: Make a colour blind mode that works?
It´s actually pretty easy to turn the game into colorblind, they just have to revert color, but since they have every champion with his own folder and it´s not the whole game... Well with Sylas being released and able to take that information from each carpet, I believe they now can change that....
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Lunar Sylas (EUNE)
Maybe a Zoe, Taliyah, Kayn, Ekko star guardian skin???
Glix1 (EUW)
: Champion Concept: Nevir, The Seeker
Lol I had the same idea but Nevir (same name) was the sword itself, I´m reworking my idea, is in spanish I´m sorry you can´t read it because of that. Here´s it: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/es/c/aspectos-y-conceptos-de-campeones-es/1NPpF7HY-concepto-de-campean-nevir-la-espada-rota
Zoevelia (EUW)
: I am level 32 at game, but level 1 on web (solutioned)
Okay so I just posted this and inmediately I was lvl 32, okay x,D ...
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