: Hi Do i belong in bronze
dude i feel for u, im in the same boat, i feel like theres nothing i can do to get out of this hell, people who say elo hell doesnt exist don't know the pain of winning lane, and trying to push the team forward when u have a top or mid laner that always tries to fight the fed annie and gets instagibbed and does it over and over again, and no matter how many times u ask them to play safe and ward and dont over extend etc yet they keep doing the same.. and then not to mention the trolls and afkers. after being promoted and demoted and promoted from b3 to b2 i finally got to 97 lp in bronze 2 thinking yeah im ready to get out of this, then my supp leona decides to feed my lane, then go top leaving me to deal with a 3-0 lucian and a kalista ult that doesnt do anything... for every game that people play well, nobody flames and we do good theres 2 that has an afk, a feeder or a flamer. im not saying im the best lol player around, far from it, but what are you supposed to do when others cant even listen to a simple thing, theres been times where i have lost my lane and lost it hard, so what i do is buy a pink, upgrade my trinket, try not to push my lane and then roam, but nobody else seems to have that mentality, once they have given away a kill or 2 they still want to dive in and fight someone who they cant beat. anyway.. i guess all we can do is keep playing and hope that we get more teams who arent bad and toxic than the ones we do edit : heres my lolking page so if u think i belong in bronze then let me know cos i believe i am better even though its nearly impossible for me to climb, i wanted to main support as i have done in the past but theres no way that i can do that with players who are so bad, because theres no way to carry games as support http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/51742416#profile
: Unbalanced game
Kog'Maw right now is stupid, horrible to lane against, does so much damage early for a late game marksman, i mean, last game, i had more items than him, he had a dorans blade. i had a cutlass and a dorans. went aggressive, he then proceeded to 100-0 both me and the support in a matter of seconds, for a late game adc his early game is way way too strong. then once he got rageblade nobody could do anything. i think rageblade needs to be changed and fast. seems like now the only champs that are 100% ban in my elo are ones who use it.
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raishinari (EUNE)
: why some champs do extremely high damage without any items?
kogmaw is the worst for this, i had a dorans blade and a cutlass, he had just a blade, try to play agressive and get him behind, he manages to 100-0 me and my support in a matter of seconds
: A non toxic player trying hard not to turn to the dark side...
thanks for all the replies, im gonna try my hardest not to get mad, got to remember its a game, got to keep enjoying it and not raging no matter what happens. Got to try and get my team into the same frame of mind as i am and just keep going, i have a 55% win rate in ranked so if i keep going ill eventually get promoted. well, just played a ranked, in champ select my support says they are gonna start the game then afk... then once the game starts she feeds 3 kills to the enemy adc then proceeds to leave me 2 vs 1 bot and roam.. i try to farm but vs a lucian blitz not much i can do, they proceed to take my turret, then noc comes down, i tell him not to fight because i cant do anything i have no items, he ults in then dies then starts blaming me for not fighting with him when i said if we fight it will be a double, this is the sort of mentality that gets me mad, i didnt rage, i didnt flame but omg i wanted to so bad lol
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Im not sure if i understood but i think i should be sleeping a long time ago :D. But back to topic (i hope). You are getting mad because you are doing your best but still lose because of teammmates? You should be not doing that, bronze is really a league where if you are behind, you will carry your games easily. Try to really stay positive because being toxic can get you permabanned and if you get it, you will really regret it as i read you really love LoL, same as i do. I almost enjoy everything in this game and guess what, im permabanned, with all the time i spent on building my acc, runes, champions, also beautiful skins. You can not rage. Also back on topic of fed enemy that can oneshot you, as i said if you are above your league, you will get yourself fed as well.
see the thing is, im trying my hardest, and i end up carrying a lot of the games i play but for the amount i do carry, theres also ther same amount where i go even or even just a bit ahead but cant do nothing because the top laner has gave 10 kills away to fiora. like i said im an adc main, the only thing i can do is play safe because if i dont i get killed, i stay back and do as much damage as possible. now im like 10 champs away from owning all the champs in the game, and yeah ur right i would be upset if i got banned, i have lots of good skins, some rare, some legendary, and if i got my account banned id be really upset but its so frustrating. i went from having an almost 70% win rate to having a 55% which is enough to climb, but whats been happening is, i get to bronze 2 and am doing good, i get promoted, i get like 3 games where i get feeders and im back down to b3. its like, i managed to get to 98lp in b2, then the game where if i win i get out of my series i get a sion support, who decides to always engage no matter what i tell him, we give a double to the enemy adc, so i say ok, lets just farm, he proceeds to keep going in, ulting in, flashing in. playing overly aggressive no matter what i ask, i ask him to stop.. he doesnt listen and keeps feeding the lane, now u tell me, in that situation wouldnt u start raging?
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: Embrace it, son
Haha, maybe i should just turn into one of those salty nasty bronze players who blames everyone for their own mistakes. i don`t want to but it seems like that's the way i'm going
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: indeed if that is true you prove my point! what does having to wait a month or two have to do with skills??? the system sux
I dont often comment on the boards but its bs, i won 10 of all my placements been playing with gold people in the placements and won, then i get bronze 4... i dont really have much time to play so i was hoping i would get higher so as a support main i dont get adcs that think they are tanks, or vaynes who try to kill the team 5 vs 1, now as i dont have much time, im seriously considering quitting just cos the time i do have is valuable, not happy lol ur right the system sucks
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