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: need 2 players for clash , mid and and top preferaly , siver / gold
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snappan (EUW)
: top plat 4 add: snappan
> [{quoted}](name=snappan,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=raFWOzpn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-24T16:51:00.693+0000) > > top plat 4 add: snappok, nice i added you
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: mid plat looking for clash
Hi, i need a mid laner in my clash team, rigth now i got gold 4 adc and supp, and plat 5 jungler. The adc and supp was plat last season
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: (EUW)(Plat 3) Jungle main looking for clash team
add me, i`m building a team rigth now, and we need a jungler and a supp, our top laner is gold, he was plat, mid lane is dia, and adc is gold and was plat
Sweevil (EUW)
: Supp looking for team to play on Clash (Plat/Dia)
add me, i`m building a team, i got a gold 4 top, dia 4 mid, and gold 4 adc, we need a supp and a jungler
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Gązzy (EUW)
: i am a TOP / JGL for clash plat 5
add me. we need a jungler
Greboud (EUW)
: Looking for a Jungler in Beta Tournament?
Add me, so that we can talk, we are 4 now need a jungler.
El Greggo (EUW)
: [Plat/Dia]Clash Mid > Jungle > Supp
HI i`m setting up a new team, we are already 4 and the only roles we need is mid, so i hoped that u would join us?. Add me to talk more about this, and i`m plat.
: Plat 1 Mid Laner Looking For Clash Team All Weekend!
add me so we cna talk, i only need a mid laner now, i got 4 plat right now
NyeG (EUW)
: Platinum Mid main LF Clash Team
HI i setting u a new team and we really need a mid laner, so i hoped that u could join.
Beatér (EUW)
: Plat 3 Midlaner Lf Team For Clash Tournament
LeeCh1in0 (EUW)
: Looking for tournament team, prefer to play ADC, MID, OR JUNGLER. PLAT 5
Solarys (EUW)
: Anyone need a p4 adc/mid?
HI, i could really need a mid laner if u are maining mid, and what champs are u playing
: Gold ADC/Mid Looking for Team at Clash Tournament
add me later, i have a team on 4 now so we only need a mid laner-
renaksis (EUNE)
: Plat 5 mid/top/supp player looking for a team
Hi you are Welcome to joine my team. I'm plate 4 maining adc and we only need a mid laner.

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