G2 Kohler (EUW)
: actually Nemesis said Doinb was the worst mid laner of the semis he never said Doinb was bad also I agree with him since Tian was smurfing in the bo5
when did he say that according to my memory the videos ive watched only shows him saying that "doinb is the worst midlaner of this tournament" and tbh it does look like hes jealous about fpx winning fnc
Majordx (EUW)
: Welcome to League.xD.Happens most of the time honestly.But people on forum bcs they not too smart will say "bad game" and yeh.She wont get ban even tho she deserves it.And dont worry about this flame they always do that.Just mute the niubs. Me as adc i can understand you.I get a lot of times people autofill support or that simply troll me in lane.And im still looking for support to duo with me cuz i cant find none in eune xD.
yeah bot is a duo lane if someone decides to troll then ur pretty much screwed
Uraraka (EUNE)
: By any chance did they write to not pick {{champion:99}} supp? I had similar games where adc players ask me to not pick {{champion:143}} {{champion:518}} supp and when I pick they did this. You can always report, but other than toxic players I don't think trolls will get punished. Don't get frustrated with trolling and flaming, gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} p.s: is {{champion:235}} supp good against hook supports? I want to buy her, but afraid that her early game is weaker.
nope he said nothing in matchmaking. well senna has a long range which is pretty good and her q makes her pretty safe in lane cause she can heal herself but u do need to try to dodge hooks as her moblity isnt that great but overall i think its pretty good since you just hide behind minion and use ur auto or q ur q has 1300 range and auto is 600 is longer than most adc and also her early game is busted, people think shes weak but her range makes her able to do free pokes and shes got sustain with a poke on her q and if u can land w its guareented kill if ur adc can follow up
Wex0r (EUW)
: Report after game move on , If you cant let it go then open a support ticket but bring proof screen shots , recording of the game ect.
what really actually annoyed me so much was that the yi was flaming me when i was actually trying {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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: Second Cast Ahri Q For Early Return Of Orb
wouldnt this make ahri q less skilled as you would have a guarenteed double hit with her q if you recast it once it hits someone
: RIOT this season and game has become beyond a mess. a utter contradictory joke this META.
people doesn't even understand the difference between troll and off-meta/trying out new stuff . i tried a off meta playstyle in aram and peopl start saying im trolling, this also happens in normal 5v5. when i have tried alot and im confident that the thing will work i play it in ranked and first of all people think that im trolling and then when i end up doing so well in the game they say nothing but if i dont so well they start saying im trolling. also this works with not doing well in lane, when you lost lane it doesn't always means that your trolling but people just start asking why are you trolling or just ask people to report you. what is wrong with off meta picks, ive tried a whole lot of off meta picks and the result is that they are way more fun than the original playstyle (ofc not in ranked). i don't get it normal games are more of relaxing and for fun. if you really want to try hard why the fck don't you go to ranked. also rito is really killing off meta picks with these changed like ap aatrox is now not really playable with the removal of the ap ratio on his e
: Yeah actually, about that. What have you got to say for yourself Rito? The GBP value was 1.48 in correlation to the USD on the 23'rd June of 2016 at the date the British voted for Brexit. Then you went and changed all the store prices without any good reason to be honest, and increased all of them. (*Why without "good reason"? well because your "product" is first of all virtual and it does not fluctuate up and down in market price like market shares on fresh stock that expires if you don't sell it fast enough, and second, because the GBP is worth less, you get paid less but, also pay less tax due to being paid less. So why is it again that you increased prices?) (*Also bare in mind that at the time, even with the Pound value going down and us paying "less" than usual, we were still paying more than ALL the other nations on all the other servers in all the other countries so, after you increased the price we were paying even more!) Today the British Pound exchange rate is 1.42 USD per Pound and has almost fully recovered. Why did you not fix the store prices yet? There is NO reason for you not to fix the prices. Absolutely none. Also I just want to point out that ever since season 2, I've been spending roughly 400 Pounds a year on your game. Every year on one single account , not even counting the other two. Except for last year when you increased prices. I don't think I've spent more than 100 to be honest. For no other reason than you increasing prices. I'm sure I'm one of many that did this. So how about it? Revert the prices back where they belong? Or maybe you're happy with new current sales projections? Surely that can't be it.
the funny thing is that they say that they are gonna change the price back if the gbp exchange rate recovers (said by a riot employee)
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l MrD l (EUW)
: id love to see more of the sacred sword skins tbh they look really good but maybe not a sacred sword version maybe liek sacred staff or something XD
sacred sword is a series based on chinese mythology and sword is the theme from it to my knowledge there isnt staff using in the mythology and wukong is also based a myth but i would say sona could get one as she fits really well with the theme,spell casters would fit pretty well or sword user normally
: Yeah, typical toxic kid, just ignore those.
start of the season and i have like 1 flamer in everygame and i keep quiet but they just keep on blaming me if my side is losing like when they get oneshot they blame me and flame for not peeling and they are 2 screens away from me or i was going toward mid laner and try to shield him but i was at baron pit and he dies in mid and flamed me also asked me where the fck is my e when.
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Wadud92 (EUW)
: I'd like that purple Mythic border that shows when you get the skin in loading screen. I hate that there are people out there that have no idea how rare the skins are.
it would be really nice to make it unique as these skins are rare and also they dont even have a change in voice over, they are rare but they are treated like 1350 quality rather than what they classify as a 24?? skin, a skin between ultimate and legendary.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: I guess you are suggesting it because you got something :) Hextech loot is enough unique by itself. But you can change your summoner name or club tag to underline the skin you got.
y i got hextech annie by luck from opening a chest, got the skin shard straight away xD
Rioter Comments
: Lancer Zero Hecarim!
woo that is some luck ive opened up a hextech annie myself long itme ago and since that and the dj sona right after it i have not had any super good loots
: Also, majority shares r of that company now.....I think as many others do that they have quite a big say in what RIOT does behind the scenes
the company is really big and famous for QQ a app/software for communication but they are seriously trying to earn money. the company does not even care about the players tbh unless ur like the "vip3" member of the gaming department by spending around like 28000yuan and they will basically suck ur %%%% and do whatever u want with a highest level of 4. it is like the biggest money swallowing machine in china that is known. the only thing the company is now famous of is how troll it is with its pay to win and everything.
GLurch (EUW)
: I don't know if Tencent is seriously as bad as you say they are, but having a partnership with Tencent is one of the only ways to host a game in China.
sad thing though that the customer service(aka the support) is a bunch of AI and tencent has destroyed alot of game especially one of the group who is belonging to tencent has destroyed every game that went into its hand and made it into a pay to win and also they have a mobile moba game that originally basically copy and pasted items and champions over and changed the name and also the icon for it
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: The chinese server/region, much like the Korean server/region are almost 100% independent from the rest of the rest. These countries have their own rules and dont especially follow the same rules NA, EU, LAS/LAN, Brasil, OCE, Japan, Russia, Turkey, and all of South East asia have. Some servers, have certain skins that arent limited nor legacy but are obtained by doing certain things. For example, if you follow League of Legends on Twitter, you get DreadKnight Garen in all regions, however, in LAN (Latin America North) they get Commando Garen. This is one example. Zombie Ryze is a Legacy skin that is available for purchase during halloween in every region (NA, EU, LAN, LAS, Brasil, Turkey, OCE, Japan, Russia, Korea, and all of South East Asia). China, like I said, is a whole different world, and very secretive. Noticed how the chinese LoL website isnt even in the official League of Legends website we and everyone around the world is using? ___ Besides, Im just stating general facts for regions that follow the same general League of Legends rules. Meaning every region except those that are independent (China, and in most cases Korea, thought not always). ___ If you want to be picky about things, NA, EUW, EUNE, LAN, LAS, Brasil, Turkey, Russia, Japan, "Korea", OCE, follow the same rules, same holidays, same everything, with small variations when it comes to skins by following Riot in social media pages. Also, since I made this thread in EU, Im stating what always happens in EU (which is the same that happens in 90% of all regions), and its always been the same. Bringing up China was just a tad irrelevant since this isn´t the Chinese server and they are independent from the rest.
its just sad that tencent made the game alot worse in china like they made it so that the warrring kingdom skins are the same price as the ultimate skins and dragon fist lee as one of the most rare skins and cost u a fortune to get it when the skin it self has no particle .
: Yes. Every single halloween skin (all of them) and every single lunar revel and Snowdown skin come back every year.
not true in the chinese server doe like zombie ryze is a limited skin in china due to a event where there was a hack that broken the game and tencent awarded it to players who didnt use the hack, its total bs as zombie ryze is cheap skin
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=MXmb2uEX,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2017-06-06T12:20:29.275+0000) > > But bathing in it sounds more like a downside compared to warm water. :c http://media1.faz.net/ppmedia/aktuell/3051717600/1.1963613/default/skandaloes-dagobert-duck.jpg See that smiling face? I want that, too
the next day.... Rito CEO found dead due to the weight of money xD
: Mastery Level 8 Concept: Famili Friendly Edition....
award you with a icon of the champ xd
: New honour system? Do I lose my current badge? ¬_¬
havent seen one of those for months
Rioter Comments
: That feature hasn't been added yet. It'll be a working button in the near future.
thx but that icon irritates me so much
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: When is it possible to get new skins in chests?
if i remember i rerolled a khazix darkstar skin on the day it was out or the day after
: as much as what you say is true, consider this: The gating of rune/runepage cost is the only thing that makes a permaban an adequate punishment. rebuilding a good account into anything remotly flexible takes several months of relentless grind. Take that away, and the permaban won't mean a thing, flamers and griefers will lose that little bit of self-control they have. Plus, everyone knows how a smurf can ruin a game for everyone- 5 oponents who get stompped and 4 teammates that do nto actually get to play. Removing runes would lead to an avalanche of smurfs
do you know the feeling where you have to buy these runes that take you like 4 days to farm for to get 1 single rune and also ip are used to buy champs normally for people like me. it would help alot if they halfed the prices for runes cause it is rediculously high like a quintesence costs 2000
: They announced both before any of it goes live so you can decide, cant you?
you know the feeling when a good skin comes out and you decide to play champ and they nerf it straight after ;.;
Dobiwobi (EUW)
: step 0. move to america
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Foxynerdy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fh4uTBK6,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-23T15:23:17.190+0000) > > **So, How should one carry with utility support (not building damage), playing only solo on a consistent level?** If you are below Platinum, you can't carry as an utility/passive support. You can play perfectly, but you ultimately depend on your team to do well. No matter how much you try, if your ADC is gargabe you won't be able to do anything. That's why you play with agressive supports instead. With champions like {{champion:43}} and {{champion:267}}, which are utility supports, you can only "carry" if you play agressively. With champions like {{champion:16}} and {{champion:40}} you can't "carry" no matter how much you try.
at least ur able to peel adc soemtimes a janna who is really good can be so annoying
: I feel useless as ADC without a good supp
simply stay behind when the other team has used up their main/important damage source or cc then u go up and do whatever u need to, soemtimes as adc you dont need to be doing damage at the start of a fight and also you should focus on the most threatful champion toward you like champions with burst with short cd e.g.mages but u just have to do your best and get {{item:3026}} and surviving as adc is way more important than anything. also changing ur build depending on situation i very important like if they had alot of ap get the mr boots and soemthing else like a hexdrinker or qss and ad get GA
Rstonius (EUW)
: Exactly, as I said people in lower elos focus too much on KDA, instead of thinking about more important things like stalling for late game, or rotating for objectives, people would rather tunnel vision for kills instead of taking a tower and then blame others for not following when they over extend and die. It's the basics of league. People lose games and blame others when they were the main factor for the loss.
but u see when the jgler is %%%%%%ed sometimes and try to go for baron when we could take 3 turrets + a inhib if he came and then blames the team for throwing when he was super useless ;-;
: Derank from diamond
u can if u have too low mmr for the elo just like in plat and such this also applies
: i haven't gotten any key fragments for the past 2 weeks like wtf
every month it resets the chance as every fragment you get
Rstonius (EUW)
: People focus to much on KDA and not on whats really important, if you've died 10 times as the support for the sake of saving your adcs life, then that is a job well done by yourself. Some people dont get that.
ikr finally someone who understand what support is ment to be for just like in pro plays support also dies the most and these support who normally die least is actually not that good unless your like a damage support like zyra , like peeling for ur damage positions life even if u die is what a support should do unless your adc does no damage/trolling/really behind then i would go for peeling the midlane or whatever player that has alot of dmaage
Rstonius (EUW)
: Well not really, an adcs damage is very crucial to the game. Usually when the adc is ahead of the rest is when people usually win games.
lol then thats the time when top and mid comes in handy, they feed their lanes and then their lane e.g. jax or something else will come in oneshot adc cause they are too fed :D. and they will be raging "WHY THE %%%% ARE YOU FEEDING MY LANE!!!!!!!!!!!" XD
Rstonius (EUW)
: "Useless bot lane"
well you know when i support dies alot for saving people they get called trolling/useless/feeding happens alot when i do so
TTG Crown (EUW)
: League of legends Vayne montage
more like 2k17 vayne penta montage for the first part
Walltr (EUW)
: Permanently banned, let this be a warning
um it seems like im more toxic but thats better than someone who tries to force support to get ardent and blaming support for losing the lane for not getting it at least like comeon i was tilted about this thing where the draven was blaming me for his bad plays and i was toxic af nothing happened to me
DylxnBK (EUW)
: he gets it back in a couple attacks anyway so attacking when its down doesnt matter. all he has to do is farm and its back again. there needs to be a permanent cd on the shield.
well the shield blocks turret shot and w refreshes it u can have 3 stacks plus a active one
DylxnBK (EUW)
: cool
well he can tower dive y basically get 3 stacks of passive first then use w you are now on 1 passive and 3 stack then wait for w to be up, now go in turret auto/q/e then use w or just auto again when first passive blocks turret and then the auto/q/e makes the 3 stacks plus 1 more stack and turns into another shield and also w gets u passive straight away as well and there maximum of 3 turret shot tanked with no health drop :D
: Tank Meta? {{item:3151}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3135}} What is a Tank Meta?
they nerfed last wispher by 10%
Damus (EUNE)
: Your LP should depend from objectives mostly (dmg on herald, baron, towers, inhis or towers and ihis which you get on your own), not from kills. League is a team game, yes, but if you playing solo you have no control what teammates you get, you know what I mean? So that's why your LPs should depend more from you score, team score should be second thang which make difference on your LP.
then it will take a shit load of work to do so and rito is lazy af :D
: yeah something like that would be great
but like its 5 on each side or you know it will be unfair for like vastaya champs
: What about this: You choose a region (Noxus-Demacia etc) and your whole team is full with champs who are from the region u picked. Then the roun starts and when you die you cant respawn, its like in the cinematic
so like a region fight where the void and ionia and such are all againest each other
Ashź (EUW)
: So hextech annie*3, vayne*3, all ult skins and balabala 20 more skins for all skins{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
rito make you spend money on these but i got them from chest i earn thats the funy thing
MarTEEnus (EUNE)
: So unlucky
your saying this is lucky? well i got a hextech annie shard then in 2 other hextech box i got a dj sona shard
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