iSneez (EUNE)
: stop complaining! you ruin everything What you guys keep complaining for EVERYTHING ? First for years you complain at every patch WHERE IS URF then they put urf in rotating mods so very often without the random champions and what happened ? after 1 days or couple of hours, people find the meta strong champ and if you did not play 1 of the 2 choices or 1 of the 4 choices AT MOST people flamed you and give you cancer and raped your parents and so on. So was not boring then to choose from 2 or 4 champs but its boring now form liek 60 ? the riot made arurf and people complain about randomness, now riot made it tematic christmas with only ice/snow skins but still 60 choices and you complain :d If rito will make it 1 tipe/year again people wil complain and say OMG riot make urf permanent :d you always complain about everything, too few times, too much times to boring etc. just HAVE FUN in you knwo what a VIDEO GAME ! and before you will cry here omg thers no 60 champs, let me show you, they are actually 63 but keep COMPANY you make great community
63 champions between 130. Seems legit u.u
iSneez (EUNE)
: you guys only complain nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn omg riot make urf permanent the omg riot meta was set in urf and we can play only 2 or max 4 champs or we lose omg riot why random pikssssssssssss omg rior why christmas theme give us others modesssssssss the omg riots why other mods we want urfffffffffff you kids today got so spoiled and complain about everything, every tv series every movie every game always expect updates and patches for everything, omg it's too hard it's to easy you fail to enjoy because you have too much at your disposal and got spoiled and bored and just complain ruining everything nothing can be fun anymore because of nagging all time instead of just enjoy, it's a fun mode with christmas theme JUST ENJOY IT or move the freckles of!!!!!
What if they made ARAM christmas themed? I'm not talking about this (crappy) ARURF Snowball event, I'm talking about URF itself. And I'm not a kid at all, and if I had fun with a mode, I think I want to have fun with THAT mode, not with an orange juice made with lemon.
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Shadow Fang (EUNE)
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Same here. Shame.


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