: Servers
Maybe try playing when there is no rush hour on the servers to see if the problem still persists; also disable your firewall while playing, at least give it a try. Then: i) It's called "pathetic", not "pethetic" ii) "I've finally couldnt take" should be "I finally couldn't take" iii) losses, not "loses" cause that is the verb to "to lose" iv) You forgot to press Enter some times. PS: This was actually fun to read, I actually had an amusing time while it lasted.
: Lost LP due to client crashing
Might be unfair, but it happens to everyone, I guess. And since you lose LP for leaving the champ selection - at least it's just 3 LP.
: Reporting a player
The problem about banning his other account would most likely be that an account needs to have a kind of history before getting stronger suspensions - at least that is how it is on the boards. If he plays the nice guy on his 'real' account to then dick around on his 'smurf' account, only this account can be suspended (for a longer time at least). If there is no prove available for being bad on a specific account, the owner could contact the support to unban it due to the lack of evidence.
shayanwily (EUNE)
: dude when i select category it say to me that i need to sign in i dont know what is the proplem i can play dota2 with no lags but when i want to play lol its unplayable full of lags u cant play it
Oh I see. Looks like I didn't contact the support for some time, haha. Maybe you had Capslock active or are you using a different login name than your ingame name?
shayanwily (EUNE)
: i cant submit a ticket to support
Go to the [support page](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) and submit a ticket. You do NOT need to login to do that, as long as you fill in your email address. If you have a good ping and fps, the lags might not be network related - try to close other programs running while playing League and check your computer for malware (or go to your task manager and check the CPU usage). It might be that something else than League needs a lot of RAM, so your League is slowed down, though showing good ping and fps.
Destruox (EUW)
: The biggest issue of league of legends ranked system
TL;DR play normal games until you get better and until you can catch up with those good players. Sure, having played hundreds more games is an advantage, but if you know the champion roster and what they do and if you can play a few champions (very) good, then you can surely handle ranked aswell. I personally took more than 3 months before I really started playing ranked after I hit 30.
Shackled (EUW)
: with 2016 new problems !!!
Did you try to run League as an admin already? (Rightclick on the icon, then choose 'Run as admin').
Raimondas (EUNE)
Are you using any kind of VPN on your computer, e.g. Cyberghost or Hotspot Shield? If so, uninstall them and retry it.
Fakerinio (EUNE)
: So nobody can remove my suspend now ? i'm really excited to play now.
14 days is 14 days, and that means 336 hours, not 327 :/
: Keyboard not Working
Easy solution is buying a new keyboard. Rice will probably not help anymore, as now it is too late for that I assume.
duckarp (EUNE)
: > The less you report, the more 'worthy' are your reports. That is not true at all. Only if those reports are false your value lowers. Even if you report 9 people every game, your value won't change as long as all of those reports are valid.
Sure, if the reports are true it's okay to report players. However, I'm referring (see the first line and especially the first line) to report spammers, so these amazing players of this community that just report anyone for anything. This has something to do with spamming. So I don't know why my point is 'not true at all' cause it actually is true, but whatever. Not gonna discuss about this.
DraskoGames (EUNE)
: what is report value? Is that limited number of reports you can send per month or?
It is to prevent report spammers. The less you report, the more 'worthy' are your reports. If you report all players each game, your reports will basically be ignored.
DraskoGames (EUNE)
: in-game chat
It depends on showing communication with the players being muted. If you do (e.g. pings, reaction to other people's pings), you don't need to worry. However there is 'Refusing to communicate', but that is more for ignoring anything other people tell you regarding (strategic) teamplay.
OnlyDiezel (EUNE)
: 99 LP 8 TIMES!
I'd call this bad luck (at least you didn't get +0 like I did a few times ^.^). If you constantly win more games than you lose, you'll get more points in the "natural" way (and vice versa if losing more).
: Need help with 10 rp ! PLEASE !
Please contact the support and explain them your situation. You'll find out the rest ;-)
the HK (EUW)
: Need 6 rp for a shaco skin
Contact the support please and explain them your situation. You'll find out the rest.
Avicii21 (EUW)
: Graphics drivers are up to date since i have geforce experience also its a brand new laptop
Factory new / brand new != up to date drivers. But leaving that aside, what happens with your fps if you reduce your graphics settings? If they don't increase, it surely is a problem with your graphics card. If they do, well, then it might be what your graphics card can do. 80fps is a lot more than your eye can even notice (your eye recognizes pictures as a movie if you have at least 24 images per second).
Adebisi313 (EUNE)
: Need help my game wont update
Be patient. It will continue working (at least you might notice the bar to still move forwards even with the 0kbps). It stays at 0 for some time due to applying changes to files on your HDD.
Avicii21 (EUW)
: Low FPS with Nvidia GTX960M
Make sure to update your graphics driver as it might become outdated when installing Windows 10.
: League start screen won't appear with patcher
It didn't freeze. It is just a huge amount of files your computer is checking, changing and applying. You need more patience. If it doesn't appear at all, try to run it as an admin (rightclick on the icon -> Run as admin)
: > [{quoted}](name=Axelney,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=WOj1o4i6,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-12-14T18:09:16.130+0000) > > well, it could be. it also comes down to how hard you smash the keyboard while playing, but if you are sure this is not usury, you should send it to dell under warranty through the store you bought the laptop at. only, don't expect them to give it back to you fast. If they take more than a month to fix my laptop then I'm allowed to get a new one according to my friends. Is this true or are they just mocking me?
If you can find something like that on the official Dell webpage, then maybe. Otherwise not.
etameas (EUW)
: Match history not loading
Workaround: Visit webpages like [this one](http://www.lolking.net/) or [this one](http://euw.op.gg/). There you can search for your summoner name and they'll list up your match history aswell.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zorxon,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=WOj1o4i6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-14T17:28:37.411+0000) > > It might sound stupid, but if your keys constantly go off your keyboard, I'd strongly advice to buy a new keyboard - that's not just the easiest solution, if I understand you correct you'd have to totally repair those keys. Unless you really like your keyboard, it probably is not worth the effort in comparison to getting a new one. It's a laptop still in the warranty date so I cannot modify myself the keyboard. Do you know if the warranty covers this problem? Nothing is actual broken but the keys simply come out.
If it happend due to extreme usage, you should ask the support if it covered by warranty (I'm quite sure it is) and if so, you can send it to them. As Axelney stated, it might take some time however.
: Need some unrelated to LoL advice from hardware techs
It might sound stupid, but if your keys constantly go off your keyboard, I'd strongly advice to buy a new keyboard - that's not just the easiest solution, if I understand you correct you'd have to totally repair those keys. Unless you really like your keyboard, it probably is not worth the effort in comparison to getting a new one.
: yes they are on very low and no sry i dont know which graphics card i have how can i look it up?
You can surely look it up ;-) If you press the Windows-key and 'Pause' at the same time (the latter one is really called like that. Check on your keyboard a few keys right of F12) a window of the system properties will open. There, you click on 'Device Manager'. Here you search for the tab called 'Graphics Card'; left-clicking on it will show you your graphics card that you're currently using. Then, you could search on the website of your computer company (Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer etc.) for you computer model and available drivers for your graphics card - or you search them e.g. on Google. Sometimes an outdated driver can cause problems.
: very low fps
Did you reduce your graphic settings already? This usually improves your fps. If it already is on low, can you tell me which graphics card you're using? Also, try to update your graphics driver.
: 1. how long should the break be?2.how did an orange help me?
The length of the break highly depends on yourself. Sometimes it might be just one hour, sometimes it might be a day or even more. Are you feeling a bit mad atm? Or is it more like frustration cause of losing too often? We all had this problem already, and if you look forward, it'll get better again. I personally recommend to just grab something else than LoL, may it be another game or homeworks or even going outside; once your relaxed and refreshed, you can rule in your next game ;-)
: Loosing streak
Some ideas: i) a break. (Often helps... at least you'll look forward to your next game and enjoy it more) ii) eat an orange.
: Can't see the patcher
When you see it running in the task manager, shut it down in there and restart the launcher as an admin.
ZineGuru (EUW)
: Chat (website link) spam in Team Builder
Having something like [Link removed] over and over surely is also spam, but I agree with you. Or at least an option for those chatboxes to enable / disable links (so it can be toggled between [Link removed] and... yeah... the link). +1
Oooooooor you run it as an admin ;P
: i want to gift to my friend rp WITHOUT buying it but i can't. Is even this possible?
You sadly cannot gift RP that currently are stored on your account. The only way to gift him RP is buying those for him.
Sayainji (EUW)
: Applying patches taking forever!!
Check [this thread](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/WsOTGOgJ-patch-524-common-troubleshooting-steps-and-issues) please. It should help you out ;-)
CJXander (EUNE)
: I'm more interested into in-game case reviews, but i guess that's a job Riot is taking care of. I'll stick around and i'll see how can i help people.{{champion:16}}
For in-game cases you could check the [tribunal](http://tribunal.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/maintenance.html). At the moment it's down, but it will be up soon again.
: Reinstalling pc need help to decide
The download for the .exe is just a few MB (like ~29), but the huge part comes afterwards by downloading all the patches and updates. So if you can, copy your current files on an external storage device and paste them back on your HDD after you did the reinstallation; if you're not sure if it worked properly, start the Launcher and click on the '?' and then 'Repair'. Then it will automatically check if any file is missing or corrupted. So backing it up should be a big time save.
: Duplicate files
If you don't have multiple folders of League Of Legends (e.g. on C: and on D:), I'm pretty sure you'll need all these files. If you want to clean up, I'd recommend to uninstall LoL (via System Properties -> Programs -> Uninstalling Programs; in order to make a clean reinstallation) and afterwards reinstall it. Then you'll only get the files you need for sure. Do **NOT** delete files manually as you're therewith corrupting your gamefiles which could cause your game to stop working properly.
SlayerNL (EUW)
: well 100% sure last time that i could have left a game was 6+ months ago
The point is: If you left games few month ago but didn't play a lot since then, it will recognize you as a (more or less frequent) leaver. The records do not decay as far as I know.
Sympheon (EUNE)
: Patch 5.24 stuck at 33% patching.
10 hours sounds too long. Just restart it and keep your patience ;-)
SlayerNL (EUW)
: punishing for afk
I'm not a 100% sure, but I don't think you get a lower priority queue for just AFK'ing once (usually you get a warning first, forcing you to type something like 'I agree' before they hand out a few games punishment).
: Should I reinstall?
No. Just let the patcher run. You need patience, cause the 'Applying' step takes pretty long.
xPaxion (EUW)
: If you AFK in custom games don't you get an AFK warning?
If you play alone without anyone else, you can even leave the game without getting a warning ;-)
xPaxion (EUW)
: [Resolved] Launch Problem
You could try anything in Custom games, as you won't get punished for anything in there (just make sure it's just you without any other real player).
: very god conection throught a cable, my cpu is i7 8gb ram on graphics. i only have skype open. windows defender
How about other programs / games? Are they running smoothly? You could try to repair your files, maybe something is broken in there. (Start your launcher, press on the '?' and then 'Repair'). If it doesn't find anything, please check / scan your PC if there is any malware on it (as they will significantly slow down your PC). They can have various names, often similar to essential windows processes. If nothing helps, you can always try to reinstall the game. Also, check out [this article](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752684-Low-Frame-Rate-FPS-troubleshooting). It contains a lot of information about low FPS.
: http://pastebin.com/61euDsNP after patching with hotspot and disabling antivirus and firewall it start patching like always I though it was fixed but it suddenley close with no warning ive tried also running it as administrator
Alright. In your logfile, it states this as an error: > ERROR| Riot::LoLLauncherLib::GetUnexpectedRunningProcessesString: Unexpected running processes: C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/projects/lol_patcher/releases/ So please try to launch the "lol.launcher.admin.exe" located in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends as an administrator. Also, since this error: >000156.956| ERROR| ClientWebSocketTransport: Error receiving data. select returned: 10038 you might want to try this: * Run a netsh winsock reset * Press the windows button + R on your keyboard * A new window should appear, type “cmd” * Another (black) windows should appear, type “netsh winsock reset” * Hit enter and restart your compuer In the worst case you might want to try a reinstall of the game. Also recommended when you recently did a system restore.
: still the same
How is your connection? And how high is your current CPU usage? Do you have other programs running (like Skype or your Internet Browser)? If so, try it again without these programs running. Having multiple programs running at the same time might slow down other processes, like LoL. Which antivirus are you using? If the problem persists, disable your antivirus and try it again (they might slow down your PC aswell).
: slow cliente and low fps
What happens if you reduce the quality?
boyka SW (EUW)
: PVP.net patcher kernel has stopped working
Hi, I'd recommend to follow these steps, hoping they'll solve your problem ;-) * Try running LoL as an admin. * Try running the rads_user_kernel.exe located in C:/Riot Games/RADS/System folder as an admin. * Replace your “rads_user_kernel.exe file and run as an administrator: * Navigate to C:/Riot Games/RADS/System folder * Replace the “rads_user_kernel.exe” with [this file](http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/releases/live/system/rads_user_kernel.exe) * Run it as an administrator (right click -> run as administrator) * Try deleting your “LoL_Air_Client” folder * Navigate to C:\Riot Games\RADS\Projects * Delete the “LoL_Air_Client” folder * Restart the launcher
: (patching) Error "check logs "
Can you provide us your logfiles then so we can take a look into it? * Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Patcher Logs * Select the "LoLPatcher.log" file from the attempt you had the error. This normally should be the latest "LoLPatcher.log" log. * Open it using notepad or a similar program * Go to somewhere like: http://pastebin.com/ and paste the content there * Set the expiration date to 1 week * Submit it But it's good to know you checked the antivirus already.
Siggho (EUW)
: Game crashes every single time
Did you try to repair your files already? * Start your launcher * Press on the '?' * Click on 'Repair' * Wait until it finished If it says that all your files are fine, you could try to reinstall League. That usually fixes such problems (since to me it looks like something is wrong your gamefiles). Otherwise, if you mainly have network issues on LoL, try to play a game without any other programs like Skype or your Internet Browser being active, so that League can use the full connection.
: "Applying Differences | Applying Patches..." Stuck at 33%.
If your problem still persists and patience didn't help (it should have though, it just needs a long time for that step), you could try to simply restart the launcher and close any other downloads or programs that need access to your HDD. One thing: How about fragmentation of your HDD? The more fragmentated it is, the longer any installation will take. Feel free to check it out and if your HDD is highly fragmentated, try to defrag it. Chances are good that it will increase the time to apply changings to files (I can go into detail here if you want to get some technical information about your HDD-speed in relation to fragmentation :P).
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