard
The Q times are shorter not long. It's simple logic, more people in 1 Q ----> shorter Q times. Therefore dynamic Q gives shorter Q times. We all remember the days when no one raged or fed in solo Q don't we and then dynamic Q fucked it up amirite? No because people have always fucking raged and fed and you fucks need to take off your rose-tinted goggles and fucking throw them into a river. You honestly think that changing the fucking name of a Q magically makes people play worse? Or is it the 'new' MMR system (which is practically the same as the old one). Only fucking retards think that dynamic Q needs to be taken away when it brings such flexibility to ranked. Suck up the fact that your enemy is always SKT T1 on smurfs and the fact that your team consists of fucks. If you'd have carried harder, you wouldn't be on this board shitting yourself all over the screen of your dell laptop so go fucking make your own game, implement solo Q and play that. Fuckin' Degenerate.
Amateràsû (EUNE)
: Do you think that we should have a Solo Queue for just solo players? ( preferably ranked too )
For gods sake, have people still not got it into their heads yet? The more Q's there are, the longer the waiting times. Do you understand why there is only one ranked Q now?
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Xevestos (EUW)
: Change duskblade with titanic, it ahould do more dmg if u choose onhit.
: He's always done, what are you even talking about. And that Yi on-hit build is really bad. First of all, you're not capping attack speed. Second, you're going duskblade on an on-hit build. Third, you have magic pen boots despite gunsoos being the single only AP damage item in your build.
He caps attack speed with fully stacked rageblade and ult. You should actually play him before making assumption. Sorc shoes are because he is already at max speed cap so sorc shoes maximises damage. Duskblade because there are no other on-hit items that wont waste lots of attack speed so getting AD is better in terms of Q and auto damage in general. I chose duskblade over BT or RH because it gives some armor pen, no other reason. Remember this is theoretical maximum build while wasting as little gold as possible. I'll swap duskblade out if it looks too odd but be aware it results in higher dps than putting RH in its place.
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: Right. Let's nerf an already underplayed champ just because it deals damage if fed. Why not?
I honestly don't want him getting nerfs, I love playing him. I am just thinking that maybe riot could tone down some of his ap ratios and BUFF him in other areas to make him more unique and distinct which would result in a better quality of play.
: Full ap teemo is risky as fuck. vs a coordinated team that doesn't leave many openings you would just suicide in your attempts to 1 shot somebody or worse get spotted, caught and taken out in 1 second. The problem with teemo is actually that he is left in an underpowered state because his shrooms are so toxic...literally. So his ambushes only feel satisfying when you build full offensive while acutally having little to no escape to survive a fight. Shrooms can only keep you safe from immobile champions and you don't see a lot of those nowadays.^^ His shrooms can also only tickle a real tank because their scalings got nerfed too hard.
That is true but I don't really use shrooms for damage anymore anyway, I can do more than enough damage with just the basic Q then 1 or 2 auto combo. Shrooms are only really useful when kiting or when waiting for someone to pass by so that you can be surer of the kill (like an ignite sort of).
: You where fed... you said it yourself. Anyone can do stuff like that if they are fed enough... give a soraka enough kills and she will do the exact same. Also remember that a lot of this damage won't be coming from teemo himself, you have 4 items in your build which add their own damage on top of your own so you one shotting people came down to these items just as much as your own damage So basically teemo doesn't have that much damage, your advantages combined with your build simply lead to you being able to do that sort of stuff, had your scores and gold been swapped around lucien would have done the same to you.
You have made the point that I was fed which contributed to Teemo doing lot's of damage. Here's the thing tho - My burst combo had nothing to do with me playing well. The combo itself 1 Q and 1 auto takes literally no skill at all and yet was 1 shotting carries. And no, there is no way Soraka can 1 shot a carry with 2 clicks like Teemo can.
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Silisa (EUNE)
: > The only reason we won is because my Q had gotten to such high stacks and because I was so godam tanky that I was getting focused by the entire enemy team and still wading through fairly easily. This is where I will stop you. That is not why you won. I mean, it is, but you are not the only one to "blame". While the enemy team did have some late game champions like Veigar and Singed, they also had a Fizz who snowballs really easily, and a toxic bot lane with Ashe and Lux versus a melee Taric. Ashe and Lux should have destroyed bot lane and reached your inhibitor turret by the 20 minute mark. Fizz should have either camped you to help Singed kill you and slow down your stacking, or they should have both just left you on top to farm and group bot or mid in a 5v3. I won't even go into the whole story about how much CC they had and they still couldn't stop you. It suggests that, not only did they lack decision making skills, they lacked basic mechanics. You won because the enemy let you. They thought they had an easy game because it was a 5v4 and they allowed the game to drag out to 45 minutes. They should have ended it at 25.
I think I see, you're saying that the only reason I got to that level of power is because my opponents were too bad to stop me? While I understand where you're coming from, I think you're maybe underestimating the fact that we had a practically useless midlaner (for a 4v5) whilst they had a very decent teamfight comp with lots and lots of cc and we had only 1 source of reliable hard cc. 1! The taric in my team even remarked 'guys he is 1v5ing, help him'. I don't think the enemy played it as badly as you say because they did win SOME team fights earlier on but once I got back to defend the inhib to stop their push they couldn't go any further. And there is no way they were going to be able to dive me under the Inhibitor turret. Once the game got into 30+ minute I honestly cannot see how they could have won it.
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: >the heaviest hitters use Nova Cannons as main weapons. A nova cannon could 1-shot pretty much any ship the Empire can pull out. It can certainly destroy an imperial I class star destroyer, cripple a class II and severly damage a Super Star destroyer, that's true. However, Nova cannons are fixed weapons. Due to their sheer size (they are larger than most IOM ships actually) they can only be hauled fixed on the underside of a vessel of at least cruiser-size. Reloading them takes ages (the shells being over 50m in diameter) and the cannon has to be aimed BY MANOUVERING THE ENTIRE SHIP :D Its a bit as if the death star would have to turn around to aim the Superlaser. Despite their size, most ships of the imperium (SW) are quite agile compared to the IOM vessels (not at the least because of their much more advanced propulsion systems) it could be argued that they can out-manouvre the Nova Cannon while closing in. In close combat, the Nova is quite pointless, because of the devastating effect the shot would have on your own ship. (Then again however, in close combat an IOM vessel could use boarding torpedoes...and I can't imagine a star destroyer remaining afloat for long with a squad of Ultramarine - Terminator marines rampaging through it :D) --- >The reason that the IOM use priests to repair tech is because apparently all technology has thing called 'machine-spirits' That is a widespread believe in the IOM, originating in the quasi-church of the Cult Mechanicus. However, its not actually true, or at least unlikely to be true. The IOM employs the so-called "Squats" (essentially Space-Dwarfs, former human colonists who developed on high-gravity mining worlds) for their prowess as technicians and engineers. (The reason I say it "unlikely" is because the orc technology certainly is dependent on the WAAAAAGH - energy field generated by the orks...if a non-ork tried to operate orc technology, it would do what a sticked together collection of scrap metal actually should do...not work ^^) Squats neither revere the Emperor, nor the Omnissah of the Mechanicus, and the nearest thing they have to a tech-litany, is hitting a malfunctioning piece of equipment and cursing it by their ancestors ^^ Yet they have no problem repairing and constructing all sorts of advanced IOM tech. >I think there as been reports of Warlord Titans deactivating their void shields at just the right moment as to kill their crews. That is because the Titans are controlled, in part, by AIs...unbeknownst to the Mechanicus themselves (which is surprising, because they build them ^^), way beyond the technology of the Cogitators (partly-mechanical quasi-computers) they normally use...which is why their workings are far from fully understood, and why they are viewed as godly machines. These AIs, especially when fused with handlers for too long, become unreliable, because well...there is no one who understands how their programming works, or even that it actually exists. The ironic part here is: If the Mechanicus actually knew that, they would no longer, by their own laws, be allowed to produce Titans, because the creation of AIs (called "Abominable Intelligence" by them) is forbidden in the IOM ^^
So you consider the Titan 'Machine-spirits' to be nothing more then advanced Ai of a kind that the Mechanics misinterpret?
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: Xenomorphs against what? Almost any faction from warhammer could demolish em in a ground battle. 1 psychic with enough power alone could wipe out a small xenomorph armada, and the nids would adapt and basically copy the acid blood of the xenomorphs and become immune to it, unless some of em dont have it already and i dont know and seriously xenomorhs have ''armor'' which can be breached by frickin steal beams, meanwhile the tyranids have units with heavy armor that could slash through a thousand xenomorphs alone ( carnifexes maybe ). Warhammer is just too overpowered, or maybe the new universes inspired from it are too weak ( many games and fantasy stories see origins in warhammer ). I mean look at Warhammer lore, you have dudes who can LITERALLY kill entire planets with their mind, or maybe look at weapons, exterminatus and such, or look at eldar craftworlds, frikin planetsized ships, OR look at the size of armies in general ( tyranids number in milions of trilions probably , not exagerating, and orks number in trilions maybe ). AND not to mention the Emperor himself or the chaos gods and the warp.
You are right about the numbers, just underestimating it by alot. For example the IOM has 1 million planets in it. Each planet has an average of 10 billion people. The Imperial tithe (soldier conscription) is 20%. 1000000*10000000000=1000000000000000 people. 1000000000000000/5= 200000000000000 soldiers, or 2 QUADRILLION soldiers. The orks reputedly have MUCH more orks then there are humans, and the Tyranids can literally cover the galaxy in their ships lol. So defo more then trillions. If i had to guess, I'd say the Orks have from the 20-100's of quadrillions of units and the Tyranids have in the quintillion's of units.
: Malcador the Sigilite was supremely powerful, yes, even capable of cloaking an entire moon (Titan, the Grey Knights fortress monastery) for several decades, even after he died...and he even REPLACED the emperor (by his command) on the golden throne, while big daddy was off in orbit fighting Horus. However, this exact event burned Malcador out to the point where he just crumbled to dust. So, even though alpha-level psykers are supremely powerful beings, they are still humans, meaning, if performing grand feats such as destroying an entire fleet or planet, they will probably not survive that event. To wield this level of power, and not be destroyed in the process, requires the superhuman physiology and mental capability of the emperor or his offspring. --- >ALSO, could you touch on the point I made about the battle-fleets? Specifically, the Imperium's OVERWHELMING superiority in space. Gladly. The imperium has an absolute advantage in sheer size, both in how big their ships are, and how many they have. HOWEVER: Like their FTL-Travel, the actual TECHNOLOGY of these vessels is comparatively primitive. * Most spaceships don't even have any form of energy-shields...for example the "Ironclad"-Class heavy battle cruisers rely completely on their armor to deflect incoming fire. * Their propulsion systems are dependent on burning flammable liquid (Promethium). * Energy weapons are almost never used, most ships rely on torpedoes, which can take several minutes to reach their targets, and CANNONS. Yes, cannons, which have to be MANUALLY loaded, aimed and fired by gun-crews. And not only is the technology primitive, its also maintained badly. The interior of most ships, especially the technology, is almost always described as old (which can mean several MILLENIA old), in bad repair, and barely held together by generations of technicians and servitors, who are mostly born, raised and die on the ships. Maintenance is done by consecrating machines with sacred oils and incense, and reciting litanies. That's not a joke, that's what they actually do...scientific and technological knowledge in the IOM is considered heretically dangerous, so even the Tech-Priests of the Mechanicus are not really engineers, they are preachers, who perform the actual maintenance (badly) as part of rituals, the actual purpose of which (why does that wire go there?) has long been forgotten in a swamp of superstition. The only person in the empire who actually remembers anything about actual science from the Dark Age of Technology, is the Emperor himself. Now, compare that with the SW universe. Here, energy is provided by Fusion-Reactors, or even artificial black holes (the Death Stars were powered that way). Energy weapons are widely used, entire ships can be controlled by sophisticated artificial intelligence. Even very small craft have hyperspace engines and energy-shields. Propulsion is achieved by a number of high tech thruster systems, or the generation of artificial gravity. Yes, the empire has an advantage in numbers and size. But even the largest catapult in the universe is pointless, if the enemy has a machinegun. >also, don't forget that for the Empire to hold ground(planets) they are going to have to fight IOM soldiers That is the one point where I happily concede, that the IOM is vastly superior to almost any other SciFi franchise. The sheer number (and not too bad gear) of the Imperial Guard aside... ...But even a thousand stormtroopers would probably not even slow down a Squad of Terminator-Marines :D I just love these guys! And if their numbers should not be enough: Call the Ecclesiarchy, and in come the Adeptus Sororitas :-)
I agree, the tech on most IOM ships are thousands of years old - however this is not actually as negative as it sounds. The Imperium's thousand year-old tech is the best it has because of how supremely advanced the IOM were during the Great Crusade. I'd wager that Great Crusade tech was actually better the Empire tech. Also, these thousand year-old ships DID utilise fusion reactors, it was only when these fusion reactors could not be repaired/replaced that they were replaced with more primitive tech. While a lot of the IOM ships do use cannons and torpedoes, the heaviest hitters use Nova Cannons as main weapons. A nova cannon could 1-shot pretty much any ship the Empire can pull out. The reason that the IOM use priests to repair tech is because apparently all technology has thing called 'machine-spirits' which need to be appeased because they will otherwise kill their crews lol. I think there as been reports of Warlord Titans deactivating their void shields at just the right moment as to kill their crews. It is true that most tech-priests don't actually know WHY their rituals fix machines but they don't need to know exactly how a machine works to fix it. Mostly the get taught rituals which are half chanting and half actually fixing things. Fair enough, in 40K lore the more you use your powers, the more vulnerable you are to all the side-effects of coursing infinite power through your veins. Which results in basically getting dragged screaming to hell for blowing up a planet, ect. BUT we know the the Imperium has never been too fussed about letting people die and pykers seem to be regarded even less then normal humans. Never thought I'd have a thought provoking 40K discussion on the lol boards, so thank you for that :).
: >Firstly, a small caveat, there is no direct metric for warp-time to real-time. Again, read the "Inquisition War" novels. Jaq and his party travel from the Eye to the Sol system. Thats the galactic south west of the Segmentum Obscurus to the center of the Segmentum Solar, barely 1/5 of the galactic diameter. They take more than two years for that journey, and that's traveling on the _Tormentum Malorum_, a relatively small and fast craft. Yes, the warp is finicky, but that means, its also possible that a fleet arrives 100 years after its orders have been issued...or never, getting trapped in a moebius - loop to be Tzeentchs punching-ball for all eternity. My point is: An empire of that magnitude, with such hindrances on FTL travel is barely functional at the best of times...and that is pretty much how the empire is depicted in almost every novel. --- >ALSO, the way the Imperium defends its worlds is not by sending rapid response, its by keeping huge garrisons on the planet The PDFs, the planetary defense forces? Please... Apart from a few revered elite forces, such as the Cadian PDF, the best most of them can accomplish, is to keep the chaos cultists busy until the exterminatus arrives. There is a reason the Departmento Munitorum just packs those guys into the Guard-Regiments whenever they can...its the only way to even get them uniform equipment. I mean, some PDFs are chainmail clad riders on horseback, others have musquets or similar antique weaponry. Not to forget that in order to mobilise them, the Imperium would have to coerce a couple of overweight planetary gouverners first. --- >Also, Alpha level Pykers. Or +. G Fucking G. You mean the guys who are usually kept under lock and key by the Ordo Malleus because they tend to... * Accidentially destroy their own solar system or... * ...listen to some warp entity and grow face-tentacles as a result despite being sanctioned? (don't forget: Alphas are not soulbound to the emperor) * ...get abducted or destroyed by either the Illuminati, the Harlequins or a Culexus Not exactly the most reliably source of power. --- >Cause high end calcs mean warp-storm on Coruscant As you have so adequatly put it: The warp is finicky. And judging by history, it tends not to be on the side of the Imperium ^^
Ok, I'll concede the Warp-travel, it is considered to be very finicky and is mostly depicted to be quite slow compared to the other FTL in 40k (Eldar Webway/Necron Inertia-less drive). I'll also concede that most alpha-level pykers are immediately killed when discovered. HOWEVER, there are some exceptional human beings that do possess and can control alpha-level plus power. For example, Malcador the Sigilate. He lived during the Great Crusade and was the second greatest pyker ever to grace the IOM, even beating out Magnus before he was elevated to Deamonhood. This guy had literally no problems controlling his power, he was just such a beast. I'll admit, nothing like him has ever again appeared to the IOM but that does not mean that it is not possible for some random Terra-born noble to master his power with the help of the Inquisition and co. ALSO, could you touch on the point I made about the battle-fleets? Specifically, the Imperium's OVERWHELMING superiority in space. Also, don't forget that for the Empire to hold ground(planets) they are going to have to fight IOM soldiers, each of which is a lot more battle-harderned then any Empire basic unit (i'm talking about the Imperial Guard, not necessarily the PDF). And to clarify, when i said high-end calcs mean warp-storm on Coruscant I meant Warp-storms made by the Emperor himself (mat his rule be eternal). Since i was using high-end calcs when i said that, i can take it to mean that he can do it where ever he wants, whenever he wants. So yeah. GG
: A universe huh? One Punch Man : Saitama 1 punch ALL of them are dead DB: Goku Highschool dxd: issei aka red dragon emperor -> let him 2* his power enough and a breeze of his punch destroys all universes (theoretically) (Not meant to be serious i know its a different type of thing) But i think the potential luke has makes him potent of killing all tyranids(only potential tho) He isnt strong enough at his known prime but he moves as fast light and can force rap multiple legions of living things at once + he is able to destroy planets at will power wise and he can heal himself. (I think know EU luke wont stand a chance tho)
Just wanna say. GEOM can take Goku. 1-shot soul hacks gg. He one shot Horus while pretty much dead with four Omniversal Gods protecting him. (Chaos gods are reputedly Omniversal, some space marine traitor says so when he first hits the warp - think it was Argel Tal of the Word Bearers) Actually, using power scaling 4dchan style(look it up), GEOM can take any1. LOL Fan-Wank op.
: >and has access to over 2 QUADRILLION men to fight in their armies That is completely true, but you have to TRANSPORT these magnificient armies somehow. And here the problem ensues: The Imperium (WH) technology for faster than light travel is extremely unreliable, slow and dangerous to use. I suggest the "Inquisition War" - Novels by Ian Watson for a description. Warp travel over a distance** of just a few thousand lightyears** takes WEEKS in Warp-Time, which translates to several YEARS in realspace time. The empire/republic (SW) fleets however, are based on a fast, easily implemented, efficient hyperspace technology for their FTL. Cruising **from one end of the galaxy to the other** takes a few days of realspace-time at most, and that's with capital-ships...small, fast vessels like a hyperspace-capable fighter or a small transport craft (such as the Millenium Falcon) are even faster. For comparison, the diameter of our own galaxy is between 100.000-180.000 lightyears. So, we have: * WH Travel time: Several realspace **years** for a few **1000** LY * SW Travel time: A few **hours/days** for more than a **100.000** LY Judging by that, any war would be long over, before the empire of man even manages to mobilise its troops from one point to another. ---- I am not hating on WH here. I love both SciFi Franchises :-) But if we take descriptions in the available Lore as accurate (which is the premise of any such discussion), then this is the conclusion I arrive at.
Firstly, a small caveat, there is no direct metric for warp-time to real-time. The warp is very finicky and can do pretty much whatever the fck it wants. For example, there have been reports of battle-fleets being sent of to fight and arriving before their orders had even been issued. It takes warp trained mutants to find quick paths through the warp but i assure you it can be done. It does certainly NOT take several years for a few light-years. I have heard it placed at about a year for the galaxy, still obviously slower then most FTL in sci-fi. ALSO, the way the Imperium defends its worlds is not by sending rapid response, its by keeping huge garrisons on the planet, or on a planet within hours reach of all the other words on its sub-sector. As we all know, with equal number of ships the Imperium will cream the Galactic empire and even with a huge 10-1 disparity the imperium can bring down 3 for every 1 it loses. Here is why: Point-blank range in Imperium (Basically before the Captain starts to become desperate and go all YOLO): 500,000 km Point-blank range in Star-wars: Naked eye distance LOL Close Combat/Boarding Capabilities in Imperium: Teleporting Space Marines onto bridge, ect. Close Combat/Boarding Capabilities in Star-Wars: A few easily beaten of fighters and some Jedi????!!!? We can see why the Imperium will win is gonna rape in the air given even/slightly bad numbers. Even given 2/1 or 3/1 they are gonna do SERIOUS damage. And dont get me started don ground battle lol. 1 imperator class titan could hold a main port by itself against Empire. You see my point. Also, Alpha level Pykers. Or +. G Fucking G. And this shit is mid level calcs. Dont get me started with high end. Cause high end calcs mean warp-storm on Coruscant (or Any other big crucial planet) GG God-emporer OP nerf plox.
: A universe huh? One Punch Man : Saitama 1 punch ALL of them are dead DB: Goku Highschool dxd: issei aka red dragon emperor -> let him 2* his power enough and a breeze of his punch destroys all universes (theoretically) (Not meant to be serious i know its a different type of thing) But i think the potential luke has makes him potent of killing all tyranids(only potential tho) He isnt strong enough at his known prime but he moves as fast light and can force rap multiple legions of living things at once + he is able to destroy planets at will power wise and he can heal himself. (I think know EU luke wont stand a chance tho)
Yeah but none of those are primarily hard scifi like 40k is. Obviously something like the Xeelee would roflstomp the Imperium.
: don't know man, as a 40k fan my self i always seen imperial guard as a massive mechanised war machine with striking resemblance to ww2 germany and soviet union, their le man russes and other armored vehicles look so archaic and old that seem to be fuel by oil, imperial guard is pretty much is a ww2 army with a few cool futuristic names and toys like autocannon , just a cannon , basilisk , just a self propelled gun and the list goes on. If someone was to form an image on how imperial guard fleet could be like solely by what they see on their ground troops they would think that ig fleet is made up by huge space biplanes and weird sub galactic zeppelins.
Yeah, i guess to outsiders 'Imperium' is synonymous with WW2 esc IG tactics. People always seem to forget that the IG and imperial Navy are two different things though.....
: ***Heavy Smoker Necron Voice*** _"The Nightbringer... shall consume ... all ... primitive lifeforms."_
I like the necrons but i have a feeling that the Nightbringer (unless he is FULLY freed into all his power) will be far outclassed by the Void Dragon :D.
: Funny thing is when you read the fluff, the imperium is actually shown to be a slowly crumbling empire, brought down by corruption and it's unmanageable size, not to mention the legions of space tomb kings, orks, weaboos, chaos and the race that blizzard just renamed zerg in starcraft but not really cause the ripoff was justttttt original enough to count as their own creation. What I mean is that the imperium is a pretty shitty place, and the only reason its not completely gone is because of space marines, if a grimdark place like the imperium can stomp all over the empire, how bad must the empire be?
The Imperium is crumbling, I'll give you that. However, the Imperium still colonises over a million words and has access to over 2 QUADRILLION men to fight in their armies. This means they can pretty much stomp any other sci-fi empire that isn't hyper-advanced (like forerunner/necron+). Yeah lol the Zergs are a sort of Tyranid 2.0 but 1/2 as potent.
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: Why are silvers questioning your skills ?? lololo
: I didn't say that , I quoted it. That's why the smiley is there. There are a lot of posts here stating that ranked is a luck game. And -oh- those players also don't deserve the teams they get. Ingame I always find it very amusing when the 4-8-2 toplaner flames the 2-4-12 midlaner for being a noob.... But again, that is only because these people only look at others instead of themselves.
Ah, thank you for clarification and answer
: I'd say that's because people always look for an excuse, because noone wants to see his own faults; whether it's your own or the enemy team.... - if you are higher rank and your team loses, you are boosted; - if you are lower rank and your team loses, you are "Bronze/Silver/whatever" scrub; - if you are higher rank and your team wins, enemies call you a smurf; - if you are lower rank and your team wins, enemies call you a "lucker". It is much easier to project your own failure onto somebody else. If you watch the replays, you'll see all the things showing up (including your own). As we all can read around here, rank is only a matter of luck :-)) Hence, rank does not matter.
What do you mean, rank is a matter of luck?
: if you think about it for 2 seconds, you realize this is the dumbest comment ever uttered on a league of legends topic.
Maegges (EUW)
: U think 40 minutes is long? Dont make me laugh back in beta days i Waited 60-80 minutes for a NORMAL game and rankeds The here worse about 2 hours waiting so i actually like The idea because tbh so many people play This Game its already unlikely to be grouped with The same Person anyways so i personally would like to make shure it stays that way that i will never See The Blocked person ever again and for The high rank players The simply gonna loose The ability to blacklist people . Problem solved. And just give The blacklist tool a 1 Week cooldown to be used gain and so You cant go on a blacklist Spree also You are gonna be unable to blacklist people that cant blacklist other due to their higher placement meaning that Plat dia and challanger players cant blacklist or be blacklisted At all Would solve a lot Off problems
: Haha, you should have seen the shit I got when I was playing with my Season 3 Bronze icon.
: so you are angry because they refuse to marvel at the glory of the size of your e-peen?
No, I am just confused at how they rage at how bronze i am, but when i tell them that i am not they rage at the fact that i am gold. Seems i just can't win :(.
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: Rengar is stupid
Only thing I'm going to say is that doing what you've described DOES take some semblance of skill. I would respect a guy who could one-shot when 1/5. People always say that skill shouldn't be taken into account when it comes to balancing and i can see why - but from what it sounds like that Ahri got outplayed by the Rengar, Simple as that.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Shockblade Zed* :D
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Stell (EUNE)
: The new Quinn , so much fun ! Thanks riot!! <3
I agree soooooooooo much. Really dam fun can just roam everywhere from mid. Still has burst and dps but with more roam.
Suidox (EUW)
: Why is Magnificant twisted fate 1820 rp
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Get rekt by riot.
: wow, never knew that he had that sexual orientation
He uses the best protection from things like CC, HIV, AIDS
: {{champion:14}} Nuff Said
Olaf goes deeper.
: {{champion:131}} - Landed a Q? DIVE! {{champion:59}} - The Arena barrier means that when he jumps in, he is there for the duration (well, more or less) {{champion:32}} - Bandage Toss --> Ult! {{champion:14}} - I am beginning to think you don't know what "balls deep" means... {{champion:33}} - Ok, first there is the fact that he uses a power ***ball*** but then he does have to **charge straight into the enemy team**. {{champion:254}} - Her Q. Definately her Ultimate. What on earth are *you* talking about? {{champion:64}} - Lands a low hp Q. {{champion:120}} - His Ultimate {{champion:56}} - His Ultimate "Balls Deep" refers to diving into a fight. Diving under tower is "balls deep". Diving the enemy team is "balls deep". Hecarim, Nocturne, Sion all using their ultimates to engage is "balls deep".
Yeah but no one of those dives hard then Olaf. You don't get Vi ulting the ADC 1v5 then chasing through the entire team, shrugging off CC while getting a gigantic hard-on.
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Narimasa (EUW)
: I can go on further, but after seeing just how long the original post got (didnt even realize until after i posted it) i think i'll pass... Ask if you want, though - i'm a massive geek that's been playing since early season 2, so i know A LOT about the strengths and weaknesses of most champions in the game.
What should I do in late game team fights??
VL Ivan (EUW)
: Did anyone else notice that minions sometimes just randomly stop moving?
Yup, I have. I've seen bots do it to, a Karthus Bot specifically.
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