: Ardent Censer Diana
Trick2g as been using ardent censer on udyr for so long now. To some extent it is actually a good synergy because it gives a boost to shields and gives an attack speed steroid which, paired with the fact diana already builds nashors makes her more of a dps champion (A lot of people tend to forget Diana was meant to be a Fighter champion not an assassin even though with these changes she still has 1 shot potential)
: Actually doesn’t always work like that > He is almost imune to ganks after level 6 as he will use his ultimate and then kill one of the two. Plenty of champions are effectively immune to ganks especially post 6... just gank elsewhere your top laner should be good enough to not die to a melee only juggernaut. > With his kit even ranged champions dont stand a chance because he will simply use his E to get them closer. And if that’s dodged he can’t do anything... also assuming they don’t have the cc to walk away or have a support to help > After he builds his first item you won't be able to escape from him either as he will simply slow you with his passive constantly. Assuming you and your team has allowed him to hit you enough to ge5 the passive, and then allowed him to follow you to keep it up > The teamfights are won by just standing in front of everybody I mean that’s called being a front line and is something all tanks and bruisers can do. > if you are behind you can just ult the enemy feeded champion so your team can easily win. And if they buy a QSS then your ult is useless and you die. And the reverse is also true, if your the fed one on your team and you ult that’s a 4v4 your team can’t win and will die trying to... you ulting can and will loose you the game forcing you to play with only 3 abilities and an extreme vulnerability to supports ___ Seriously a good adc support combo will make him useless (especially if your top doesn’t feed him ) Also 54% win rate is for support morde, top morde has a 52% win rate which for a champion that’s easy to play and requires enemy players to work together and buy the correct items is pretty normal
Such a big post for such a simple answer. Morde is overtunned and your post is bullshit.
Šternberg (EUNE)
: Done with this shitty game. Either play unbalanced champs or get shit on most of the times.
Kassadin and other champions (which are like non existent atm) are what you call "true late game champions", because he's like one of the last champions that fills that niche of "let me get some items and it's free win" so he's really not problematic AT ALL. Master yi is only really a problem with a funnel strat, other than that, sure he's good late game who needs some coordenation but than again he's a LATE GAME HYPERCARRY. Since you wrote this post tilted I can understand some of the confusion you might have. You can't complain about master yi or kassadin when you let them get to full builds, these champions are designed to be weak early game and good late and are balanced that way. Try blind picking kassadin once and see the misery you're gonna face against an AD champion or an AP assassin that's stronger, just try it. Same goes for mastery yi against an early game jungler. You also mention champions like ORN which is weak atm or garen who had to be buffed last patch. Other than that yes I agree, ekko/diana/morde/malphite top as tank/olaf are all overtunned AF but try to give riot some time...season 10 hasn't even started yet. Everyone knows preeseason isn't the most optimal time to play ranked and if you play normals serious than you have other issues to deal with.
: Is Lulu still viable as Mid/Top?
Only works for funnel strats otherwise she doesn't have the damage to harass top laners and lacks damage/wave clear against most mid laners.
: When even TF Blade can't carry inting botlane in Platinum ELO.
This game never changes ahhahaha You do realize that this isn't a good example right? Because both players, as you mentioned, are rank 1 players and will easily reach over 90% WRs meaning their MMR reaches a point where he needs to go against harder enemies yet the team they're getting where they should be if this makes sense. Have u ever wondered that tfblade might be going against PLAT II/I's while the rest of his team is low PLAT IV Gold I mmr?
TwistedAlex (EUNE)
: Let's talk about Ezreal
If Ezreal didn't have that annoying synergy with Iceborn than maybe i'd agree with you on that but having a spammy Skillshot that becomes pretty much free later on.
gwzw2lex2 (EUNE)
: Gangplank's Q
the only problem with GP is the grasp synergy top lane. He get's so many procs for free and all count as meele even though they come from a ranged ability.
: ive never understood karma top, what role does she fufill that is not already covered in the team composition. sure you could argue that she is the shielder then, but in comparison to a full support and full tank karma there is not really any difference.
well there isn't much of a difference because "tank karma" is just normal support karma but with spirit visage and he sheen tank item after that you go the normal support route (meaning you abuse your base stats in the early-mid game and than transition into a more supportive role). The problem I see with karma is ya you can take her top and do that but imo late game you're losing on an actual tank (meaning it's only a good pick for coordinated teams). You can take her mid yet imo other mages can do her job better (even though R+Q hits hella hard later on). Which is why I feel she's only good as a support right now because she can do a lot even though there are other better enchanters. Pretty much karma doesn't really have a defined role and even though you can do a lot (which is why I like playing her) you don't really master nothing.
: How i'm supposed to win games with 3 trolls in the game?
go next. Can't say more it's frustating but w/e.
: Karma's current state?
Karma top wasn't affected. Karma still has great base damage on the Q although karma late game is mainly a shield bot for the team. She's still good imo very versatile.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zetsutroll2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xuP9hzPn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-06T20:02:54.441+0000) > > This is so true for many champions. The one that tilts me the most is darius, the amount of times his E "misses me" yet i'm pulled anyways or i'm just outside the Q range yet I get it anyways (it's a really small window of effect and it's annoying especially because I'm never this "lucky" when playing darius. Exactly, especially things that are not even close to what they seem, because they don't actually have an indicator on where it hits: For example: The Tahm Kench Q (tongue) has an indicator additionally to the tongue itself. The tongue is not the hitbox, the hitbox is what's indicated next to it. Many abilties don't have, but *should* have one too: Darius Pull, Yasuo Q, maybe Fiora Q, Kalista Q, you get the idea.
Exactly, and funny enough, yesterday I went against a lux and got snared like 2-3 times when the Q totally missed me. I mean at the very least fix these bugs riot..
: Yuumi's champion design is toxic
I agree 100% man. yummi is the most cancerous enchanter Riot created so far (and that's saying alot considering how of much of a hell we get put through if by chances enchanters in general are strong).
: They made her snowballing better. She still has a problem getting a lead.
This is exactly what i'm feeling atm.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zetsutroll2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3soW63tO,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-06T19:46:12.898+0000) > > wait are you serious? The reason Fiora received this buff is because rn fiora has a decent amount of trouble winning against most matchups (Darius, Renekton, Pantheon, Kennen, malphite, shen...most tanks). Look, yes she kills turrets really fast but doesn't jax already do the same? What about AP mages with lich bane? Fun Fact. Darius Renekton and Pantheon all are lane bullies Fiora isn't suposed to just directly win against them in lane she is suposed to have a hard time because thats what these champs are designed for. Fiora should reward smart play vs these champs and should have to think to beat them and not like now stright up steamroll every matchup that exists because she is damage incarnate
So you're just proving my point. Fiora can't just sit back and do nothing all game or else everyone out-scales her at least from the games I have with her that's how it feels, especially in soloQ where if you don't at least go even in lane and by chance someone else is losing, chances are you're gonna lose that game. Rewarding smart play is exactly why I like playing Fiora but it's really frustrating (pantheon is a bit of a bad example given how op he is early game atm) when you outplay shen's or chogath's top lane but if they sit back and farm you can't really do much and i've seen myself get out-scaled couple times. After these buffs if I get a good roam bot and we're able to siege a turret I actually feel like I can push my advantage foward and build leads off it (sure I agree with you maybe the Q+E buffs on structures was too much maybe it needs a nerf but giving these mechanics to fiora were welcomed changes that don't really change how she plays in lane but allow her to actually create solid leads and not just sit back kinda). This is the perspective from a Plat level Fiora player so take it with a grain of salt as well.
: Fix the Lux Q animation already
This is so true for many champions. The one that tilts me the most is darius, the amount of times his E "misses me" yet i'm pulled anyways or i'm just outside the Q range yet I get it anyways (it's a really small window of effect and it's annoying especially because I'm never this "lucky" when playing darius.
: > [{quoted}](name=IzzŸ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3soW63tO,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-06T16:06:57.347+0000) > > She loses loads of matchups, she definitely isn't a free win. Tell me which match ups for fiora are actually hard to play right now?
wait are you serious? The reason Fiora received this buff is because rn fiora has a decent amount of trouble winning against most matchups (Darius, Renekton, Pantheon, Kennen, malphite, shen...most tanks). Look, yes she kills turrets really fast but doesn't jax already do the same? What about AP mages with lich bane?
Infinitty (EUW)
: I think riot should remove promo games between tiers and leave only rank promotions like Silver to Gold and so on... I would remove this promos and the thing preventing a 0Lp player to demote, in fact they could do each rank going from 0 to 400Lp , you get a tier upgrade when you pass the (100, 200 and 300 LP marks) I think ranked progression would be much smoother and enjoyable this way
Indeed but riot doesn't really care. If you allowed players to demote to 0LP (which could be IRON IV) than people wouldn't treat ranked to recklessly or at least not in such a massive and overwhelming way. Point being this guy is complaining about this in GOLD III while the same is happening to me in PLAT III. Especially at the end of season most people who already reached their desired rank stop caring for the game and RIOT is enabling these behaviors which is so toxic.
: Elaborate
well the fact that you think having 1 less second on the stealth is a nerf when you no longer need to max it given the extra time early on (when shaco is supposed to do damage otherwise he'l just be useless mid-game), or you thinking the ult does less consistent damage because of numbers nerfs and ratio nerf when after the explosion the boxes fear right away and start doing damage (there was a clip already of a known shaco main where he placed a clone in the middle of 3 dummies and just showcased the damage...the fear is like 1-2 seconds long so it gives more viability to shaco AP (who isn't really meant to be a regular assassin or mage but more like someone who constantly bates people into boxes). The reason I did the sarcastic comment is because I don't even play shaco but from what I read and seen already from famous streamers/shaco mains, shaco is getting alot less clunky and more reliable (which is why he already received nerfs on the PBE)
: Shaco PBE changes classified as a "buff"
ahahahahhaha you're funny. Ignorant, but funny.
: Hardstuck in Plat 4
At this point I'm just hoping you get lucky. This last game I just did, I had a vayne that was 0/5 by 10 mins and a mid laner who was 0/0/0 by min 20 because all he did was farm and ping other peoples mistakes. Try playing a carry support and find ways to snowball bot lane and you should find decent success. Champions like pyke/blitz/brand/swain you can take matters into your own hands and the argument stands the same for top lane: get fed -> draw pressure-> be able to 1vs2/2vs3 -> get turret -> swap top/mid -> take more turrets and snowball your lead. If you play a decent late game support and you (at least) never lose you should be able to somewhat carry mid and late game.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Thank you again lord for you respond, I am honored that your Grand Master GOD TIER I have spoken (Despite the fact that you probably never played here, and here just to argue since you're a jackass <3)
well if you don't agree it's probably everyone else that's wrong hue. And ya I don't play in EUNE, EUW is already cancer don't need to scoop that low.
: I dont know man, there have been some moments where the early game is amazing for me, and then suddenly I cant kill the same champ as same as before. He seems like a hero that would probobly only work on new players or people who dont know that much about the game "innings". While when you get either smurfs or actual decent enemies, everything goes to dust by them dodging your Q or your ult. And even when you expect to finish them off with your passive, they just stun you and run away.
Actually Sion is a bad example because there is an off meta play-style where you play Sion full ad with lethality and legit 1 shot people.
: Is Sion bad or good?
If you can survive early lvls against high damage bruisers you can pretty much negate the rest of the lane by building armor, other than that you can't really carry yourself unless the enemy team just afks on you and your team manages to kill them.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Oh my god, THANK YOU... this wisdom... Like they totally will not try to predict my W landing, they all run in straight lines like Mundo *Why I didn't think about this* Like you haven't even read the first lane and yet you're here with your *trimp roar* **EUW** nick to teach poor EUNE kid, thank you lord for your kindness and splendor. Like no matter how LOW champion is... HOW BAD HE/SHE IS... there is always a splendid superior **EUW** player to teach me. Thank you. TL;DR Why the F? pick her jungle if its assassin meta and Rengar/Kha'Zis does her job 100 times better?
Because you're calling a champion bad when it's pretty much YOU. Maybe in challenger/masters they might be able to shut you down completely but from iron to diamond n1 even seens that champion.
Youness9 (EUW)
: well in addition to the tilt u get from games tht is unfair
ya pretty much. Now i'm being forced into losing games. w/e i'm pretty much done at this point for this season.
: {{champion:420}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}}
you mean kassadin/malphite/jax? because at 50 mins unless you split push the rest are kinda useless.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Taliyah's Kit and Current Meta
Nah m8 l2p. Talyiah jungle if played well is actually insane and the damage is %%%%%%ed. If you want a better description watch redmercy's climb videos (not for him but for his duo partner carrying him on talyiah). if you have slow CC mechanics maybe try prediction their movement so u can hit it.
: Just quit this game brotha. Best solution of all time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Youness9,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=FdGzyFkc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-29T13:20:11.763+0000) > > that's just sad Yeah I get the feeling they are trying to reduce the number of people getting to Diamond as it wasn't like this in previous seasons.
Indeed, I'm on a 5 game winning streak in Plat III and i'm getting 14 LP...it's really demotivating. I can understand making the I divisions harder to climb after a certain point (Gold I/Plat I etc) but being this harder at plat III which is the new division IV is so sad. especially when you get such a massive winning streak to get to your promos just to get %%%%ed in said promos because of "let's get you to 50% WR".
The Clit (EUW)
: Prestiege Skins is kind of a scam
That would be true if Riot had to put any effort in it. This is same argument for loot boxes, ya sure it sucks that we don't have events with game modes etc but if people are still gonna buy that 20€ loot box that's gonna give you a ton of skins etc why should they put an effort?
: They are releasing skins for popular champions because the skins are the only thing they profit from. It's as simple as that. You need to realize that 1: we live in a world where everything is about money and 2: they don't owe you anything
That's true but what OP is telling is that maybe keep the same champions planned for the skin line but give not so popular champions a skin as well.
Shamose (EUW)
: Current patch is 9.18. 9.19 will be live tomorrow.
JustTits (EUNE)
: How good is Kassadin for Gold elo Solo Queue?
Not good as first pick, great as a counter pick to any mage (it's not really safe to pick him into assassins like talon/pantheon etc etc etc unless you plan on having a stupid weak early game and depend on jungle help or find some sort of alternate rune path that can help you.
: > [{quoted}](name=ˉÐęqûńˉ,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fTIIRb5G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-24T07:48:37.523+0000) > > I think Riot wants Karma to be played as a Support, not as a Mid laner. I noticed there isn't even an alternative start besides Spellthief's. So I don't think they plan such a rework to make her playable in another lane, because then, why not ask this for every other support champion as well? > > You should probably play Support, otherwise, you are taking your chances with a supp in mid lane. Why all of a sudden? Karma was played professionally in mid lane for way more than 3 years, and nobody budged. RIOT themselves claim how they hate to enforce champions to move to one position, and that they support flex picks and experimenting. Just how do you plan on saying that while literally limiting everything to one lane? Karma is currently not even close to the strongest supports, and outside of her decent poke, she's practically useless lategame. And even if we move Karma to support only. Karma needs good AP ratios, as thats pretty much her core (even as a supp). Karma is much closer to Brand's playstyle, or Vel'koz (who btw are also mages with high AP ratios), than to an actual shield support (Janna for example). If you want to force her into support make Q do reduced damage to minions and crap like that. That'd actually help her in the support role even. Dont take away the only thing she was useful for as a support, which is a lot of poke harrass and decent shielding.
I'm sorry, Riot HATES flex picks because of competitive so please this is completely false. Karma is being nerfed because she's a flex pick, any team can take her top/mid/support and find decent success and RIOT HATES that! Which is %%%%ing annoying as all hells (sylas is another great example they made him a AP fighter and turned him into a mage for NO %%%%ING REASON).
Rioter Comments
JustTits (EUNE)
: I'm not wasting time, or if I am, it's actually not more than you. I don't care about your delusional ass comments, but hey, think what you wanna think. Go back to TFT and prove your ~~RNG~~ skill.
JustTits (EUNE)
: Played 1 game, finished first. That 1 game was more than enough to see how much skill that gamemode requires. Stop being delusional about the existence of TFT's skillcap.
you're the one wasting time trying to convey that message to the rest of the community, I'm just having a laugh watching your sorry ass complain. You not recognizing the skill expression in the game is delusional already but hey think what you wanna think.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Yeah screw TFT , it's not league of legends and it's not a game mode . It's a different game and it should be treated as one
Indeed, given the fact that it plays out as an entire different game it should be treated as such..just like Blizzard has different teams for different games and projects riot should do the same..
JustTits (EUNE)
: People who think TFT requires any skill
ah! The usual TFT doesn't require any skill whatsoever. Is that why you always lose yet everyone else seems to do alright for themselves? I guess you're the only unlucky player in the community. Get over yourself. I've played enough TFT to know the "luck" you're talking about only applies to the early-mid game where if you're lucky you can get a strong comp and get ahead (but do you tho?). Also, let me guess...you're one of those that always struggles with money? ahahha
: The one thing Riot forgets to implement in a champions kit lately.
The trend started massively around the reworks of irelia and akali who were even worse than let's say Fiora (Most people can't lane against Fiora or say that she has "0 counters because of max health true damage, which to some extent is true). Take mordekaiser for example the champion imo is better in terms of theme and has clear counterplay mechanics...but ya all of these "fun" champions which are just made to be flashy are just awful to play against and end up gutted versions were most players can't even touch them now
: is DR mundo Balenced???
Ya this is a big issue. It's funny because pretty much every drain tank is overpowered unless they lock it behind massive counterplay (Aatrox/Swain come to mind even though Aatrox had to be nerfed still). Dr. Mundo on the other hand regens for free with the push of a button but like people already said mundo was overbuffed and the only reason he's good rn is the easy sustain in the jungle because of how fast he clears (only option is so invade him early because he's very weak early game)
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: he was (even when broken) win lane lose game champ the champ had 80+% lane win rates with 45-50% game win rates against those saem champions ie the champ falls off like a rock from a cliff in terms of contribution you need to be extremely proactive with your ult both transporting team mates and making ganks happen before you become a super minion and your goal is to win until that point comes otherwise your team has to win 4v5 and we all know how easy it is to win a 4v5
Not really. TK was so oppressive in lane it was pretty much impossible to kill him before the rest of your team did the cleaning. TK is meant to be a massive meat shield but has been nerfed to the ground several times.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Aatrox and Tahm Kench
Aatrox main issue was the healing, other than that he was fine...tam kench is poorly designed so he needs a rework.
: is it not luck? https://ibb.co/HgxNx1j
No it's not AHAHAHAHAHAHAH why the %%%% are you trying to 3 star a Leona? A champion that's used for comps and you're meant to not roll all of your money away you know that right? Even if your comp sucks you can get away with it for the most part and than you can star working towards something.
WC9 Umbra (EUW)
: Thoughts On Ballancing and why im probalby going to quit leauge soon
I'm just sad you wasted a couple mins to write this down to see no changes being done. The reality is your best option is actually to take certain bruisers into mid-lane instead or play said hypercarries. However, as a Darius main i'm sure you know even if you don't scale well in terms of engage potential and damage you can always rely on your ultimate to turn fights around and late game it can reach over 1k true damage (kinda nuts as well).
: Total BS. You go on and build Hex every game,... oh wait, you need lottery luck to do that. TFT is a roll of the dice. Hex does not mean %%%% against a team with sustain and burst damage. The problem with TFT is that YOU CAN NOT build anything, you just wait and see what %%%% you get and you see your opponant got better stuff. Thats TFT. There is not tactic, there is no comp building, there is just playing the hand you are delt and sometimes finish first and most of the times you dont. Complaining about mecanics in TFT is just weird because its all about luck anyway. Nothing is OP in TFT because you need luck to build anything. Any champ and any comp can be OP if you are lucky enough to get it and your opponant is less lucky.
ya saying TFT is all "luck" is so false it's funny. Let me guess, it's the only reason you're not challenger? ahahah
: Pantheon E NEEDS to be toned down
Nyqvistarn (EUNE)
: BE Overkill!
donate me BE rofl
: How to counter Twitch level 2 gank?
If you're top try placing a deep ward around 1:27 so you can see if twitch is coming since he will usually use Q after that bush because chances are, it's not warded. (if you're bot side, honestly if you're top side twitch won't really gank your lane). A part from that twitch is only really a big threat to you with red so if he wastes time on the first ganks that alone will set him behind. If you can delay the scalling you play around him and he's pretty much useless. Playing an assassin goes wonders if you can counter-gank-> invade -> kill him/force back -> retreat.
: Twicth buffs discusion!
ya I agree with you, twitch kinda lost the identity of an ADC and right now only kinda works if you cheese him jungle but if you can't get kills early you're pretty much doomed (doesn't take away the fact that it's pretty awful to play against). They should nerf the stealth mechanic and buff the rest of his kit so he scales better he kinda feels like a kayle atm
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