: U dont even need 2 see a Vid... Just check the kill Map http://prntscr.com/qosl0q
Yeah sure - who looks at killmap though?
RageSquid (EUW)
: Not to criticize, but what do you consider a good player? If I look at your match history I see some very good matches, some questionable and some where you yourself got carried. If you look at mine you would see the same. Some games I play very good, but other ones I'm making horrible decisions. So how can you play one game with someone and then decide that that person is a good or bad player? And even tell that it done deliberately?
Its easy to see when some lvl 30 player thinks he is ready for ranked. Ok he is ready for ranked but he is not ready for ranked gold 4. But thats where he will play ranked. Why? look no further than towards Riot. Ofcourse u dont put lvl 30 in gold 4, you put them bronze 4 where they belong. You can simply see lvl of an account. Lvl 30 vs lvl 250. Yeah its easy to see who will outperform who. So you say one word: Smurf I say dont even start mentioning smurfs cause they shouldnt be allowed. Alternative accounts are fine but only one per server should be used for ranking
Exzoe (EUW)
: Riot your placement games is the biggest joke, %%%% off
I dont care where the placement games put you, as long as its equal for everyone
: OP just wanted to show off the video, he doesn’t give a toss about what your explanations are. And you fell right into it. Let me join in: It’s because you outplayed them mate, well done, amazing!
I do care about their explanations but they didnt talk about Aphelios.-- so what can i do?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: playing this game is just out of discussion...
U forgot to mention noctournes score - it was 23-6-13 - he had 18k gold u had 14k gold --- ofcourse when u have 4k gold deficit you should die https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=RayleighTT
: Are ADCs in a bad position at the moment. I heard it many times from people pls anwer fairly
In order to be good at adc u need to be good at adcing. Stats from one player that doesnt know how to adc doesnt prove anything
: friends list gone
Sometimes it happens that all ur friends unfriends you.. Nothing you can do about that {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Did the support role change much?
They changed the meta so u have to pick real supports - that doesnt mean u cant carry - u can still carry if you do your support job - U might still reach high silver if u play mage support though or malfite support
Rioter Comments
: that was a jung/top carry
jungler was the worst - he is rated 7th
: New champions not played in in proffesional games for months
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: So is jung win = game win now just a thing?
Not true https://imgur.com/a/wYRu1l8 You can carry from any role u want just be good at the game
: goes 18-0-14 zero honor from my team
holy .. opgg even gave me a 10!! https://imgur.com/a/9YGgNLk
Rioter Comments
Lmao imagine a diamond 4 complaining about a platinum 2 Zoe
Rioter Comments
: Hey there! Tenacity reduces the duration of cc, not their potency. So if you are slowed for 2s by 90% and you have 50% tenacity. You will be slowed for only 1s but still by 90%.
im not talking about cc in general but about noc ult
: When even TF Blade can't carry inting botlane in Platinum ELO.
You can carry - just play the non feeding adc - there you go and climb
Rioter Comments
: Aside from master yi and trynda what is the strongest champ for noobs like me?
: In your opinion, best champs to one-trick currently?
Rioter Comments
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: which sites boi If u just looked at what says in actual client of game that u play It clearly said that last ranked season day is 18th of november And sites that u were looking at were based on that country's time zone because when its november 19th 00:01 , somewhere is november 18th 16:01
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/09/ask-riot-end-of-ranked-season/ >The Summoner’s Rift 2019 Ranked Season will end on November 19th Is just one example -- "on 19th" means between 0:00:01 and 23:59:59
: New Meta Incoming In Season 10
adcs too weak to be alone in mid, only draven and lucian can do that
Temp14232 (EUW)
: damn bro you re too late sorry to hear that
yeah i guess - several sites said season ended today..
Rioter Comments
KuroCorbeau (EUNE)
: Aye aye, i think we found ourselves at a point where we could talk this out for weeks. It is so complex afterall. But to be fair, i get why some smurfs smurf. Some of them just enjoy stomping. But many are just bored of being hardstuck diamon 1 so they create a new account and try again for some better luck and KDA or something. It does get boring after having the same accounts for 6 seasons. Now about the 1 day ban, that wouldn't really work now, would it? Imagine getting banned because you suck at the game xD Like, people play cuz it's fun, not everyone wants to be the best. Imagine Riot punishing people for not being good at the game. Then we would all be tryhards, wouldn't we? That is why you should not get a ban for being dumb enough to go 0 8 in 10 minutes. But yeah of course dragging down 4 people isn't cool but banning you for it also isn't cool. Imagine how many people would stop playing completely cuz they do not play with the standards that riot set for them. Then even us, when we started, would have quit in 1 month. This is my first season, i am currently silver and lost my gold promos, even dropped back to silver 4 a week ago cuz i kept losing even though i did great in almost all of those games. My team died alo, feeded all the lanes and i lost. Can i change it? no. Now imagine all 4 of those getting banned for a day, for actually losing a game for one or another reason. Then the whole ranked system would burn down cuz then there is no meaning in playing ranked if losing or being bad gets you banned. I don't mind dropping to silver 4, i will rank up eventually, i did manage to do it once, i can do it again. I enjoy the game to its fullest but sadly things like these happen. All we can really do is keep on keeping on and trying our best to improve.
> Imagine getting banned because you suck at the game No, imagine playing ranked and refuse to play to win and then get a 1 day ban which is something so small that it wouldnt hurt the overall playerbase, and those that leave the game because they get 1 day ban, well we didnt need them anyway. Use that ban to think about your play and how u can improve it. Learn from it. A lot of people play to have fun and for them having fun has a lot to do with winning. How often have you not heard that not ffing is just a waste of time.? Why is it a waste of time if you have fun? The case is if u join up for a ranked game which only you made that choice to begin with a certain standard can be expected from you. If you dont wanna play to your best abilities even when you fall behind you can always take a relaxing draft game. No one is forcing you to play ranked.
KuroCorbeau (EUNE)
: Yes i get your point here, makes sense. First of all i got a question cuz i legit do not know: is smurfing actually bannable? Okay with this being gone, allow me to answer. Yes, you are right. Everyone knows how it works. BUT, does everyone even attempt to do this? I am not sure about that one. We all know what we should and should not be doing, but we still do not always stick to it. A good argument nonetheless. Maybe the smurfing Rengar camps top because the other lanes are doing fine though. Maybe mid got a solokill and is 15 cs up, which is alot. Maybe bot it also doing fine and is not behind the enemy botlane. This might lead to the Rengar going for other targets. Now to the main point here. Of course, if I go 0-3 i should never ever fight the enemy laner, he is 900 gold ahead alone from kills, more or less half an item. Now, if i am dumb enough to still fight, and i still die, what do we do? Do i deserve a ban? Meh, i deserve a demote because i am not smart enough to know my limits. Knowing when fighting is bad is an important aspect of the game. Me losing is my punishment and it would make me think twice next time before doing that again. It is not hard to look for roams or freeze, but many players do not do it. I can even explain to you why. The answer is simple: Ego. People, especially in low elo, have a crazy high ego. They die once and 10 seconds later they type 'lucky' in the all chat (Also see Yasuo mains in the dictionary for that xD). We both know ego kills alot of games. Maybe we both are smarter than that 0-3 Darius. Does that make us better? Actually: YES, it does. Playing smart is so important, swallowing your ego is a necessity that most low elo players do not have. That is why they stay in bronze for 5 seasons. Maybe they even developed mechanics but their ego is still holding them back. Being stuck in Bronze forever is a good punishment, a ban would just make them create a new account and try again. Nothing would change. So let them be bad and egocentrical, they get what they deserve.
>is smurfing actually bannable? Riot wants to get rid of toxicity, so they should ban smurfers because they are the root of the toxic, but no. Riot just says they would like it if people stopped smurfing. > Meh, i deserve a demote because i am not smart enough to know my limits. Its clear cut that when you are 0-3 u cant 1v1 your direct opponent so if you try to do that out in the open, you are no longer trying your best. Have i done that myself? Yeah and it would be fine if i got punished maybe i could learn something from a punishment. Like 1 day ban would be fine. So its not like that. But the thing is its not enough of ok that you get demoted for stop trying because you drag 4 other people down with you.
KuroCorbeau (EUNE)
: Ah i see where you are getting at. Okay, let's try and look at it this way then: Let's say we are both at silver 1 or something. Now, what would make me a better player than you? Not the rank certainly. Maybe mechanics, maybe knowledge of the matchups in lane. Maybe i got someone i counter and Darius got someone who counters him. There are also many other things like macro and micro. Having a rank does not always mean you deserve it. He could have been carried all the way to that silver 1 rank, maybe he was always bad but had luck with his teammates and won. You get LP for winning not for being good at the game. Maybe he deserves bronze 3 instead of silver 1 but got lucky and won many games because he got carried. There are so many factors to this. Okay, now let us say that i also go first time Darius. I know his skills but never tried him okay? Maybe i get a good matchup, maybe my enemy is countered by Darius, maybe i get ganks from my smurfing Rengar who is 7 0 2 at 10 minutes. Maybe my enemy goes afk because he is tired of my smurfing Rengar, maybe my enemy has bad macro and lets me farm for free and i get ahead in gold and items. Does all of this make me a good player? Certainly not, pretty easy answer. It makes me a lucky guy who benefits from the mistakes of his enemies. My point is that having the same rank does NOT mean you have the same skills. Rank does not always determine skill but sadly, sometimes it also determines your luck.
> [{quoted}](name=KuroCorbeau,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7EzmtrKy,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2019-11-06T16:19:00.861+0000) > Now, what would make me a better player than you? Nothing, thats my whole point. When both players have the same rank they are both at the same skill level plus minus give and take a little. If there is a smurf rengar then that means the rengar should be banned for smurfing and not the player for dying a lot obiously Also if enemies gank one lane only and only that lane it means there are two other lanes that are not getting ganked so later in the game the two other lanes can come and help the lane that got camped. Everyone knows that. So its a bad strategy to camp only one lane because now you have two strong lanes and the other team has only one strong lane. But the case where someone dies a lot is ofcourse when you dont respect the enemies, if say you are 0-3 and you keep pushing the wave into the tower,just stand back or roam to another lane if they freeze the lane, is it really so hard?
Zedant (EUW)
: Bard is an assasin?
Bard is poke pick and anti poke with good lategame scaling Assassins usually have very poor late game scallings, Kayn might be the only exception
KuroCorbeau (EUNE)
: I got games where i went 1 14 but it was not intentional. I legit got outplayed early and stomped. Still, i listened to my carries and did what they said, we won that game. Having a bad game happens to everyone, score should never and will never get you banned. If i play like iron 4, i will eventually land in iron 4, that is my issue and my fault. Of course i hate it when i lose bcz my Darius went 0 14 in 20 minutes but i cannot change that. I can climb back, the Darius will probably not and get his deserved demotion. U have to get over yourself and focus on your game and your mistakes primarily. Bad players exist, people with bad games exist. With that being said, if someone says he will troll and u see him do it, then yes, ban that guy for sure. If he is legit trying to win and go for turrets and the nexus then no, he is having a bad game. Riot themselves even said that having a bad game is not the same as inting a game. The replays always show the intention. People who are ment to get banned will get banned, players who are bad will get demoted, players who get over it will get promoted. Simple as that. This is the game. It isn't perfect, it never will be. You will have a 10 year old child dying alot, you will have people ignore pings cuz they think they are smart and then you will ????? ping them. I totally get you, do not get me wrong. I agree that first timing a champion in ranked is wrong and should not be allowed. I think a 20game limit would stop the problem abit. Force people to learn a champ before going into a ranked game. When i proposed this in a post though, i got flamed to hell even though i made valid arguments. Fact is, people will agree and disagree and that is fine.
Here is the issue with that though - u say it feels bad when a darius dies many times, but here is the issue u have SAME RANK and SAME SKILLS as this Darius, so if you play Darius in your next game you should die equally the same amount of time +- 2 give and take. So if this does not happen and you died far less than he did then YES THERE IS SOMETHING THAT HE COULD HAVE DONE ABOUT IT!
: It says a lot about the state of the community that this has gotten so many upvotes. Anyway, you are forgetting one key element here: Smurfs. Put a Diamond smurf against your average Gold/Silver player and the Gold/Silver player is going to die a lot in lane. And of course it will get even worse for them if the Diamond player is duo with a jungler and they effectively 2v1 the lane. "sit under turret and farm safely" ????? They will get tower dived 24/7 and then ganked on their way back to the lane. Yes it sucks having a teammate going 0/8 in 10 minutes but if they are against a smurf there is literally nothing they can do.
They should ban smurfers too, if they can detect them which they state they can they can also ban them
: If someone goes 0/8 in 10 minutes they deserve ban
I dont know if 8-10 is the limit, but there should be a limit somewhere, and what if you are 0-6 and decide to go afk because u get scared from dying more? One game i had a Darius on my team i googled his match history he went crit darius the game before and had 20 deaths. All i knew is that he was gonna feed this game too and so he did and we lost - solo because of him. I mean its so obvious in some examples but Riot wont do anything about it
JustClone (EUNE)
: First > it is silver 3 game. Even FULL mana shen will work. Second > you split farm with your ADC. 2 to 1 ratio. (Again, because it is silver 3) And kassadin is not played as support anymore, because he was never played as support to begin with. The champion requires both serious XP and GOLD investment to be in line. Nothing of those two are in abundance at the bot lane support role. (unless you decide to let your adc get killed, so you get more XP, and you take his farm ...) Good luck, son.
Full mana shen wont work Shen doesnt scale with mana Didnt take farm from adc if thats what you suggest, it just happened to be that way, kassadin can w minions when adc doesnt take a minion etc When i said more, i meant as in "more often" Kassadin doesnt need xp or gold , he needs the game to be calm and relaxed so enemies doesnt snowball. Something you can dictate the most by being in the botlane One R is enough to make a skillshot from the enemies useless. You dont need lvl 16 for that
: the same reason why soraka jungle is not played more because they sucks balls
I realised why it sucks, you get camped by jungler and the ally jungler just ignores it
Rioter Comments
kamptrollen (EUNE)
: Banned for typing kiss in danish
Danish people wouldnt use the word %%% like that
JustClone (EUNE)
: Aham, I see. This is what I wanted to know, before I decide to downvote your suggestion. Just to explain something important. Banning is made in a way, that it affects both teams, to ensure that specific champion is not present on any side of the field. It is not a tool to ensure , that specific champion, if present, will be on your side on the fields specifically. And, banning your own teammate champions (regardless your competent oppinion that they are "WEAK") is usually met with extreme negativity. (That results in trolling, refusing to cooperate, feeding etc...) So unless you like your current rank so much, and want to spend another 1000 games in it, or you enjoy having FULL MANA MUNDO in your team, I strongly suggest that you abandon that practice. Good luck, son.
> Banning is made in a way, that it affects both teams, to ensure that specific champion is not present on any side of the field. No banning is made how Riot think it should be, its not something you magically think how it should be
Squanix (EUNE)
: I got pentakill with {{champion:24}} .Nerf op right?.
whats your point even?
Squanix (EUNE)
: Neh...i saw bronze players get penta kill to.I guess they pro and played op champs LOL.They still in bronze btw.
everyone who is in bronze is in bronze also the other team
Squanix (EUNE)
: 1 lucky game...so if {{champion:164}} gets penta kill in 10 mins shes op broken? Bring me games bring me proofs.Even pro palyer said adc is trash.
Nope you got enough already - if you dont wanna see its because you dont wanna see
JustClone (EUNE)
: I have a question. If I ban yasuo for the enemy team, and it is not banned for our team, does this mean, our team can pick it? And follow question: If yes, isn't this shit gonna be used to guarantee, that their team wont pick your champion before you?
It can be both - In the end Riot decides it No pick order is random - the point is rather if enemy team picks strong champion x1 then your team picks strong champion x2 - so even if a team gets to pick yasuo first it wouldnt matter then for example you can counterpick and take master yi
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Heha... You need 20 champions to sign for ranked. You want players to have 20 bans 😅 That would require boosting requirements by 100% up to 40 champions. People would not see ranked for a long time 😅 Well... Thats one way to make boosting and smurfing harder 🤣
If u have a problem with that u can use money to unlock champions- and the ban for your own team means its only your own team that cant play that champion. You dont wanna ban a weak champion for the enemy team would you?
Rioter Comments
Squanix (EUNE)
: Really??Where???Show me.Cuz last time i checked from s8 adc became pretty useless.Thats why i still see bot instead of adc {{champion:157}} or {{champion:74}} . Especially in high elo.I played adc too and even over feed didnt have impact into the game.While i played mid jgl or top i could carry games way more easy. So where is this "high botlane influence".LOW ELO??
https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4253428200/201713713?tab=overview Note the pentakill at 17th minute
The S1ash (EUNE)
: Balancing malphite.
Nah its the travel speed of his ult that is unbalanced. Imagine q of Anivia travelled as fast as malf ult, everyone would complain Anivia would be unbalanced
: ADC is the worst role ever
This is why u dont play ezreal - Get fed? Proceeds to still not be able to carry games If you go to my account you will see i have played exactly zero games of Ezreal thus i dont suffer from ezrealitis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npMdRvxxS00
: ahm that wasnt what i said that's riot bot saying i got reported 5 times from who i believe were my last teammates
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