: Literally haveing to 1 trick jinx or its an insta lose.
Do you have any higher elo friends that can watch your replays? I can guarantee you that you didn't play perfectly either despite the fact you didn't feed and there are lots of stuff you can improve on. I feel your anguish and I can definitely relate to it. I come out of my lane feeling happy that I'm actually winning and then see the state of our towers and my team mate's KDAs and I instantly want to rage. But trust me, 99% of games are winnable and even if they don't seem like it at the time,having a non biased third party to watch your games can be really helpful for you to see what you can do next time you find yourself in a similar situation.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Matchmaking will adjust you to 50% winrate. If you want to rank up, go for a solo lane op champ. Bottom lane will never allow you to rank up without a lot of luck, it's a lottery.
Completely disagree, you can climb in any role as long as you know what you're doing. Low elo isn't really that hard to get out of. I watch back my replays constantly and I see both teams making tons of mistakes, myself included, and the games end up depending on which team makes the most. If you are able to identify the mistakes the enemy team are making and captilize on them, then you'll drastically improve.
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: The Most Hated Role?
I think these 3 are just as equally hated. Jungle - My jungler can afk farm for all I care, I'll still play the game without being salty. Yet the rest of my team will just ragequit and get triggered in ranked games because the jungler has only done a few ganks. I had a Jhin adc (i was support) in my ranked game some time ago and he refused to farm or even play until Kindred ganked our lane. He was really behind because he'd walk straight up to the Shen support just to auto attack, gets taunted and instantly dies. This would happen over and over and he'd just sit under tower flaming our jungler for not ganking even tho THEY DONT HAVE TO. You can't go into a ranked game expecting the perfect team that will carry you to victory. You gotta work for your wins and not just rely on jungle ganks to get you ahead. At the end of the game, with the Jhin at a total of 27 cs in 30 min ranked game and 11 deaths, he wrote in chat "jng difference". I just shook my head and apologised on behalf of my non premade Jhin adc to the Kindred and the rest of the team. Support - *supports takes one kill* OmG NaMi yOU tOOK Ma KiLl. Dude I healed you and my heal bounced onto the enemy, resulting in a kill for me. I'm 1/2/25, one kill for me isn't the end of the world. Also the struggle of having an adc that doesnt listen to you and then spam pings you when everything goes wrong for them. I'm not good at League but I will look at the minimap. My wards will show where the enemy jungler is. My adc will want to greed for tower plating with virtually zero health and me as the support with no mana and the jungler is clearly coming from us because they've been detected on my wards. My adc will die and spam ping for not staying even tho I legit told them in chat to recall What did you want me to do? - Stay and watch you die by one auto attack and then get turned on by the jungler and they get the double kill because my auto attacks do 50 dmg and I have no mana to escape or fight back. Oh and lastly the most annoying one of all, healing and shielding when your adc is 1v9ing and then the adc is like: "ez. im just too good". And I'm just there like: bruh where's my credit? You were legit 10hp and I came in and saved you with a clutch heal. dude you would've been long gone and dead without me and here I am getting no praise whatsoever (not even a simple thank you) Adc - Not many people like the adcs in my games because their cs isnt that great, which takes them even longer to scale because they need the gold to get items. Items are what make adcs strong later in the game. And its kinda hard to prolong the game for that long when they're constantly getting oneshotted (not always their fault bc assassins exist amirite?) and they're just the prime target for the enemy team. They literally need the help and support of everyone to peel for them and give them the kills until they get their powerspike and eventually start carrying, which takes waaay too long and most games are over before then. Also even if an adc does get fed, sometimes they can't even carry because the team has no frontline/not enough peel for them and they just get instantly deleted. Adcs kinda remind me of Kayle, weak early lvl 1 scrub turns into a late game destroying machine lvl 100 boss. It's just that with most games that end in 30 mins and with not very good farm, you're nowhere near becoming that by the end of the game. And then the adc gets flamed for being useless when it's kind of because we as a team didnt provide enough peel/drag out the game longer for the adc to actually become useful. I don't really see top and mid get flamed unless they're just like running it down and inting or they're legit trolling or afking.
Hansiman (EUW)
: You're most likely hitting the minimap.
Nope, I went into a game to check if I was doing it subconsciously and nah I wasn't. It's still happening :(
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Kravixman (EUNE)
: Please, read my previous respond a bit lower about my gameplay... about eating Cheetos and not blocking anything, I always jump out when Caitlyn is aiming my ADC, I jump out when Ezreal's R is about to hit my ADC to lower the damage, same with everything that flies toward my ADC. And honestly my Q accuracy in my opinion is like 85%? I only feel abused when facing Kalista.
Yeah that's because you're a good Yuumi <3 You sound like a good support that's actually proactive but like 9/10 times I come across awful ones that do nothing and I'd rather not take my chances. I'm a support main myself and when playing Yuumi on other accounts I'd say I'm pretty proactive like you but I wouldn't trust others whenever I decide to play ADC (ny secondary role) to be playing Yuumi.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Or, just get friends and play with a full premade That's what i do I almost never play solo league
Wish I had friends like yours lol. My friends when I really think about it don't feel like friends. None of them play League either and haven't had to make new "friends" in years so idk how to now lol. Solo league is all I have. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: You're a challenger.
Wait but- I'm Bronze in League and Iron irl. What do I do now..?
: You're a challenger.
You've earned all my uwus. This was such a great wholesome post {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Eagl (EUW)
: ADC is a dead role ?
Yeah I do understand how you feel, but you really gotta wait till late game to shine. If you wanna shine before that, then get good at farming. Items are what make ADCs strong so the quicker you get them, the quicker you will be stronger. And also learn to kite. When an assasin is on you try your best to get out of the situation with some health (even if it isn't much) and kite. Don't just run away without auto attacking whilst doing it. You'd be surprised to see how much damage you can also do to assassins but not just in a burst-type way. And lastly, play safe and smart. Don't go walking into unwarded territory without team-mates and then happen to get solo killed by a lurking assasin. Farm safely and then when the time comes for a teamfight, that's when you'll unlock the real power of the ADC! 😆
Kravixman (EUNE)
: No hate please, Question about Yuumi to ADC players.
If you're playing with a bad Yuumi which is legit most of the time in low elo, you feel like you're playing 2v1. She's useless when not attached and just really really squishy. Don't rely on her to body block anything because most Yuumis will stay attached eating Cheetos will you're getting abused by the enemy bot lane and even if she does come out, one auto attack legit takes like half her health, so there's not even much she can actually tank. Once the adc dies, it's highly likely she will too. With other supports, there's a lot more room for escape. All she has is her E to give her some movement speed but not a ton and her Q to slow but it's harder to land because you aren't controlling it whilst not attached. The hitbox isnt massive so its not hard to dodge. Also supports are there to make your average/bad adc into a godlike one that will snowball and carry. Yuumi can do that buuut she relies waay too heavily on positioning and how the adc is playing to actually make an impact. If I were a non confident adc player (which I am), I would not want a Yuumi to support me because I'd feel super vulnerable.
: Curious why players still say 'ez' .... in ARAM
I guess it's just typical LoL players being typical LoL players. You see it in every game mode and in a lot of matches.
: Bronze ADC Looking to duo right now!
How often do you play? I would love a duo but I'm not sure I'd be the best option because I don't really have much time to nowadays.
: Buy jax, go top, get challenjour
First time I played Jax, I went 0/10 without inting, just kept getting solo killed, dying to ganks, getting caught out, dying in team fights etc. Melee solo lane champs aren't rlly my style as you can see 😂
: > [{quoted}](name=aizekor,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WygNT0VA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-31T15:55:40.193+0000) > > So, I'm slowly trying to buy more and more supports to impact my games but for the meanwhile what can I do with the champs that I have already like: {{champion:117}} and {{champion:267}} I got an account from low Silver to Plat in less than 100 games last season playing Nami, Janna and Soraka (didn't have Lulu on that account). Don't let anyone tell you you can't climb with those champions, it's simply not true. It might be easier as Brand or Zyra; I originally got from Silver to Gold 1 by spamming Zyra. But it's definitely not impossible and not to hard as those supports. I suggest you try out Soraka after the buff this patch. Soraka can easily 1v2 the enemy botlane at level 1 with her Q, even before the buff. All those champions are really really REALLY oppressive in lane and in low silver you will actually have your opponents ragequit when you give them enough aids in lane.
Thanks for this, reallly appreciate it! How do you suggest I make a good impact with those champions? Should I stay in lane helping my adc to get fed or should impact other lanes too and roam?
: In case you want to get out of bronze or silver, you need to carry. It is theoretically possible to climb in any role. but in low rank you need to carry yourself more. As support it is harder because adc in low elo are just bad most of games and you depend on them. I f you keep playing support i recommend you playing a champion that can do pretty well even when the adc is worthless. for example with Galio or Shen you can help other lanes easier. map awereness is everything. good luck.
Thanks for leaving this comment! I really hope Galio does get a buff soon because rn he's in the worst tier for supports but I'd love to definitely pick him up and add him to my pool of champions.
: You need a hug ^^ *****hugs you* {{sticker:sg-kiko}} I mostly play nami, and you can carry was suport, you don't have power to kill enemies but you can do a lot to help, i got a lot of games where my adc was bad/autofill, sometimes he didnt even moved when farming so he kinda took all skillshot, but we finish win, cause nami can have a lot of impact, your Q, if you know how to land it, can change a teamfight, your R too (stun/knockback/....), your heal have inpact can save people, your e just help people do damage, has support you dont carry game with damage and kills, you make the way to your teammates carry, your good Q on lane phase is enought for your adc get some kills and carry, for me the 2 lanes with more impact on game are jg and suport.
Yeah that's what I love about Nami, she's like a mix of 3 types of supports, engagers, enchanters and poke/mage. Her Q is almost a guaranteed kill if you hit it so good engage, her W heal can be both poke and healing which covers the enchanter and poke. She's just all round a really good support. I'm currently working on actually hitting my Qs as it is quite a difficult skillshot to land. And ty for the hugs ^^
Uraraka (EUNE)
: I climbed from Silver 4 to Gold 4 and it took me like 200 games; I hit silver 1 promos at 70-75 games itself and after playing silver1-gold4 promos for 5 times in total I finally climbed; this much games only because I was playing support. I was {{champion:143}} one trick, doesn't matter how good I play or how much lead I get for me+adc early game, my adc always threw it just by blindly pushing always. As support if I roam to help jg or mid, they go push 1v2 to die-even after I ping and write in chat; if there is an incoming gank- they won't even back off and simply go 1v3, even if they're low on hp and mana only to die. If I go to help fed laners, they go push and die and whine that support should be always with them, even when they're like 2/10/5 in 20 mins. If you're playing support, never play enchanters or any support that depends on adc being good. Play {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:25}} and iirc Morgana is very cheap, then lux (1350 and 3150). Morgana may not have so much kill pressure, but her E is good for brainless adc who doesn't even dodge 10% of opponent's skill shots. Imo, play {{champion:117}} and ask your jungle to pick {{champion:11}} . While {{champion:37}} is really good, you need to survive the laning phase and {{champion:267}} is really good, if you hold onto your Q. {{champion:555}} is good non-mage support, who can be played as an assassin. I would suggest you to play {{champion:99}} -she is flexible, can build ap or utility, aftershock rune tree is still good and even if you miss like 6-7/10 Q, any Q that you hit can be converted to kill and after one point she herself can kill squishy ones with full combos.
Yeah definitely need to play Lux more! ^^ I'm M7 Morgana but haven't played her in ages but I think I should pick her up again because all her kit is rlly good.
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: I'm new looking for friends to play with!
Sure! I'm not great at League but I'm down to play :D
: > [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YAURFy4U,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-13T15:11:55.192+0000) > > Get 10cs/min as in 300cs in 30min. > Have a 30+ vision score in said game. > Be at every drake/teamfight. > Dominate the damage dealt charts. - deal 2x more damage to champions / objectives than anyone else. > Get a 10+ KDA. Don't die more than 2 times / match, score more kills than assists. > Have a 60%+ kill participation. > > This should give you an EASY S+ You do not need 10cs per minute to get an S
You make it sound so easy XD I don't think I'll ever get an S on her oof.
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