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: [Repost] Riot secretly decrease rewards of the Honor Capsules
Gentlemen, it seems that the problem has now been fixed. I guess Riot forgot to announce that so I took the liberty to inform you. I would like to thank you all for your attention and your understanding. Without you, none of this would have been possible. it's always a pleasure when people understand your point of view and don't immediately blame you for trying to change things for the better. Anyway, have an nice day and enjoy your well deserved honor 3 champion shard !
: Did they delete or closed your ticket? If so open a new ticket and ask them what is the update regarding the issue. And if the ticket is not closed then they may be figuring things out on how to fix it. Edit: also the rioter mentioned skin shard worth 300BE, that is probably a typo in which he wanted to mean champion shard atleast worth 300 BE.
They closed my ticket even though it was in "Pending" state a few days ago. I don't want to spam their support but i was hoping that they would at least give me a proper answer about this issue before closing it.
: Did you even read what he wrote? He is not comparing this season rewards will last season. His main point is about following: _you may have noticed that the Honor Capsule contained 3 key fragments, a random ward skin, and_ _**300 blue essence**_ Meaning he got essence instead of a champion shard that would at-least net him 300 blue essence. And all his point is about hitting Level 3 not LEVEL 3 CHECKPOINTS. He is talking about what he got from _**CAPSULE not ORB**_. And yes your whole post didn't answer his question, though I would like to see a support ticket for his claim for proof as well. As I haven't hit level 3 myself yet so I am not sure about the Capsule information he provided.
[The support ticket](https://imgur.com/a/6N7gT) I don't know if I'm allowed to post support's ticket so please just tell me if it's forbidden this time instead of deleting the whole discussion. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The old honor capsules only guaranteed at least two key fragments iirc. Those key fragments did not count towards your 12 fragment monthly limit. The champion shard was a common drop in it, but not guaranteed. You also had a small chance of gaining a special skin inside them. --- The new capsules at level 3 are guaranteed to contain fragments enough for a full key, a champ shard, and a ward skin that's worth RP. --- > First of all, the champion shard for the Honor 3 Capsule is suppose to equals AT LEAST 300BE. So right now we're being given the minimum amount of blue essence possible for every checkpoints. No, you're not given the minimum. You're guaranteed to get a shard worth **at least** 300BE. That means you won't get the 270BE shards, but you can get the 1260BE shards as well. It doesn't say "you will get a shard worth 300BE". --- > Finally, if we're having blue essences instead of champion shards Checkpoints give you "honor orbs", not "honor capsules". The rewards in this one is less than the honor capsule, and you'll get either a champion shard of BE worth at least 150BE. That means that if you get an Ashe shard, which is worth 90BE, you'll also get 60BE extra on the side so you at least get 150 in total. --- Higher honor levels and their corresponding checkpoints guarantee you a higher reward. You'll be getting more RP value rewards with this system now. --- > I did send a ticket to the support to ask them about this and at first they told me that it was completely normal and that nothing was wrong here. Then they acknowledged the problem and said that they will fix it within a few days. Exactly what was said? I haven't seen you present an issue indicating something is wrong yet.
Like you said, Level 3 Capsules are suppose to contain 3 key fragments, a champion shard, and a ward skin. But right now, every person I know who got one only got the key fragments, the ward skin and 300BE, but no champion shard. In my ticket (#33687933), I said that there was a contradiction about what was written in the website (champion shard) and what we actually got in our Honor Capsule (blue essences). They admitted that there was a contradiction but didn't tell me if it was intended or if it was a bug. If you're going to pretend that none of that ever happened, fine by me. As long as you fix this issue about the capsule's rewards, I'm ok with that.
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