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: A small yet some what related question since I can't remember, but will doging while in a promotional series count as a lost game?
Yes it counts, so the dodge "philosophy" can only be used outside promos. To be honest I use it maybe 1 every 50 games. And the champs that you find problematic may wary depending on which tier and division you play in. Some people would dodge Nasus for example. I guess it depends on personal taste and experience. The point was to analyze team composition in champ select and dodge those that look terrible or highly unfarvorable :-)
Montazuma (EUW)
: Great post, and upvoted it after reading Point 1 just for truth, I do disagree on a minor section. Point 3 in regard to Caitlyn, yes she is simplistic in a lot of ways, but no more so than other ADC's (Lets just keep it real), maybe she's less complex than Kai'sa, I wouldn't know since I've not played Kai'sa, and she definitely requires less macroing than Vayne, but her power is relative to team comps and how well both sides co-op. As far as the rest go under Point 3 I can only agree, primarily because I've yet to experience a Shaco / Evelynn actually feed their laners to start the snowball, instead I always see them go out of their way to assassinate low target enemy laners, and after reaching 5+ kills, vanish into the jungle to afk farm.
Yeah I know Caitlyn is controversial :P maybe I've just been more unlucky than most. For me its about the tendency, I agree the champ is strong but it seems for me at least that in the current meta she falls behind to easily compared to other meta adc's :/
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: > **Trick 4** > You need to improve your reflexes and play faster. There is two things you can do about this: > - Buy proper gaming mouse and keyboard, I use the same setup as DoubleLift and it greatly reduces input latency and allow me to fire abilities faster. > - SmartCast on all abilities and champions is a must, No discussion. Every nanosecond counts in a teamfight. I am physically handicapped. Do you have any advise concerning the set up of hotkeys? Is Doublelift a special keyboard set up?
I was talking about the equipment :-) DoubleLift uses a Logitech G910 Keyboard and a G900 Mouse. Compared to regular keyboard and mouse they are faster (talking milliseconds but it might matter sometimes). Some better players will have to give recommendations on hotkeys, I mostly use standard button layout. Maybe there is some tricks there as well.
: Some sound advice, the one with seeing how many times you lose with a particular champ on your team is a good one, I got into playing Rakan a LOT. Insane champion tonnes of fun, almost every game making a huge engage with my ult and W but seemed to lose on him again and again, maybe it was just me but i stopped playing him for this reason
Yes I think the key is to look for patterns and tendencies. Some people might have completely different experiences with the 4 champions I mentioned but at least for me the tendency has been that they caused a lot of those "suffer games". For every 1 good Caitlyn I have 4 games with a caitlyn that ruins everything for example. Rakan is actually getting buffed soon :-)
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