: It's impossible to get rid of something fictional that you believe is real.
well u might think so and i'm not gonna try to change your mind so thanks for the comment ig ?
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Something from the top of my head Check your match history and see how much damage you do to turret s each game . If it's low them here is your 1sf solution , check more than 10games and check how much help you put into objectives
i have blitz.gg installed and most of the games i get "unlucky you perform admirably better luck next time" most of the times i have the most dmg to both turrrets and players least deaths most cs yet my team run it down to the jungle chasing kills I'm trying my best not to tilt but it's getting harder and i think riot can actually do something about it like fixing the report system and ranked matchmaking
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