Luqiez (EUW)
: TFT: all about luck!
TFT is %%%%ing garbage in the current state. its absolut random... specialy the item system pisses me off. its not like items help u. items deside the game! more than the champions do... u can get all the champions u want and still lose because u never got a useful item. it also doesn't matter if u save the items and try to build your champs around them, because there are only 3 useful once and the rest is %%%%ing garbage. srsly this tft Devs need to get something done. AND GUESS WHAT, U CAN BARLY INFLUENCE WHAT ITEMS U GET... so the most game deciding shit is absolut 90% RNG carousel appears 3 times until the game is decided: ONE AND A HALF ITEMS AND U HAVE TO CONSTANTLY LOSE THE GET A ITEM CLOSE TO WHAT U WANT who invented this idiotic mechanic? the DOTA II autochess is just better!
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RIOT is a complete failture with TFT... either u get the assassin package early or u get the shapeshifter package or u straight up lost from start. its so stupid how it does not work at all...
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Laptopman (EUW)
: tft "Bad luck protection"
TFT right now is 20% skill and 80% luck. u get %%%%ed by to much random bullshit: upgrading a unit - no thanks sir we wont show it to u even when NO ONE ELSE got it items - sure here have 5 of the same type but we make sure u cant pick up the fitting units for the items u have never mind - we wont give u items... hey dude - how about u play the same unbeateble guy 5 times in a row instant of one of the other 6 guys. sorry that u lost all your hp in one go Uhm the 20% stun chance procs five times in a row... oh and the 2sec stun lasts 5 Oh Mr. we invented the "u got stunned even without being in the circle" hack hey get afk trolled by your units! its to much rng unfun bullshit going on
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why is this community so toxic?
because riot does not care and is incapable to bring a fair and usefull penality system. chat and u get banned... troll the hell out of ppl and u can keep doing that for ever. complain about someone trolling = u are chatting and get banned. as soon as u got banned u say your self "%%%% it" and u just dont care anymore- riot creates toxiticy by this unfairness. its like getting arrested because u yelled at someone that was molesting kids at the playground instat of arresting that guy... good job riot
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: How to win cursed TFT?
its total bullshit atm... everything is totaly random so u cant do anything. Riot is unable or unintressted in making the game more fair and fun. if u want to play this style of game in way better go to DOTA. in TFT units just dont show up no matter how much u roll (even if NO ONE got any of them beside of u and u are in the perfect spot to get them)... items are random as well. its way to random and u cant control anything. get the wrong items... not the units for the items... no unit lvl up... u can try but its way to rng and every patch it feels worse
the system how u get juged and banned is a total joke and riot does not care about that.. as soon as u participate in chat u are basicly doomed to get banned... because ppl might not like to get told how to do better or to get told that running blindly around without vision and feeding isnt nice. they report u... and as soon as u have enough reports u get almost auto banned... so dont chat or get banned... its rly bad of riot to not to care. u have almost no chance to get your account back. so pro tip, never invest any money or time or passion into this game because the devs are absolute ignorant. its a sad story and they system could be fixed super easy in no time. sadly riot does not care at all and it makes me sad that they got so much money for this garbage.
: Make a Blacklist option in draft pick
thumps up. blacklist would be nice instat of banning players randomly with your trash ban system wich is handled by this worthless community. riot u suck!
alcanii (EUW)
as soon as u face better players u wont keep winning. they have also a plan according to there items and if it goes ok usually the player with more items wins... sure u can also high roll and get 3 star units but this is also insanly luck driven. as i wrote there is no garantie to hit even 2 star units with this system. u can be the only one looking for a unit and still be unable to make it even 2 star for ever specially if its a blue or purple one.
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: 1. there is limited amount of units in the shop (shared by all players) 2. TFT is about adapting to what items and champs you get 3. Git gut
> [{quoted}](name=PermaBannedEjpon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RdQ2r911,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-30T08:03:36.372+0000) > > 1. there is limited amount of units in the shop (shared by all players) > 2. TFT is about adapting to what items and champs you get > 3. Git gut i know, the issue is u cant adept if u roll down 200gold and cant find a green unit no one else picked up so far its a %%%%ing joke! this kind of stuff happens way to often what means the game is to much rng atm... there are not even that many units yet and it still feels more random than to original wich got more units
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