Beolius (EUW)
: Morde is just so broken. He can carry anything no matter how much feed he had.
Honestly, he and many other champions now are just a joke, the main reason you notice him a lot more than some of the others is because instead of flashy plays, he literally just walks up to you and kills you while you can do nothing about it.
ackyyy (EUNE)
: Attempting to reconnect + crash
It hits me randomly, I can play 10 matches and get hit on the 2nd, 6th and 8th and the rest will be fine... The lag and "attempting to reconnect" issue is random too, but reconnecting doesn't always solve the issue for me, sometimes the lag and reconnecting persists afterwards. I have no clue what is going on.
tudodark00 (EUNE)
: Random disconnects
I get the same problem, it's not my PC, every other game I play works fine and it's not every game, I have had plenty of games where it's fine, then randomly I get "attempting to reconnect" sometimes I need to leave the game and rejoin to solve the issue, other times it does it once and doesn't do it again, other times it will do it no matter what I do to try and fix it. It's frustrating and it being random makes it even worse.
: WTF EUW is broken
Got kicked out of the game after accepting a game of TFT, tried to log back in, queue... Position over 20,000, time left went from ~20 mins to over an hour...
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Do people really enjoy this game?
League of legends is an amazing game and is tons of fun.... But only when you play with a team. Playing this game and having to depend on random people who could be trolls, bad, int feeders, ragers or just having a terrible day but decide to play any way makes the experience pretty bad and to be honest, trying to rank up is a chore and mostly feels like a waste of time, especially since the only role I really enjoy is support. It's not so hard to get a team together and go hit flex or some tournaments, I really recommend that more people try it and hope that the new team mode riot is bringing out is good!
: SKT isn't appreciated?
If people have an issue with SKT winning a lot, they should take that issue to the teams they do support and ask them why they cant beat them... Surely? All SKT have done is set a bar, now its up to everyone else to surpass the mark!
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Drugs are bad, {{champion:57}} . (Oh god, I hate myself...)
This turns into some of the creepiest stuff on this site o.o
Remmy San (EUW)
: How to get a S on janna
Take a couple of kills and about 60 cs... That should work.
Zerelous (EUW)
: Share your support games?[/IMG] Thanks to a lovely AFKer I have suffered my first loss today :( Sad...
Tarolock (EUW)
: yesterday i went with mf support, because worlds and ppl were spamming her in the last few days: got an S for that game, and we had a Cassiopeia jungle :D
Awesome, well done! Very interesting build, but it seems to work! Apparently the pick is getting a lot of hate at the moment, but I think it is "Situationally" okay... Helps to know what you are doing as a support too :P I bet most people trying it don't even play the role lol
PPR Indi (EUW)
: why is starcraft 2 dead all of a sudden?
Starcraft 2 just didn't do it for me... Story was bland, characters became boring, gameplay became over complicated... Not only that but it seems even slower paced than the original strangely... Not to mention that at any one given time there is always normally one cookie cutter strat that everyone pulls every game depending on what was buffed or nurfed that patch. You cant really compare it to league of legends.
Zerelous (EUW)
: Share your support games?[/IMG] 2 more wins, 2 different supports... I am on a roll!!
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Finl223 (EUW)
: At what rank does having a main become less effective?
I am a support main and I sometimes find that the enemy team will pick Nami, in that case I have thresh to counter her with - So having at least 2 picks in that role really help. Because of dynamic queue and not always being able to get my main role, I also have 2 champions I can play in every other role. Because A lot of the champions I can play well don't often get banned and are hardly ever FOTM picks I feel like it's okay just having too, but if that changed I would probably consider expanding my pool.
: Is it me or is Nami just the most versatile support ever?
I don't think Nami is the most versatile support because she is not expertly strong in every aspect apart from one. Nami's specialty is in buffing allies, with both speed and magic damage. If you want someone who can do everything a support needs to do and do it the best then you should be looking more towards {{champion:12}} for melee and {{champion:37}} for ranged.
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dilshad01 (EUW)
: Dominion replaced?
Dominion, URF, one for all, nemesis draft and other game modes on a weekly rotation.... That is what I want.
Geek (EUNE)
: Syndra's E is impossible to dodge.
I use Q on my enemy and then instantly follow up with force push, you can not dodge that at all... Unless you flash during the Q cast of course.... GG for counter play and balance, right?
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Hairyloco (EUW)
: Well it's also very important to keep up vision control on the map, something your team unknowingly benefits from. I max out my Sightstone.. a lot. I actually delay my {{item:3364}} and stock up on 2 pinks per base for sweeping purposes just because the 3 wards in SS aren't enough. Yeah you're team dependent, but you can use your skills in teamwork to pick out that one player of the four who does listen to you and start supporting _them_ instead. Just roam the map with them. Stick around with them. If your ADC refuses to cooperate just let him be. _Let him miss you_. Of course it helps if the enemy bot tower has fallen and laning phase is already pretty much over before doing this, but you get the point. Also, communication is key. Whether they listen or not, everyone has eyes. Even if they don't respond, they've read your message.
: few logical reasons why support is tough
When I do go solo as a support I watch my team mates, then I latch myself onto the most competent person on my team and I support them - Doesn't matter which role they are playing, if they are doing well, I make sure they get themselves into a position where they can carry. If you have nothing to do or your team is playing too passive, all you can do is spam wards, if there are not enough on the map, swap to a blue trinket and spam like a mad man, that sometimes can give your team the confidence to make more plays. Also, don't be afraid to spam those pinks, at least 10 per game if you can afford it, I like to keep one on me at all times until we reach the point where I have full build. If all else fails, just find yourself a duo partner it makes like a lot easier, knowing the person you have to rely on to do the damage can actually play and respond to your actions.
candoodle (EUW)
: Listen we know support is the most needed role
I have experienced some weird stuff with this new dynamic queue..... I main support so you would think I would easily be able to get that role no matter what I do. If I am duo, to get support I have to lock in Support/Mid. If I am in a 3 man group I have to lock in Support/Bot along with someone else who locks Bot/Support. If I lock in Support/Fill I get mid EVERY single time with out fail - This has happened 4 times in ranked and more in draft. New system is weird, I am going to have to try out some more combinations.
Lyon511 (EUW)
: Supports & Dynamic Queue - A bigger Problem
The bigger problem for me is that the dynamic queue pushes us all into playing the same meta every single game. Double top, double mid, double jungle and any other possible kind of alternative strategy has been completely removed from existence now, which is kind of sad considering that the meta is something that is supposed to be able to adapt... I main support and I agree with most of the problems that people are having, but to be honest, it's still the same as before... Only then it was normally just last pick that got support, instead of the person who decided to select fill or support as a secondary - Either way, we are getting a lot of people who either don't know how to support or who do not enjoy it forced into the role. Unfortunately, the only way around it is to break the existing meta where you have a 1 1 1 2 set up that requires a support - Which as I said earlier, has pretty much been killed by both the community and now by the new queue system.
Nòaa (EUNE)
: Summoners, Let's decide! (about supports)
{{champion:412}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:57}}
: > Besides you are wrong there too, while you are clicking to move lamb, wolf also moves with it he doesn't just sit in base, you are constantly in control of wolf at all times, you control where he is and what he does.... So does pix... But that doesn't mean we play as pix and lulu together we just play as lulu (and pix does as much in the kit as wolf does). And wolf doesn't have a hit box, which is something that a thing must have to be considered a proper entity. The hit box is around lamb and ignores wolf which means that lamb is the proper champion and wolf is the pet. And again, calling people they all the time is just unnatural, that's why people call them she, it's just easier to say and comes more naturally (we are talking about her in a context that uses singular terms, there is just one champion so using a plural in a sentence with singular terms is just plain bad English). And as lamb is the actual champion it would be more correct and more like standard English to use a feminine pronoun instead of a masculine one or a plural.
And people wonder why this community is so bad.
: Valour is more of a champion than wolf. Valour physically replaces quinn during the ult plus is about 75% of Quinn's kit (passive, Q, W and R, Quinn only does the E by herself). Wolf is just there and only really interacts with the environment during the W and the rest is just visual stuff. Plus you can't control wolf... And everyone calls Quinn a her as that's the main champion so a similar thing applies to kindred (as Quinn is more of a dual champion than kindred and she is referred to as she). > It's not an issue for me, it should be an issue for everyone who is making the same mistake. Then why are you here. If it's not an issue for you you would just ignore it and let them make their mistakes in peace... But you just posted a comment on the subject 3 times in the last 5-7 ish minutes so it's obvously more of an issue to you than to them.
Valor is Quinns pet, he is not a part of Quinn, he is his own entity. They work together to form Quinns move set. Lamb is part of the duo referred to Kindred, so is wolf - Because kindred is a name for both a male and a female, it's wrong to call them by one gender type because they are a duo. It has nothing to do with how much you control a character. Besides you are wrong there too, while you are clicking to move lamb, wolf also moves with it he doesn't just sit in base, you are constantly in control of wolf at all times, you control where he is and what he does....
: > It's not being a grammar Nazi either, it's just telling people they are clearly making a mistake and it's not cool. That's what a grammar Nazi is... someone who goes out of their way to correct people's mistakes in online forums (exactly like what you are doing right now). And being someone who just goes out of their way to correct people just come across as stuck up A holes so it's not something you want to do.
It's not at all... You forget you are pushing your mistake onto us and telling us to accept it, that is way more stuck up and way more of an A hole thing to do. We shouldn't have to correct your mistakes you should learn from them and fix them yourselves.
Katfyr (EUW)
: Was Kassadin rework failure by RIOT?
Knock back on Kassadin would be awful, considering that you want to be on top of someone for your ult damage and empowered auto attacks.
: Kindred is cursed!
Kindred seem pretty strong in the right situations, they have good mobility and that makes them quite dangerous early gankers. If you are enjoying playing as them, keep it up, they have only been released for a short while and it will take people some time to learn how to play with them on the team. They really seem like a well balanced duo!
: Referring to what is essentially an individual (it's one champion despite it being 2 enteties) as they constantly is very weird and not usually correct. So we typically default to either he or she as the main pronoun when referring so someone. So while technically it's a they (see that just sounds wrong...) It's much more natural to refer to them as a singular thing, and as we control lamb and wolf is just a pet then the correct one would be she. And considering most people still call rek'sai a he after a year after her release I highly doubt this will change any time soon.
But the thing is, these people are just showing themselves to be uneducated, you can argue as much as you like with an opinion, but when something is stated as a fact.... That's when it gets to the point where I personally start to worry about the state of my fellow players.
: I believe the correct term is grammar Nazi (sounds cooler). But this happened before with rek'sai... But that died off quickly so I expect the same will happen for this.
Because everyone was calling HER a HE? It's not being a grammar Nazi either, it's just telling people they are clearly making a mistake and it's not cool.
Stell (EUNE)
: Quinn and Valor is a champion Lamb and Wolf is a champion And you control valor more than you control Wolf. You just command wolf, you don't actually play him WHy is this so big of an issue for people? Did everyone suddenly become some grammar warriors or something?
"Quinn and Valor is a champion Lamb and Wolf is a champion" No, valor is not a champion, he is Quinns PET. It's not an issue for me, it should be an issue for everyone who is making the same mistake.
: Dear botlane premades ^_^
I duo a lot, mostly in ranked. When I sign up to play a ranked game, I do not go into it expecting anything - In my opinion, you should always try and be respectful to your fellow players, if someone asks, I will say I prefer support, but I respect pick order and play what ever role is open to me. I use the fact that I am part of a duo to my advantage, that's true, but it really makes no difference if we are in the same lane or not, we will still try and work together, along with the rest of our team members to do what ever it takes to win the game - Because that is the most important thing (After trying to have an enjoyable game, of course). Still, if anyone even gets a hint that we are a duo, we instantly get abuse for it...... So we just stick to trying to be friendly and most people would only know we are a duo if they checked out our match histories. I totally agree that manners are important.
: But you don't control wolf, you control lamb... you wouldn't call quinn and valour they, it's typically she (and you control valour a lot more than you control wolf)... same with lulu and pix, you just say her not they. Kindred is the same, you are controlling lamb and wolf is doing his own thing. Lamb is lulu or quinn and wolf is pix or valour.
Lamb is called Lamb. Wolf is called Wolf. Kindred is what you call THEM when THEY are together. Quinn is called Quinn. Valor is called Valor. Quinn and Valor is what you call THEM when THEY are together. Do you not see the difference there? And actually you do control wolf.... Have you even played the character?
Aižer (EUW)
: Decision making as a Jungler - When you should/shouldn't gank
From a supports perspective - Help your jungler keep track of wards in your lane, it can help him decide where it's most possible for him to secure a kill. Pink warding is also a really good way to help snowball yourself and your jungler if you get ahead. Junglers should not be afraid of ganking for a lane with a thresh, as he can often lantern you into range. If your bot lane has heavy engage or hard CC, see if you can coordinate your attacks. Supports should take time to roam to assist junglers with ganks - A good time to do this is just after you have backed because most people don't expect you to be there. Try and keep track of the enemy in your lanes summoner spell timings, if they are down a flash, more risky ganks and tower dives are possible.
Trumannrr (EUW)
: League of legends playstyle
I main support. My play style is flexible, I am defensive and passive when I need to be and hyper aggressive the whole rest of the time! Being situational and flexible is the best way to play because that way, you will never get caught out.
: I'm feeling good guys
"Feed a poro every day and all your rage will drift away!"
Wildman (EUW)
: Should refunds be regenerated every year?
Even if they gave us the option of only refunding purchases made with IP, I would be very happy with 1-3 refunds per year.
Four Star (EUW)
: How do I stop being toxic?
Seriously? It's pretty easy to be honest. 1) Refrain from using the in game chat. 2) Focus on the game, if someone is going to troll, treat them like they are not even there and play safer, you can still win by forcing many vs 1 situations with your good team mates. 3) Do not ping multiple times. 4) Do not let your emotions get the better of yourself in game, bottle it all up. Do this and you are not breaking any rules, you can shout and swear in real life as much as you like, no one can hear you - Don't do this however if you are streaming - It makes you seem like a childish prick. After the game, report the offenders, then minimise league of legends, open up a note pad file and put on some rage happy music and type down everything you wanted to say in game - This way you can get all your rage out of your system before you start up a new game. Because this is important, you should always start a new game as a new game, if you carry over any feelings about your last match, it will get to you and most likely cause yourself to tilt.
: AD Thresh
All of his abilities have cast times and delays, it's also pretty easy to cancel his slow auto attacks, in my opinion, totally not worth it, especially since he gains passive AP and none of his abilities actually scale with AD. You would be better off slapping a {{item:3100}} on him and going AP.
: The difference between lose and loose
I'm surprised at this really... Do people think jinx is the "lose cannon" because they don't understand the difference?
: Perma Ban for (2201) reason
Stay alive until 2201 - Then you can play again.... I hear that going into stasis is a thing now.
ironferas (EUW)
: Thoughts on the new champion "Kindred"
I actually think kindred is a terrible champion in every way, but then again I think that about a lot of champions these days. I like her ultimate, just not on a jungler, it seems like fiora and kindred both have weird similar ultimates that seem like more support skills.
Hrki (EUNE)
: It was useless report anyway. It did absolutely NOTHING. Just for statistics.
I probably used that report function more than any of the others, shame.
galH11 (EUNE)
: a tip about aram to help us both :)
Other tips. {{item:3069}} {{item:3401}} Both of these items are OP in ARAM, if you take them, you don't need heal so much, it allows you to generate more gold as a team and you can take more offensive summoners. {{summoner:13}} Is amazing if you have a team where 2 or more people want to rush a big AP item and no mana regeneration - If they are going to build any mana items, it's not worth it.
: Riots new Report System
So, no more report option for unskilled?
Sharebass (EUNE)
: All for one toxicity?
Bard, yasuo, kindred - Never pick one of these, please.
: you never control Wolf, you only control Lamb. you tell him to do a bit with 2 skills and that it. YOU CONTROL WALLUP, NUNU'S YETI THE ENTIRE TIME, and we still call him Lulu. You get to control Valor, even for limited time, unlike Lamb, there you never control wolf.
You control nunu, nunu controls willump. Lamb has her own name. Wolf has his own name. Kindred is the combination of lamb and wolf, so it's them, deal with it.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Quit calling Kindred a "her" or a "him"
Apparently people have problems with this. Lamb is female. Wolf is male. When you refer to them both as kindred, you are referring to them both, so the correct term for them is "them". To the people saying "it's okay to call her she because you directly control lamb" are wrong.
: Stop calling Quinn a her, its THEM YOU FOOLS, ITS HER AND VALOR And stop calling Yorik a guy, ITS THEM ITS **YORIK AND THE GHOUL PARTY** From now on you shall forever address Quinn as **Quinn and Valor** and Yorik as **Yorik and THE GHOUL PARTY** do you realize how stupid this sounds? its the same as your rant about Lamb and her identity
{{champion:133}} you play as her until you use your ultimate, then you control valor. You are not in direct control of them both at once so you do not need to call them "them". {{champion:83}} Is a terrible example because you only play as Yorick, his summons have nothing to do with him as a person, if they were named and listed all together, you would still refer to them as "them". Your point seems more like a hissy fit.
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