: Give everyone 900 RP for this nonsense
The shop still works...Go spend money there so they can hire people to fix the issue. I recall getting free points because during worlds there were issues. Short memory it seems some people have.
Ailok (EUW)
: Have servers died again
Dear Riot, The following players are stuck in limbo. Please help us pass on so we can play the game: Blue side Furos Ryze Top ryyukyy Jungler Korazza Kassadin Mid BarrackObama123 Jhin ADC Kobzz Nautilus Support VS: Redside MasterMobile Illaoi Top Turret destroyer Passive Laner dego6 Warwick Jungler hazardous426810 Lux Mid Jhraxen Tristana ADC ZyrannosaurusJax Zyra Support
: Give everyone 900 RP for this nonsense
I paid for a pass and now I can not use it. Extend the period I can use it at least or refund me the pass money.
: Stuck in champion select
Time is relative. So is the stupidity of this issue.
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Całylis (EUW)
: For Clash Teammates
If you need a full dedicated ADC, Add me in game. Also gold (Dutch, German or English will do:)
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: Dutch team to play flex with
Looking for a support? I'm de man:){{champion:143}}
: Help save lives with Sanquin and #MyFirstBlood
Thresh riding his menstrual cycle onto the rift...
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: > [{quoted}](name=ZyrannosaurusJax,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oEf4qJPt,comment-id=00130000,timestamp=2017-04-14T02:13:14.230+0000) > > I actually experience the same with vayne...you can dominate her but once she gets a few items those true damage hits kill you so badly. Please remove true damage all together...#adc2k17 Vayne doesn't have the same mobility and a dodge-all-the-things skill and even with her two items, you can shut her down easily, unless she has free dps on ppl.
true, true Maybe that wall he has should not block ultimates. Or at the least not remove 100% of the damage the projectile ultimates do.
: > [{quoted}](name=jMshdtv,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oEf4qJPt,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2017-04-14T01:53:26.574+0000) > > Either ban him or duo jungle and camp him problem solved. No matter how hard you camp him, he will eventually get 2 items.
All you need to do is put him in my team. 100% of the time he will feed. when he is on the opponents team....prefect score.
Infernape (EUW)
: >I would like to see a change in the way the Instant Feedback System is currently working. The player who sends the last report that triggers the IFS gets a notification about their report resulting in the punishment of a toxic player. Not necessarily. You won't always get the notification. It's designed to not pester you needlessly (this was based on community feedback). Even though you might not get a notification, it doesn't mean that the system has disregarded it or flagged it as false. It could mean that the player in question got a chat restriction (which gives no notification) or the system chose not to punish but will take the log into consideration once it does punish someone (this is how some people have three games worth of chat logs on their cards). > The reportcards are anonymous to protect the offender, this is just dumb. A player knows the name of those that they report and adding the name to the feedback will improve the report quality a lot. Something, something data protection act. >Since it can be upto 2 weeks before someone gets their punishment The system takes about 10 or so minutes to analyse a report and hand out a punishment. It generally can hand out a punishment by the time the player in question hits "quit game" in the endgame lobby. >Improve the report function by not only looking what is said in game but also what is said in the Lobby both pre and post game. [...] These chat-logs are also not included in the reform cards given to people punished by the IFS. They're not included in someone's reform cards but are taken into consideration. Flaming in the post/pre game lobby can get you punished. >Speaking out against homophobic players who are toxic because you refuse to be bullied out of your lane is indeed what anyone should do. Pointing that out in a satirical way by saying: "this midlane is so toxic I need a hazmat suit" makes you a crusader in the eyes of this well oiled machine and justifies a chat restriction. I have yet to see a single person get a chat restriction and not deserve it. 99% of the time someone complains about being punished, they did something to deserve it. The 1% is the very rare time the system hands out a punishment by mistake, which will get rectified if the punishment is found to be a mistake. >Or you might get a chat restriction while the abusing player can just continue playing like nothing happened. Or responding to someone's vitriol with more vitriol makes you look just as bad as them and makes you liable to be punished.
The problem here is that it feels like someone is getting away with being toxic, even when they are not. Let us as players opt in to get these notifications and disable it by default. I am currently in a discussing with Riot-support where the Riot-support says the player I reported was not intentionally feeding. "Just a mild observation, no one in your team intentionally fed." but if the Riot-support in question had read what was said in the game lobby, something along the lines; I will feed than AFK if you do not give me your lane. He would have seen this was not someone who was just encountering a better player, it was someone tricking the system by feeding in such a way it does not get detected as intentionally. This player made their intentions clear and acted upon them. Is this person being punished, by the looks of it no. Can Riot let me know if they will do something about this player, no because that would violate their policy. So there is no way for me to know if reporting this player actually makes a difference. If I would be given a confirmation that this player is punished I know they will no longer bully other people or they will face strict punishment. Letting someone know you mute them and they should use pings to comunicate is being seen as " only pours fuel onto his spark, possibly causing things to escalate fast." But not letting them know aides the enemy team because now that player does not know you won't read their call to move in. You might yet have to meet someone who got punished unjust but I feel like I have been. Taking away the ability to speak and get rewards like end of season borders seems a vile overreaction to the situation. What stings me personally is that saying "this midlane is so toxic I need a hazmat suit" and informing them they are muted and should use pings to comunicate is put on the same level as someone wishing others terrible illnesses. In this case the player in question did not only intentional feed but also tried to get others to bash me based on a fabrication. Since I do not get a confirmation action has been taken against this player it feels like they are "getting away with murder". I would like to see the entire chatlog on the reform card with the other player names redacted. This way things are placed into context. ZyrannosaurusJax:[insert random insult, personally attacking you and your relatives] FurorDivinus27: Shut up ZyrannosaurusJax: No you shut up [ add more more insults] FurorDivinus27: I mute you FurorDivinus27: Ping if you need anything Looks a lot different than FurorDivinus27: Shut up FurorDivinus27: I mute you FurorDivinus27: Ping if you need anything It might be that the support specialist has the entire chatlog but judging by the answers he is giving he has not.
: > What other champ gets to ignore their laning experience no matter good or bad, once they hit two items? It's disgusting. That. That is the real problem. If somehow you manage to get past his BS and win your lane he will just sooner or later farm up IE and Phantom and its like he had never lost his lane phase in the first place.
I actually experience the same with vayne...you can dominate her but once she gets a few items those true damage hits kill you so badly. Please remove true damage all together...#adc2k17
: Oh I hope they do quit. They all (at least most of them) come from the same toxic part of the communit like the Teemo and Riven "mains"
What is wrong with Teemo mains? I rather fight a Teemo main than a Quinn main.
: Botlane is in the worst spot ever
Damn son that are a lot of tryndamir games. Well that is just what you need to to, a splitpush carry that can win games even when your botlane fails. But yea, #ADC2K17.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
That soraka game was directed at BlueStr. I actually have played 1200 games over multiple accounts this season. You can like it or not but when someone who has a bad day does not get the lane they have been waiting for it can be the thing that pushes them over the edge to become toxic. There is a ranked system that ranks you on how well you play. It is a competative system. When you are forced into a role you have not played on that level before how can you be fairly judged? When you are in lets say Diamond as a main adc/jungler and suddenly are put into the support role. The opponent has a diamond level support and you maybe are at a silver level skillwise in the role. Where is the fairness in that to both you, your team and even to the opponent that gets a worthlessly easy time. The system does not detect if somone just runs around in the base not doing anything to protect turrets just because their surrender vote did not pass. That is the same as being afk, the whole "open mid" attitude. I can report them for giving up but have yet to see any punishment being handed out for that unless someone actually anounces it. Comming to the "mid or feed" that still happens. It are the same people who get autofilled and refuse to play that role.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
That might be true but going by my sample size.... http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3136823848/225887817?tab=overview games like that did not happen this often before autofill was introduced. It is a yasuo support that admitted he just picked it because he was autofill and didnt get mid/top Even if he wasn't in my team trolling, he was in the opponents team. That does not make enjoyable games at all. I doubt Riot will give him a penalty for the 34 minutes+lobby time+wait time he "wasted" for the other 9 players. Could I say to the 1/10 soraka game I had (16 assists, nice you let those out.) that was actually a good game. Their Kogmaw and Nami were in perfect sync and we had to try our hardest to stop him from rolling over us. We lost that game because GP did a pretty epic ultimate and we got aced shortly after they stole the barron by that ult. I do not mind losing games when people actually are willing to work as a team and not intentionally run into enemies when pinged not to do so. When people use their 2/2 wards instead of blaming the jungler they get ganked again. There is a patern where people feed because they are unhappy with the autofill role and than spam surrender followed by going afk or just running around doing nothing to force a quicker loss. It should not be hard to detect this behavour at all but I have yet to see a instant feedback reportcard for people doing that. The lack of feedback makes it seem Riot is perfecctly fine with people ruining games this way. With the tribunual system you atleast had the visual proof they were doing something about it, with this automated system you don't.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It does not prove anything. It indicates a set % of players is toxic not a fixed number. Before this autofill got intorduced the quallity of the games I was in (over 1200 sample size) was better than now. I make the direct link between auto-fill and people being toxic. They do not get the role they want so they claim somone else their role, they trollpick or they just afk or feed. Not a word about being autofilled untill after they enter the game.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I am more than willing to wait longer if it means I do not get people that afk or feed because they get autofilled. That is the main problem causing this toxic behavour, ever since outofill got introduced the amount of afk and toxic players has risen...before that I never encountered that problem to this extend in ovver 1200 games
Sefi (EUNE)
: ***
Take a closer look at those games, when my deaths occur (after someone feeds the hell out of another lane and that lane snowballs) and see the damage done respectively. Also KDA does not represent impact on the game, a soraka taking all kills would not be disirable. Please take the time to watch those games before you make dumb statements like the one you make here. thank you.
Solash (EUW)
: >have the person going AFK lose a significant amount more LP, equal to the total of what he made his team members loss. What if someone goes AFK by no choice of their, say due to a power outage? They could drop a whole division because of that. It'd be a real shitty. You have to take into account that not every person who goes AFK is trying to be a %%%%
Your power outage causes other people to lose their game, so it is your responsibility that for the commin 40 minutes to an hour you are able to play.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I would asume a smaller player base means less "idiots" to get matched with to ruin your games. I do not see any bigotry in that.
Ritmann (EUW)
: Discussion: What is the worst gamer behavior in your opinion?
People being stoned or drunk. Permaban those junks.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The more games you play, the less luck factors in. Do you think it's luck that the same challenger players get to challenger every single season, even with multiple accounts? Ofcourse not, it's skill. Luck is something people that refuse to accept their lack of skill blames.
You clearly are a lucky person if you think that way, might be on EUNE.
: Dear Riot, a rant
What I want Riot to do about games where people go AFK. Have the people who arent going afk lose less LP or if this would not be possible due to abuse have the person going AFK lose a significant amount more LP, equal to the total of what he made his team members loss. Your statement about riot punishing both is untrue. It takes multiple games of toxic behavour to trigger a investigation. Calling someone who is of no use to the game useless 2 games in a row (might even be the same player you get matched up with) triggers an investigation while 1 player calling someone a slang word for homosexual and urging them to kill themselve does not. This only happens if multiple people in the same team would file a report, this does not happen in 4 man premade flex teams. It is not impossible to climb in ever changing teams, I have a 55% winrate overal. The problem that I run against is that in the crucial games time and time again I get people who go afk or intentional feed because they got autofilled into something they did not want. I do not mind if someone is bad at the game, I mind if they just run into the same situation and die time and time again after being told not to do that. It is not true there is not a luck factor. I am clearly more skilled in cerain things than my team mates. I got a good map awareness due to me being a full time support. I got that way because I do not have to worry about hitting CS which gives me time to focus elsewere. Would you put me on the ADC chair I would fail at that because I am not skilled at kiting (like a true vayne main 1v5 god) and my CS is around 6/minute when I play Jhin (which is pretty low) I define a player who ruins the game as the following: Someone intentionally trying to harm the game by: - Ignoring his team, refusing to comunicate or group up when it is needed to keep objectives ( After being politely asked to do so multiple times). - Someone who stands AFK under a turret and does not last hit because they have to "roll a joint" / are drunk / have to watch MLP friendship is magic. - Someone leaving the game after/causing the remake vote is/be no longer possible - Anyone (premade team) who feels entiteled to someone else their possition simply because they are premade/smurfs/autofilled - People asking to report other people for x-y-z reason in all chat I do not consider someone going kennen adc to be ruining the game, I am all for off meta picks. I rather have a good kennen adc than a bad lucian going 0/16 It feels frustrating that out of the 10 games you play 6 are ruined by other people, this also includes people on the other team. I do not find it enjoyable to play against someone who is intentionally feeding my team. If Riot would reintroduce the tribunal it would show they are actively doing something about the problem. It shows players what kind of behavour is unacceptable in a very clear way. It also shows you what the potential punishment could be should you decide to act the same way as those being punished. Even if we as a comunity could not vote for it, let us see you are doing something about it rather than the instant feedback you get every 10 reports or so. When I report someone for wishing my mother to die of aids I expect a feedback card to be given to me. If not it feels you simply do not care.
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Rioter Comments
: > I guess Riot lacks the skill to detect trolls that intentionally feed but hide it as bad play... Well, you're not entirely wrong there. Feederbuster _can_ detect intentional feeders who are trying to hide it, though it is obviously a much harder task than detecting flamers. The line between having a terrible game and intentionally feeding can be very fine, and Riot have stated that they want to make sure that nobody gets punished for having a bad game, cause that would result in a pretty terrible day for some poor players. So Feederbuster is still being tweaked, and it's improving slowly but steadily. Luckily, intentional feeders are a relatively rare occurence, and they get punished very harsh but fair.
Said player said they did it before because the team does not deserve the win, somehow they still are allowed to ruin other people their games. I guess when you have 3 games in a row with trolls and you respond toxic to them you get a mute but when you tell people to go kill themself they can continue to play... Someone has looked at the reports, that someone is a computer which lacks the skill to see things in the context of things. It is also sad riot does not look at what the other person has done to incite the flame, we are all humans and when you push someones buttons a response is triggered.. I want support to send me the chatlogs with the other persons responses, with them having seen the game play of those players and the timestamps. Only than can you make a justified punishment. I accept getting punished, just not the troll who is baiting a response getting away with it and doing it to others as well.
: Good evening. I'm sorry to hear about your Chat Restriction, you seem to understand that it was a justified action, but I'd like to help you avoid getting further punishments. Because, as you might know, punishments scale, and you only have few chances before your account gets permabanned, so let's not let that happen ^^ --- We all experience the same frustrating situations that you do. Everyone here already had a feeders/ trolls/flamers and leavers. And while it's natural that you get mad about them, we all have to try to pull ourselves together. Because if you think about it, being toxic yourself is only going to make the situation worse. You're pouring gasoline into the fire by flaming someone who broke the rules first, or simply made a bad play. Nobody ever played better, and nobody ever stopped trolling because he got insulted. Avoid giving trolls attention, and please be patient with people who are just having a bad game. We've all been there at times. --- Last but not least, I'd like to recommend this video to you. Many years ago when it was released, I was also getting pretty mad and let out the occasional rude comment ingame, this video helped me change for the better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVtmV0FzW_0
The problem was not the extend of how toxic I was (since I only am restricted from the /all command) but the fact I got reported 3 games in a row, 2 of which had the same toxic player in it. It is sad he gets away with it, he also deserves a punishment but I guess Riot lacks the skill to detect trolls that intentionally feed but hide it as bad play... Intentionally losing is even worse than getting flamed for when you are doing that.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: You know, maybe he decided that using heal in this moment would be a waste? The fact that you think that something should be done in the discussed situation doesn't mean that others in your team would agree. He can save heal for team fight, tower dive, etc. It is no reason to flame someone. As for lack of warding, I agree it is really irritating (especially when they don't want to buy pink ward), but as a support you have possibility to use 6 wards around minute 8. If placed correctly you can control river, enemy jungle, your jungle and maybe even your own lane. It is not that terrible (still having an adc who use and buys wards is a great help).
he even anounced it but ok
: > I am toxic for a reason, maybe also adress those people. You are toxic because you chose to be If you encounter someone toxic just report them after the game
I do but it is hard to see when someone is intentionally not pressing that heal button or warding. or ward all under the turret just to trigger you. just remove my chat all together please, I am done with this crap.
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: IP bans are a Problem concidering yiu can Reset your IP and multiple people can play from the same IP. Bannung their Main is basicly impossible concidering there isnt a good Way to know which Accounts belongs to one Person.
If the same account holds multiple offenses ask the people that use this IP to prove they are different individuals. Currently there is nothing stopping people from making accounts just for the act of cheating/trolling. If you start hitting them where it hurts, their main accounts things will get better. If people on my IP break the rules I would keep them personally responsible for that. They might think twice before doing so.
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: The magical words to win every argument!
And I thought the words were "Reported" and "muted"
: How to open mid in 6min - Diamond ranked - patch 7.2 - Amazingsticks
reb3ls0n (EUW)
: Hextech new tab - Skins Owned
bit like this: http://www.elophant.com/league-of-legends/summoner/euw/82378737/skins
: Buff or Rework Ohmwrecker?
one does not build 1 in their team, build multiple.
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey, of course they do, it's unsportsmanlike behaviour, i got chat restricted in 2015, because i used "ez" **really much**.
I wont be adressing ezreal as Ez than...might trigger the system.
JokerJoda (EUW)
: i played a lot of premade games and he never scripts he doesn't even own scripts. when people call anyone a scripter it doesn't make him a scripter some times we 1 v 1 each other he is good but like i hit abilities and when someone dodges 1 q from a champion that doesn't makes you a scripter im 100% sure that he isn't scripting if he is scripting he would be challenger or something like that riot this is bull crap unban him !
Were you seeing what he had on his screen? no? Than this statement is nothing. If you were scripting, **** you! if you weren't, **** the wrong ban!
Sefi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=duckarp,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6qQ5EvsQ,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-01-30T12:35:27.522+0000) > > If you announce you're going to feed on purpose, it's no longer sucking at the game. Also it's pretty visible if someone does it on purpose or not. Then don´t bother with it. If the player does it often he will get banned. If he doesn´t do it often enough to get banned thers nothing you can do, because if you raise the banning sensitivity you risk banning out new players and player that really do just have a bad game.
Riot has a way to detect if you are a new player or not, it is why smurfs in normals always get put together. What I am asking for is not a instant ban, it is a time out. People who intentionally feed are on tilt and giving them a time out might stop them from ruining more games. It gives them time to cool off and will even prevent players from getting banned for intentional feeding.
: Maybe, I wouldn't know, also i bet it depends on what items he has and if he farmed anything or so.
Riot has data of millions upon millions of games, pretty sure they can figure out a algorythm to detect if one is intentionalling or not. Would solve a lot of problems if they did.
: you cant prove its intentional feed just by KDA
what if the enemy team and your team report said player for intentional feeding? That is a clear indication and should trigger a time-out. Even if it would only be 10 minutes it would allow the kidneys of the intentional feeder to remove some of the salt and making it less likely he will spread his toxicity by trolling the next game.
: But they just had a bad game. Flamers are the real problem, since words ruin the games. Trolls are no problem, if you cant carry them, then you dont deserve to win. (Or at least ppl say this all the time xDD)
0 / 12 / 1 in a 19 minute game is not having a bad game, add to that he anounced it. A timeout would solve people from tilt as well as stop those intentional feeding from causing more harm in the next game.
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Barty (EUNE)
: "ADC 2k17 lul" - main problems
Maybe the concept of adc needs to change, you dont HAVE to pick attackspeed boots..how about building a GA once in a while? get a peel heavy support, Rengar sure loves Janna...
Charibasa (EUW)
: Sit down guys, imma tell you a story about how my adc died
Zyra pressed any of the following keys on a seed: QER maybe even W, 2k17. But really, point and click nukes are disgusting. Looking at you Syndra and veigar.
: Autofill on EUW = unnecessary
I actually get my secondairy pick (midlane) now a bunch of times so I have to ask for support. Wierd times man...
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