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: games require alot more bandwidth then other things like videos and pages. what i think it is ( because 7-9 times out of 10 it is but no one every believes un-til i spam force them to and then they are like "oh it actually was...") If your internet router is on permanently turn it off (FOR A LONG TIME LIKE A WHOLE NIGHT! NOT 5 SECONDS!) while alot of people dont play games they wont notice how their router becomes slower over time. while router are quite energy effective machines like anything they will burn out, they do need off time. what i recommend doing is simply getting one of those timer sockets. you go to bed at 12? set it to go off at 1 then. you wake up at 6? set it to wake up at 5. this way your router has 5 hours to cooldown. I know your properly thinking "oh thats bullshit its defiantly not that i turned it off for 5 seconds" but i can link 10 different post where iv been back and fourth and they are like " oh yeah leaving it off for a night actually did fix it..." so try that then tell us tomorrow
I'd have at least tried to restart my router by now but there are 3 other people in my house all using the internet whom won't allow me to restart it as they're "having no problems", so I don't understand why my connection on League is so embarrassing.
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