: >ye that is probably one of the core challenges, I dont want to force a change in someones persona after thinking about this a few more hours. You don't have to change his persona. You just have to tell him that you don't appreciate it and he will most likely adjust his behavior around you. He can still think those things but he can just avoid saying those things. I mean, in my main friend group there are 3 people who either win their lane max 10% of the time or NEVER win their lane. From my perspective (someone who basically always wins his lane and carries the game every single time), you can expect me to get frustrated. However, i do not say anything about it to them. It's mentally draining but i will endure it for the sake of their enjoyment. Instead i will give tips whenever i can in a polite manner. One of my friends is very bad at taking tips and for some reason takes it very negatively though so i have stopped giving him those tips. Your friend might be a bit more dense but i'm sure he cares about what his friends think of him. Just mention it politely and quickly and i'm sure he will try his best to be more pleasant.
Good approach, maybe you have more experience than I do, I can tell you that he (lets call him player X) does not care about feedback from his friends, like we told him that we think he is toxic and it makes the game experience worse, he hasnt changed in 4 years because he gives a shit about our opinions until the day another guy joined us who was even more toxic and player X then asked us, "Am I like this guy? Holy smokes he was toxic and annoying. If yes then I am horrible and sorry for all those years" and we told him that he is like him and since then he got better but is still very toxic for my standards and still wont admit his toxicity. Now the thing is he will never listen to his friends, I dont exaggerate he instead listens to youtubers and other "celebreties" so all in all he listens to influencer. E.g I told him that Glacial Ahri is viable and he was like "you are shit and trolling me, you just want me to lose elo and jerk off that" and 1 week later a big german youtuber made a video about it and he was like "OMG THIS IS THE BEST SHIT EVER" , same with PTA Miss Fortune and Tristana jungle. or he was a Hashinshin fanboy and said hashinshin is good at league and has knowledge, the complaints of him are valid and fundamentally right because he is a good player since he is diamond+. Then I showed him a small video of a coach watching a vod of hashinshin ranting about cassio top being broken and then player X realized "WTF Hashinshin is boosted and actually bad, I cant watch him anymore" Maybe you have an idea on how we can approach this matter. Thanks for advice you gave me
JustClone (EUNE)
: %%%% the toxic trash midlaner, go with your asian group, if you enjoy it.
Honestly that might be a solution for me but in the end my other friends who dont have other LoL groups still have to stick with him and I cant just leave em.
: Doubt you can enjoy them both since you clearly see how different they are. Maybe have 2 accounts, one to play with your high school buddies, and the other with your other more fun group. Of course, one is for try hard one is more flexible in play. Or you could stop playing with your toxic friends as a last resort if you can't talk to them about it.
this is a great idea, and I indeed have another account, the thing is that I know that my other friends also dislike the behavior but they dont have other people to play league with and now have to deal with our midlaner while I "run" away. I will have to think with my mates about this, but thanks a lot for your opinion. Much appreciated
A1laku (EUW)
: You could try talking to them, especially the mid guy but honestly that's a part of their character and attempting to change a person's core is seriously an absurd task, sooner they'll see you as their enemy then hearing you out lol. And even if you're good enough friends that they will hear you out chances are they simply can't be any other way cuz that's just their essence.
ye that is probably one of the core challenges, I dont want to force a change in someones persona after thinking about this a few more hours. maybe I will only flex with the high school group as a solution I am fine with, but I dont know how my other mates can deal with our mid laner because they clearly play for fun but his toxic attitude is dragging the mood down and they dont want to leave him alone. thanks for your advice my friends and me are probably going to have a talk about this matter.
: well there are two kinds of players dude: 1. those who play for fun ( you need to do it from time to time as premades) 2. players hate losing due to their competitive spirit (me), they tryhard, and they have fun by only winning and stomping the enemy. So you should respect both of those 2 kinds, but remember, sometimes trying to have fun with trolling, can destroy other player psyco. and result that he tilt ! well people are picking singed+teemo botlane with no supp item for no one of them in solo/duo q then getting 0/12/0,0/10/0 then they'll tell you that the game is about fun when you ask for the reason. you report them ! riot will totally ignore you unless they didn't say in chat that they'll find you and kill you... Conclusion: I prefer having fun by styling on enemies with your skills, great plays, outplays and a great team-play instead of trolling.{{champion:17}} {{champion:27}}
Heyaa Thank you a lot for the response. You are right there are the competitive dudes which is me but also the having fun people which is also me lol. I totally understand your point and by no means do i “troll” when there are random player in my team and if I play off meta only in a 5premade setup and I make sure to still fulfill roles with e.g. support items, but this is not about picking this stuff but about the mindset of my friends. Because it is not about me disliking the fact that I can’t play my Ashe supp. But the behavior of wanting to be the main character and being the only one to succeed and not caring about team play or anything else but oneself is something different imo(the midlander I talked about). I don’t know what this behavior is and why that person has the audacity to flame us when we succeed a gank but he did not get the kill for whatever reason or he flames us when he tried to catch up to the fight but did not get a kill. I think he does that because he thinks he is the better player because his rank is higher than those of my friends, but when he interacts with me he is kind and open because I am ranked way higher than him and he considers me a better gamer ???which is %%%%ed up to change the way you act to people depending on ranks! And our jungled who is complaining just wants to have fun but he is more on the fun part of those 2 kind of players but I don’t know why he is complaining because he dislikes tryharding.
Eveninn (EUW)
: People generally work in groups, each group having their own dynamics etc. Some people will enjoy group dynamics others find bothering. Usually one leaves groups they don't enjoy to stick with ones they do. You can always try mentioning it to them though. Whenever there are problems in any group one should be able to share what's bothering them and ask others to attempt and be more considerate of those things. This will not always succeed, but it's certainly worth trying if you feel like leaving a group (even if just in certain areas like LoL) is undesirable. So just mention to them what's bothering you (preferably outside of league, but still not as too random a topic.. you'll find a nice time) and take the conversation from there, see what develops.
Thanks for the advice! Will talk to my other friends about confronting them.
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