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: for 1 it is the start of a new season and tbh matchmaking is a complete cointoss now from iron to plat all are put in one giant pool and then picked from 2 after placements people are put some divisions below what they actually are so like plat becomes high silver or low gold and stuff. so you never know if the people you are playing with have climbed a bit already or just finished placement and should be able to carry harder 3 this state will actually stay like this if you do not climb past like platin, in gold you will get placement players throughout the whole season and it will fk up matchmaking the whole season long. actually the people who loose in placement will then go and fk up silver matchmaking the whole season long 4 riot has this thing where they want to balance out winning and loosing for everyone, literally trying to force 50% winrate on everyone, this makes it harder to climb, but also harder to fall. so this will in turn fk up divisions even more, bc there are too many booster and boosted people actually 4 is the most prominent reason why matchmaking is so fked up, because they want to force 50% winrate and you will get a lot of griefers in your game if you have a high win streak. i just had 3 games with griefers, like people going 0/18 or 0/10 is nothing new and riot will not ban those.
Hmm okay. I've decided to delete the game again. It's not only the matchmaking but also the negativity towards people. You get blamed for every mistake and once you are Fed up and talk back you get chat restricted. I know you could Just ignore Them, but you wouldn't let people blame you or shittalk you irl either once you reach a certain point. Muting half of your team is not a good solution for this either, but i do do this. Anyways, thanks for the comment. I've decided this game is Just not for me anymore. Thank you
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: It be like that right now. It's not just you coming back. Run while you can, there's nothing here for you but pain and misery.
Yeah I am thinking about leaving the game again, if this keeps up. We Will have to wait and see, it's a Shame tho. I had alot of fun playing this game, but not so much since I came back. Which might be a good thing. Thx for the response
Rioter Comments
: Just a reminder to all.
Just flame the afk-er who is present about 33.333333% of the time and join in one big flaming party against him/her. And then write a superlong explanation about why they should be banned which won't help 90% of the time. (all statistics on the internet are 100% true, "george clooney, 2015")
Najns (EUW)
: Don't worry, people who always blame others and flame all the time will ge banned sooner or later :P
This is totally untrue you know that, I know people who have been playing for years and have gotten several reports for their behaviour and flaming (and I mean really bad flaming with all kinds of diseases). They hardly get banned, millions of people play this game there is no way they can keep up with everything.


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