: Twicth buffs discusion!
ya I agree with you, twitch kinda lost the identity of an ADC and right now only kinda works if you cheese him jungle but if you can't get kills early you're pretty much doomed (doesn't take away the fact that it's pretty awful to play against). They should nerf the stealth mechanic and buff the rest of his kit so he scales better he kinda feels like a kayle atm
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: The Magnificent Twisted Fate (1820 RP) vs reworked Battle Regalia Poppy (520 RP) wants a word on that. ^^ But in all seriousness and generally speaking: Yes. However, a question...what "old" Ultimates even are there? - Pulsefire Ezreal was the first one, and it got reworked. - Spirit Guard Udyr is still the rework Udyr should have had long ago (not that I play him at all). - DJ Sona also "pushed the tech" (or so we're told) at the time with the music and on-the-fly model changes. - Gun Goddess Miss Fortune was stated to be a "half-ultimate" with its changable visuals. - Elementalist Lux was basically a legendary with 10 Chromas and even more icons. And it's confirmed (Ask Tencent/Nexus page) that we won't get an Ultimate skin this year. ...Actually, as I dug into my memories when reading what I've just written made me realize you are more correct than I first thought. With the amount of VFX on, say, Star Guardian Xayah, it's not that far off Elementalist Lux or Gun Goddess Miss Fortune.
Ya pretty much. Back in the old game client ultimate skins also gave a border in your profile plus icons which each cost like 300 rp so ya. I think lux's ultimate skin is actually worth the price simply because of the amount of chromas and voice acting (plus the visual effects are good), being able to combine elements and get more combinations and having the option to have different skins all the time as you please is nice but than again, to me, gun godess miss fortune is, in fact an ultimate skin as well (you get 4 models, new voice acting and cool visual effects). By today's standards the only skins which are worth the price imo are the 1350RP skins because unless you actually pay attention to the voice acting it won't really make a big difference.
: Which skins are the "better" ones exactly?
What he meant was the skin doesn't justify the price. Most legendarys are better than old ultimates.
: Supp main stop playing game Supp champs are useless No, Supp mains actually play theyr champions in conditions stronger than being a leech whole game long. Junglers stop playing game Jungle champions are useless Nop, jungle champions will be adaptable to 1v1 in play. Dude what is this logic of yours, so pathetic. JUNGLE CHAMPS // SUPP CHAMPS WILL NEVER BE USELESS. They will only be freed to gain their own share of goodies, instead of beeing restricted all the fking time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you do realize that when league of legends started jungling wasn't a thing?
: Revert Akali RITO PLEASE
Dude, i'd actually be fine with the ultimate the way it is but please tell me what's fair (not even balanced) about akali atm? And you do know this is like a gutted version of her release self. Why does she have a Q that slows and gives her mov speed? To me the new W is balanced because it only causes a real problem in lane and players should know to just abandon the fight (ya it may cause her to be safe but it kinda has a long CD and if assassins don't get fed they can be managed better). Like the E+R mechanics is where it get's weird for me, so she has a self knock back that's also an infinite dash plus 2 dashes on her ult which also is an execute plus had a micro stun on rank 1? and it's AOE now xd? I mean to me the old akali was much more balanced because at least back than she had to wait till 6 to be somewhat relevant and had much more counterplay (like ALOT MORE). Stealth as a whole is a dumb mechanic, and over mobility is also a dumb mechanic (what's the point of akali's Q doing moderate damage if she can do 2-3 Q's plus enchanced Autos without you being able to trade back? Might has well make it a bigger CD and do more damage or something. Just gut her, gut her to the ground, she's not fun to play or play against.
: i agree, but i think that this was intentional because they wanted panth to counter fiora as well
And i'm speaking against Fiora myself here because Fiora having 0,75 Sec of unstoppable dodging is unfair for ultimates and it's used for flashy outplays (which feel good not gonna lie).
: but at the same time, the 'mechanic' could be used by panth to counter fiora and stop her from finishing her ult.
well ya that's true, this is my just me thinking that basic spells countering multiple ultimates (sometimes more than once at the same time is unfair and a dumb mechanic)
: Fiora passive vs Pantheon E
agreed it actually makes a huge difference if we want to proc the ult heal.
: Wind Slash minimum damage increased from [100/150/200 (+60% bAD)] to [175/250/325 (+90% bAD)] Damage % increase based on missing health lowered from [0-200%] to [0-100%] correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a nerf? Riven's usually wait till the end of their combos to use the second part of ult, so surely that will do less, or the same amount of damage as live? Not 100% sure tho EDIT: Just saw the ad ratio increase. Still a buff to the damage, but doesn't seem overly obnoxious compared to live. Just means she can all in you a bit more, but she does that anyway so does it really matter?
Actually it's a nerf ya causing riven to actually have to use ult has an oppener or really early into the combo to do damage which is fine imo, if my math is correct right now if riven hits 6 before you, you're pretty much dead because with the AD increase (not necessary) and 200% damage buff it's literally impossible to survive. I really don't understand why riven is being buffed. I play top lane a lot and riven goes for 45% or 40% CDR asap building items like black cleaver or spear of sho'jin first item which in it of itself already reduces her cd's even further especially for riven that weaves AA's between each ability. This is just dumb tbh. The mobility is still cancer -> let's make it even more cancer The damage is cancer -> nah let's not nerf it Massive AD scalling shield? nah np let's keep it. I'm glad they gutted akali so I can permaban riven now. %%%% this bullshit champ even champions like kled or darius aren't as cancer as this girl.
PorterdFnCn (EUNE)
: Elo hell does exist.
I feel you m8. I'm PLAT IV myself rn and when I went from Gold I to plat IV I was playing ALOT better than I am now because tbf with the amount of garbage games I get on PLAT is there even any motivation to play well at all? I don't think so. This coin flip mechanic always existed but ever since riot made it so that you don't lose points on promo's was %%%%%%ed. If you have bad placements you can always climb later if you're good, also the new bad luck prevention mechanic on promos helps as well (giving the free win). Since they implemented this everyone who get's lucky in a few games just get's placed WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of their deserved league and than can't decline. I also think demoting through leagues should be a thing because the amount of IV's players that don't want to climb anymore and just ruin games for everyone.
: Runeterra - an MMORPG: Classes
I mean it's totally possible, however there isn't any lore regarding bosses or "bad guys" just rival factions. Not to say it isn't possible but if you look at games like star wars the old republic which are lore heavy but when it comes to pve it's like meh because there isn't really anything that builds up to any bad guys. A good example is World of Warcraft having stand out vilans like ragnaros the old gods (c'thun and the like) and many others.
: You may say that it's incorrect, however Gold will never have as much value as an Item. Atleast if you're managing your economy well. Tell me what negative side it would have to keep the amount of items each player gets at the same number? They'll still get different ones. It doesn't affect anything but game experience, and that in a positive way. Items are always more important than the comp. Sure, it's the comp that gives you the win, however the Items decide what comp fits best. Getting 3 Chainvests won't help your Assasin comp as much as 2 B.F.s would. And switching to a Mage Comp when getting multiple Large Rods is also an example as to how the Items decide the flow of the game, not the champs themselves.
I understand what you're saying. However, with the amount of carousels, and minion stages (late-game going to drake and herald) you get a lot of items. Since the pool of champions is random every game is different and most of the skill comes from the knowledge off what comp is best imo. Plus getting alot of items early may trap you because you end up with a tier 2 zed with 3 items but your comp in general doesn't support him enough to allow him to carry (I've seen multiple adversaries with more items than me that lost because my comp was better and vice-versa). The biggest trap in this game for most people is still falling back on items when the match will mostly be decided by the best comp. You're def going to get at least 3 items and you only really need them mid/late when u start having tier 2 champions or even tier 3.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Yeah... also this. I kinda wish I had more of those 60min+ games, where both teams just ACE and ACE each other, so its so extreme that 1st mistake is lose, but game was so long and epic that no one is toxic, because it felt like you just finished a few year war. Now everything is so fast, I barely get games beyond 30min. (Not to mention that sometimes enemy Jungler can finish the game in 15min)
Yes and no, those games are usually very frustating because, like you said 1 mistake may end up in a loss. It's clear League of Legends can't be balanced around having longer games or quicker games as with both ends people will complain, however, I feel that right now if you get fed you don't auto win the game but you have enough power to capitalize and auto win the lane (which you should) and try to do something with it, which in most cases translates into a 20 something win game yet everyone can kinda grasp the enemy team was just better and I think this is healthier to be the game even though the losing side will end up tilting and flaming alot.
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: The fact that they **STILL** haven't set it so that every player gets the same amount of items, baffles me. Literally already unfair when 1 player gets 2 coins out of a monser Raid, while others get 3 items in a row. So confusing. It's really not hard to implement, nor does it have downsides.
Because what you're saying is incorrect. If you don't get items in the first waves of minions chances are you'l get more than 1 on gromps, chickens or wolves. Also you should focus more on getting your champs together more than items. Wont matter much if you have 3 items but your comp sucks. I used to think that but rn I understand why it's implemented this way. What still tilts me hard sometimes is when only 4 players are active and all the champions that were purchased don't or appear to not fall back into the pool of options we have.
xTrixxie (EUNE)
: TFT Balance
hextech is pretty broken tbf but honestly you can work around it and late game it isn't that big of an issue if you have a good comp and your tanks get hit with it. (my only complain is how long the removal lasts, lost some games where my carries/tanks just straight up didn't have items for the entire fight)
: What is problem of Orianna?
Challenger players can abuse oriana really easy same reason why ziggs isn't played yet you can probably climb from iron to diamond with him np.
D O Cane (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zetsutroll2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gKx7M6A9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-22T13:16:33.477+0000) > > "store that shield indefinitely" is exactly why morde was so cancer pre-rework. He sill is a ball of stats that doesn't have ways to outplay opponents other than keep fighting and hope for the best which was even worse pre-rework. Morde atm can already 1vs9 pretty easy if he's even a bit fed ok, forget about storing it indefinitely, which was not risk-rewarding. But it makes no sense to keep it to a non-reduceable long cooldown as it is. Expecially with the current uber damage based meta of these times.
Well, that's because morde isn't meant to be played full AP like most people play him. The liandris with rylais (imo) is already all the AP he needs to sustain damage (if you pair conqueror which he can stack so fast, the passive and ravenous hunter with spirit visage you're already getting tons of healing). Plus, with the new ultimate the sheer possibility of a good morde always deleting a carry or a low hp tank and steal their stats. The new shield mechanic might be the most difficult part about him now and I do wish it could have a bigger impact but then the damage numbers would have to do down to compensate.
: > [{quoted}](name=DagOfBickss,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bH1EOElk,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-21T11:37:28.719+0000) > > She just has every niche all adc’s have combined into one kit. Her kit is just WAYYY to compact and STRONG. She is not weak at any stage of the game, quite the contrary as she can one shot any support or adc that has below 300 hp with little to no skill at all while having a bad to decent support. She is picked or banned every game for a reason don’t you think? Kai'sa has a lot of tools in her kit, that's right. And you're talking about os a supp/adc <300hp. Therefore she needs to land 5 AA's (less if hard cc'ed) or 3 AA's and her W should land. Only when she lands her W, it's possible to take one down. Her W is really easy to dodge. In late game, you're not gonna tell me that an adc can't deal 300 dmg with 1 Autoattack? Furthermore, you're telling me that kai'sa does not require any skill? How about, cc'ing Kai'sa and AA her instead (she has lower AA range, so she can't AA back). > > It’s time for some nerfs and changes imo. > I would like her q to be a skill shot of some kind and to have a cast time that makes it impossible for her to keep on auto attacking while using q. A skillshot for her Q? I really don't know how you want to do that, since it's hitting multiple targets (similar to old heimerdinger W). Cast time is already on her E. > Her passive dmg also needs nerfs and needs to do physical dmg because magic resist items are way to inefficient and expensive to withstand her dmg. > At the same time would I like magic resist items to have better stats (magic resist wise). Kai'sa is made for ap-ad-hybrid builds. It also doesn't feel right making her passive deal physical damage. This is just a varus and vayne W combined and extended. The damage has been nerfed. Also, when I'm playing Kai'sa and I build muramana-GR-Nashoors I almost didn't deal magic dmg. It's like 80% physical and 20% magic. When building more ap items, it becomes more like 50%-50%. > > Her shield, oh my god. It is like 3 Janna shields at max rank that she receives by dashing at lightning speed for a ridiculous range. > You forget some important things: Janna gives ad, Kai'sa doesnt give. Janna can decide who to shield. Jannas shield lasts much longer. > I know that she is meant to be a adc assassin, but it seems like nothing can hold her back when she has mixed dmg, becomes tanky af with her ult, and becomes invisible more often than Vayne while doing max hp dmg in ap that is just way to strong atm. Kai'sa is totally not tanky, even with that shield, she isn't. Ofcource, kai'sa can become more invisible after reaching 100% AS. Her E is on lower cooldown than vayne's RQ. And this one is really funny: Kai'sa deals magic damage equal to **missing hp**, Vayne does **TRUE DAMAGE** equal to **max hp**. That is a huge difference. I really don't get "Vayne while doing max hp dmg in ap that is just way to strong atm." True damage is more than magic dmg???
rofl are you seriously trying this had to explain why kai'sa isn't busted? The problem with kai'sa is that with the muramana build her upgrades are so easy to obtain especially the Q upgrade which is a MASSIVE increase to damage early on. The problem with kai'sa is that if she's skilled there aren't that many matchups she doesn't win in lane and, being a late game hypercarry if she get's fed it's insta win pretty much. The only reason she's not getting gutted is probably because she's the only adc paired with vayne and maybe lucian and ezreal that can survive more than 0.2 seconds when sm1 jumps on them
D O Cane (EUW)
: Mordekaiser's W
"store that shield indefinitely" is exactly why morde was so cancer pre-rework. He sill is a ball of stats that doesn't have ways to outplay opponents other than keep fighting and hope for the best which was even worse pre-rework. Morde atm can already 1vs9 pretty easy if he's even a bit fed
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it that Ahri and Lux are getting so much hate when they get a new skin?
well, if you consider the time frame for the release of those skins you will see your argument makes no sense. To explain, old champions used to have re-skins for a skin like green malphite that has literally nothing new to the champion's theme or aesthetics, not like star guardian lux/ahri or pajama guardian lux/ahri or the academia skin line which are, in most cases 1350 RP skins with some thought and work put into it. This is why people complain.
SinsanitY (EUW)
: Well I thought something was wrong. I.E. worse than usual and a quick google search pulled up way more results than usual about people not being happy in ranked particularly. What really convinced me however was watching a Streamer "Huzzy" on YT recently. He's found it so hard to upload games due to them being such poor quality (for all the reasons I briefly describe in my OP) he's had to cancel a recent holiday and play out of his normal streaming hours. The guy looks quite miserable. So unfortunately this does seem to be a real problem this season spanning the whole of ranked play, no matter if someone is low elo or high.
well from what I understood the real issue with ranked is the difference in high elo gameplay because low and mid elo's are usually the same (people complaining about bronze/silver or even gold/plat is not new) however i've recently seen the streamer "yassuo" explain why he feels ranked is worse atm. To quote him kinda he said something along the lines of "I feel back in the day high elo had LCS players and players you knew were good and the games were actually hard which doesn't really happen now and everything feels like a coin flip". What I tried to explain is that in my perspective ranked as a whole hasn't changed all that much considering the skills in the games (I just had a game where I was the only one with a positive KDA on my team and those with negative kda's weren't doing anything else to compensate), however no system will truly be good or perfect (if you remember, diamond 1 used to have sub-leagues because once you reached like 90 LP you were gaining something like +1 -5 LP making it almost impossible to climb yet you didn't have master/grandmaster/challenger. Plus, challenger being a league with 1k plus LP points doesn't make much sense to me either.
SinsanitY (EUW)
: Ranked is a mess, not worth the time, and the current "match maker"... I feel like i'm in a Casino
Tbf in my humble opinion the ranked system hasn't changed all that much in terms of who you get paired with, even though I got a %%%%%%ed adc/support/mid laner who all fed and whatnot the last few games were kinda idk balanced? (And I have a negative W/L ratio. This issue that you say you're having has been around since the introduction of leagues and divisions. This season however it got worse because of the policy they invented (the let's tell the player his rank after all wins) this season. I feel it brought a lot more toxic players into higher tiers of play maybe? I don't know man I just mute when that starts happening and I try to carry by myself.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Separate SoloQ from DuoQ and why? they are already at a disadvantage because ppl complained about them, duos are matched vs higher mmr players to make it "balanced" >Limit autofills per game and balance the autofills in each team well tell players that they should play more roles... you got the role selection because ppl complained about having to play different roles and ppl not respecting their choices in champ select, now you can queue for your role and complain that OTHERS are not playing the roles YOU DONT WANT, so you want to be able to pick your role or not? >Rework the MMR system from the ground tell me any other team based game with a better system (and explain how does it work so there is no confusion) >Stop focusing on what's said in game chat and focus more on actual gameplay and its consequences its humanly impossible to do that, even if every single human on the planet does it they could do like 1% of the work done... it needs to be automated, and you are not helping it evolve/get better, 98% of the players cant even tell the difference between trolling/having a bad matchup and report you for anything, and the system cant do much with useless data... >If necessary, bring back the tribunal! thats good for 100000 players maybe, but definitely not for the millions playing league, its just not efficient and slow as hell
You clearly missed the point entirely. First of all, you can clearly see this is a brainstorming king of topic and not someone trying to implement any sort of ideas so you coming here and just dismissing everything op said without any counter arguments that could in fact be helpful to reach a conclusion also tells a lot about yourself. You being silver is argument enough to dismiss you (and yes this is very elitist) because you have no idea how toxic (for example) DuoQ becomes when two players actually know what they're doing and can abuse it. (you getting a DuoQ in silver most of times just means it's two friends who got together to at least reduce the amount of trolls in they're games). If you check challenger games where a DuoQ team will just completely destroy the enemy top/mid laner with constant dives and ganks than you would understand the point. Returning to the main topic. IMO instead of leagues and divisions we should move back to ratings (back when your rating wasn't bronze V but rating 100) and all of the garbage would just go down and if you wanted to climb you actually had to try harder (right now with all of the loss prevention systems and all of the bullshit associated with it you get games where even if you troll you win because it's meant to make you have a 50% WR).
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: To be honest, it was just a band-aid nerf. yi's only problem is his true damage. remove that and his onhit build becomes far less effective and easier to play against. and it also won't strangle out yi's build diversity
lol what? U mean remove an entire ability? ahhahahhaha
: please dont nerf MALPHITE
Bruhhhhhhh don't even lol what is this thread even? If you're complaining of AP malph burst let me remind you that reading the patch notes is actually useful bro. The new W has an AA reset that scales with 0.4 AP that combined with lich bane is like 0.8 AP that combined with R and E is more than enough to 1-shot anyone. And they made the new cleave scale with AP as well making his wave clear even better. Rushing mpen on malph might be actually broken
Jookerr44 (EUNE)
: can you nerf %%%%ing vayne?
Honestly the problem here is that a role like adc's in the current state of the game isn't healthy. You either bring an early game adc like lucian and you actually feel like a champion or you pick a late game champion and have close to no impact for the majority of the game which made riot bring the late game phase earlier and now late game champions like vayne are destroying the place. I mean, and let's not forget vayne can take press the attack and actually duel other adc's early on
: Akali has 44% win rate. LET'S NERF HER SOME MORE!
Akali is super abusable at higher tiers of play its not necessarily pro players only. Karthus jungle is borderline S tier now and most of the player base thinks he's garbage
: That's not how the ladder works. In order for someone to win, the other has to lose. That's why it's ranked. No "second place" here as in URF. Also, your loss prevention idea would be highly abusable in high ELO during "win-trading" scenarios. All this is suggested on a daily basis, and the answer is always the same. Take the loss, and move on. It's not like I never had AFKs, as you can imagine. I'm simply not defending the idea because it's not a viable one. Everyone is trying to weasel out of losing LP, whole nobody minds winning LP for free - in an unfair manner. The only way I could somewhat accept all this, would be that nobody gains/or loses LP. 1 person would screw 9 because a 3minute+ duration AFK. Still sounds dumb right ?
well ya I know that but at the very least they could apply this to how promo's work...it's one thing to lose -18 LP from one of those shit games it's another to be like on promos for the next league and you lose because of that.
Iakovia (EUW)
: I feel like I am going around in circles???
Im currently stuck Gold III-II and the situation is exactly the same as you're putting it and from what I can tell like there's a lot of games that don't start with someone actively trying to int or make you lose the game meaning that unless you have a really bad team and you lose (because logic) there are a lot of somewhat balanced games where you actually get to play into it and the enemy team just played better. You might've had someone in your team that %%%%ed up hard later or didn't do a part of his job correctly but you has a player if you didn't hit your skillcap as you're putting it you should've carried the lane hard. A good example I can give you is me picking up karma support out of nowhere and won like 11/15 games meaning I went from gold IV to mid gold II and than shit hit the fan and I lost like 4-5 games in a row and decayed to gold III where I am now, in a way ya maybe my teams were worse but the reality is I misplayed as well...the tilting comes from the fact that like you misplayed so does the rest of your team and there is no one fed or ahead to kind of hide those players. It could all come down to picks or actual builds (for example as a brand player if you don't get ahead in lane you might have a balanced game overall and you're able to scale and maybe in teamfights you get ahead, OR the enemy team has someone that got fed because they are better and you fall behind and can't carry...is it really your teamates fault?) Another example I can give you is a friend of mine that recently did his ranked placements and he got placed Gold III or Gold II I think. In a matter of 2 days or 3 he climbed to plat having like an 80% WR with Nasus and he did in a few days what I couldn't in so long. You gotta know when to engage when not to engage what to run from and what u can run into..being able to hit your skillshots doesn't do you much when the enemy team can figure out when you're not strong and engage on you and now your dead and wondering. There are alot of factors to take into consideration.
: And in other cases you win promos due to AFK enemies. Riot can't fix the player's PC, nor electricity / internet connection or attitude. Take the loss and move on - like the rest of us.
Actually you could fix it with loss prevention if you have an AFK in the team. You're right the enemy team isn't guilty that someone decided to int and afk that is true, and because they got lucky that game they should gain the LP regardless but the 4 people that lose because of this should get loss prevention and instead of screwing 5 people you screw 1. It's really not that hard or shouldn't be hard given the fact that if you afk for most of the game you're not even eligible for the rewards which means even the game didn't recognize you as a player and most times you even get leaver penalty so ya when this happens in game, if you lose you should get loss prevention isn't this just freaking obvious and such a HUGE QoL change for the game? it would make everything a lot more healthy because right now if you can't remake the game it just feels like you're stuck in a game you can't win and even if you open for the enemy team so you lose ASAP you still lose the LP/promos
: That was my point. Noone focuses Kennen while he ults, they will attempt to run away. So the defensive bonus is useless on R. It is the runestone that is responsible for Kennen's winrate. It's 51.5% with Klepto and 46-48% with phase rush, aery and electrocute. In other words it is klepto that makes him a Tier 2 champion, the other runes make him Tier 3. Noone considers him a broken top laner dude, watch all the updated tier lists on mobalytics, u.gg and so on. Noone of the charts have him as a S tier pick (god tier). They have him as A tier (good). He is A tier along with 15 other top laners. The S tier picks are : Riven, Jax, Urgot, Kayle, Hecarim. Kennen is not S tier. You ask why Kennen is being changed? Well Riot's balancing is out of wack at times. You must be aware of this. This change makes no sense since kennen's power is in a rune that synergizes too well with him. I tried to explain it to you but I will try again with an example : I as Kennen was up against Garen. He started doran shield. I do what I normally do, I poke him from a distance while I farm. He managed to survive early levels without dying. He rushed a spectral cowl. After that I was more like a mosquito , just an annoying little yordle that could not really hurt him. But even if I did no damage to him I still kept on AA'ing him for those klepto procs. Then his jungler started to camp to, I died 2 times to ganks, then they tower died me. So when laning phase was over I had 60 cs and was 0/3. Garen was 3/0 with 120 cs. So he had twice my cs and 3 kills. But I still had as much gold as him, I was not actually behind. That was because of the RNG Klepto procs. In essence I should have lost that game since I got crushed, but I didnt. Klepto allowed me to stay in the game and keep up. If I had ran any other rune that game would be a 100% sure loss. So you see, the power is in klepto and the money it brings. I watched some challenger players play Kennen and they dont really focus on cs'ing, they just forget about farming and focus on AA'ing the enemy for klepto procs. So they have horrendous cs but are still ahead. That is not fair now is it? The unfairness of kennen comes from klepto. If he uses electrocute or phase rush you can shut him down. Also if you are a bruiser or a tank all you have do to is rush spectral cowl and kennen can do nothing to you, literally nothing.
I'm sorry but I din't read the entire post, and the questions where rhetorical. My point here is maybe this change makes kennen able to move during his ultimate to chase people instead of being forced to buy zhonyas, maybe this change with electrocute makes him really good in teamfights? allows him to engage and not die? The fact that klepto is broken on ranged champions against meele lanes is well known (it's like saying Ilaoi is broken because she can proc klepto of the ghosts she rips of champions)
jOlUiZiv (EUW)
: Role assignment in promos
> [{quoted}](name=jOlUiZiv,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KbpI3P4U,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-28T15:14:47.907+0000) > > Dear Riot > > Why is it that every single promo game you almost always get your second role?? > > Last game I had to go jungle when I main mid, I begged my mid laner to swap which he refused of course. I looked him up and he was a 40% wr yasuo player who was hovering Yasuo from the start. > > In a normal scenario It would be an easy dodge and a -3 lp penalty, but no, because it is promos, I am held hostage with a negative KD and negative WR Yasuo player. Of course I had to play this out which occurred in an easily foreseen loss. > > WHY RIOT, WHY, ARE NOT MAIN ROLES GUARANTEED IN PROMO GAMES? > > WHY DO YOU GET A LOSS IF YOU DODGE A PROMO GAME? > > I'm furious, TY. lol I feel you so hard rn
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: The E nerf wont impact his laning. Most people max Q or W first then E the last, and the E nerf wont come into real effect until you have 3 points in it. Which means it will be lategame since you put points into E last. You claim that they give him power where it's needed, that tells me that you do not know much about kennen. Ult lasts for 3 seconds, during those 3 seonds you are in zhonya during a teamfight so that added power on the R will never be utilized. And even if you are not in zhonya during ult the enemies wont attack you, they will be running away to avoid getting stunlocked. So he does not need that extra defensive bonuses during ult since noone will be attacking him anyways. It's a net nerf. A massive one, since he will lose alot of survivability on his E lategame. The problem is not Kennen being too strong, he is actually weak and I will explain why. It's klepto that is overtuned on kennen, you can get ahead even if you are behind due to this rune. But if you look at the winrate of kennen with phase rush, aery or electrocute the winrate drops like a bomb. It means that kennen is underpowered without klepto. The way to fix this is to nerf klepto and buff kennen so he can use other runes. Klepto is not fun for anyone
Have you even considered that maybe this change is meant to change the way he is played in teamfights? And the effect goes straight into the first point you have in it since it gave MR and Armor on all ranks so I really don't know what you're talking about. With an ult like kennen you can't really decide to focus him because unless you actually kill him you're just gonna eat the ult damage anyways meaning two things: either you're ahead and neither change will matter much, or he's ahead and zhonyas will in theory not be mandatory. This change has nothing to do with runes, kennen is meant to be a teamfighting champion and they gave him power there, an already abusive top laner with the E to provide free resistances to escape or engage is better suited on his ult. If kennen is so weak why is he getting changed? why is he considered broken top lane?
: Silver elo in EUW is like Diamond elo in EUNE so I have big clue
You mean they're making him more balanced in lane yet better in teamfights? Correcting one of the things that makes him unfun to play against and giving him more power where he needs? strange.
: Will I make it to gold before Kennen nerfs?
: Those two are in for nerfs, and how many will get buffs that will push them in "one click = kill" circle of champions? :) I am not saying you are wrong, bcs you are right! But Rito is just constantly having that circle of 20 champions that are just overly buffed!
ya I agree with you on that one and ya this happens a lot and the best example is conqueror...if conqueror is busted champs like jax etc are OP but than the champ get's nerfed the champs that get countered are buf for being to weak and than the rune get's nerfed XD
: is sylas weak?
The nerf to the E cd was 2 much RIOT could've played around damage or ratios on the Q/W/R but touching the E CD was 2 much. Sylas is still good and if you get past the early game it goes back to old self meaning you can still do alot of work but you kinda have to play like a %%%%% early game and time ur E better. I was maining sylas for the most part but ever since he got pick/ban status and started getting nerfs I kinda had to leave him alone...next patch the W is getting a minor buff which will probably not be enough (they should give a minor buff to E like 1 or 2 secs early game imo)
: Farewell League (Yes, this is a rant, but a heartfelt one)
In your entire rant you mentioned two champions, those two champions are in for nerfs on the next patch hopefully. The problem you're talking about is more attached to assassins than anything else. Rn if you're against a zed mid and he get's a kill on you chances are the lane just ended top lane this is also very true for most matchups. Either way the game isn't as feast or famine as you make it seem at least I don't see it that way (unless you're playing an early game jungler and you play the first lvls perfectly than yes but it's what they are designed to do anyways). I'm having more issues with the attitude the community has this season more than anything (having only 4 leagues compacted the most toxic players together which is just awful...it made the league less grindy yes but rn gold IV/III are much worse than they were)
: If you get ganked lvl 1 by twitch you are a f*cking idiot.
how so? do you hug the turret? buy a pink first buy? Because I've playing against and as twitch jungle and no one seems to expect it ever.
Spearki (EUW)
: you realize any meta jgl is 10 times better right?
except he's not because the effect is different. if your mid laner or top laner doesn't position correctly lvl 1 they get ganked with red and most of times you're gonna get an easy kill. not to mention you scale really well and in soloQ you can very easily camp sm1 until they ragequit
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Salron88 (EUW)
: something is wrong with the matchmaking queue season 9.
Ya it's not "impossible" to climb but for some reason it's ridiculously hard to climb rn my best advice is find a premade and go with it.
: Three huge problems (True damage, % damage and easy sustain)
ya, champions with easy % damage like mundo are broken atm, even with everyone building healing reduction we can't stop his ridiculous healing
: Azir and Shen buffs are here/incoming
It was actually +15 dmg because u se it 3 times and shen is already a very good tank so overbuffing these champions can be problematic.
: Why is Sylas still not disabeld?
> [{quoted}](name=KRANKKK,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rNYkwRRY,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-10T03:24:07.470+0000) > > So i know, noone of us is a professional, but why do we have to play against/with a champion which very apparently has quite a few bugs which even Riot notices. But then why is he still allowed in Ranked's? > And i hope bugfixes and nerv's come fast for him, he has just too freaking much. A Double-Dmg on Q with a Double-Slow, a Heal+Dmg+Gapcloser W, a Snare+Knockback+Shield+Dash/Gapcloser+Dmg E and of course the "Ultimate". And dont forget the AOE DMG Passive after every spell wait is this dude srs? rofl dude Sylas is so not broken in design, if the numbers are 2 high they'll get tweaked hopefully never really breaking the champion into uselessness
: ADC Neeko is becoming meta, will Riot kill it off?
Neeko has a whole is much stronger because of the E change. The ADC business is w/e really what's strong is that the stun duration is absurd atm (up to 1.5 seconds rank one I think) and it's much easier to get the enhanced version which means if neeko has follow up she's really easy to set up kills in the early game. Not to mention the ult shield the W stealth and mov speed buff every 3 autos makes her very easy to self peel. If u take her mid lane the argument is the same except she can and will destroy most mid laners a lot easier with the new E
Terra (EUNE)
: IT's stomp or be stomped. that's what league is
No this isn't true. U can see even from yassuos stream on the 10k bet Gold/Plat elo is god awfull atm, people have no idea of what lane priority is or macro play they tunnel in their own lane don't know what to build or buy and it's %%%%ing disgusting that RIOT with the new system allows the most degenerate players to reach gold or plat. I bet Iron has better players than gold or plat maybe even diamond atm. Ranked as a whole is garbage.
Tiestax (EUW)
: Why does rageblade work on Neeko's W
From what I understand neeko's W is like Diana's passive or jax's R passive
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