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: Ok, I'll tell you something stupid. It's very stupid, I know, so don't judge. I recently found a small Christmas card, from a friend. It's been some time, I had almost forgotten about it. I wasn't even playing League back then - I was just thinking to start at some point. He was wishing me the best and he was closing with "_wish you to get to Diamond 1_" When I first red that card I thought to myself "_why only a mere Diamond 1? Shouldn't he wish me Challenger_?" (Sorry Diamond 1s for the burn - didn't mean it) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} As you understand, I had no idea what was going on. So it's ok if you are confused and you feel that way. If you want to become better, you probably going to need a lot of practice and you'll need to enjoy the game (otherwise you won't have as much patience). Plus a decent setup. Some talent for these sort of things comes in handy, but that's only if you want to succeed pretty fast, so what's the hurry if you actually enjoy playing? I wish you the best. And even make it to Diamond 1 :) Even though imo it's less about ranks, and more about having fun. Reaching higher Elo while not having fun, is time you could have spent better.
Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it :) {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Did you try to use some sources like guides, or vids from streamers? Not all are good but you can ask in the forum for advices regarding the champs or roles you want to play.
Yeah I tried. I even think my knowledge of the game is pretty good. Like I never pick the wrong runes or have weird builds. As I said I have 64k points on Karma and her kit isn‘t that complex :D. I just struggle getting that knowledge into the game, I guess.
: Everyone learns differently. I mostly play the champions I hate playing against. So that I get this general idea of what combos they want to do and when they want to go in. If youre playing karma and youre facing a kata and you've played as kata. You already know that you avoid her daggers like the plague. If you play vs zed, you know if you position certain ways. Its a lot harder for him to land WE and both Qs. You can't win without losing. When you lose, you learn what you need to avoid doing. The more you avoid things that lead to a loss. The more likely you are to win.
You know I said I rarely int hard? Thats when I try to play champs like Kata, Akali, etc. lol
: Are you like a cute dude? I’m not even homo but if you’re super cute I wouldn’t mind
My Boyfriend says I'm a cutie. I would consider myself good looking, not to be arrogant or something xd
: When you're vs melee adversary rush Seeker's Armguard. And when vs AP opponent rush Negatron Cloak (you can upgrade this to Banshee's Veil later on).
The thing is, I know everything about items, runes, etc. In general I think I have a great knowledge of the game. I just kinda struggle getting that into the game. Besides, I dont think you build Banshees from Negatron Cloak.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Why don't you ask your boyfriend to coach you ? That would help you dramatically
He said himself he is not good at giving advice. He doesn't care much about the game anymore aswell, thats why we dont talk about it often.
: Don’t worry babe, no point beating yourself up over a game, you just need some guidance. I’ll add you tomorrow on my main account, I’m basically a pro on here so you’re in good hands now. I’ll teach you everything your boyfriend failed on, you’ll be flying through ranked in no time, I’ll duo with you till you reach Plat and by that time you would have learned everything you need to know to take you to Diamond.
You know I'm also a dude right? :D
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Stop thinking about ranked as ranked. It's League of Legends, that's all Your rank reflects your current skill level, so if you're getting stomped, that's great! Let it keep happening. You learn less from wins anyways. Karma is ridiculously strong in the right hands, so keep going!
Thanks for the kind words. But I must admit that I am a bad loser. I think its way too frustrating to just lose over and over. :(
: If you’re outmatched you need to play safe and farm, try and look for opportunities to go top and bot. Get your junglers attention and look for plays when they gank
I feel like every match up is bad for me in Ranked. They're all better than me and when I try to play safe, I'm still getting dived and when I try to roam, the smurf KhaZix once shots me. It makes zero sense for me to play this mode anymore, but I feel like I dont get better from normals.
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Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Do you really think we want your %%%%ing build in toplane ? making it more toxic than it is ? %%%% off delete this . We're already suffering of Vayne/Karma/Viktor/Kennen/Teemo. Delete this shit
This is my first post here and already someone is this toxic. Just League things. :) Please let out your hatred somewhere else.
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