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Hansiman (EUW)
: Considering people **do** complain that they've been issued bans for gameplay misbehaviour (aka trolling), your statement here is simply false. The goal is to hand out a direct 14 day ban after a first offense. Accurate detection is naturally harder in these cases, which is why you can also submit a ticket if you feel someone didn't get punished. Trolling is punished much harsher than verbal toxicity.
I wonder if you played the ranked game in your life? you just don't understand this game and game community , you're just trying to defend it Riot :)
alistial (EUW)
: trolling in a ranked game for absolutely no reason at all
today my adc full game trolling inting.. stole 35 minutes from my life , i little flame on game sorry i not a robot... this player said he would report me and I would get a chat ban this game waste of time i think , full trolls/inting players never punishing for auto chat ban system :) again I'm not a robot and I have nerves i have feels.... all no life peoples playing LOL sorry i go other games. no need more cancer
dobbson (EUW)
: Comical V2.0
I've told them for years , but they just banned me from the forum and I have a lot of banned accounts for trolls/inting players flame :) i always telling this game is a waste of time
Truma (EUW)
: This is why many players get punished "for no reason"
dude u playing Lux support with "Barrier" and dont buy "Oracle Lens"? you 1. min tilted me .... you deserved Plat elo? 3 years ago there was a really good player community.. league is slowly dying ... FF
: Firstly, I'm another player like yourself. It's not my game. If you have issues or run into players like this, the appropriate response is to mute (if they're talking too) and report. You can also follow up with a ticket to support here: However, breaking the rules in return is not the way to respond.
ticket on support? supports all answers like a bot , only copy paste
: I've removed the link as naming and shaming isn't permitted on the boards. --------- Flaming is never the right response - just because someone else is breaking the rules does not mean you get to as well. If you'd like clarification on what got you banned, you're welcome to post your logs here on the boards, and the community can give you advice on where you went wrong.
i m not a robot , i m human , this players steal my 20-30min time and LP ,this players make me cancer understand? flame is a form of relief
: I've removed the link as naming and shaming isn't permitted on the boards. --------- Flaming is never the right response - just because someone else is breaking the rules does not mean you get to as well. If you'd like clarification on what got you banned, you're welcome to post your logs here on the boards, and the community can give you advice on where you went wrong. ok here this game dying for yours... all low iq peoples playing on this game you know this :D
: I've removed the link as naming and shaming isn't permitted on the boards. --------- Flaming is never the right response - just because someone else is breaking the rules does not mean you get to as well. If you'd like clarification on what got you banned, you're welcome to post your logs here on the boards, and the community can give you advice on where you went wrong. ok here
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: 140 CHAMPIONS in League , BUT ...
I always say that "this community created a riot" and when I criticize forum mods banned me this drama :) automatic reporting and punishment system , always fear of getting punishing cant speak in game cant play make it's best way dont play this game , this game or community always stressed me
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Eambo (EUW)
: It would be pretty (un?) lucky for you to end up playing with a Rioter for the 7 games that resulted in you getting punished, as well as the previous punishments you've encountered. I would highly recommend you post your chat logs so the community can kindly advise what behaviour that you seem to think is okay, actually isn't okay. Regardless of whether you had a Riot employee in your game or not, your behaviour was definitely not acceptable. It's generally unlikely that even if playing with/against a Rioter we would perform a manual suspension - we use the same suspension system just as you do, except for in exceptional cases that are reviewed by Player Support or Player Behaviour individually. In your case, you were punished by the same system as any other player.
your riot punishing system make me toxic maybe? why remove "no team communication" report button? my jungle 25min only jungle farming and? this team play? why yasuo supports never punishing? why all trolls never punishing? 30min lost my life , lost my LP and? only mad flamers punishing? i dont know yours iq?
: This game isn't fun anymore and I'm done.
i m 1.5 old player season7 gold2 70lp unistall this game , now playing my friend this account i why uninstall this game? 1. Lol community stupid 2. Riot system punishing system so bad lots of trolls/no team communication player
Mc Jho (EUW)
: Bye bye probably for good!
Lol community max 20 iq go play other games , riot system only for $$$$
: Can you give your sources? Because i know many french and german players in Bronze
this day 4. player , i add this players only ask where u from :))
Soocool3 (EUW)
: Dear summoners. (Trinkets)
ahhahaha , they need to have enough intelligence to tell them i m : dude buy Lens? Bard: no my pref Blue (Blue ward trinket)
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Looks like you are playing something like Assassin/Fighter class. You just go forward and kill everything that comes through your blades while some other raid members can buff/shield/heal you. As it's 300 vs. 300 battle, each player is just doing what they can and once they are dead, it's over for them (most of the times), but the loss is small, while at 5 vs. 5 battle, one mistake could lead to loss starting at 20% when one player doesn't participate at the battle for brief period of time. The second thing is at MMORPG you have tons of abilities while in League of Legends you have not more than a dozen which makes every ability important. At your class it doesn't matter if you kill enemy with 1500 damage strike with cooldown 3 seconds or you'll use two attacks for less damage, but shorter cooldown. Some mages/enchanters have harder things to do in battle than you. Less spells make them more significant. There was 30-rune system and the impact of every rune was hard to notice. Now we have 6-rune system and players are more confident about their choices. Probably there's important part at MMORPG to have all your spells key-binded and remembering when you can do with that. If you are paladin healer and enemy came close to you, it costs nothing to press something like Shield Slam to deal extra damage, but you should remember that you have that spell/attack. Also at MMORPG most of the spells are locked to the target while in League there are tons of skillshots. ######Assumed that you are the one who recorded the video. If not, ignore all relations to you as assassin/fighter class.
my friend on video :) i playing Templar , solo pvp player , siege times frontline and pull/grab enemy yes there are not too many skill shots like a league , but there are too many skills , you should use them at the right time , league 4 skill :D , it is important that 200 people fight and move together edit: this assasin 4 star officer transform , 53k hp
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Climbing the ranked ladder is mainly based on your personal skill, and not of the skill of anyone else. Sure, you can get bad team mates that may ultimately cost you the game, but these players come from the same pool of players as your enemies, so overtime you'll be winning just as many games due to them appearing on the opposing side. In the long run, they are not preventing you from climbing the ladder. A correct mindset and attitude is more important than many people will believe. Don't spend so much time pointing fingers at what your allies are doing wrong, but focus instead on the mistakes you do and how to avoid them. That's vital if you want to improve and climb. --- I'll be happy to give you some pointers based on the information I can find in your match history. Keep in mind that my pointers will be based on the stats I can see, and I won't focus at all on how anyone else in your game performed since that shouldn't matter to you. Be warned that my answers can get long and detailed, but the intent is to get you to think differently when it comes to climbing. Maining a "broken" and "easy" champion won't do you any good if you're not using the champion correctly. Let me know if you want a longer post.
Hansiman (EUNE) Senior Emissary - about 4 hours ago Greetings. "Climbing the ranked ladder is mainly based on your personal skill" riot choose your private? :) , I wonder if your rank? i m playing Season 7 Gold1 70LP %56 win rate , now silver2 %44 winrate? Do you really believe that you need the skills to win the 5v5 lol game? yours really funny
rizlamann (EUW)
: The typical promo team
i think this riot system , always promos send your team full trash apes
momrusaysae (EUNE)
: just delete the cancer game, live happy life :)
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WolfChases (EUNE)
: I am stuck in Silver 2, I don't see the way out. HELP!
Season 7 Gold2 70LP next week %80 PLat , nice mmr + winrate season end Season 8 day 1 6win 0lose day 2 yasuo support , syndra support 30min afk farmer junglers 4lose streak 6win 4lose placed Gold5 0LP , tilt continues Gold5 0LP again 5 lose streak , now i have %44 winrate welcome to elo hell , oke no need stress go inting all games dropped Silver3 now i playing normal , Silver2 48LP set your strategy , sample i why playing silver elo GP? :) , win lane go team fights 1 barrel combo ggwp win game I mostly playing top lane split push champs for win , for example Aatrox , maybe Renekton etc Jungle cant carry braindead silver elo , If you find duo go play adc
Scornex (EUW)
: As a support main, I think it should be rather "playing ADC in solo queue". Still I think the post is funny and I upvoted it. :D
this is "playing ADC in solo queue" :)
: Ow reading your title and post gave me a headache with such incredibly bad grammar.
typical Turkish english sorry :)
: An automated system banning on the spot, without context is the only way to have a ban system at all
"first fail Riot focus flamers" , my 1 account perma banned why? i normal human , i do not have mental problems , i only in game flame for no team communication players , inting players and trolls and? get perma banned toxic? this game have a mute button? riot remove "no team communition" report button why? is not it important for league of legends? this game is a 5v5 online team game why dont punishing all games 0-15-2 "ranked" players? maybe a "little punishment" is needed why dont punishing trolls? pick yasuo support get all farm and? this player make me mad/toxic? i flame this player , get need perma ban? 2-3 game come my team trolls or feeders i become tilt and i am starting to flame , i'm not a robot , everyone's nervous system is not the same this game is losing too many players , and new players are constantly coming , a lot of my friends say that the game is now unplayable Flamers/Toxic players i dont care , i will not marry them , i need good skilled players , the player community is really stupid right now(mods this real do not delete my post for this^^)
OHiei (EUW)
: this is a game dude, wtf are you comparing to real life?
oh here is 1 smart human :)
KaShootMe (EUNE)
: is game the ape or the player {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
yes bronze , silver , gold , plat , %50 diamond elo players ape
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: The problem with support
Supports my secret hero , your honor is in my heart {{champion:89}}
LOL game community "crafted by Riot"
Rismosch (EUW)
: Hey! I am in that gif! Look! Look! I am the one with the purple shirt! Man was I good :D
purple shirt gold3 , first guy bronze3 ^^
: Just on a note - it seems more like your initial placement was set too high. You have not a single solid champ or role judging by your stats. You just go rainbow, get tilted and int according to your own story. Your MMR is absolute toast as well judging by your rank and teammates' ranks.
i m S7 Gold2 70lp , S8 6win 4lose placed Gold5 0LP , 5-6 unlucky tilt game and welcome elo hell , riot mmr system bad , i have %44 win rate and my all team member under %50 win rate , what do you expect from this team? i m done for this game :) , i will not make any effort to climbing , i now only play for fun
Naniup (EUW)
: Why league is full of trolls/tilted person ????
where is old "No team communication" report button? riot system make this troll/feeder community , all legal only flame perma ban? flame no problem easy mute button and others? riot only wanna more $$$$ , gamers dont care
Cypherous (EUW)
: As a support main, i feel what this man is feeling every single match >.<
dude :) , 3-4 game ago i kill 2lvl ezreal+malz support botlan , my support 3 and 4lvl %20hp engage and die :) , give free 2 kill game over for me tilting go inting ^^
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: My account get a perma ban
Tallentkz (EUW)
: What is going on in ranked today
Riot make this community , trolling , inting , no team communication everything legal , only mad little flamers perma banned , 1 day ago 6win 1lose placements , now 7win 3lose Gold2 to Gold5 WP cancerous riot this day my mid laners , ziggs 30min 2-2-3 , heim mid hardlose now karthus mid 30min 2-8-10 , i going to afk all games this 5 iq apes never free win my game i never carry 5 iq ranked players , i sometimes inting or afk base better than full stress
: Toxicity is banable because it has a negative impact on the community and Riot takes it very serious which is good. And playing something unusual (aka troll-picks) is allowed as long as you don't feed intentionally. If you have a problem with the rules or "bad players" you shouldn't play this game. And I took a look at your profile... You're mad about 3 or 4 lost games and you complain about it? I could understand if someone has a 10+ loosing streak even if he/she did good in games, but that's kinda unnecessary because your perfomance wasn't better in your games. And if you got permbanned, you were either toxic in a lot of games or used homophobic slur, "keep yourself safe", hate speech and/or other highly forbidden stuff in one game which leads to a instant ban.
thank you for answer , yes maybe i need break after 3-4 losing games or i m tilting and i start to feed with the team i can not play to win , dont deserved win ok lose my logic this :)
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: It's probably gonna sound really stupid... mute all It works really... You don't see any of the %%%%%ing and you can focus on your game, not tilting because of all the chat drama etc and it keeps you from getting punished when you open up your own mouth :)
trust me , i playing %80 games /mute all thanks for the advice and logical suggestion
Xêm (EUW)
: You went on a 8-game losing streak, where you had a bad score every game, even though your team did not perform that bad. And with the first game, you failed to mention not only Ekko was 1/7, but you were 2/7 as well which is nearly just as bad. You have no right to flame your teams if you're underperforming yourself
8 game lose streak yep why? this community make me cancer. yes 1-7 ekko full farming afk jungle for lose game for this , I could finish the game with a 0-0-0 score and who cares score? my bot / mid afk on base waiting 15ff , I lost the game who cares about the score!!!
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i dont know. have u read the chatlog? leave aside reasoning. just chat. if all that stuff was aimed at you? GL with your friends anyway.
yes i know , community made me this.
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