: Hurray you ruined somebody's day and made him/her punch the wall just cause you suck at the game and they had to carry your noob ass the entire game while you feeded have a nice day or not i hope
Umm 1st of all you're comepletly wrong 2nd he was super toxic and kept flaming everyone the whole game so yeah he deserves it.
Fäith (EUW)
: And why exactly you had to post this ?
Just felt like it :3
: I actually had this message for the first time in nearly 3 years of playing. When I got the pop up and my league icon was glowing orange I thought it was just another notification or friend request. When I checked to see this message it felt pretty good.
Same thing here expect this is my 2nd year of league ^^
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: lol wut *a wild 24:22 appears*
Zirve used go home you're drunk Its super effective
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Death Ray (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zirve,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Qdjhv1dQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-25T03:16:47.530+0000) > > All i'm saying is that he's incredibly squishy and has no sustain champs with sustained dmg can easily rek him He is squishy? he can dodge pretty much all damage, even tower shots on a very low cooldown since most fizz players max it first. Not even starting about the disgusting jump/zhonya/jump combo.
Yeah that's true but with great timing and hopefully a bad fizz :p you can work around that :3
: Can we talk about how UNBALANCED fizz is!?
All i'm saying is that he's incredibly squishy and has no sustain champs with sustained dmg can easily rek him
: Got frankentibbers annie and battlecast poro ward skin. Never actually play annie xD. You think any of them is worth buying with my essence? (I'm really in doubt about the ward skin. It's not available in shop anymore, is it?)
The annie skin is cool idk about the ward skin
Mirrin (EUW)
: Reverse Annie and Banner of the Horse ward. Instant crafted Reverse Annie, it's a nice skin.
Got the same ward u did and high noon yasuo
xtimigui (EUW)
: Corki
- R>Q>E>W - Triforce / Sorc boots / Essence reaver / Infinity edge / Bloodthirster / GA/Banshees - Bully your opponent is laning phase - When team fighting or making some plays around the map I hope this helped have fun with Corki
: Im so dumb
- Real question is whether you like Aurelion more than the other champ c; - Not sure honestly :/ I tried :3
: i get less ping to the NA server than to the EUW server.
Technically spain is a european country :s
Ruzy (EUW)
: oh thank you. but do you know how long time it takes?
I have no idea actually :/ Sorry ..
Gergoo97 (EUNE)
: Ok repairing took quite long, and it seems somehow it missed 34Mb files while updating everything is fine now Thanks! ^^
That's what fellow members of our community are for my friend ^^ Lemme know what u got in that promo chest C:
Derifrest (EUNE)
: I still got 4 more chances :D
Lemme know if you ever get it ^^
Derifrest (EUNE)
: I'd like to at least 1 Yasuo skin :c {{champion:157}} {{item:3070}}
One day my friend :3
: Definitely not Udyr. The dumbest skin for the one champion i most despise in this game. Welp...
: Patchingproblems 6.6
Reinstalling worked for me ^^
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Lucky!
I was like "Meh" cuz I have Project then I realised how its way better ^^
: Even Gbay got 3 Draven.
Saw that too :D
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Your first Hextech box? :D
High Noon Yasuo here ^^
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Enjoiy what???I am not getting that???WTF RIOT I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG.I HAVEN"T EVEN FLAMED.
You must've did sth bad since you're ineligible :/
Ruzy (EUW)
: Riot help me.
I think you will be able to re-earn chests if you reform and become a less toxic player.
Gergoo97 (EUNE)
: Relaunched the game a few times nothing changed, restarted my pc didn't worked either, now i'm waiting for the loooooooooong Repairing :C if this doesn't work i ahve to reinstall it i hope it will work for me too
Hopefully repairing will work, I bet you can't wait to unlock your promo chest huh?
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: What's that?what's hextech crafting?
http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/hextech-crafting-now-live-euw Enjoy :3
Adama (EUW)
: no problem!
Adama (EUW)
: I'm happiest with Blood Moon Kennen on my smurf. But euh, this is basicaly a duplicate thread of the one I already made :)
Congratulations on that and I'm sorry I didn't notice your thread :c
Nakhishia (EUW)
: I got scuba Gragas, That is one ugly skin. Anyway, free essence. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
3 Stars (EUNE)
: I got Cottontail teemo,urf ward as well as 800 orange essence.I am also missing 1 rp to buy one hextech chest and hextech key bundle. feelsbadman
Make a drawing dude :D draw your fave skin inside a chest and send it to rito C: they'll make your wishes come true :3
Gergoo97 (EUNE)
: MY game Bugged after the last patch (6.6)
Try relaunching, if the game dosen't launch anymore ( alot of people has this problem so I guess u will get it too) reinstall the game (worked for me)
: True but I hope I won't get 3 Draven. Most of lol youtubers got 3 Draven. Welcome to the league of DRAAAVEN! {{champion:119}}
I saw magikarp's dreams getting crushed too and I enjoyed it >:D
: I got Officer Cait and heartseeker ward from the first chest. I already have Lunar Wraith Caitlyn but ok , Riot thx for free essence.
Nice! :D You'll probably be using that essence later on for other skins so its works out great :D
: League is not entering
Same happened to me I tried the old "delete the launcher folder the relaunch" but it didn't work so now I'm reinstalling league, I'll let you know if that works :D
: i mean like .... skins that are only on the boxes , u can earn them only throught the boxes not with rp only with the boxes like hextech annie
Oh yeah I get you now, I hope they make more of those. I tried Hextech Annie on PBE and I gotta say its amazing!
TheProDo1 (EUNE)
: Underworld Twisted Fate
Congratz and if not mistaken its a 1820 legacy skin
PsychoRex (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=xMocnjay,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=sJQz5kKA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-24T05:22:55.704+0000) > > Wow!! you are so lucky! congrats ;) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Thanks, I still cannot believe it. It was my first reroll. I just bought the 10+1 bundle and got the Armored Armordillo Ward Skin (unlocked with essence), Headhunter Akali (unlocked with essence) and Spirit Guard Udyr (reroll). Now I need to be careful not to spend all my money for chests and keys. Gambling is a bitch.
I got High Noon Yasuo C: pretty happy about that!
PsychoRex (EUW)
: Unlocked Spirit Guard Udyr permanently
Deadringer (EUNE)
: Rune Pages should be unlockable with Hextech Crafting
Great idea, maybe you can disenchant champions shards of already owned champs in order to get rune pages!
: op boxes
All the skins are included except for limited skins and championship riven so yeah rare skins are in there C: I saw a K9 Nasus earlier ^^
Rioter Comments
: "I don't like being harassed because I'm female but I don't want to conceal my gender either because that would mean the patriarchy wins" As a fellow female lemme tell you, you're just being flamed - your name is just bonus fodder and giving a broader platform for insults. Take it like a grown-up, report the flamers and move on.
Can I suck on your gold nugget ? :3
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Many peoples have complained about low FPS, i usually run at 200-300 FPS, haven't seen any difference after patches, try to repair your client too if updating drivers doesn't help.
My drivers are updated and the client works fine btw, are u sure repairing will help ? (I don't wanna wait that long :c )
Koscum (EUNE)
: Update your drivers? Clean up your coolers?
I'll try that, thx c:
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Imitos (EUW)
: ***
Didn't work for me its stuck in awaiting user input for summoner verification ... Edit: surveys ... Of course
: NO, not gentlemen jhin (well... actually that doesn't sound that bad of an idea) but _handsome Jhin_. **PEOPLE OF RUNETERRA! THIS... IS HANDSOME JHIN... YOUR HERO.**
YES! I just love the name c:
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