Pimers (EUW)
: Well the best thing to do should be to use the new training feature to test your champions and read what every items do, watching lives will also help you a lot. I'm sorry I don't know any better way to go and look for yourself x)
Nah that's great thanks, didn't know the training had been updated.
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Cryptex (EUNE)
: Bug Kindred
Same thing in my game history, did a custom match with Kindred and it isn't showing up in the match history.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Pick'd'em with my heart <3
http://pickem.lolesports.com/share/series/2/user/907476/my-picks That's how mine are sitting :)
EmEx (EUW)
: ok, but that doesnt change the fact that Tanks are useless late game just cause I had one less items doesnt mean i should die in 2 or 3 seconds. Also Frozen Heart mana is wasted on Mundo not sure if its worth it. No wonder no one wants to play true tanks cause they are useless, unless you have a lot of cc or good ulti like Malph.
The FH passive outweighs the mana waste in that match. Tanks aren't useless late game, I often play Naut support building generally tank and mix in support items when needed. Tanky CC Naut can kill an adc if you aren't behind as hell. As support Mundo, not sure it's really a thing but hey, if you built him support/tank might of stopped Zed getting so chunky. I know I can't say that 100% however if say you built even just a FotM or an Iron Solari and during a full team fight or 2v2 etc Zed all ins your mid or adc, he gets away and his target is about to die from the R, you having a useable shield could save your team mate & the stats from said item makes you tanky. As Swampert919 said if you build health against a BotRK you're asking to get deleted. Can't believe I forgot to mention but you can also always opt for a Sterakks, not only does it pump some damage into you in bad situations, it makes you tanky, it gives you a nice shield (we all love shields) and just all round helps to prevent being deleted. The other issue you have complaining about going tank and being pointless is that as support Mundo you have lots of farm, your adc doesn't seem to be sitting pretty in farm. I've already mentioned the lack of a relic shield so that all put together gets you halfway to a top laning Mundo & sets your adc back. As has been mentioned somewhere a tank is a tank, you sit there CCing the enemy till your artillery clicks the right target and deletes them. Mundo is fantastic for HP & regen etc but that cleaver slow only does so much. If you look at other "tanks" that roll as a support they have a better kit for holding people off while others delete them, Mundo himself is tanky but generally due to his kit needs the damage to back it up, so bruiser works better but picked into a support role that just pure eats farm without sharing isn't a good idea. Tanks themselves aren't too much of an issue I don't think, it's who you pick & in what role. Juggers aren't OP but just like everyone else. Feed one and it'll eat you.
EmEx (EUW)
: http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2336261699/22226653?tab=overview
You don't exactly have a ton of armour in that build, I get the half & half seeing their team. Zed is also running LW & TBC with BotRK add on the passive from Youmuu & he's penetrating you pretty hard there never mind if he procs BotRK & Youmuu when he ults you. That's also me assuming you have all the items in the build and Zed has all his as you stated you were full tank at the time, also should really have some hard CC in you're team to lock him out during ult or separate him from his target. Looks like you were a Mundo support though, so why not Relic Shield + Upgrades, a Frozen heart to slow down both MF & Zed then go from there with Iron Solari for example then build from there?
: It's okay, we'll be climbing like maniacs :) You'll get a warning if you lose too many games I think. That must suck! We should duoq someday, if you want to!
You don't get a warning about being demoted, you're supposed to have 3 protected games after you get promoted though. I've got demoted twice in the last week -.-' and that's after hitting my promos straight after my first demotion and having a nice troll flamer top, (so depressing) yeah I've had a few tilted matches but so many afks or people who flame, tilt then feed is unreal then people who say they'll give you space to farm devourer and then force early engages and keep diving towers for kills but blame you for not helping. So yeah I feel you Kiwishrew!
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: Why dosent anyone Ever say "ty supp for carrying"
Depends on how hard you someone "carries" a game. Too many people see k/d/a as carrying and forget about objectives etc. In I'd say 80% of my recent games (had some bad duo queue games) people have appreciated me as the supporter and me them for killing what I hook {{champion:111}} main currently btw and I totally agree Tetreb about the laning phase except I'd add {{champion:267}} in there too but that's only because someone took Naut one game so I went Nami and that was his early game gone. Anyway I'm waffling, personally I'll always gj/wp etc after a nice play or team fight win etc, as long as I get something like that occasionally I'm happy. Don't expect anyone to be all "omg so op" over anyone, all in that ELO for a reason, just not always the same one:)
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: If you don't know what a champion in your match does
You don't even need another device or to pop open your browser. Just clicking the champ portrait during champ select you can read through some info there that's more than plenty for anyone to get familiar for the match.
: Well, everyone signing up now wont have it for free. Probably someone signing up right now. And if they think thr skin is cool and want to have it, then they will lose something. http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRf_XDIXz3RzOEqASO4URN1O4Y_rI7-K2vX-dTWXU1W0qR5GeVenBvUuDg http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRf_XDIXz3RzOEqASO4URN1O4Y_rI7-K2vX-dTWXU1W0qR5GeVenBvUuDg
It will not be a loss to them, they never had access to it prior to the changes. If they never had the opportunity they haven't lost anything. They are just late to the party.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Pst, Act III is TF *and* Graves **or** Gankplank! :x
Ah! My bad, I meant to say Gankplank. Thanks for pointing that out!
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